Pack of Fallen Ash
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I've tripped on the stairs on multiple occasions and given myself a heart attack, but fortunately I have never fallen before
Pack of Fallen Ash
11:44:38 Star
Good to know you're fine
Kit Kat
11:43:41 Chocolate crunch
yes I'm ok lol, I didn't know what was happening until I hit the ground though

my back is sore but I can walk
11:42:54 [They/Them]
Not proud to admit this but I know what it's like yeeting down stairs. Hope you're ok
11:42:45 Cloudz, Pumpkin
You. Are. Very. Adorable.
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Pack of Fallen Ash
11:41:13 Star
Kit Kat
Oof, are you ok?
Kit Kat
11:40:23 Chocolate crunch
I just tripped and fell down the stairs :/
Kit Kat
11:35:22 Chocolate crunch
If you'd like to RP, pm me! I would like to do a fantasy topic. please be literate and able to play any gender!
Phantom Stars
11:31:46 PhantomStarsX
I still cant believe i got a 1308 CS wolf last night for 10 mush
Pack King
11:31:24 Lauren | PK
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You are super cute *^*
11:30:53 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
Ninjao rp pm me please im very bored
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11:29:35 Cloudz, Pumpkin
I just have been feeling under the weather lately.
Oh I’m sorry what’s wrong?
11:26:39 Cloudz, Pumpkin
Guys.I don't feel good and j don't think I'll be able to call in to work. I might have to go even tho I don't feel good
11:26:18 Di, Delphi, Delph
To all the roleplayers who might need help: -WP Click-
Pack King
11:25:58 Lauren | PK
Not a single DH in that litter >.>
11:24:22 Heph || (she/her)

Thoughts on his quote?
Ice Wolves
Wow! That's really good!
Violet Pack
11:20:31 Tyto
Oh wow! A litter of 3 with two Albinos. Didn't expect that. -WP Click- | -WP Click- | -WP Click-


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Shadow X Sara November 29, 2021 04:29 PM

Shadow Hearts
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This is a 1x1 RP forum between myself and saratank. Please do not post unless you are either of us.

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Shadow X Sara November 29, 2021 04:45 PM

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My character:

Name: Orion Su'lei

Age: 23

Appearance: Oriom has fiery red hair and pure white eyes. When he is in his room inside the underground dungeon Orion wears a simple black robe with a dark brown hood. But when he goes out, he puts on a mask that is jet black with red lines running from the eyes down to the bottom corners of the mask. Two sets of two horns stick out from the top corners of the mask and flair back before coming to a point. He has simple boots and wears worn leather armor.


Necromancy: Quite simple this; Orion has the ability to raise the dead back to life, with the power of the undead being determined by the intricacy of the ritual and the amount of power that the caster(s) use.

Terrify: Terrify uses the shadows and darkness to trick the mind of the targets, making them unstable mentally speaking.

Sharpen: Orion is able to cast this spell and hone his abilities and senses for a short period of time.


When he is among those he knows of, Orion is is stern but also caring about those he cares about. But when he is among those who he does not know about, especially when his audience is foolish adventurers who invaded his dungeon, he speaks without wasting a word and his tone is sharp and precise. Orion doesn't let emotion get the better of him for the most part, instead using logic and strategy to craft his moves not only within the dungeon, but also for anytime that adventurers decide to invade.

Strengths: Orion is skilled with a dagger in addition with his magic, making him a dual threat. He also does well with a plan and can think fast on his feet if the plan begins to deviate.

Weaknesses: Orion does not do well when he is caught completely off guard. He also doesn't work well with emotional situations.


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Shadow X Sara November 29, 2021 06:06 PM

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Luna Wisteria

Age: 21

Appearence: ~Luna is a smaller framed girl. She stands at about 5'6. She's not the most intimidating girl, but she does know how to handle herself. Her posture is usually very tall and proper, which makes her look taller than she is. Her face is a very soft diamond shape. Since she is younger, her features are softened. She has a very pretty face, but she does not ooze beauty. Her shining brown eyes have traces of green and yellow around the irises, making them more vibrant than expected. She has a lighter skin tone that has a lot of pink in it. It is framed by her darker blonde hair, which is cut shorter on one side and is curly on the top.

SHe is often wearing a simple tunic and jeans with her satchel across it. She wears an adventurours hat with a feather tucked in it. She wears simple brown boots.


Strong and confident are her two strongest features. She's confident in the things she does, and she's strong emotionally when she's working. Although she doesn't always hold up well when things don't go her way. She'll often break down and start freaking out when she can't control the situation. She's also quite the control freak. She's also very stubborn, she'll hold her ground and not back down. Yet, she's got a sweet side if she cares to show it.


Puzzle solving abilities, rational thinking, positive outlook on situations she's in.


Her perfectionism, her control issues and her physical strength.

Done I think!

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Shadow X Sara November 29, 2021 10:22 PM

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In the kingdom of Del there lied the town of Aurora. Not the capital city of the kingdom but a major city nonetheless. It prides itself on its trade and being the center for adventurers to perform vaious jobs for payment. Although the work performed by the adventurers may be dangerous there is the incentive of money, and more often than not it would prove to be alluring for people of all walks of life and varying skills, with some even coming together to form a group to offset the potential dangers that adventurers could face. Orion was not one of those. In fact he was one of the reasons why there was work to be had in Aurora.

Orion lived within the bowels of an underground dungeon, located to the South of the town. He found refuge there after being chased away from civilization after being discovered that he was a necromancer, which was a serious crime within the kingdom as many believe that necromancers have deals with devils to obtain their power and corrupt the bodies to do their bidding. However Orion wasn't as evil as they thought he was... at first. Spending time within the dungeon dulled Orion's empathy and made him rather uncaring for humans who stumble into his dungeon, but he has found a home among the monsters. The dungeon was occupied with monsters when Orion stumbled onto it, but with his necromancy Orion was able to garner the monsters to see him not as a human, but one of them. Through a mixture of showcasing his power and using his smarts instead of using sheer iron fists, he rose his way to the top and became the unoffical leader of the dungeon. He lets the monsters handle themselves for the most part, however he will intervene when necessary. Through his time as the de facto king of the dungeon Orion knows that there are four groups of monsters that live within.

The first group is undead. This group is everyone who is... yes... undead. Orion deals with them a bit more directly since he is a necromancer. The second group is the lizardmen. The lizardmen live as a tribe and their chief, Elli Ma'Ri has come to respect Orion through his help with the tribe and his willingness to fight if the situation calls for it. The third group are the goblins. Small green humanoids with orcs scattered through the population as muscle for tasks that groups of goblins can't do. The goblins revere Orion for his posture and poise... but mostly his height. The orcs respect him for how well he treats the goblins despite the opportunity to mistreat them being easy and obvious. The fourth group covers all of the rest of the monsters that aren't already mentioned within the first three groups. Although it is truly a mixed bag with the last group there is one in particular that needs to be mentioned: Sokoya. A jet black naga who acts as Orion's bodyguard and second in command in case he is away for whatever reason. She has yellow diamonds lining the spine of her long body and has a stare that can intimidate most.

(Purely an introductory entry to set up the world, so just act as if you're taking the first action.)

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Shadow X Sara December 10, 2021 07:26 PM

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Long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, average height.
Her hair is usually pulled back in a loose braid that falls to her mid back. Her left eye has a small stripe of orange within it. She usually had a long dark blue cloak that pulls over her face as she doesnt care for anyone outside her small group to know who she is.
Powers~ She can control/bend water and Ice, and she can breathe under water, BUT only if the water can actually be survivable (Too cold and she still freezes, too hot and she can boil).
She has minor healing abilities, but whatever she heals, takes energy out of her. The larger the wound, the longer it takes to get her energy back
Amara was originally "sold" to the group she now travels with to be wed to their leader, Zane, but she's been lucky enough for the wedding to not yet happen. While she doesnt hate him, she certainly isnt in love with him to marry him.
NPC names
Shadow X Sara December 10, 2021 07:45 PM

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Amara glanced around as she followed Zane. The female was new to the group after her father sold her to Zane, causing Amara to not be the most happy at the moment. She tried to get a feel for the male, but she just couldnt place his mind. Luckily each time Zane tried to get a wedding going, something happened and it failed to happen. This time while Zane tried to plan the wedding, he dragged Amara, Iris and Caro out to explore this dungeon that was rumored to have gold that they could use to run away, start a new life, at least, that's what Zane wanted.

Amara's eyes were dull as she saw the dungeon growing close, giving a sigh. The closer it grew, the more it told her that she would soon be married to someone she didnt hate, but certainly didnt love. Giving a small sigh she looked over at Zane. "How much gold do you think will be there" she asked before Zane looked back at her. "Enough for us to start our life darlin" he said before Amara pulled up her cloak, hating when he called her darlin. Zane never called Amara by her name, and it disturbed her.

Shadow X Sara December 10, 2021 08:12 PM

Shadow Hearts
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Orion looked at a crude mirror that was set up inside of his room, looking at his own reflection and noticing the wear and tear that was slowly dulling the colors of his attire: his black robe and brown hood were slowly fading from the passing time, however it wasn't anything that alarmed him for the condition of his clothing, but it was his leather armor that he was more worried about. It was in good enough condition, but if the armor failed, then Orion could be in serious trouble if the situation called for him to fight. Finally his most striking piece of his look was the mask. It was jet black with red lines stretching down from his eyes and horns jutting out from the top corners; he wanted any unlucky adventurers that were brought before him to instantly know that they were in way over their heads.

The monsters that reside within this dungeon want respect and power... and I have given them both without instituting a reign of terror and blood. Now I am their leader, a human ruling a group of monsters, and adventurers want to come down here to loot, kill, annd figure out who I am. They can't just leave me in peace, can't they? The silence was broken by Sokoya rushing into his room. Orion threw on the mask and stared at the black naga with blank eyes. "I told you to knock before you entered my room." He quickly stated. "Well Orion, I'm here to tell you that not a single adventurer has tried to fight his way through the dungeon in weekssss. Do you think that the city of Aurora could be working on something big?" Orion merely sighed and walked out of his room, his mask firmly attached and looking as mean as ever. "We aren't going to know until they do something. Quit worrying because we have other things to worry about."

Shadow X Sara December 10, 2021 08:28 PM

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Amara stopped at the dungeon entrance while Zane started walking in with Caro and Iris close behind. "Come on Darlin" Amara heard from Zane before she clenched her fist slightly. Shaking her head she followed him in, knowing she didnt have much of a choice. Her blue eyes looked around as she pulled the cloak over her face, not daring to look up. She knew the rumors of this dungeon, and she knew Zane did as well. *I wonder if he thinks the rumors arent true, or if he can kill whatever is here* she thought. Amara knew she wasnt a fighter, and would possibly be the first to be killed if something were to attack them, though if they knew she could heal, she might be seen as useful. She knew Zane and his little group had no idea about her powers, and she wanted to keep it that way. There was a chance if they knew, they would have her heal them to the point it could kill her, and she didnt want to risk it. Amara heard the other's footsteps as she kept her eyes looking down, not daring to look up on the chance of something attacking them. *Maybe if something attacks, they will leave me alone if I dont look up* she thoguht as she kept her eyes to her feet, feeling them sliding with the damp rocks she walked on. Amara let out a gasp as she felt something grab her arm before she heard someone talk. "Easy now darlin. Dont need you fallen" she heard Zane say before she pulled her arm away from him. "Stop calling me Darlin" Amara said. "My name is Amara."

Shadow X Sara December 10, 2021 08:58 PM

Shadow Hearts
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Eke casually walked around, looking around at the different goblins that lived towards the entrance of the dungeon, and even though Orion warned them that adventurers had the chance of sneaking up on them to slaughter several of them, the green humanoids ignored his warning and made their home there. "Kee! I told you that we needed to get the rocks out of the way and clean up home for when Orion comes!" He proceeded to land a blunt hammer fist on Kee which started a impromptu fist fight with Kee, however Ora, another goblin, was busy with other things, like wandering to the entrance of the dungeon for no real reason. Ora wasn't bright to begin with, and it didn't help her case that she didn't have an orc to act as a bodyguard for her, but she gave herself the duty of being on guard at the entrance, even though Orion himself said that the starting guards should begin from slightly within. Ora ignored all of this and continued walking all the way to the entrance before stopping dead. A group of humans were walking within the dungeon, and it would be impossible for them to not notice her since she didn't try to be stealthy. She panicked for a moment before picking up a rock and throwing it at them before making a break back to the goblin camp, planning to warn them of the impending danger.

"You worry too much about the inhabitants of the dungeon. The lizardmen have nothing but respect for you for your bond with their chief, the orcs and goblins revere you for your honor and good treatment of them, the undead bend to your every word because of your powers as a necromancer, and the rest of the monsters fall in line by seeing how the three main groups honor your rule over them." Orion responded as Sokoya glided over the stone floor, her scales effortlessly skating across the rough stone and propelling her long body along with her leader. Despite being able to overpower Orion easily and eat him without anyone knowing (Nagas are rather infamous for no one witnessing their acts because of this), Sokoya has a strange amount of respect for him and doesn't see him as a human anymore but simply a monster like her. "Well the longer we stay here, the longer the humans will have to prepare for some large plan to wipe us out. Shouldn't we head out and look for other areas for us to control in case we must leave?" Orion walked through a door and entered the main room, walking over to a stone throne and sat down with a deep breath. "Listen... if you wish for us to find other areas to take over in case the worst happens, I am fine with that. But... we can't let the humans know of our ventures, otherwise we may only hasten what they are planning on."

Shadow X Sara December 10, 2021 09:08 PM

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Amara let out a startled scream as she heard a rock flying at them. It bounced off the dungeon wall and ended up hitting her in the head, casuing her to collapse. Before she could even look up, she heard Zane unsheath his sword. "Catch that thing" he yelled as he had Caro and Iris follow him, chasing the goblin that threw the rock.

After a moment Amara slowly looked up, her vision blurred. "Z-zane? Caro? Iris?" She tried looking around for the trio, but they were out of sight. Amara slowly stood up as she stumbled. She slowly made her way into the dungeon, trying to find the group, knowing she would be in serious trouble if she didnt try to catch up to them. As her vision slowly got better, the dungeon around her darkened as she made her way in. Keeping the cloak over her face, she felt something dripping down her face and she wiped it. "Blood. great" she mumbled as she finally collapsed again.

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