12:43:12  Your OC Hoarder
Aaah I am in desperate need of mush o.o
12:42:53 T
Heyy chat :3
Valentine's killers
12:40:02 Pineapple/ Trapdoor
XD goodnight
Spooky Spark
12:39:52 SS, Spark, Banshee
I can't even stop drawing help me. Is what you're saying.
12:39:26 Screens
Good night

Well I finished my art so I can leave now

So goodnight to you too XD
Fuzzy Drakula
12:37:49 Aku
I can't even xD
Spooky Spark
12:37:10 SS, Spark, Banshee
But I'm right there.
Valentine's killers
12:36:03 Pineapple/ Trapdoor
Night XD
Fuzzy Drakula
12:35:21 Aku
Spark ;-;
Bad Sketchy Spark-

B o i xD
12:35:00 shhh im invisible
I dont know what happened but its not letting me restart a lower level on my laptop. it was working fine not even that long ago and works on bth of my phones. i disabled adblocker but it did nothing. im not really that computer savvy so i have no clue what to do ;-;
Fuzzy Drakula
12:34:40 Aku
Alright chat! It's time for me and a few other unmentioned packs to sleep >.>

(LoL, Spark, Pineapple I see y'all)

Good night!
Valentine's killers
12:34:26 Pineapple/ Trapdoor
Worst that will Hapeen is I fall asleep in the middle of class
Spooky Spark
12:33:27 SS, Spark, Banshee
Lol but I should refine some lines first, I'll just finish refining some lines I have done.
Fuzzy Drakula
12:33:20 Aku
If we knew this it'd be so much easier xD

Go to sleep xD
Valentine's killers
12:33:15 Pineapple/ Trapdoor
I think I will so I can work on art
Fuzzy Drakula
12:32:03 Aku
I'mma sleep *^*
After I-


Just kidding of course haha
12:32:03 Screens
That's up to you

I will because I have work tomorrow
Valentine's killers
12:31:56 Pineapple/ Trapdoor
It's 12:30 here and I have to be up at 5:30
Halloween Spirit
12:31:44 Rushie
But who's her crush o-O

Hm.. To let you compare, she's very sweet and kind, but panics very easily in large crowds, and stutters when put on the spot. She's an emotional bean, and will randomly lay her head on someone she's close to. Hmm.. Her name is more than likely Mystic
Spooky Spark
12:31:14 SS, Spark, Banshee
Same I think we both should sleep.


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    Champions of the Seven - Human RP Signups (CLOSED) February 19, 2019 11:03 AM

Corax Noir
Posts: 2905

You have been chosen. That's all you know. You were sent a messenger from one of the gods, telling you to meet at the rocky Paragon Isle in the Brine Sea. There will be others like you, they said. You knew you had little choice but to obey. Whatever is going on, whyever you have been chosen, you will find out soon enough.This is set in a fantasy world ruled over by seven gods. You have been sent a messenger by one of these gods asking that you complete a task in their name. What this task is, you do not know.
The world is largely unexplored, and only three small kingdoms exist among the feral and dangerous wilderness that covers most of the world.
The largest of these kingdoms is the wealthy Auric, nestled in the foothills of the ore-rich Plethora Mountains. The city is diverse and sprawling, filled with fine institutions of science and art as well as academies and a large and well-trained army. Crimes such as petty theft are nearly non-existent, replaced by crime families and professional killers. The justice system is large and complicated, and mostly results in death for law-breakers.
A smaller kingdom is situated near the Brine Sea. It is the kingdom of Brontide, a kingdom swarming with sailors, fishers, and lowlifes. It is often the victim of pirate attacks, and most of the funds go towards increasing the size of the navy. The kingdom itself is poor and dirty, and many beggars and thieves live there. Most dream of moving to Auric.
The last kingdom is the smallest. It it surrounded by woods, and very difficult to get to. It is home to many heroes and explorers wishing to expand the kingdom's territory. The people here live off of the land, and many are hunters and farmers. It is very spread out, most people living in small villages.Many people live in the wild. Practitioners of ancient "magic", which is not necessarily actually magic, are scorned and shunned. Because of this, many live alone. There are several nomadic tribes, and many scholars and philosophers have chosen to live in harmony with nature.


Faith Abernathy // 17 // Female // Questioning // Priestess of Paq'o in Syntonos tribe // Corybant // Dysthymia

Mystery // 25 // Male // Homosexual // Thief // Maelstrom // ThisIsAPackName

Eden Falsen // 18 // Female // Homosexual // Poet // Calliope // Avelexa // DROWNED

Hypatia Katsaros // 23 // Female // Asexual, Heterosexual // Scientist // Selcouth // Galaxxia // DROWNED

Sher Shashi // 28 // Male // Pansexual // Mercenary // Kairos // Umman Manda

Adilet Qadir // 27 // Male // Questioning // Inquisitor/detective // Lacuna // Corax Noir

Riza Harima // 22 // Female // Pansexual // Chef // Halcyon // StolenRescue // GONE, MAN

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    Champions of the Seven - Human RP Signups (CLOSED) February 19, 2019 11:05 AM

Corax Noir
Posts: 2905

God of the Sea, Deceit, and Mischief
Maelstrom is worshiped as a patron god of pirates, sailors, and criminals. Those wishing to rebel against authority and those simply seeking luck in their less-than-honest schemes flock to him. Fishermen will pray to him for a good haul, and jesters and gamblers wish for convincing performances. Simple rogues and scoundrels, as well as those without much material wealth, gravitate towards him. Merchants and heroes alike will sometimes seek his blessing to undertake a great voyage.
Maelstrom often takes the form of a human to walk among his followers. He will become a pirate, sailing with a captain that he has deemed worthy and bringing him good fortune at every turn. Otherwise he might be a gambler in a tavern, pushing others to take unfathomably dangerous risks and rewarding those who follow through. His blessings go to those who delight him with shenanigans and cleverness, and often consist of material wealth and glory delivered by the god in a human form.

God of Conquest, War, and Civilization
Kairos is mostly worshiped by conquerors, soldiers, and generals. He is very popular among the fighting classes - warriors, knights, champions, barbarians. He is said to grant strength and bravery to those who please him, leading him to be a favorite with heroes, adventurers, and athletes. Those wishing to tame nature and create a place for humans to live and prosper turn to Kairos.
Kairos often takes the form of a bloodied and half-dead war horse when showing himself to mortals. His flesh is exposed, slashed down to the bone, and many who gaze upon his visage find themselves unable to move for fear. It is said that those who see the bloody horse after a battle will go on to be a great warrior. Those who have proven themselves by trials of combat or fortitude - some devised by Kairos himself - are blessed with the ferocity of a lion and the strength of a bear. Those who he favors the very most he grants the ultimate honor - a glorious and heroic death, one of which people will sing praises for generations to come.

Goddess of Death, Justice, and Punishment
Lacuna is revered by royalty and murderers alike. Some, mostly leaders and judges, pray for the ability to be just and fair in their judgement and to condemn only those who deserve punishment. Those who deal out death, such as executioners and murderers, ask that the death be clean and easy. Some wish for a respite from death - prisoners, criminals, and those on their deathbed seek to avoid the inevitable for as long as possible.
Lacuna rarely shows herself to any mortals, and when she does, it is usually a fleeting glimpse or foggy vision. She appears in the form of a frail black-robed figure holding a set of scales in one hand and a glistening dagger in another. Her blessings are rare and far between. She watches the mortal world and, with impartial judgement, strikes down those whose power grows too great. Those that she grants vision to are the truly conflicted in this world: those who are overcome with the inability to tell good from bad. She will guide them gently towards a definite path, letting them choose themselves whether they will be "good" or "bad".

Goddess of Knowledge and Technology
All sorts of people come to her seeking truth. Those who actively pursue new technology - inventors, engineers, scientists - look to her for inspirations, while those who seek to perfect current knowledge - scholars, teachers, students, librarians - look to her for aid in acquiring intelligence.
Selcouth shows herself to those who are close to a monumental discovery. Her advice is often cryptic, but she prides her followers on being able to decipher her messages. She appears as a bronze clockwork woman, with nothing but metals and gears making up her body. She encourages her followers to solve problems on their own, but won't hesitate to step forward and give them a nudge in the right direction if they're near a breakthrough. Her blessing is usually her advice, and rarely does she give out anything more.

God of Love, Family, the Home, and Food
Halcyon is a commonly worshipped god. He watches over children and families, seeing to it that they stay together, and many pray to him for their family's safety. His followers often include expecting mothers or those who want to have children, as well as people in want of or currently involved in a romantic relationship. Cooks, farmers, and people with culinary professions pay homage to him. He is the only god that can be worshiped alongside another deity, and he is impossible to anger.
Halcyon is always watching over his followers, and even those families and children who do not worship him. He takes the form of a young, rosy-cheeked boy with a golden aura, and if this child is found playing with one of your own children, you know that Halcyon must be protecting your family. He will appear to any who need him, and guide them in childlike innocence to safety before disappearing. When a child dies, he will often turn into a dove and cry over their grave.

Goddess of Creativity
Calliope is has the greatest variety of followers, attracting all kinds of creative people. This includes those who perform professionally and make a profit from their art as well as those who pursue creativity with more humble goals in mind. Just a few of these might include artisans, sculptors, painters, writers, musicians, entertainers, dancers, and poets.
Calliope has many forms, but is usually depicted as a collage of images, words, sounds, and color. She takes the form of whatever she believes will inspire the person she is aiding. She asks only that her followers continue to strive for creativity and see the beauty in everything. The people that she can see great destinies for, she provide inspiration for in any way needed - be it a person, an animal, a tree, a thought.

Goddess of Magic, Nature, and Travel
Those who revere this tempestuous goddess are rare, as blessings are rarely granted to them unless they prove themselves a true free spirit and friend to nature, and those of her followers who cause harm to the wild are brutally punished. There are several small nomadic tribes that revere her, as well as those who have chosen to make nature their homes, such as druids, monks, herbalists, and hermits. Being a patron of the supernatural, she is also worshiped by mystics, shamans, and witches. Those who travel often, such as merchants and wanderers, look to her for guidance in long journeys.
Corybant is often prowling the mortal realm, though she is hard to spot. She mostly takes the form of mottled brown wild animals. Some of the most common forms to see her in are an owl, a wolf, and a deer. She protects the wild fiercely, and there are many stories of the terrible things that happened to those who attempted to defy her. Her blessings, more rare even than those of Lacuna, are powerful indeed. They consist of superhuman abilities and magical powers. Magic is nearly extinct, as it may only be granted by Corybant, though there are certainly those who believe in the powers of cards, planets, and herbs.

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    Champions of the Seven - Human RP Signups (CLOSED) February 19, 2019 11:12 AM

Corax Noir
Posts: 2905

1. Most important. Be creative. Make delightfully bizarre characters. Feel free to add on to my world in any way needed. Anything not written down, I don't already have in mind. Ask questions, file complaints, find and exploit loopholes! If it's not alright, I'll tell you, and we'll work out an alternative together. But if you can justify it through backstory, I'll probably accept it.
Try: Different ethnicities, disabilities, unique roles in society, unpopular opinions, interesting/important family, variety of ages, odd and obscure forms of "magic"

2. In case it's not clear, supernatural magic does not exist unless granted by a god, and even then it is rarely very strong. The exception is the powers Corybant grants, but those are incredibly rare. The magic I speak of is card reading, planetary motion, herbalism, blessings, and the like, which - depending on your point of view - may or may not be considered "real" magic.

3. Don't be overpowered. It doesn't matter if you have a major flaw to balance it out, it still isn't going to be accepted. Let's try to keep our characters human here, shall we? Also, please do not be that person with a bloodthirsty, slightly insane character that's morally conflicted and probably named Raven or Shadow. Sorry, but that's a no-go.

4. You don't have to worship a particular god to be chosen by them. In fact, some of them (Lacuna, Halcyon, Calliope) might choose a champion that follows another god. Others would be less forgiving. I would prefer it if you exemplify traits that follow all of the god's domains. For instance, a simple professor of magic who lives in the city and never leaves would not suffice for the champion of Corybant.

5. I will be taking the remaining god's champion once all others have been chosen. If you reserve a character, they will be held for exactly 48 hours.

6. Most characters should be champions of the gods. However, if you can think of some reason that they might be going along with the others (perhaps they are a servant of a wealthy champion, a lawman after a criminal champion, or a bard hoping to chronicle the adventure sure to follow). Again, give me a good backstory and I'll let just about anything slide. But be sure to ask the person who you are going to connect your backstory to before doing so.

7. No passcode. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

8. Don’t forget all of the usual RP and site rules. Just be a nice person and you ought to get along fine. We can all help each other remember to follow the rules.

9. After you've made your character, I'll tell you what the messenger was like that came to you (if you're a champion). This may be important later. Give me a quick description of how your character might have reacted (this is the test your roleplaying abilities).

10. Use good grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I understand slip-ups, but at least try your best. Make sure you write at least four sentences in response. Nobody advance the plot too much without waiting for the others - the characters will pretty much be together at all times.

11. One character per person.

12. This is a medieval RP. No modern characters.

Edited at February 20, 2019 01:34 PM by Corax Noir
    Champions of the Seven - Human RP Signups (CLOSED) February 19, 2019 11:13 AM

Corax Noir
Posts: 2905

Full name





Chosen God (or reason for traveling with champions)




Biggest fear

Major goal



Faith (Which god/s do they worship, if any?)


Role in Society (Do people look up to them? Scorn them? Ignore them?)


Love interest (If so desired: may appear in-RP, doesn't have to be current)

Backstory (Optional. You can reveal in-RP if so desired. As long as you know it, we don't need to.)


Favorite god (For my own personal records. This is yours, not your character's.)
    Champions of the Seven - Human RP Signups (CLOSED) February 19, 2019 12:25 PM

Posts: 621
Full name
Faith Charity Abernathy





A Paq’o in the religious order (known as the Cybele) of the Sýntonos tribe.

Almost exclusively woman, Paq’o’s combine attributes of both Sharmans and Mystics and, along with the priests they serve, are prominent, well-respected members of everyday tribal life and in many ways are the pillars on which the tribe’s society stands. Paq’o’s are selected as children by the tribe’s priests and are believed to be chosen by Corybant to assist in channelling her voice and enacting out her will.

Chosen God



From a young age Faith’s had interested in music and given it’s a key part of the Paq’o’s rituals and the tribe's festivals, there was never a shortage of opportunity for her to learn. While the selection of instruments available within the tribe is limited, the group of explorer's always brought her a new one to try whenever they visited.


One of the potential duties for a Paq’o is assisting one of the tribes three doctors. Faith’s natural affinity for caring for people and the fact that a chance to further develop her skills wasn’t one she’d pass up lightly made her the perfect candidate. Similarly to the instruments, she relies on the group of explorers to bring books with them about modern medicine found in the more larger and further advanced cities.


- Pleasing and caring for people in her own way, and, in turn, attention, especially from those she considers ‘hers’.

- Animals. While animal husbandry is a relatively new concept for the tribe, they’ve been domesticating dogs/wolves, horses and the occasional cat for centuries.

- Travelling. Being apart of a nomadic tribe this is a given, for Faith however it was an acquired thing. Although the long days of walking used to bore her somewhat as a child she’s learned to enjoy it.


- ‘Outsiders’. This is more so out of fear rather than a hatred of those not from her tribe. The only socialization she had grown up with those outsiders was either whatever tribe was their current neighbour and the group of explorers.

- Violence. The Sýntonos tribe is a peaceful one, and are hesitant to resort to any sort of violence, only doing so if there is no other viable option.

Biggest fear

Leaving the tribe

Although she has an interest in the world outside of the tribe, actually leaving scares her more than she’d like to admit. The tribe’s the only life she’s known for the past seventeen years, and following the message of Corybant means giving up her family, her community and in many ways a key part of who she is as a person, even if it’s temporary, for some strange, unknown world she’s only heard stories of and read about is terrifying to her.

Major goal

While she has no one specific goal, Faith seeks to make her tribe proud by obeying the messages of Corybant and preaching her teachings to the outside world. She also wishes to learn from the outsiders and bring this knowledge back to the tribe. Essentially she wants to educate and be educated.


Faith is known to be a calculating, ruthless liar, causing everything she says holds some doubt, however, she is incredibly perspective, and at times, alert as well and able to gauge someone’s weakness and their personality shortly after meeting them. Being a master manipulator, she easily conveys herself as a victim to garner sympathy yet this only hides her cruelty, although she can’t deny she likes all the extra attention. She has shown symptoms of Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome, the main example is as a child, and still to this day, she poisoned her siblings and parents multiple times; however, she’s no longer limited to her immediate family, poisoning close friends and relatives as well. Despite how Faith likes to depict herself as innocent and childlike as can be and appear harmless and pure in an attempt to help her manipulations, it’s not entirely an act, merely her exaggerating a particular point of her personality. Faith is deluded to the point she sees little to absolutely no wrong in any of her actions.

While some may consider it more akin to weakness than a strength, Faith’s tendency to deny the existence of things that upset her is her only way of dealing with her harsh reality. Her inability to accept these things is, in part, what’s allowed her to retain her innocent, childlike demeanour. Faith’s innate perception usually allows her to tell a lot about a person within moments of meeting them, however, her aforementioned ignorance can cloud things, leading her to make some dubious decisions. Although domestic isn’t a word anyone would use to describe Faith, one can’t deny how well she excels at running a household. No matter what she has to do, whether it’s cooking, cleaning or something else, she takes it all in stride and always manages to keep things presentable.

Faith has a perverted sense of what love means and how to express it, one of the core reasons behind her unintentional abuse. Unaware of her disorder, she unconsciously harms those in her care to satisfy her need. Faith needs people to need her, it validates her, give her meaning, so she ensures that they will by making them sick. Faith harbours resentment and hostility towards those who reject her caretaking or seek it elsewhere. For Faith, love equals caretaking, and someone doing the above is the equivalent of a rejection of her love. Faith has a sometimes possessive, sometimes resistant relationship with those closest to her, or people she considers ‘hers’. She can’t stand having to fight for their attention and becomes consumed with jealousy when she thinks someone is trying to win their affections and take any of their attention away from her. She has the habit of backstabbing those who she perceives as a threat to her relationship with ‘her’ people. Her childhood, specifically her father and brother, is not without blame here. Growing up they practically worshipped her like the sun, to them she could do no wrong, they virtually nurtured her perpetual victimhood, and although nowhere near the narcissists they are, Faith does exhibit some of the similar behaviours.


Faith is the stereotype of cute, fragile, dainty women and it’s something she wholeheartedly embraces, though as she’s a small, thin, petite woman who barely makes 5’0 in heels, she looks like a child. A point that’s further emphasized by the fact that while her body does have some soft curves and what she feels are decently sized breasts, her figure more so resembles a pre-teen than a mature young woman.

Aside from her size, the second most notable thing about Faith is the caramel coloured ringlets practically embrace her entire body. Due to her hair being inconveniently knee-length due to literally never cutting it aside from the occasional trim, the tight, corkscrew ringlets are pulled up and away from her face in a number of complex and intricate styles. If there’s one thing Faith’s vain about, it’s her hair.

Faith’s attentive emerald green doe eyes darken towards the iris and are seemingly in a permanently glazed over state and appear to be slightly red, a side effect from either medication or some condition if rumours are to be believed. Cavernous dimples dot either side of a warm simile that seems to be constantly displayed on her expressive heart-shaped face. Her smooth skin is a fair light brown and mostly free form any blemishes save for some mostly faded scars that are nothing more than faint reminders of days past and her tribal markings.

In order to identify who’s from where and what they do within the tribe, etc. Most tribals carve markings unique to their tribe in the flesh of their children, with the first being administered when the child is only a few days old. Most of these markings can be found on the upper body, typically the chestal region, of tribals.

Faith has the marking of Ébhadh, two long intersecting lines with a short horizontal one dividing where they crossed, carved into her jugular notch. Beneath it is a large, incomplete Awen missing its final line and under her left collarbone was a horizontal line with four parallel lines, equal in length, cut down from its underside. On her left shoulder is a fresher, more recent mark; the word Salix, disfiguring some of the meaningless faint swirls, La Tene, trinities, circles that encased her other marks and decorated her entire body.

Faith dresses extremely conservatively and even in the heat of summer, she’ll still keep herself covered. Her clothing is generally losse as opposed to form-fitting and she’s also a pastel girl who’s obsessed with the entire aesthetic her entire wardrobe is typically white or a light pastel colour. Her outfits are almost always a dress or a shirt and skirt, rarely is she seen in anything else. Indeed her normal outfit is a long-sleeved, just below knee-length dress that hangs off her petite frame. Since she has an affinity for walking barefoot her feet are always cut up and getting infected, and quite honestly look a little disgusting and quite painful.

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    Champions of the Seven - Human RP Signups (CLOSED) February 19, 2019 12:41 PM

Posts: 621

While she acknowledges the potential existence of other gods, some more so than others, she is a devout worshiper of Corybant, believing her to be the sole, true goddess and all others are either irrelevant or false prophets, typically the latter.


The Sýntonos tribe lives in temporary housing that can be quickly erected and easily dismantled as they migrate with the seasons, such as tents that can be made from a combination of animal hide, woven materials and fabric and aren’t necessarily on the ground

Role in Society

Faith is the tribe’s only half-cast Paq’o, and while she knows some people certainly have a problem with that, they usually kept their mouths shut out of fear of Corybant’s wrath. In general, though she’s respected and quite liked by most. In addition to assisting the tribal doctors, she’s also heavily involved in the youth and musical aspects of the Cybele.


Faith is one of the tribes few half-cast children, born to a tribe woman and fathered by an outsider. She is the middle child of three, with an older brother and younger sister. Her father is a professor in an exploration team that stays with the tribe for a few months every year or so and her mother is a well-known hunter of the tribe. Her brother Tobias follows in their mother’s footsteps while her sister Amaris aspires to be one of the tribe’s few educators.

Faith and her siblings are her father’s ‘second family’. While she knows her father has children in Auric she doesn't know much about them as he refuses to even mention them, in fact, the only reason she found out was that she overheard a conversation as it seems like this is common knowledge amongst the tribe despite its secrecy. She also has several half-siblings on her mother’s side, as things like polygamy and open relationships are accepted and even encouraged within the tribe, and has a good relationship with them, although they're not as close as she is with her full-blooded siblings.

Love interest

None (for now), Paq’o are forbidden from having any romantic relationships and adhere to a vowel of celibacy until they come of age (around 18-19). Those who break their vowels are either exiled or murdered depending on the severity of their crime.

Will be revealed over the course of the RP, or I might add a brief one here if I get the time.

Let me know if I missed something or you want anything changed.

Favourite god
It’s a tie between Kairos and Lacuna.

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    Champions of the Seven - Human RP Signups (CLOSED) February 19, 2019 12:59 PM

Posts: 6829
Full name: Nobody really knows (He doesn't tell anybody), but you can call him Mystery.

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Sexuality: gAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (i'm changing a lot of things in this bio but not this thank you very much)

Occupation: A well-known thief

Chosen God: Maelstrom

Interests: Survival and entertaining himself

Likes: Being alive, making others laugh, not being recognized

Dislikes: (secret thing shh), being dead, being insulted (because who would insult this masterpiece?)

Biggest fear: Losing the love and trust of that of whom he loves and trusts the most

Major goal: Survival

Personality: Mystery is, by far, a strange male. At first, he comes off as a cold-hearted son of a gun; maybe it's because he literally has nothing to lose if he were to die, or maybe it's because he needs to steal in order to survive; who knows? Point is, he seems quite cold-hearted.

He spends most of his time stealing, either food and clean water for obvious reasons, or even random luxuries he takes just in order to bury them or throw them out (What did you expect him to do, sell them? If the shopkeeper doesn't try to arrest because of the fact he's a thief (well known for that matter), they'll at least arrest him because he's trying to sell the luxuries of high ranking sons of guns.). Not because he's evil or anything, just because he really has nothing else to do and it's fun. Speaking of which, Mystery spends most of his life entertaining himself due to the fact, because, y'know, what else is he supposed to do?

Of course, when he actually has something to do with his life and has friends, he's much, much different. In this case, Mystery is actually quite pompous and flamboyant. The most egotistical, snarky, sarcastic thing ever in the most obnoxious way possible, but still managing to be prideful, he is a very rare species of jerkbag. He oftentimes uses pride as a joke, along with being overly dramatic and just a really annoying (but admittedly funny) character. He did this so often, the pridefulness became a natural aspect of his personality, just so he could make hte people around him laugh.

Sometimes, it's nice to feel needed.

Looks: Mystery looks pretty of average, honestly. He's at an average height of somewhere over 5 feet (idon'tlikebeingspecific). He has skin that's not pale but not tan, either and a clear complexion. He has a slender figure and long legs, good for running (and very convenient due to the fact he's a thief that mostly relies on agility over anything). Mystery has short, messy black hair that he never takes care of (probably because he's at the point where his looks are at the lowest of his concerns). He has bright amber eyes, which could be mistaken for a bright hazel, and a mischievous glint in his eye. That glint is usually followed by a grin that makes all people in their right mind keep a very, very close eye on him.

Overall, though, he has a face you'd forget in a crowd. Then again, that's probably a good thing for him.

Faith: He doesn't really worship or believe in any of the gods, although he does occasionally send a payer up there to Maelstrom.

Home: He sort of wanders around the kingdoms, welcome to none of them and/or home to none, but goes to all of them all the same.

Role in Society: He's a well known thief due to the fact he is a surprisingly good one, oftentimes getting away with things quite easily, so he's kinda scorned because of his bad rep.

Family: Unknown

Love interest: eh maybe in rp

Backstory: I'll reveal in RP, but a long time ago I think I told @Corax about it through pms. If needed, I can give you a refresher ^^

For a while after a good amount of things happened, he lived with a group of pirates until they were wiped out in an attack. He was one of the only ones who made it out alive. Now he's pretty good with boats and ships; He stole one at some point from some rich dude. Now that's how he travels around when he needs to go somewhere far.

Other: His theme song would be, uh... Any Imagine Dragons song ever (but probably Titanium at the current moment). You should probably advertise this again, I don't think anybody else from the old roleplay is coming back. Also, note that I only skimmed through this so there's probably still a few grammar and/or spelling mistakes in there

Favorite god: Same as before- All of 'em are pretty cool, but Lacuna, Maelstrom and Kairos are the best. Tied.

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    Champions of the Seven - Human RP Signups (CLOSED) February 19, 2019 06:59 PM

Foggy Notion
Posts: 169
Full name: Norah Francis Hill
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Really hecking gay
Occupation: She makes her living off of fishing and trading, relying on the sea to bring her her varying inventory
Chosen God (or reason for traveling with champions): Halcyon
Interests: Norah has always had a fascination with the art of cooking, despite being a rather poor one herself. She enjoys testing the limits of her palate, at an unfortunately low success rate. She enjoys spending time with those she cares about, and can be a total hopeless romantic.
Likes: She is quite fond of animals of any kind, and enjoys daydreaming about what the future might hold. She greatly appreciates honesty and loyalty, as those are her core values.
Dislikes: Obviously, dishonesty and disloyalty. She can't stand cucumbers and squash as well, and will adamantly refuse the very idea of enjoying it.Biggest fear: She is absolutely terrified of being rejected, which ties into her other great fear of being alone.
Major goal: Her main goal is to really do right by HalcyonPersonality: Norah is typically a pretty happy-go-lucky, outgoing person. She gets very protective around her close friends and those that she takes a romantic liking to. She is a rather charismatic person, but her dating game is hilariously spotty. She either gets the girl right away or makes an utter fool of herself. Although normally a fun person, if angered Norah is rather intimidating and aggressive, leading her to have some dangerous qualities. She is fiercely loyal to those she has a connection with and will never hesitate to defend them. This can make her seem like a reckless, and sometimes stupid person, but she is actually rather clever and witty.
Looks: Rather short, Norah only stands at 5"1 (and a quarter, as she will always point out), with a square, sharp jawline and rosy, freckled complexion. She has thick chestnut hair that she keeps cut close on the sides and longer on the top so that the messy curls fall over her forehead, occasionally getting in the way of her eyes, muted aqua in color. She has a rather athletic build with her weight fluctuating between 120-125 lbs. on average. She is in good shape and has a light outlining of abdominal muscles, but not overwhelmingly so. Her hands are scarred and calloused from years of hard labor, but she finds it to be an addition to her charm. Her typical outfit consists of a forest green tunic, shorter in length than most, and black or brown pants of varying material. When on her fishing boat, she is often barefoot, enjoying the feeling of grainy wood under her calloused feet, but she does own a worn pair of boots passed down from her father. She has a leather bracelet with the outline of a pine tree on at all times, along with her glasses.
Faith (Which god/s do they worship, if any?) She is a very strong believer in gods, but mostly worships Halcyon, Maelstrom, and Calliope, but can also be found praying to Corybant.
Home: Norah lives on her fishing boat, for the most part, sleeping in the small captain's quarters or on the deck itself, on nicer nights.Role in Society (Do people look up to them? Scorn them? Ignore them?): She is often underappreciated by most, seen as a kid trying to make a quick buck off of trash. She has moments where her unnecessarily reckless and brave side will peak through and she'll do something heroically stupid like rescue a child drowning or stick up for an older couple enjoying a walk on the docks, where she'll earn some temporary respect.
Family: She raised herself after her mother and sister were taken in by a wealthy pair of nobles looking for servants to work in their home. Norah didn't quite fit their bill, having a bit too much unruly charisma for their taste.
Love interest (If so desired: may appear in-RP, doesn't have to be current) Please PM me! I'd love for Norah to have a bit of a romance
Backstory (Optional. You can reveal in-RP if so desired. As long as you know it, we don't need to.) Her father passed away when she was very young, leaving only a weathered pair of boots and a fishing boat he won in a gambling game. Her mother raised her and her younger sister, but when the chance came for them to have a stable job and home, the offer was not extended to her eldest and more wild daughter, who instead taught herself to sail and fish and left the small port village behind.
Other: N/A
Favorite god (For my own personal records. This is yours, not your character's.) Probably Calliope or Halcyon
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Former Pack
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Eden Falsen || 20 || Female || Lesbian || Poet & Writer

Chosen God: Calliope

Interests: Nature, Literature, Art.

Likes: Eden is an animal lover. She's drawn to their innocence and candid aura, which you simply can't find in most people these days. The golden-eyed woman loves to be challenged, but not in a degrading fashion. She thoroughly enjoys playful banter and competition, but is very sensitive to others' doubt. Despite this, she's always been very inquisitive to new people, and has been told on more than one occasion that pestering guests is discourteous.

Dislikes: Though unconfrontational, there are a few things that will set Eden off like a match dipped in kerosene. She cannot stand prejudice or judgment, especially when the person in question has not been given a chance to validate themselves. She believes each person is born equal and dies equal, and genuinely can't wrap her head around any other concept. Hypocrisy ties in very similarly, and has the same smoldering effect when she sees it in person. She will speak her mind where she sees fit, so when it does happen, it's more often than not a valid justification.

Biggest fear: Having people take advantage of her.

Major goal: To leave a legacy.

Personality: Eden isn’t a straightforward read. She prefers to keep her past to herself, but that doesn’t mean she’s anti-social. In fact, she’s quite the opposite. She loves to be around people. She’s innocently funny and livens up a group. Eden is fascinated by art and will often reference poems or sculptures in regular conversation. She loves modern adaptions of old styles, and that reflects in almost every aspect of her life, from her choice of clothing to genre of music. She loves to discuss beliefs and truly wants to know how every person thinks the way they do. She’s infectious, but extremely gentle; she speaks softly but with precision in every word. She wants to be more confident and less fearful, but some past trauma makes it difficult for her to move on.

Looks: Short, pixie cut golden har with warm brown eyes to match. Average height, but particularly small and not at all physically gifted. She has a pretty fair complextion but isn't pale. Eden has some dark freckles speckling her rather peachy-toned cheeks.

Faith: While she respects the existence of all gods, Eden prays the most to Calliope, hoping that she will aid in her work and passion of writing.

Home: Used to live in Brontide with her family, but just moved into her own shop at Auric after being an apprentice for many years.

Role in Society: Many people don't take Eden seriously. They believe her poetry is nonsense and that her writing isn't up to par because of her young age and poor background. Eden's dainty, innocent features don't exactly help her case. She'd love to just be respected by other shoppers or shopkeepers.

Family/Friends: Eden has several brothers, being the only girl out of 5 boys. A middle child, many assume she had to fight with teeth and claws, but it was quite the opposite. Her brothers were very protective and always put her first. After she began to pursue poetry as her career, and especially began worshipping Calliope, she started to have a falling out with a majority of her siblings. It wasn't until after she moved to Auric that she found out her two eldest brothers worshipped Maelstrom, and since then, has not spoken to much of her family.

Love interest: To be decided!
Backstory: RP
Other: xx

Favorite god: Selcouth. She's the one I relate to the most and if I were in this universe she'd be the god I'd choose haha.

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Duchess Spoopy
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Full name - Hypatia Katsaros

Age - 23

Gender - Female

Sexuality - Asexual, straight

Occupation - Scientist

Chosen God - Selcouth

- Animals
- Biology
- Anything scientific

Likes -
- Wondering if there are aliens
- Swimming in her free time
- Reading about fables

Dislikes -
- People proving her theories wrong
- Loud and sudden noises
- Rude people

Biggest fear- Being judged for doing simple things, being disliked.

Major goal - To become a full blown Biologist

Personality - Hypatia has a calm aura to her, and tends to keep to herself. Very quite around large groups of people, but will come out of the shadows to occasionally talk to her friends. Generally very quiet and shy. Always seen reading about fables, drawing animal biology, or studying notes. She is the type to analyze the situation and then act. Extremely unsure of herself and tends to be unnoticed in fear of being judged.

Looks - She has dark brown curly hair kept up in a ponytail, with a few curly strands always managing to find their way out and hang in front of her face. She stands at 5'5" and is a bit more curvy then one might imagine. She also has low cheekbones, making her look babyish. Bright almond eyes full of happiness at all times (at least, when talking about science and the likes). Fair skin tone. She wears a black and white dress, like many might wear, which is high up enough to not drag on the ground. Always carries a leather satchel slung over her shoulder, which contains medicine, salted beef, water flasks, quills, parchment, ink, a compass, a small map of the immediate area, and some currency.

Faith - Celliope and Selcouth

Home - A small, wooden hut in Auric, near a small patch of trees. She lives right on the outskirts of the kingdom. She gains just the right amount of currency to pay for the house. She has a small chicken coop around the back.

Role in Society - Many young scientists just starting their careers look up to Hypatia as an example. They start to follow in her footsteps, then branch out on their own path.

Family/Friends -
Family is deceased.

Love interest - Will develop, PM me

Other - N/A

Favorite god - Maelstrom, Colliope, Selcouth


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