That meme tells my morning story
Dark Hunters
04:15:58 Raissa
Silhouettes ~ bravo! Lovely!
04:15:55 Emmet
Zodiac, there are sites that can do it for you and Snapchat has a feature that does it for you now ^^
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:15:39 The Bone Collector
Ky cat lives up to his name too. Hes so named after the roman god of water.

Best meme ever
Dark Hunters
04:14:37 Raissa
Finally 5 feet tall. I finally get coffee! Weeee!
04:14:35 Klee,skeppy,burrolad
I like Neptune and pluto
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:14:20 The Bone Collector
I prefer Neptune....i named my cat after that planet.
04:13:44 Klee,skeppy,burrolad
God is Uranus
Battle, anyone?
Dark Hunters
04:13:07 Raissa
God is endless. Space is endless. Therefore God is space.
𓆙 The baddest
04:12:22 Baddest/Snek/KCK
D-dark, hun you alright?
Interstellar Sun
04:12:12 Stellar, Yin, Fluff
What Chim # should I try at first?
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:11:48 The Bone Collector
I want to figure out that Emmet. Not sure how to figure that out.
04:11:41 Klee,skeppy,burrolad
somebody save dark-
Dark Hunters
04:11:25 Raissa
I got caff eeeine! 😜
04:11:20 Fade | Memory
Hey chat! ^^
Anybody want a battle?
04:10:37 Klee,skeppy,burrolad
Now on ^
04:10:36 Emmet
Im a Sagittarius Sun, Capricorn Moon, and Aquarius Ascending ^^


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Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open November 28, 2020 03:56 PM

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Gorōta Sanae Ryuugo

Can- Can we p-please stop f-fighting? W-We should be w-working t-together... R-Right?


D-Don’t take a- a- another step..! I-If you d-do... I-I’ll, uh, I’ll... I’ll do s-something.!


A-Are you s-sure this- this’ll work..? Wh-what if th-they c-come back..? What- What if it j-just d-doesn’t work..?


H-How... H-How am I s-supposed to trust y-you?


D-Don’t worry... I’m s-sure everything w-will be j-just fi-fine... Y-You- You’ll be okay...


Name: Gorōta Sanae Ryuugo.

Age: 17.

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Big Ole Closeted Homoromantic & Demi-Homosexual.


Gorōta resides at a height of 6’ 0”, though his back is usually hunched to where he looks 5' 10". His skin tone is a pale bisque with neutral undertones. He has plenty of freckles on his body, though especially at his cheeks, nose, and shoulders.


Gorōta has a rather oval face shape, meaning he has a smaller forehead and a smaller chin, but the middle of his face is wider, the whole thing on the smaller side. His cheeks are rather sunken despite this, and he swears that it’s just because he is always so busy, usually being said in a dismissive tone as he works. Now for the nose, something that rather dislikes, he has a hawk shaped nose, meaning it starts off the same way a ‘normal’ nose would, and then goes off the deep end at a slight angle, the tip of it a bit lower than the nasals. His lips are downturned thin in shape, making slight, timid frowns as his most often seen expression.


His eyebrows are rather thin, though with a slight arch. Despite them being thin and rather straight, the right eyebrow has a scar that starts a bit above the eyebrow to a bit under his eye. Finally, his eyes, the right of which he hates with a burning passion, they are deepset hooded in shape and a dark gray in color at his left one. His right eye, is missing, leaving only a socket that he prefers people would just not ask about. His face is framed by black hair that is most often found messy and in his face, the tips of all of it going just below the ears in length, the back going down to the nape of his neck.


His body structure could quickly be described as rectangular, a long torso matched with long legs, everything about him screams lanky. Especially when taking into consideration the fact that this man only weighs in at around 122 lbs, his BMI at 16.54 and being underweight by 15 pounds. He doesn’t even seem to notice the fact that he’s underweight, dismissing attempts to tell him by stating that he’s busy. He also sports himself quite a few scars too, the most prominent one at his right eye, the other ones are mostly at his arms. Though, there is one at his neck, that he leaves completely unexplained, just like all his other ones too.


Gorōta is not the type of person someone would see as a people person. Stuttering with practically any sentence unless if he starts ranting, he can’t tell any social cues apart. He also ends up fidgeting under any type of stare, refusing to make any eye contact. He can also be jumpy around new people, and will often try giving nervous chuckles out to try and calm his own nerves, the tactic never really working.


Within friend groups, he is seen as the peacemaker, always trying to keep everyone from killing each other and keep fights from happening. Despite his awkward and timid outlook, he hates hearing people fight and yell, so he’ll try to keep that from happening at any costs. Despite having his own problems to deal with, he’ll put his friends’ problems above his own and try to help them through theirs before even trying to acknowledge his own.


Paranoia is something extremely obvious when it comes to Gorōta. Preferring to be prepared for anything, he’ll often think about absolutely anything that could go wrong, no matter how unrealistic it is. Due to this, he can oftentimes be found pacing while stroking his chin like a madman trying to think. Due to this paranoia of his, he’s more likely to lie right off the bat and then regret doing so immediately, but be unable to admit the truth because of his timid nature.


He’s stubborn when it comes to basically anything, even with his awkward nature. Though, he’s easily intimidated and if you scare him enough, he’ll back off. But usually, it’ll take more than just some yelling and staring to scare him enough. Because when he really sets his mind on something, it’s more likely that raising a hand at him or getting into his personal space will get his attention.


  • Stealthy.
  • Realistic.
  • Observant.
  • Lying/Hiding things.
  • Intelligence.
  • Preparing/Planning.
  • Empathetic.
  • Listening.
  • Inventing/Hacking.
  • Health science.


  • Cowardly.
  • Paranoid.
  • Compulsive liar.
  • His right eye.
  • Easily guilt-tripped/manipulated.
  • Lacks all physical strength.
  • Awkward conversations.
  • Easily intimidated.
  • Not much stamina.
  • Overly caring.


  • Learning.
  • Helping.
  • Movies.
  • Coffee.
  • Books/Reading.
  • Success.
  • Open areas.


  • Fights/Conflict.
  • Being asked to pick sides.
  • Attention.
  • Failure.
  • Large crowds of people.
  • His eye getting commented on/asked about.
  • Small spaces.


  • Being useless/worthless.
  • Being completely alone.
  • Claustrophobia.
  • Losing friends.

Crush: Open, pm me.

Boyfriend: We could probably come up with something. Pm me.

Friends: Open, pm me.

Enemies: Open, pm.

Additional Information: His family moved from Japan to America when he was 11, where he was later into Larkspur accepted due to his knowledge on health science, his random little inventions, and his general intelligence scores.

Other: Sparrows are things that he has no real opinion on, so he isn’t really sure what the big deal with them seems to be.

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Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open November 28, 2020 07:06 PM

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Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open December 9, 2020 12:59 AM

Glaciers Voice
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She has a voice like silky smoke and fine wine


“Don’t you go acting like a saint darlin’… not when you know I make you want to sin.”







⇒Sexual Orientation⇐



“Aww, did you really think we were going to sleep together? I’ve seen baboons prettier than you...”



Tall. Viona is tall. She stands at 6’0” and every inch of her is accentuated with seductive curves and a slender physique she loves to use to her advantage. Her body is shaped like an hourglass, evenly balanced with the gift of a slim waist. Her hips and bust are on the fuller side, though her curvyness is more delicate than anything, allowing her to cut a rather elegant figure. Viona is athletic, lean with firm muscles that may not appear too prominent, but are there nonetheless. Long legs with well-fleshed thighs finish off her body, giving her a form that many women would envy and many men desire.

Viona’s skin is on the lighter side, a smooth, creamy ivory with warm undertones that give her a healthy glow. She has some very light freckles across her nose that are only visible during the summertime, which she hates. Her face is diamond shaped, giving her pronounced cheekbones and a slim chin. Her features are overall prominent as her face shape calls for. Viona has eyes that are sharp, catlike, and unforgiving that come in a brilliant shade of emerald green. Above sits a set of eyebrows that are perfectly waxed into a soft arch and point, while below sits a straight, Greek-style nose that is straight and chiselled as well as a pair of full lips with a prominent cupid's bow.

Viona’s hair is a bright, flaming red, and falls to the base of her shoulder blades in a layered cut. It is wavy in texture, with some occasional curls that are most prominent at the end. Usually, she has it styled in a loose curly fashion, as a curling iron is her best friend. Her ears and nose are pierced, but typically she wears a single diamond stud in her nose, disregarding earrings. As for tattoos, she has none, but would like one or two. But for now, all she has is makeup, which usually consists of red lipstick in a darker shade and a very basic face routine. In terms of clothing, Viona prefers things that hug her curves and has a soft spot for hoodies, but can typically be found in shorts that show off her legs, and don’t even get her started on her obsession with all things heeled.


Witty and sarcastic, Viona knows her worth and is not afraid to make that fact known. She’s the textbook definition of a spitfire and many find it hard to get along with her strong will. She’s stubborn and fiercely so, with an ego and confidence to match. She’s a wildfire in a drought and burns hotter than one too when it comes to her temper. She may not trigger-happy when it comes to getting angry, but she is certainly not someone to be around when mad. Viona can become truly venomous when she’s crossed and certainly bites when cornered. It is wise to remain on her good side.

That being said, Viona isn’t a naturally aggressive person. She is not necessarily someone who goes out of her way to be kind, but she is not cruel. She may be a tad prickly, but she is known to be the picture of charm and charisma. A high-society socialite, she is just as comfortable at charity balls as she is in cafes. Viona is rather ambiverted, someone who needs time to recharge and enjoys her quiet time, yet enjoys to be the life of the party. Her ease in all social situations is a part of her natural grace, with her eloquent words and the intoxicating way she seems to talk with her honeysuckle southern drawl.

But Viona may seem angelic, with the pretty face and bright eyes, but every inch of her was carved by the devil. She’s a seductress, with the deep crimson lipstick and smoldering eyes that peer out from beneath thick lashes. Sinfully exhilarating, Viona knows how to flirt her way to the finish and is one of the most enthralling women one could ever meet. She’s a heartbreaker by all means and is known for leaving a trail of men behind her. The queen of flings and one-night-stands, Viona Van Aslan may not be your next girlfriend, but she will certainly be the subject of your dreams.


“If y’all so much as look at me wrong I’ll blow your pretty little brains out.”







Physical Strength



Emotional Communication


High Heels

Red Lipstick





Gross Men

Hand-To-Hand Combat





Heartbreak/Falling in Love

Emotional Intimacy



“Sweetie, don’t pitch a fit, it’s not a good look on you.”










⇒Additional Information⇐

Viona grew up with her brother Nilo as the heir of Lionhead Wine. She’s long dominated the social circles and is certainly a queen bee in the upper class, known for both her stunning looks and attitude. While her brother attended out-of-state boarding schools, Viona was taught by a revolving door of private tutors until she arrived at Larkspur. For a very short period, Viona “dated” Julian Beckett. It was short, bitter, and didn’t end well. She hasn’t seen him since and has moved on, now working for Larkspur while studying business etiquette as a future CEO on the side.

⇒Theme Songs⇐

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Larkspur - Sign-Up Thread - Open December 9, 2020 08:26 AM

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Viona is accepted! ^^

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