11:11:11 Sith Happens
Yeah, still a noob :P
11:11:08 Timber, Claw, A-B
You wanna see broke? I'll show you broke
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Sandrix Empire
11:10:51 Turtle Duck
Me and WP has an off and on relationship. Lol

I get bored of it, leave, then come back when I miss it.
11:10:11 Klee, skeppy, skeepy
Primary Account: 0 Mushrooms
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I just splurged some on geodes and they were all-
Deng it
a s t e r o i d
11:10:01 dino killer

I consider myself broke having almost 3,00 mush

On an old account I has so happy once I got to 300 mush thinking I did something >.>
Raging Flames
11:09:58 Flames, Hubby, Nerd
I have a feeling i over reacted.
11:09:53 Timber, Claw, A-B
Bruh I started my account in November of 2020-
super noob gang TwT
11:09:53 Sihae
I should be working on school, and a bio for someone but I'm too busy with palettes
11:09:37 Corpse or Savy
Yeah I got 6 years on here XD
Crescent Moon Pack
11:09:34 Blue--Devil
Noobking, youre really a young one <.<
11:09:13 KitKat/Stalker
@cres dont leave🥺
11:09:08 Corpse or Savy
My ear keeps clicking and it's annoying. >.>
Sandrix Empire
11:09:05 Turtle Duck
Dino Killer

It's a lot in my books. Rarely do I have save mush, since I splurge.
11:09:03 Timber, Claw, A-B
I should be working on adopts right now-
Or my story-
Or school work-
but im doing nothing 8)
11:08:53 Sith Happens
I once again feel like a Noob :O This account isnt even 3..
11:08:47 KitKat/Stalker
@savages samee, because now I get like happy 2 year anniversary or something and im like nah its my 5th or 6th.
Crescent Moon Pack
11:08:40 Blue--Devil
Noobking, i dont think you have to worry about that XD
I may go on a long ass hiatus some day but ill always come back :3
Peaceful Vengeance
11:08:37 Sage || Lost
Hmm how about some flowers?
Also, we need to think of a time for the wedding <3
Raging Flames
11:08:32 Flames, Hubby, Nerd
to me 100 mush is alot cause i am
b r o k e
11:08:32 Fade | Memory
300 mush for me still is a lot lmao


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Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open November 22, 2020 05:56 PM

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Larkspur Academy, a school of excellence and achievement. Here we pride ourselves on preparing our students for success and overall supremacy in the real world. To enroll, please visit our website to review information on how to receive scholarships or academic recommendations for your gifted kiddos.

Thank you, and have a splendid day.


Breaking News!

*Radio Crackle*

NASA has identified a massive asteroid hurtling towards Earth!

With assistance from the military, NASA will launch a series of missiles towards Asteroid A-222 in an attempt to knock it off course or dismember it before it reaches Earth's atmosphere

*Radio crackle*

The missiles. Have been launched, they will impact A-222 in a matter of minutes!

A-222 has been hit, I repeat, A-222 has been hit! It appears it has been split in half. While one half has cleared the atmosphere, the other is still on course!

*Radio Crackle*

More missiles have been launched. They have hit the remaining half of A-222!


A-222 has been broken into multiple parts, each still hurtling towards earth. A-222 has been projected to collide into multiple parts of Earth around 5:30 PM Eastern Time! Prepare for impact! Take shelter! Don't go outside! May God be with you!

*Sudden white noise*

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Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open November 22, 2020 05:57 PM

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A group of teens from an unconventional school experience a world wide natural disaster. While the world is in anarchy and chaos, a radical organization rises from the shadows and rescues the teens to become a part of their supreme army. Will you escape from the corrupted organization, or will you fall victim to their ideals?


*New characters urgently needed*


RP Thread:-Located Here-

Discussion Thread: -Located Here-

Edited at November 25, 2020 01:32 PM by Renegades
Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open November 22, 2020 05:59 PM

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Welcome to Larkspur academy!

Congratulations on your acceptance and thank you for selecting us as your school! Below we have provided information and other necessities for the academy.

Required Materials:
- Three Larkspur academy uniforms.

(Our signature larkspur academy blazer, black trousers, pleated skirt with school colors, a white button down shirt, a tie with school colors, and any white or black shoes.) All blazers, ties, and skirts must be ordered from the school.

- The required textbooks.

- Additional clothing

- All other toiletries and items your kiddo might want for the school year.

What's provided:
- Housing, including a dorm with a personal washroom, a bed, and dresser for storage.

-All meals with accommodations for allergies.



5:00-6:00 AM: Breakfast

6:15-8:45 AM: Physical combat training

9:00-10:00 AM: Free time.

10:15 AM-1:45 PM: Mathematics, Language, English, and Sciences.

2:00-3:00 PM: Lunch and free time.

4:00-6:00 PM: Extracurriculars and/or free time.

7:00-8:00 PM: Dinner is served.

9:00-9:30 PM: Free time.

9:31 PM-4:59 AM: Lights out.


I, ____________ , agree to the following:

-Never to inform parental units about Larkspur happenings, other than information about your academics or other stereotypical school events.

-To follow all Larkspur rules and regulations.

-Never to speak about Larkspur to anyone other than the people who are involved with Larkspur.


Rules and Regulations of Larkspur Academy:

-Follow the posted schedule.

-Never leave campus without permission

-Obey your superiors.

-All fighting is reserved for combat training.

-You are not allowed outside your dorms from 9:31 PM-4:59 AM.

-Acedemic grades must be maintained.

-Uniforms must be worn at all times except for free times and combat training.

-Cell phones are prohibited at any time.

-No one but yourself is allowed in your dorms after lights out.

-If you are found disobeying any of the rules and regulations stated, one is subject to punishment or expulsion.


Other information about Larkspur:

- Larkspur academy is a three story building with other buildings that branch off from it, dorms being on the top floor, all offices and academic classrooms on the second floor, and the cafeteria and lobby is located on the first floor.

The first floor is mainly reserved for the lobby, which is where students can check in and hangout in the sitting room.

Branching from the main building, Larkspur has a pool, track and field, courts for varies court sports, a weight room, and a grass field used for all outdoor activities.

To the back of the main building is an acre reserved for the garden, which resembles a maze, as tall hedges divide different sections in the garden.

- All students have been attending since they were twelve, exceptions include transfers from their sister academies, known by other names. (I may allow one or two transfers.)

Edited at November 23, 2020 04:44 PM by Renegades
Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open November 22, 2020 06:00 PM

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General Plot:

Kids ages 17-18 have been, or were selected to attend Larkspur academy. While they were told that they were selected for academic or physical achievements, which actually may be the case, they were selected for a greater purpose. As, without them knowing, Larkspur is actually a radical organization, in hopes of controlling the world either by peaceful exchange or violent force.

So, when the asteroids hit Earth and practically destroyed any facility or form of government, Larkspur took the opening and began their rein of ultimate control. The children, though some affected by the asteroids, will be collected by helicopters and brought to their facility. Their facility is located in the desert in between Utah and Nevada.

Once in the facility these trained teens will realize what Larkspur is, and while some will choose to stay, others will flee and enter the broken and chaotic world they they once knew as home.

So, in a basic and general explanation, a group of teens that have been trained in combat and other mental skills will be 'rescued' after a world wide disaster. They will realize the corruption in Larkspur, and escape out into the desert.

We will begin the RP right before the Asteroids hit, around 5:00, which would be free time and/or extracurriculars in the Larkspur Schedule. For plot purposes, Larkspur will mostly remain intact, except for a few collapsed ceilings and destroyed parts of the school. After the disaster, the kids will regroup and shortly be picked up by the helicopters and brought to the Larkspur facility in the desert.

Edited at November 23, 2020 04:34 PM by Renegades
Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open November 22, 2020 06:01 PM

Posts: 2897
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Rules and Requirements

-This RP is strictly for semi-literate to literate roleplayers. This means you should be posting 2-3 paragraphs for every post and character. I understand writers block, but you should be an advanced enough writer to slap a few paragraphs on a post.

- No godmodding or powerplaying.

-This is a semi-realistic RP. No wings, purple skin, neon eyes.

-No Mary-sues, as there's no such thing as a perfect character. If you don't know what this is, I advise you to search forms for this topic or ask a friend.

-No Dodgy Dillons, Weepy Willies, Spotlight Susans, and Invincible Izzies. Again, if you don't know what these are, I advise you to either inform yourself or not join.

-No love at first sight or having your own characters fall for each other.

-I don't think I need to say this, but just in case, if anything happens between characters that isn't PG-13, fade to black.

-Ask the player before you seriously injure or kill their character.

-You're allowed as many characters as you want as long as they are diverse and they contribute to the RP.

-Hide the word Sparrow in your application forum if you read the rules.

- Do not argue with me. If I see your character is not fit for this RP, if you're not literate enough, or if you're violating these rules, do not try to negotiate your way out of this.

-You get three strikes.

- No OOC drama.

-Be kind and understanding.

-No mini-modding. Meaning, if you see someone breaking the rules listed, do not address it yourself, instead, contact me directly.

-If you have any questions about anything, PM me.

-If I ask you to fix your form or your RP post, you have three chances. I will kick you and your character out of this RP if you can not abide by these rules.

-I will contact a mod if things get dirty. (Yes, this has happened before, so don't be that person that makes it happen a second time.)

Edited at November 23, 2020 04:33 PM by Renegades
Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open November 22, 2020 06:01 PM

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June Bell Moone - Pg. 2 - Renegades

Maya Ivanøv - Pg. 1 - Renegades

Nilo Van Aslan - Pg. 2 - Glaciers Voice

Fujio Kaibutsu Kusuo - Pg. 3 - Overthink101

Jos Soare - Pg. 3 - Unending Skies

Noe Benjamin Sparrow - Pg. 3 - Dangerous Advantage

Zoe Brooks Sparrow - Pg. 3 - Dangerous Advantage

Alexandria Harper Earle - Pg. 2 - Candor-

Jeremy Scott - Pg. 2 - Candor

Morgan Gray - Pg. 4 - Grimm

Gen'ya Hiei Hikari - Pg. 5 - Overthink101

Vera Kuznetsov - Pg. 5 - Renegades


Total: 12

(Genders must stay balanced. A minimum of 8-10 characters to start)

(Correct me if I provided the wrong information.)

Nancy Brown - Head Master

Chuck Smith - Head combat trainer

Karren Wilson - Assistant Trainer and Head of the infirmary

Carl Hemmings - Academic supervisor and director

Fiona Norbert - Athletics supervisor and director

(Most will be used in starter posts, and all will be * wiped out * by the asteroids.)

Allison Barron - Larkspur Supreme President

Victor Lyon - Larkspur General

Edited at November 26, 2020 02:56 AM by Renegades
Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open November 23, 2020 03:28 PM

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Sign-up forum
Weaknesses (one for every strength):
Fears (Minimum of 3):
Additional Information:

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Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open November 23, 2020 04:54 PM

Posts: 2897
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Edited at November 23, 2020 04:56 PM by Renegades
Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open November 23, 2020 04:55 PM

Posts: 2897
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Edited at November 24, 2020 02:00 AM by Renegades
Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open November 23, 2020 04:55 PM

Posts: 2897
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Maya Ivanøv

"I'll see you when the dust settles."

"Don't look down... just keep your eyes on me."

Pronounced Mai-ya

None currently.








Reference- Alicia Vikander

Maya stands at a, somewhat, tall height at 5'8". She has a softly tanned skin tone that is shaded with warmer undertones. She has absolutely no freckles on her body, which she actually dislikes because she finds freckles cute and unique. She has an inverted triangular facial shape, meaning she has a somewhat large forehead, with sharp cheek bones, and a slim and cleanly cut jaw line. Maya's eyes are almond shaped and hold a pale green hue with darker undertones. Her eyes are framed by thick and luscious lashes that allow her green optics to stand out fairly well. Above her eyes, she has medium filled brows that have a soft angle with a low arch, which makes her resting face seem at peaceful and content. She has a upturned Greek nose, in other words meaning that she has a slim and straight bridge with a sharp, upturned tip. She has natrual, heart shaped lips that rest naturally at a bliss and unbothered state. Framing her facial features is thick, light brunette hair, which contains faint, lighter highlights due to natural exposure to the outdoors. Her hair holds a somewhat rough, but wavy texture that extends down to the top of her shoulder blades.

As for body structure, due to Maya being recruited as a pole vaulter, being quite gifted at it as well, she has a fairly athletic build. Meaning, because pole vaulting requires a great deal of upper body and core strength, Maya has nicely toned arms with a protruding collarbone, and a tight and faintly toned midsection. Because of vigorous hours in the weight room, she also has thick thighs with toned calves. Wrapping all of her features up, she has a diamond figure, as she has a small chest with broad shoulders, a smaller buttocks, and, luckily, fairly wide and noticeable hips. And finally, Her figure as a whole is lithe and lean.


The most notable aspects of Maya's personality is she's a undoubtedly stoic and hardheaded person. She's rarely one to express intimate emotions and tends to see things on a more practical and realistic side. She's quite stubborn, and finds issues opening her eyes to others. She avoids most sentimental items and has never been one to enjoy mushy and warmhearted situations. This can be blamed on her upbringing and occupies the bulk of her interior.

However, beyond this thick shell, Maya holds an intellectual aura that's clever and witty. This allows her to problem solve and quickly solve obstacles with ease and briskness. However, this side of her tends to push her self interests first, causing another part of her to be a bit selfish. This mixed together is a perfect combination for disaster, as she tends to be unintentionally deceitful and manipulative. But, on the rare occasion you do find her thinking with her heart instead of her head, Maya can be kind and even sympathetic.

Continuing on, she has a wise and knowledgeable soul that tends to question the inquisitive things in life. In other words, she has an old soul. Therefore, on first impressions, Maya seems more mature and withered than she actually is, which causes others to find her respectable and regal.

Being curious of her surroundings, Maya's a very adventurous and outwards seeking person. As, she's undaunted by practically all situations, and is therefore has a durable and gritty work ethic. She finds herself holding an esteem of bravery and courage in all aspects and is never one to turn down a challenge. Which, can make her seem ambitious and go-getter like.

Being witty, Maya and can even give off a bit of a sarcastically sassy and cheeky side of her, that can even seem a bit haughty and prissy at times. When this part of her comes out, it can be a bit over dramatic and even give others something to role their eyes at.

Adding on, Maya is can be quite goofy and lighthearted. As, despite being somewhat emotionally cut off from people and disdain at first, once you get know her she can be one of the most hilariously awkward and comical person you might know. She has a gift of cheering up people when they're down, and carrying their hardships when when they can't. This trait can sometimes rule over her selfishness, and make her seem somewhat caring and kind.

Wrapping her up, Maya is a hardheaded, ambitious, and a somewhat sassy girl that can always keep you guessing.


- Hand to hand combat for obvious reasons.

- Speed and sprinting.

-Well rounded in strength to speed ratio.

- Intelligence and overall cognitive speed.

- A real master at puzzles.

- Ambition and Bravery

-Undaunted and realistic.


-Endurance, as pole vaulting only accounts for small and fast sprints.

- A bit hardheaded and stubborn.

- Not really a team player.

-Selfish to a degree.

-Unintentionally deceitful and manipulative.

- Being 'sweet and bubbly' isn't her lingo.

- Not trusting of others.


Pole vaulting, Starry nights, Snow, Beaches, Coffee, Adventures, Challenges, Honesty, Sweatshirts, Combat training, those who don't hesitate, Puzzles, Long naps, the outdoors, the color green, chess, hard work, listening to the radio.


Rain, Being inside, waking up early, mundane activities, seafood, cold people, all types of insects, absolute silence, heights, surprises, naturally happy and spontaneous people, mornings.


- Watching those around her that she knows or cares for get hurt.

- Heights.

- Falling in love. (Because it's quite foreign to her).


Open, PM me.


Open, PM me. May develop in RP as well.


Open, PM me.


Open, PM me.

Additional Information:

She was recruited to Larkspur from another sister academy on a scholarship for pole vaulting when she was fifteen. Though she's not considered a transfer at this point, she hasn't been around as long as other teens, and therefore depends more on herself then anyone else.


Read the Rules.

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