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Demon Mistress,
I do
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Anyone else have 30 cp to give to someone else's wolves?
Element wolf rp! A ton of roles left! -WP Click-

Grim Reaper RP!
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With humans (and non humans if ya PM me)
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One of my wolves has been in labor for HOURS! -_-
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Holy shit you /can/ smell me
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You called me?
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On the bright side. cp money sink is back
Should be
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I come on and she's been in labor for who knows how long
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Oh ok, so that is the new normal then?
Eve upped the CP today :P It's supposed to be staying
Quick question why do I have so many cp that I can give to other players, it says I have 30 cp for players and 10 for new, instead of the normal 5 / 1. Is that normal the longer the log in streak continues?
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Your wolves played: ☿ Kiiya and ☿ Seeker relentlessly chase AI-Generated Sadness of pack Ecifircas through the meadow.

I snorted
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Even if you do get something good, goo luck selling it
Not really, low chances of getting something good
Is opening geodes worth it?
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At least he isn't rebellious. I have a DH that has a rebellious disposition.
Not sure if I wanna dye her or wait for a better boost/defect >.>


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Ashes of Night x RoawFebruary 19, 2023 02:05 PM


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When Theo broke their kiss, the grey-haired man was pulled out of his own thoughts of worry. Quietly he studied the face of the leader as their foreheads rested against each other.

Suddenly Niké felt the other man’s hand move underneath his hoodie and he glanced down a bit, his face turning shades of red at the sensation of Theo's hand against his skin. Never had he thought that something as simple as the touch of another would be able to make his heart race the way it currently was.

As he glanced back up, his cheeks still red from blushing, his eyes met the emerald gaze of the other and he returned the smile that the gang leader held in his face. It had been so long since Niké felt this happy but on the inside it was also eating him up. He knew it was wrong, that he had to stop this, for everyone’s sake.

Once more, Theo unknowingly pulled Niké out of his thoughts, first giving his nose a soft peck before moving onto the grey-haired man's lips. With any and all worry seemingly having disappeared in an instant, Niké put an arm around the neck of the gang leader. He wanted to be close to the man, to never let go and just stay here for the rest of their lives, stay right here in this moment.

Shutting his eyes and kissing the man back was only enough to escape his own thoughts briefly though and soon they would start snaking their way back into his mind, reminding him of how cruel this was to the man in front of him, how he would never escape what a bad person he really was and by doing this, by letting it all go on, he would continue to be that same bad person.

Even if Theo didn't appear to be it, the man was fragile, he had lost so much and now it felt as if Niké was giving him false hope that things would work out, that the two of them could have a happy life together. It wasn't that he didn't want that, anyone would want to be with someone they like, love even, and live happily for the rest of their days but this was no fairytale and in the end, this would never be able to work out, even if they both wanted it to. When the gang leader found out the truth about him, there was no way he'd want him anymore.

Niké had to leave, he knew that. Soon. Maybe even tonight? He would feel horrible for not showing up to whatever surprise Theo had planned for him, it would probably hurt him just as much as it would hurt Theo but maybe that was best? Imagine how much it would hurt to leave after they'd had their first proper date..?

Ashes of Night x RoawFebruary 19, 2023 03:18 PM

Ashes of Night

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Theo was taking small steps to feel close to somebody again. Of course, it wasn't slow steps. When did a same sex relationship ever go slow? But he did know he was happy with Nike. He trusted the man with all of his heart. It didn't take a kiss to show him that. He felt it from day one, all the way back to when he had tested the man's loyalty to him. No one has ever fought so hard to save him, no matter how real they thought the mock ambush was.

However, when their lips weren't touching he could tell how worried and upset Nike was about something. He was very intuitive, he could feel those feeling radiate off the man. He wasn't sure exactly what it was that was worrying him. He just knew he didn't want him to be worried about anything when he was with him.

The gang leader pulled back from the kiss. The worry seemed to radiate off the man more when he did. He leaned to press the softest of kisses by Nike's temple, using the opportunity to whisper in his ear.

"I know you're worried about something," He pressed a soft peck on his earlobe,"I'm not sure what it is that's bothering you but you know that you're safe here and you can confide with me anytime."

He moved his kisses down to the man's neck. He kept his kisses soft and light, letting his lips linger for a second. His eyes closed and he taking deep breath in between kisses. Kissing Nike like this reminded him of what happened to Flynn. It was way too close, way too intimate, and felt way too good to kiss him. And god, his hand touching the other man's bare back. But yet he continued to kiss Nike's neck. He didnt want to ruin the moment and he wanted to create a new memory. He wanted to think of them when he made out with him, not him accidentally getting Flynn pregnant.

Replace a tainted memory with a good one. That was his goal, he didn't want to be weighed down by his ex lover. It had been too long, over five years. He couldn't keep himself closed off anymore. Kissing Nike and Nike's boldness to take a chance on the most reserved and emotionally scarred man showed him that it was time to let go.

A single tear fell from his eyes. He buried his head into the crook of Nike's neck. His other hand let go of Nike's to wrap around his shoulders. He pulled Nike into a hug, whispering,"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm trying to say goodbye-"

More tears fell, dripping down onto Nike's neck and shoulders. Theo took a deep breath and pull back to wipe the tears away with the smallest hint of a smile.

"I want good memories here," He looked up, making eye contact with the man he was certain he loved. He gave the smallest chuckle and added,"And besides, unless you're hiding some big secret from me, the chances of you getting pregnant are zero."

Nike couldn't get pregnant. They weren't going that intimate. Making out was close to it but it wasn't how the accident happened. Everything is going to be okay.

Ashes of Night x RoawMarch 12, 2023 11:47 AM


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"I know you're worried about something. I'm not sure what it is that's bothering you but you know that you're safe here and you can confide with me anytime."

The lump that had formed in Niké's stomach grew, he wanted to be honest, to tell the man what exactly was worrying him but he didn't want the other to hate him. He wished there was an easy way for everything to work out smoothly. Or even that he could go back in time, to before he had gotten to know and fall for the leader.

Instead of answering, the grey-haired man remained quiet, shutting his eyes and trying to just enjoy the kisses that the other man was planting on his skin. Surely there had to be a way out, he just hadn't found it yet, that was all. Right? They could have a happy ending, surely they could. This was no Disney movie though, he knew better, yet he clung onto any strand of hope he could.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm trying to say goodbye-"

Being pulled into a hug by Theo switched his attention, hearing the weak whisper of the man and he was quick to hug him back, wanting to comfort him as best as he could.

"I want good memories here. And besides, unless you're hiding some big secret from me, the chances of you getting pregnant are zero."

Niké met the gaze of the other man and offered a weak smile, “No big secrets here, I promise.”

I promise.

Those two single words almost physically hurt him to utter. The lie practically burning his tongue. While it was true that he couldn't get pregnant, if he could then he’d certainly missed something too, the fact that he had no big secrets was a lie, a big fat lie. He carried many secrets, more than most probably did but now, if ever, was not the time to tell Theo about them.

He had fallen hard for Theo, dangerously hard. Typically, Niké was not one to let people in this easily. Alleya had practically forced her way in, not that he minded too much, she was a good friend, mostly. But Theo, Theo hadn't forced his way in, in fact he had let the man in with open arms, he couldn't explain it but he was attracted to the man, he wanted him, even if it wasn't allowed. Without doing much at all, the leader had already gotten Niké dangerously close to spilling out the truth, several times.

He wanted so desperately to believe that it would all turn out fine but it wouldn't, rather it couldn't. They may come from quite similar backgrounds and even if there was almost nothing but clothes in between them physically, there was a whole brick wall really. A brick wall keeping them on opposite sides, ensuring that they wouldn't be able to get a happy ending. They would have to go separate paths eventually, but Niké was the only one who knew that.

Ashes of Night x RoawMarch 12, 2023 02:36 PM

Ashes of Night

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"No big secrets here, I promise."

He smiled even more, warmth spreading throughout his body. Nike was so nice to him and so good to him. He didn't know how he had been so lucky to meet a perfect guy like him. Although, it hadn't been long, he had fallen for him fast and hard.

And he wasn't worried for the rate that he had fallen in love with him. He felt happy and content with him. He knew he could trust him and that Nike was a good guy, even if he didn't believe so himself.

"Mhm when did I get so lucky to find a guy like you?" He leaned and pressed a quick kiss on his lips.

Then he stood up, offering his hand to help Nike. It was time to go, the patrols would be returning soon and waiting for the next task. It was also time that Nike started his training with his mentor. Originally, he was going to train the man himself but with recent connections and recent injuries, he didn't think that was best.

"We should get back. It's time for you to meet your mentor," He figured Nike was still a bit sore and tired from his traveling but gang life never stopped. Nike needed to start learning skills to improve his fighting, especially with the threat of the Rebels.

He was even going to have the patrols practice their own fighting, himself included. He wasn't at one hundred percent yet, or even eighty but he had to. He couldn't expect his gang to practice their skills without him also practicing. He had spent too long cooped up in his bed.

"And patrols will be back soon," He chuckled and added,"Let's not make them jealous to find the leader giving the newbie special treatment. They might all began to demand kisses from me and secret hide-out spots."

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Ashes of Night x RoawApril 20, 2023 02:27 PM


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"Mhm when did I get so lucky to find a guy like you?"

Niké smiled weakly, sadly even, at that, if only Theo knew the truth. Would the leader still like him if he knew the real him? All the horrible things of his past or his current mission, the one meant to put Theo behind bars. Surely he wouldn't. Surely the man would want him dead. He wouldn't blame him if that was the case, in fact if he was in Theo’s position he would probably feel the same.

As the other man let go of him and stood up, he instantly felt cold, the body heat of the other no longer warming him. Niké grabbed the hand offered to him, pulling himself off the ground before wrapping his arms around the gang leader and pulling himself close to him, leaning the side of his head against the chest of the man. Even if he'd only been without it for a split second, he'd quickly grown to miss the warmth of Theo. It was dangerous to have grown this attached to the other, he knew that yet he couldn't seem to even try to distance himself from the man, he didn't just want him, he needed him.

"We should get back. It's time for you to meet your mentor."

A soft whine of protest came from the grey-haired man, he didn't want to go back, here it was just the two of them, no need to worry about others seeing them and judging them. No need to hide, they could behave like love drunk teenagers without the risk of being caught. And no need for a final decision…

Niké dreaded that the most, he had to make a decision and it was soon. Once they left here, he would have to make a decision, break a heart or break the law. It was a tough decision and deep down he knew which one was supposed to be the right one but that also meant that this could be the last time he could be this close to Theo, a man he'd fallen head over heels for, a man who understood him and a man who actually cared about him.

"And patrols will be back soon. Let's not make them jealous to find the leader giving the newbie special treatment. They might all begin to demand kisses from me and secret hide-out spots."

Forcing his worries away once more, Niké glanced up at the leader, a soft chuckle escaping his mouth as he tried to bury his worries, “That would be one way to keep morale up,” he told the man with a soft smirk on his lips, “But I don't think I want to share you so I suppose we will have to go,” he then added with a soft sigh.

Reluctantly he pulled his arms back to himself, letting Theo go as he himself was once again left with a feeling of coldness, the warm body of the taller man no longer pressed against his smaller frame.

“So what type of person is my mentor?” Niké asked, his pale blue gaze meeting the other’s striking green one. His hand found the leader’s and as he began the walk back to the house with him, he gave the man’s hand a soft squeeze. Never ever did he want to let go but he would have to eventually, he knew that. Eventually all this would be nothing but a faint memory of what could have been.

Ashes of Night x RoawApril 21, 2023 09:28 PM

Ashes of Night

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Theo's hand brushed through Nike's hair as the man leaned against him. He knew he was sad about something. Maybe it was just the idea of being separated for too long. His other hand snaked around his waist, dipping just low enough to almost be an inappropriate touch.

He just held Nike close, still insisting that they head back but made no effort to move. He wanted to stay this close forever. To feel the warmth of the other man's body against his own, to kiss the man until his face turned blue...to stay here far away from the others. His hand that was playing with Nike's hair slipped down to join the other one, squeezing the man into a tighter hug.

"“But I don't think I want to share you so I suppose we will have to go."

"You can have me all to yourself tonight, I promise," He moved to give the man another soft kiss, the kiss landing on his cheek as he pulled away. When his arms slipped away from Nike's, he took a step toward the house. He heard him ask the question of a mentor and shook his head.

"No, no. No special treatment," He teased. The shorter man's hand found his again and he relaxed at the familiar warm touch. He added on a more serious note,"You'll find out soon enough."

He led Nike toward the house, choosing to walk so close that their hips brushed on occasion. He was going to take every last moment possible to be close to him while they still could. After a few moments of silence, he found himself giving in and answering the question.

"It's this chick named Skai. She's one of the elder gang members but I think you'll really like her. However, She can be quite ill-tempered at first impression," Theo answered.

Skai had been part of the gang for the longest of times. She was the only one left in the gang that would have any memories of the days before he was leader. She joined the gang shortly after him. However, she was older than him by quite a lot and had more experience with gangs. When he was still trying to figure out how to lead the gang, she was the one he went to for guidance.

Skai was thoughtful and clever with her fighting skills. She would teach Nike to be thoughtful and clever with his own skills. She would also teach him how to approach fighting with a new and unique perspective. He had no doubt that her skills will help balance him out and turn him into a very threatening opponent.

Ashes of Night x RoawApril 22, 2023 02:50 PM


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"No, no. No special treatment."

At that, Niké answered with a slight pout, he didn't say anything to complain though, Theo was right, he would find out soon enough. Besides, there were more important things for him to worry about, like what to do about Theo and him.

The right thing was to leave, sooner rather than later. Tonight even. But he couldn't bring himself to do that, he’d never felt this way about someone else before and had those feelings be returned, he wasn't ready to give that up.

The world was such a cruel place really.

"It's this chick named Skai. She's one of the elder gang members but I think you'll really like her. However, She can be quite ill-tempered at first impression."

When Theo seemed to give in, going back on his previous statement about giving no special treatment, Niké couldn't help but to smirk softly.

Skai sounded like an interesting woman, but a mentor was the last thing he needed. He did understand why Theo thought he did but the leader also had no idea of the thoughts spiraling through his head. The young man didn't want to get more involved with the gang, he was already struggling with his decision to leave and this surely wouldn't make it easier, the more he became a part of the gang and started caring for them, the harder it would be to go.

Why did the right thing have to feel so wrong?

As they got closer and closer to the house, Niké found himself holding onto Theo’s hand tighter and tighter, he didn’t want to let go, this could be his last time alone with the other before he left, because he had made his mind, unfortunately.

Tonight the grey haired man would leave, he had to. The longer he let this all go on, the harder it would be, not just for him but also for Theo, it was best this way. Theo deserved someone who wouldn't lie to him like Niké was. It would hurt them both, he knew that, but the truth would be worse for Theo, at least that's what he thought.

Giving the other man’s hand a squeeze, Niké stopped hesitantly, quietly looking up at the leader for a moment before opening his mouth to speak, “I really like you, you know that right..?” He paused briefly, considering what to say next. “Thank you for everything, it means more than you might think,” he told him before his gaze dropped a little, “I never want to hurt you and if I ever do, just know that it's not intentional and I'm sorry. This all feels so new to me and I don't always know what to do… I'm just trying to do what I think is right.”

He had to get it off his chest, he had to tell Theo that he was sorry, even if the man wouldn't know what he was sorry for until later. He could only hope that this wouldn't make Theo too suspicious of what he was going to do and that the leader would shrug it off as nervousness regarding their relationship, nothing more.

Ashes of Night x RoawApril 22, 2023 03:09 PM

Ashes of Night

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He felt Nike's grip tighten around his and he squeezed back just as tight. He wished that they could be this affectionate all the time but he didnt know how the gang would react. Nike was still new and he was a gang leader. He couldn't have any distractions, especially at a time such as this one.

So instead, he let himself cling to the newbie in the shadows. He kissed him when the others couldn't see. He exchanged touches when he thought nobody else was looking. He loved the man and wished they could be more open. He wanted to be with him for as long as he could.

He felt Nike stop and did as well, turning to face the other man with an expression of confusion. He wasnt sure what was going on but by the expression on the other guy's face, it was rather serious.

"I really like you, you know that right..?”

A smirk danced across Theo's face as Nike thanked him.

"I never want to hurt you and if I ever do, just know that it's not intentional and I'm sorry. This all feels so new to me and I don't always know what to do… I'm just trying to do what I think is right.”

"You could never hurt me," Theo insisted. He leaned to kiss Nike, his free hand pressing against the other man's hips. He pulled back from this kiss and whispered,"I like you too and you will never ever hurt me."

"Freeze! Hands up in the air!"

A sound of a deep firm voice caused Theo to pull back, the words were so familiar he could recognize them from anywhere. When he turned, he saw three police officers with their guns pointed at him. His heart dropped to his feet.

"Shit, shit, shit," He whispered, taking a moment to process what was happening.

"Hands up in the air! Now!" One of the policemen shouted.

Theo put his hands up in surrender. He didnt want to fight unless he had to.

Ashes of Night x RoawApril 23, 2023 12:34 AM


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"You could never hurt me. I like you too and you will never ever hurt me."

Niké smiled sadly at that, his free hand on the back of Theo's neck as their lips were less than an inch from each other. He wished the leader’s statement could be true but he knew it wouldn't be, not when he found out the truth.

"Freeze! Hands up in the air!"

In an instant, the warmth of the other man disappeared. Niké looked up at him, hearing the quiet swearing. He needed to get Theo out of here, even if that meant revealing who he really was.

"Hands up in the air! Now!"

Niké slowly turned towards the officers, raising his hands while doing so. He had never considered the possibility of this happening and now he quickly needed to think of a plan to save Theo, even if the man would grow to hate him once the truth was out there.

He couldn't help but feel that this was his fault, he was the one who had stopped them, maybe if they had just kept walking then they wouldn't have been found by these officers. But what were they even doing out here?

“Officers, what seems to be the problem here?” The young man asked, hoping that maybe, just maybe he wouldn't have to spill the truth.

“Stay out of this princess, we’re only here for your boyfriend so I suggest you keep your pretty mouth shut,” one of the officers answered, a disgusting grin decorating his lips. There was a reason many referred to police officers as pigs, guys like this was that reason. Men like him are why the police were so hated among most members of society, criminals or not.

Niké’s jaw tightened, eyes narrowing slightly as he looked at the man. “And why's that? As far as I'm aware he has done nothing wrong, we're talking a walk in the woods, since when was that a crime?”

“I told you to stay quiet, no? You don't even know half of what this man has done, so shut up and you won't have to get in any trouble, understand sweetheart?” The man questioned, his tone was almost as if was speaking to a child and Niké definitely couldn't handle being spoken to in such a demeaning manner. It was playing at his nerves and that grin on the officer's face didn't help one bit.

Slowly, the grey-haired man let his hands drop to his sides, glaring a hole through the man, “Niké York, badge number 16520. I know every single case he's a suspect in, in detail. Now as you're interfering with an ongoing investigation, I demand to know what the problem here is, understand sweetheart?” He questioned, the annoyance he was feeling being easily heard in his tone. He hated people like that police officer, unfortunately enough to reveal his true identity in front of Theo.

“Seeing as I have found no evidence tying him to any crimes, I'm very curious to know what you three have on him,” he continued, eyes glued on the three officers, not daring to look to the side of him at Theo. All he could do now was try to get him out of this now.

Ashes of Night x RoawApril 23, 2023 03:38 PM

Ashes of Night

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Theo wasn't sure what exactly the officers wanted from him. He hadn't done anything as of recently to make them suspicious. He also wasn't sure what type of act would require three police officers.

He decided to obey the officers, knowing that he couldn't risk to get on their bad side. For now, he would like to play his cards with right. That meant that for now he would listen to the officers and hoped Nike would do the same.

"Officers, what seems to be the problem here?”

He was surprised to hear Nike ask them what the problem was. Nike didn't seem like the type to speak up. Besides, he would have gotten to the million dollar question eventually.

"Stay out of this princess, we’re only here for your boyfriend so I suggest you keep your pretty mouth shut."

Theo's eyes narrowed. So these cops weren't the good kind that respected others. He took note of that, knowing he was going to have to fight dirty to get out of this one.

Nike continued to question the cop, ignoring his degrading tone. One of the cops moved closer to him as if she was ready to arrest him. He wasn't sure why. He hadn't done anything.

"I told you to stay quiet, no? You don't even know half of what this man has done, so shut up and you won't have to get in any trouble, understand sweetheart?”

"I would like to know half the things I have supposedly done. Last time I checked, kissing a man isn't a crime," He stated but the only one that heard him was the female cop right next to him. She elbowed him sharply in the ribs, causing him to wince and his hands slip down.

"Hands back in the air," The female officer told him when they did. He sighed and put them back up.

He almost missed what came next. Almost. When he turned his attention back on the cop and Nike, his blood froze and his heart forgot to beat. Nike stated his name and a...well a badge number. He was a cop. Numbness spread through his body, his facial features growing as cold as he felt.

He let a cop into the gang. He had let the cop get close to him. It had all been a trick.

"My apologies Officer York," The stubborn cop that called Nike a princess before now had changed his tone of voice to a more respectful one,"We are taking this criminal in for questioning regarding the death of Thompson Yeager."

Theo would have questioned more but he had grown mute. It felt like he couldn't talk or breathe. It felt like he was watching the cops and Nike from an outsider's body. He felt detached from himself and betrayed.

He had been tricked. He was a fool. How could he let this happen to his gang?

"Yikes that must sting a little. Your boyfriend wanting your ass locked in bars," The female officer sneered and Theo kicked a rock toward her in response. Why were officers such pricks?

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