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Dark Matter
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~ Forum Rules ~
1. Follow Eve's rules.
2. I will give you three chances before kicking you, whether it be because of rudeness, inactivity, or failure to follow the rules.
3. Reservations will only last 24 hours, I will PM you when it ends.
4. I have the right to decline any sign-ups, though I hope not to.
5. Fusty-Dudget is my co-host and they can accept and decline any sign-ups.

RP Rules
1. Cursing is allowed, but please keep it to a minimum.
2. This is a Literate RP, three paragraphs (300 words) are the minimum. I might make an exception if you have writer's block, but I need to be let know beforehand.
3. This is an active roleplay as well, please be able to post at least three times a week. I will PM you if I notice inactivity without warning.
4. I decide when the days pass and what the weather is.
5. Hate the character, not the player.
6. PM me if you no longer wish to be in the RP, and we can figure something out.
7. You can have your characters get hurt during random events, like falling and breaking something, or a sprained ankle.
8. Romance is of course allowed, but if anything serious happens
please skip through and keep it PG 13.
9. If your character gets in a fight make sure the other player is okay with this, especially if you plan on getting your character hurt/killing them off.
10. I also do expect proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation; small mistakes that happen every once in a while is okay, but it cant be every single post.
11. This roleplay is strictly realistic. No magic, mythical creatures, or anything of the like.
12. Please know that there is a chance that the characters can die, though of course, it is your choice.

The Three Kingdoms have been at peace for a hundred years now... but tensions are slowly starting to rise, especially between Vellamonta and Staelvor.
Murakagon isn't doing too well either, as it seems its people are starting to rebel...
Which kingdom will you join? Which side will you stand on? Who will die? Who will win?
Join the RP and find out!

Sign up: You are here
1: Rules and Links
2: Map, World, and Overall Plot
3: The Vellamonta Kingdom
4: The Staelvor Kingdom
5. The Murakogon Kingdom
6. Sign-up Sheet

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~ Map ~
To the north, we have the Staelvor Kingdom, colored in gray.
Staelvor is known to be quite cold, gray, and wet. The land is either covered in forest, tundra, mountain, or lake and river.
The pale blue in the southwest is Vellamonta and isn't nearly as cold as Stealvor aside from right by the border. Its terrain is quite diverse, and though it rains quite a bit and the winter can be cold, especially in the mountains, is a rather comfortable place to live.
The faded red in the southeast is Murakagon. This kingdom's land is dry and sandy, with water only appearing in oases, which are few and far between. The land is also relatively flat aside from the northwest and northeast, which is covered by mesas and canyons. It is extremely hot here, even the winters rarely get near freezing unless it is night, then it gets cold.

This is a realistic medieval world. There is no magic, and though mythical creatures (such as dragons and unicorns) do exist in tales and legends, they do not physically exist in this world.
Because this is a medieval world, I won't be allowing unnatural eye and hair colors, and that includes dyed hair and colored contacts. Nor will I be allowing modern clothes such as denim, sneakers, and whatever else you can think of.
Guns and gunpowder have not been found yet either in this world, so please keep that in mind.

History of the Kingdoms
The Kingdoms have seen many battles and wars in their time. Staelvor most of all.
Before the three kingdoms formed, Stealvor was a large territory owned by many clans and families, all fighting against each other for land, food, people, and power.
Only a few hundred years ago did the north, now known as Stealvor, named after the clan (not the family, as I want the last name to be chosen by the players) that took over all the other clans, become a true kingdom.

Murakagon was in a similar state to Staelvor long ago, but they were decidedly less aggressive and roamed the deserts in nomadic tribes, peacefully trading with other tribes and wandering from oasis to oasis.
A hundred years or so before Staelvor the tribes all gathered in the largest oasis and decided to become one great tribe, or kingdom, named Kurakagon.
They voted a leader, later known as a king, and since then this king's family and descendants have been ruling over Kurakagon.

Vellamonta has been a kingdom the longest, though it is believed it was once many clans similar to Stealvor, it has been so long that it is unknown what it was before it became a kingdom.
What is known, is that Vellamonta and Stealvor have had high tensions since Stealvor became a kingdom.
The wild clan kingdom didn't like sharing a border with Vellamonta, and Vellamonta didn't like being near such savages. Many wars have been fought between the two kingdoms, till a hundred years ago, when the kings of Vellamonta and Stealvor made a truce. No more war and bloodshed, no more death. Though this does not mean the kingdoms like each other.
Vellamonta's relationship with Kurakagon is quite neutral, as neither has really been bothered to bother or fight the other. There have been a few fights, a single war that barely lasted two years before a truce, but nothing too terrible.

Kurakagon also has quite a neutral relationship with Stealvor, as the only contact they really have is through trade and meetings between royals and nobles.
There has been, surprisingly, no war between these two kingdoms.

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Dark Matter
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~ Vellamonta ~

The Castle in the Mountain
Vellamonta's capital, creatively named Vellamonta, is made of pure architectural beauty.
Half the castle is built inside a mountain and the city that belongs to it is the largest known city in the three kingdoms, by population and size.
Around the castle is a small wall, about 15 feet, and a grand gate that only opens when the royals leave or enter the castle.
The wall isn't very tall because of the steep slope the city and castle are built on, which makes it hard enough to attack, let alone siege.

The 'Slums', named so because it is on the base of the mountain, where all the sewage and dirt from the higher and richer parts of the city gathers, is, as expected, where the poor, homeless, and beggars live. Aside from the main cobblestone road that follows a winding path all the way up to the castle, the streets here are made of dirt and mud and have a foul odor.
The buildings are all old and run down, and most probably smell like mold or smoke.

The middle parts are a bit better off than the Slums, with cleaner streets and less odor, but there are still rats and beggars everywhere.
The buildings are in pretty good condition, though the older ones have plenty of cracks.
All the roads in the middle parts are made of cobblestone, but not all are that well kept.

The highest part of the Vellamonta city is where the wealthy and noble live. The streets and houses are well kept, clean, and have quite a few luxuries such as marble pillars, balconies, and a few of the richer nobles even have gold decorations.
The Vellamonta castle is home to the royals, their servants, and the few nobles that share blood relations with them.
Some say the castle is the largest in the world, and that most are barely the size of the half that is outside of the mountain.
The halls are all made of stone with carpets and paintings adorning them all, and the throne room, ballrooms (they have three), and dining halls are all made of marble with large clear glass windows.
The further inside the castle you wander, the darker and more forgotten it becomes, as it is far too large for the whole thing to be kept clean and perfect.
This castle also has the largest known library in the three kingdoms, with do many books and tomes that you could not read them all in one lifetime.

Legend has it that the castle has tunnels that can reach all the way to the opposite side of the mountain, and some that can even reach the bottom of the world. Whether this is true or not, is unknown, for those who have ventured too deep into the castle have never returned, and are said to haunt those dead empty halls, deep within the mountain.

Reputation and Rumors
The Vellamonta kingdom is the most luxurious kingdom of the three.
The mountains that the castle lies on have a large variety of minerals, ores, and metals to mine, which include many gold veins, making this kingdom the richest of the three.
Vellamonta is also known to have the best tailers and seamstresses in the three kingdoms, and many royals and nobles (if they have the gold) get their clothes and dresses from this kingdom.

The royal family is known to be harsh but fair. They do not spend much time with the common folk and peasants but do seem to take them into account when making the decisions... for the most part at least.

It is rumored that a bastard child of the royal family or a noble with royal blood is planning on taking the throne for themselves (PM me for more info)
(More rumors to come once royal and noble characters are in the RP)

Culture and Traditions
The Kingdom of Vellamonta has a simple culture.
The rich are rich, the poor are poor. The people dress in the normal clothes of medieval times and have a similar hierarchy, with the man of the house always in charge.
Arranged marriages are common, especially for girls. Only sons can be heirs, whether it be as king, the next lord of his house, or inheriting his dead father's house, it's always the eldest son, unless there is none, then it goes to the daughter's husband or the daughter herself if she is not married.

Art is also a huge part of the Vellamonta kingdom. Artists, of any kind, are treasured (though many men take the credit, even if their wives/daughters made the art). Scholars, authors, painters, and even 'scientists' or better said inventors, are commonly welcomed in the castle just for the entertainment of the royals.

The Vellamonta religion is that of the Elementals.
Kilga, the god of fire, depicted as a Vulture, Tsashon, the god of wind, depicted as a Falcon, Ospea, the goddess of earth, depicted as a peacock, and Hadak, the god of water, depicted as a swan.
The people of Vellamonta are quite devoted and though they are accepting of other religions do not like to take part in them or join celebrations of other beliefs.
They also believe the gods chose for there to be man and woman for a reason, and highly disapprove of men loving men and women loving women.

As you can probably tell from how their gods are depicted as birds, Vellamonta treats any and all birds as sacred creatures, as they are thought to be the messengers of the gods. To be pooped on by a bird is good luck, and to find a feather means you have been blessed by the gods.
It is illegal to kill or eat birds, even chicken, and turkey, in Vellamonta, and you will be punished for doing so. It is quite common for royals and nobles to have bird companions, though most are too expensive for commoners.

There's a yearly festival every year on the first day of spring, with music, dancing, and most importantly, art. Traders and artists from all over the world come to Vellamonta city every year to witness this beautiful celebration.
More will be added in the future (PM me if you have any ideas)

Please discuss the royal family's last name in the discussion before deciding on one.
The only mandatory roles are the King, and at least one prince and/or princess.
Nobles are not mandatory but feel free to make some.
The only commoners I will allow are cooks, maids, servants, and any other roles that could work in the castle. If you PM me I might make an exception.
Knights can have both common and noble/royal blood, but commoner knights will have a much harder time

King (1/1)
Fredrick Idris - 45 - Wildfyre - Page 8

Queen (1/1)
Adelaide Lee - 40 - Fusty-Dudget - Page 9

Princes (2/2)
Marcus - 21 - Verdorben - Page 2
Leroy - 20 - Siler Feather - Page 6

Princesses (3/3)
Alexandria Anais - 17 - Lullaby's Poison - Page 3
Everlyn Grace - 19 - Fusty-Dudget - Page 3
Gisla - 19 - Kämpe - Page 3

Nobles (5/5)
Marlon Rossi - 21 - male - Knight - Verdorben - Page 8
Emmeline - 19 - female - Den - page 7
Ruby Belle Notarloki - 20 - female - Moony Night Howlers - Page 8
Valory Noel - 39 - female - Moony Night Howlers - Page 8
Venus Carnoa - 18 - female - Flower Field - Page 11

Knights (1/7)
Christofre James Heward - 19 - male - Den - Page 6
Name - Age - Gender - Player - Page

Commoners (1/5)
Caliantra E. Whelmore - 20 - female - Healer - Secunda - Page 10
Name - Age - Gender - Role - Player - Page

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Dark Matter
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~ Staelvor ~
In the old language of Stealvor, their name means Cold or Northern Land.
Since becoming a kingdom they have stopped using their old language aside from rituals and prayers.

The Hidden Castle
The Hidden Castle, named so by Vellamonta, as it has never been seen nor found by any southerner. The Staelvor kingdom prides itself on how well they've kept the location and home of their royals so secret.
Only northern nobles and those that live in or near the village that surrounds the castle know where it lies.
Outsiders, northern and southern alike, have figured out that The Hidden Castle is somewhere in the Great Forest, the largest forest in the whole land.
If Vellamonta or Murakagon royals ever visit the north, they are greeted by the royal family, but in a smaller castle with a larger village on the border near the end of the mountain range that lies on the border.

The northerners, even those that do not know it's location, call it the Vailoar castle, named after the first king who lived in its stone halls.
The Vailoar castle is neither large nor extravagant. It's a simple castle with towers, wings, and walls. The castle's gate and drawbridge are almost always open, aside from at night, as thieves and assassins are a worry to the royals, even if their location is so secret.
The small village outside of Vailmoar is known as the Vailmoar village, and though it is small, has everything one could need. A butcher, baker, blacksmith, a few farmers, tailer, seamstress, carpenter, masons, and quite a few Stealgata.

The castle itself, as stated before is a simple one. It has high walls that are always well-tended to. Any crack in the stone will be fixed within the day.
Because of the natural rivers that flow into the Great Forest, the castle is built on an island of sorts, with water flowing all around, and the only way in or out is the draw bridge that opens up to the village.

Because living in the north is so tough, the castle has food storage that could last them and their village for a couple of years.
Inside the castle walls is a stable with the small sturdy horses typical of the north, bred by and for the royal family and nobles, these horses are quite pricy so thieves and traders would love to get their hands on one of these.
Inside the castle, most of the walls and floors are stone or made of thick dark wood, and almost every room has a hearth or fireplace to keep warm in the winters. The halls are adorned with prizes, such as weapons, animal heads, and furs, from battles and hunts both hundreds of years ago and as recent as a week ago.

Reputation and Rumors
Though Vellamonta likes to call Stealvor a kingdom of savages and brutes with no culture or beauty, that is far from the truth... at least in the northerners' eyes.
Stealvor may not have many luxurious items and ores, as their mountains mainly hold steel and coal, and they may not be very rich compared to the other two kingdoms, but they have their own unique attributes.

The royal family is known to mingle with the villagers almost daily, and rarely seem to act royal or noble except for official vents.

Stealvor is known to have the best fighters in the world. Vellamonta calls them Brutes, though Murakagon is respectful enough to call them by the name the northerners chose for them, known as Staelkata, which translates to Cold or Northern Warriors, as in the old language of Stealvor, Cold and North means the same thing.
The Stealkata are pretty much knights, as they wear armor and fight with the weapons of knights, but have a whole different style of fighting, and even Vellamonta has tried to get some Stealkata to fight for them... But the north will never give one of their own to those 'overprivileged bastards'.
Staelvor is also known to have the best hunters, masons, and carpenters, and many come to Stealvor to trade for furs and hire builders.

It is rumored a noble family, a former clan that fought with the Stealvor clan the most before the kingdom has formed is planning on overtaking the throne. (PM me for more info)
(More rumors to come once royal and noble characters are in the RP)

Culture and Traditions
Stealvor is neither rich nor poor and though there is poverty, it is quite mild in comparison to the other kingdoms. Almost everyone has made a living as a farmer, hunter, fisher, and any other possible occupation here.
As the land is cold and far in the north the people are rarely found outside of fur cloaks and warm cotton clothes; royalty and nobles are known to wear silk and satin in the summer when it's just a little warmer.

Unlike Vellamonta, Stealvor treats both men and women equally. The oldest child, whether son or daughter, inherits everything from the parent, whether it be throne, title, house, or a goat.
Girls are not forced into marriages and many women and men have lived with the man or woman that they love till they died without marrying.
Because of Stealvor's past, they do not care about who or how you love, as long as you can stand your own and offer skill and knowledge in anything useful you will be a respected member of the kingdom. Thieves, murderers, and any type of criminal is heavily looked down upon, as honer and dignity are almost holy to this kingdom, and even small crimes with be punished greatly.

Singing is also a very cultural part of Stealvor. Stealkata will sing war songs before battles, travelers will sing songs of adventure as they travel and bards will sing tales of legends during celebrations.
Their singing is a mix of traditional singing that we all know and throat singing.

The religion of Stealvor is that of the Silent Gods.
It is unknown who the gods are and how many there are, they are sometimes known as the Gods of the Lands, as they speak to their people through signs in nature, especially wind, which gave them the name Whispering Gods.
The people of Stealvor worship quietly, sometimes going years without thinking of their gods or praying, but they always seem to have trust in these gods.
Little to nothing is known about these deities, if they're benevolent, cruel, all-knowing, or truly just the whispers in the wind, but the northerners are quite devote to these gods in their own quiet way.

When someone dies in the north, they are burned, as the earth is too cold and hard to bury someone in the cold months (which in the north almost every month is cold).
Another reason they burn their dead is that they believe burning them will release their souls back into the world to either be reborn, if the gods deem them worthy, or their life too short/unfair, or to join the gods for the rest of eternity in Mortathvor. (Land of Death)

The Stealvor kingdom has a tradition that every year, any man or woman of any age (above 15) who wishes to become a Stealkata, must fight others with the same goal. Though these fights aren't to the death, it is not against the rules to kill if it is a fair fight.
This tradition takes place in a different village every year and the king or queen will always be present to appoint the new Stealgata (gata mean training warrior) who will train under fully trained Staelkata for many years till they are deemed worthy with the title Stealkata.
This tradition is highly revered and can last days, though on the last day or hour the entire kingdom celebrates with music and drinks.

More will be added in the future (PM me if you have any ideas)

Please discuss the royal family's last name in the discussion before deciding on one.
The only mandatory roles are the King or Queen, and at least one prince and/or princess.
Nobles are not mandatory but feel free to make some.
The only commoners I will allow are cooks, maids, servants, and any other roles that could work in the castle. If you PM me I might make an exception.
Knights can have both common and noble/royal blood, though only the best of the best are allowed to be knights.

King (1/1)
Randolph Cornelius - 77 - Candor - Page 8

Queen (1/1)
Violet - 47 - Silver Feather - Page 6

Princes (2/2)
Cadmus - 15 - Autumn Shire - Page 4
Calvin Leon - 22 - Fusty-Dudget - page 7

Princesses (2/2)
Jaro Rydia - 18 - Verdorben - Page 1
Adira - 20 - FrostyK - Staelkata - Page 2

Nobles (1/5)
Lynette Farsyn - 23 - female - Wildfyre - Page 4

Staelkata (6/7)
(you can also make a Staelgata)

Sigride Honrith Kallihyn - 22 - male - Kämpe - Page 3
Chigusa Mochizuki - 20 - male - Overthink101 - Page 4
Ichiyuu Mochizuki - 20 - male - Overthink101 - Page 4
Touki Mochizuki - 20 - male - Overthink101 - Page 4
Alvara Mara Blackstone - 20 - female - Onyx's Haven - Page 5
Kristina Dume - 20 - female - Tauriel - Page 11
Name - Age - Gender - Player - Page

Commoners (5/5)
Candynce - 18 - female - maid - Kämpe - Page 3
Ethan Brimstone - 23 - male - servant - Silver Feather - Page 6
Lilmae Acena Daryan - 20 - female - groom - Lunar Frost - Page 5
Asia Hunter - 19 - female - maid - Den - Page 6
Brom - 15 - male - Servant - Onyx's Haven - Page 11

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~ Murakagon ~
Murakagon stands for Blood of Wanderers in the old language the tribes spoke before forming the kingdom.

The Oasis
The natives call this city Marguntalka, but as neither of the other two kingdoms can properly pronounce this name, is more commonly known as The Oasis, or The Oasis City.
The city itself is a maze of adobe buildings and sandstone streets.
If it weren't for the colorful curtains and fabrics that adorn almost every inch of this city, it would be quite bland and brown.
Those who see the city for the first time are amazed at how much color and beauty there is, and the people always seem lively.

Though, the further away from the oasis and palace you go, the duller it gets. It seems, as with Vellamonta, that the outskirts of the city aren't nearly as well taken care of. The adobe buildings are crumbling, the colorful fabrics dulled by sun and dust, and the people begging for any last drops or scraps of food and water.

The palace where the royals stay is colored a lovely gold with sky blue and red accents, and when it glimmers it looks like it's made of fire, a true beauty to behold, the base, floors, and some walls are made of sandstone, while the rest is made of colored glass and gold, which gives the palace its color.
It was built right next to the Oasis, and many nobles and royals swim in the clear blue waters during the hottest days. The palace also has the largest royal gardens, known as the Water Gardens, in all the kingdoms. Colorful Tropical plants thrive here, thanks to the oasis, which has never dried out since the city was built.
The palace itself is made of many towers and spires with bridges traveling between them, and when looking up from the center of the palace, it looks like a golden spider web.
In the center of this beautiful place is a large throne room that doubles as a ballroom.

Reputation and Rumors
The people of Murakagon are known to be diverse and colorful, in both clothing and skin tone, ranging from rich dark browns to olive and amber skins, even some have the paler skin of Vellamonta and Staelvor.

Murakagon used to be the wealthiest of the three kingdoms, though after building the royal palace, they almost depleted all their gold stores, and as such are taxing the people more than they should, to build up their coffers again.

Murakagon isn't just known to be bright and colorful but is also known to have the best cooks in the three kingdoms. Food in Murakagon is exotic and flavourful, ranging from sweet to sour and salty to spicy, though you need the gold to properly eat here.

The people of Murakagon have mixed opinions of the royal family.
Many find it unfair that they must pay so many taxes for the royals' own mistakes, and believe that the king could and should do more to help his people.
Others say that the royal family is fair and kind, and is only taxing them so that they can get their coin back, and that they will stop soon.
The only thing they can agree on is that most of the royal family is prideful and stubborn...

It is rumored that a rebellion is brewing in the outskirts of Marguntalka and that the commoners are planning to assassinate the king and his family to stop the growing taxes. (PM me for more info)
(More rumors to come once royal and noble characters are in the RP)

Culture and Traditions

Though Murakagon isn't as stern as Vellamonte when it comes to LGBTQ+ and they will not punish those that are open about it, it is looked down upon and safer to be closeted.

Because of the culture, the oldest children are not always the inheriters. Instead, it is voted on. In small common families, it's the parents and grandparents that decide. When it's time for a new king, all noble families will vote on which royal child will inherit the throne, sometimes this is the oldest, sometimes the youngest. It is against the rules for a bastard to inherit the throne, and so they cannot be voted for.
The same goes for when a noble dies. The other nobles and king/queen vote in which child will inherit their parent's legacy.
Usually, in all cases, a son is chosen; as though women have more rights than in Vellamonta, men are seen as better leaders.

In Murakagon, there are set roles for men and women.
Men fight, lead, build, and trade.
Women clean, sew, paint, and gather.
Of course, there are exceptions, but many look down on the men and women that do the work of the other gender.
Jobs men and women can share are cooks, gardeners, and taking care of children.

Like in Vellamonta, Murakagon regards art very highly, though they do not count books, writing, or inventions as art. Dyed fabrics, paintings, and sculptures are much more common and appreciated.
Speaking of fabrics, the people of Murakagon usually wear loose and colorful clothes, as thick cotton shirts, corsets, and heavy leather boots are a very bad idea in the sandy dry heat of their lands.

The people of Murakagon are very open and have multiple religions from all over the kingdoms, though the most common one is that of Fada'h, Jeda'h, and Tela'h, the sister goddesses.
Fada'h, the goddess of rain and water, Jeda'h, the goddess of land and fertility, and Tela'h, the goddess of sun and light.
Depending on the preyer and what the person wants, they will prey to a different goddess with each preyer.

Music and dancing are very important parts of Murakagons culture, and though they aren't known for singing as much as Stealvor, they make up for that with their diverse and unique instruments and mystifying dances.

On the first day of summer, a large celebration is held for the goddess Fada'h.
The entire day is full of dancing, music, and food.
This celebration is held every year and is so that they can ask Fada'h for rain and water.
More will be added in the future (PM me if you have any ideas)

Please discuss the royal family's last name in the discussion before deciding on one.
The only mandatory roles are the King, and at least one prince and/or princess.
Nobles are not mandatory but feel free to make some.
The only commoners I will allow are cooks, maids, servants, and any other roles that could work in the castle. If you PM me I might make an exception.
Knights can only have common blood, as royals and nobles are too important to fight in wars and battles, though some nobles and royals do learn how to fight.

King (1/1)
Cyrus - 47 - FrostyK - Page 10

Queen (1/1)
Loreza - 39 - Wildfyre - Page 4

Princes (4/4)
Zaira - 17 - KinwaSoup - Page 1
Caspar - 18 - Flower Field - Page 6
Linton Chris - 22 - Moony Night Howlers - Page 10
Shanahan Plight - 17 - Overthink101 - Page 10

Princesses (2/2)
Kamaria Ann - 15 - Onyx's Haven - Page 5
Esther Lorelei - 18 - Overthink101 - Page 10

Nobles (0/5)
Name - Age - Gender - Player - Page

Knights (2/7)
Carrigan Yllevettson - 25 - male - FrosyK - Page 4
Kage Brimstone - 21 - male - Silver Feather - Page 6
Name - Age - Gender - Player - Page

Commoners (2/5)
Shouya Kanzou - 21 - male - cook - Overthink101 - Page 4
Inata Arrakeen - 23 - female - healer - Shadows in the Mist - Page 8
Name - Age - Gender - Role - Player - Page

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~ Sign up rules ~

1. This is a realistic roleplay; no unnatural hair or eye colors. Tribal tattoos are allowed.
2. This is also a medieval RP so no modern clothing like denim/jeans and sneakers.
3. LGBTQ+ is accepted and supported, but please note, that as this is a medieval roleplay, characters should be closeted unless they live in Staelvor.
4. You can make as many characters as you want, but please do not take up all the royal slots.
5. There will be no romance between two of your own characters; it just excludes others.
6. Be descriptive and try to use 5+ sentences when describing your character's appearances and personalities.
7. Characters must have at least three strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes.
8. No Mary/Gary sues or anything similar.
9. Put your favorite word/words in other
10. You only need one good roleplay example; feel free to link it.
11. Role is what occupation your character has, king, queen, prince, princess, noble, cook, maid, etc.
12. Please be active and let me know if you will have to leave for a while; no signing up and not appearing.
13. Please keep genders and roles as even as possible!
14. Nobles and Commoners can have NPC family members. Royals cannot.
15. If you are making a royal, please do not add the last name till you have discussed it with the other members of the family.
16. The fear doesn't have to be a phobia or be extreme, just something to add to your character.

~ Sign Up form ~














Family Members

Roleplay Example


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~ Anouncememts and Notes ~

If you were hoping to get a certain role, but all the slots are filled, do not hesitate to PM me, though that does not mean I'll open one up, as I don't want there to be too many characters ^^

The discussion is up!

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Zaira is a tall boy, standing at about 5'11/6ft. His skin a rich olive colour with small dark freckles dotting it through his arms and over the bridge of his nose. His eyes are a dark brown, seeming almost black in colour with flecks of gold in them, they seem to have a soft almond shape to them, with a heavy drape of black eyebrows. His hair is a somewhat beachy waves/curly mess, with heavy locks going down over his nape and ears. Zaira prides himself with his scruffy beard he has grown, letting it frame his round face despite the few hairs it creates on his neck. Speaking of ears, his biggest insecurity is his ears. They are somewhat big compared to the rest of his head and he gets very embarrassed when someone mentions it. The rest of his body is average, no toned muscles but not overweight. His legs are the longest part of him which contributes to his height, his feet are proportional...unlike his ears. >.>

As every average males does, his legs are covered in dark hair, not enough to look like an animal but it's there, it's also on his arms. His fingers are long and slender, with a few colouses from his childhood. His fingernails are kept rather short though he doesn't push back his cuticles because... they dont know thats something to do I suppose. He has three little scars on his wrist from an animal attack when he was younger, and he has a cut on his jaw from a stone hitting his chin a few years ago.



Zaira LOVES food, he has grown up with it all his life and in the times he can sneak off he spends it cooking for himself. Even with the somewhat okay food he makes, he still needs practice in both cooking and learning how to handle the kitchen pieces. He burns his arms from time to time and acts like nothing happened when his parents question it. He's a very coordinated runner, and oftentimes enjoys swimming, he sucks at most physical activities in the body parts. He falls, trips, and hits his head quite a bit but he's fine. He enjoys dancing the most, the things he can be so horrible at bring him the most joy. Other than activities, he loves the sunset~ It brings him great joy to see the sun go down for the night and explode in a fiery sunset while he relaxes in his room. The bright flashing colours of his kingdom bring him even more joy, he can often be lost spending hours looking among them and singing to himself in his harsh voice. He hopes to one day see the massive library in the other kingdom, but for now he just wanders his way around doing as told and eating food ^^



Zaira is a smartass, though often trying to keep his remarks to himself. He knows a lot about a little bit of everything. This makes him have a somewhat leading personality, he can take charge and help lots of people but he has a somewhat shy side. He's always quick to think before speaking or taking action, which can be a blessing and a curse. His love for the arts and beauty in life makes him very wise in the ways of nature, along with his cooking skills he can survive pretty easily on his own if he needs to.



As seen above, he's a clumsy fellow. Often skinning his palms much to the displeasure of his parents. With very little self coordinance he wouldn't be able to run from a fight, so he would have to find a way to sneak off or face his dangers head on. He has a very high pain tolerance so hurting him won't be a problem for him to a certain extent, but he is a big blubbering crybaby when it comes to people he loves getting hurt and it's his one way to his heart.




Bright colours

Warm sunny days

Cold nights

Swimming and cooking




People hurting his friends/family

Not being able to cook

Running ;-;

Blistering hot sand




People hurting his family

Scorpions ;-;


Family Members

King (xxx)

Queen (xxx)

Princess(s) (xx)

Prince(s) (xxx)


Roleplay Example

(Animal version)

The soft sway of the trees whispered into his ears, swirling in the foggy mist of his head. Their every bend and sway a taunt to his mind, begging him to turn away, look back, stop. Each echoing step brings him closer to the edge of the forest, small chubby legs chasing after something faint and familiar. A tall figure stood at the edge of the trees, a man walking away at a brisk pace not noticing, or caring about the tired aching pup trying to limp after him. The soft whimpers of the baby not bothering or pulling the human.

Burning, fiery breath shot through each of his little legs with every step, his ever tired eyes seeing only the swirling of the world as it turned and swayed much like a boat on a stormy sea. How long had he been walking? Moments? Days? Years? The ground suddenly met with his face, his tongue getting caught between his small teeth earning a feeble whimper, his body crumbled beneath him. Pain seeped through his brain, each sound the world made getting loud as if a scream - booming - slamming, a war drum in his mind making him push to cry out in pain. The thundering clap of every rhythm rocking him to his core as he fazed and fluttered-

The sound stopped, the mind of the small pup going blank. Warm red blood trickled from his ear down his neck, a race to reach its destination before the heart stopped beating. Closer it inched, ever so close to the reaching grass, the tall spiny weeds reaching up their greedy hands to catch the single drop. It lost its race. The heart stopped, the small thing gave a gasp and fell silent. His snow white fur turning a deep wine colour as he lay still, the single streak a stain on his innocent body. The man was looking at the pup now, staring down at the pathetic life before him. His face showed nothing, just looking at the creature who had fought so hard to gaze into the eyes of death.



He/Him/They pronouns

My favorite word is m o i s t


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Jaro Rydia (last name to be determined)






Jaro stands at 5'5 with a lean and curvy form. Her shoulders are slightly broader than the average girls but seem to just add to her wild beauty.
Speaking of beauty, her hair has a beautiful dark chocolate brown color, with a few natural brown highlights. The hair itself falls down to the bottom of her shoulderblades in lush waves; though she likes to keep it in a braid and is rarely seen with open hair.

Her eyes framed by long thick eyelashes and a thick defined eyebrow. The eyes color is a moss green around the pupils and this color slowly fades into a seafoam blue.
Her skin is pale and burns easily, but she does have a light spotting of freckles on her nose, cheeks, shoulders, and upper arms.
She also has a couple of scars on her fingers and knees from falling and exploring the castle and woods when she was younger, though these are all quite small... well most of them are.
One scar she has on the left side of her jaw, which she got from playing with an ax when she was small. Though this one isn't a scar, she did break her collarbone, resulting in her right collarbone looking a bit more crooked than her left. She's very proud of this.
The next scar covers about half her left knee, which she got from tumbling down a rocky mountain trail when running.

She is commonly found in light brown cloth trousers, knee-high riding boots with white fur lining, dark brown tunic, a white undershirt, and a leather belt with runes or knots engraved in it. Sometimes she's found with a quiver of arrows on her back if she's in the mood to go hunting.
When outside she has a thick brown cloak with soft white fur lining and warm leather gloves.

During formal occasions she does wear dresses; usually either a green or blue dress with silver embroidery to match her eyes and hair, but sometimes she can be found in other colors.
And though she doesn't own much, she does wear matching jewelry, earrings, and necklaces with both gems and the claws and teeth of wild animals.

Like stated in her appearance, Jaro is a wild beauty, and not just in looks.
She's stubborn and rarely does what others want, though she does know to listen when her parents or older siblings... sometimes.

Jaro knows what she wants and though she may not be the most outgoing person, isn't afraid to say her opinion or argue. In fact, she is quite prone to argue whenever anything doesn't suit her. She's not spoiled, she just doesn't like being told what she can and can't do.
Often she makes decisions on a whim, speaking and acting before thinking, and even though she is punished for this, she doesn't learn.

If she doesn't like someone or something someone is doing, she will be open and very snarky about it. The only time she actually thinks before acting is when she is around people of high or respectable rank, such as royals, nobles, and Staelkata.
Speaking of respect; it's very hard to earn hers. Jaro isn't very trusting and will quickly judge a person just by their looks. Jaro is a very much "Judge the book by the cover" type of person; if you couldn't tell.

She also has a short temper, and when she snaps, she snaps. She's lost more control over her emotions than she would like to admit, and not always in anger. She's not easily hurt, but if she's having a bad or stressful day and it just seems everything isn't going her way, there's a high chance a single word can break her, and she will run.

Aside from Jaro's temper, snarky remarks, and stubborn and untrusting nature, she isn't quite that terrible. She has amazing humor and loves to joke around and tease, though this is usually sarcastic and sometimes you can't tell if she's being honest or having fun. It really depends on her mood, though this more humorous side usually appears around trusted friends and family.
So if you witness this side of her, you've most likely gained her trust, which is no easy feat, and once you have Jaro's trust, she will be loyal to you till the day she dies. Unless you break that trust with something unforgivable. Then she may just kill you.

A good way to earn her trust is just being fun to be around and having good humor.

Doesn't give up
Knows what she wants
Knows how to fight with a spear.

Acts before she thinks
Her right shoulder gets sore quickly because she broke her collarbone.
She pulled a muscle in her right leg when she was young and everyone in a while it acts up and she gets a limp.
Terrible with a sword.

Good Humor
Alone Time

Fresh air

Loud noises
Bright lights
Overly sweet smells and tastes
Annoying people
long conversations.

Though Jaro loves climbing and isn't afraid of heights, she has basiphobia, a fear of falling... so she takes her time and is extra careful when climbing in unstable places. She's terribly afraid of cliffs and edges, though not because of the height, but because of the chance of falling.

Family Members
Father: Dead
Mother: Violet
Siblings: Adira, Cadmus, Calvin

Roleplay Example

Themesong: Amour

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Reserve a Staelvor Prince?

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