los campesinos!
12:21:15 xe/it/he
-WP Click- criticism
Megan :)
12:20:51 Pitbull momma
Keep or retire?
-WP Click-
12:17:50 Tea Spirits
mornin Shen!
12:17:24 Shen
morning all
Megan :)
12:14:46 Pitbull momma
Thank you! :)

Very pretty
12:12:09 Tea Spirits
Megan - Handsome boi!
Dark gold

Thank you
That's what I thought to! :)

I think it's going to turn out pretty cool especially after some light work

Was just having mixed thoughts :')
Megan :)
12:11:46 Pitbull momma
-WP Click-
check it ;)
12:11:27 Tea Spirits
I now have a stamp >:P
12:08:08 Tea Spirits
Jack - Or just delete the number in full from your phone? loll
The different colors in the skin is whats giving it life though! Looks incredible, I'm sure they'll love it
I still have another good hour of work left with the skin
So ya know it's no where near finished
I think I'm getting carried away with the different colors in the skin
But personnally I like color contrast
So I think I'ma keep it and pray that the commissioner likes the end result

Bella the Shredder
12:02:55 Bella
Your wolves played: Blossom and Canyon relentlessly chase 🍪Cookie🍪 of pack Wind Winder through the meadow.

Sorry @Wind Winder through the meadow.
Jack Frost
12:01:46 Kháos
I shall keep it to avoid making that error again. 💀
11:58:47 Tea Spirits
Nezu - Hello!

Sabby - Hey hey!

Jack - yikes, that's kinda funny I'm sorry.
Jack Frost
11:57:44 Kháos
I texted a "random" number to find who it is, and guess what? I texted my ex's dad. 😕
11:50:48 Grandpa
Musa Princess
11:50:22 Rey/Musa


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Shadow X Sara May 16, 2022 01:31 PM

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Amara looked stunned when Soyoka mentioned what happened. She couldnt understand how this happened, and it worried her. Gripping her bow and nodded. "Let's save Orion" she said before she looked at the others around her. "We will save him." She hoped in saying that, would make the others ready to help out. "Lead the way Soyoka." She had a small smile, showing she trusted the other female, though she knew the others still didnt trust her the best.
Shadow X Sara May 16, 2022 04:35 PM

Shadow Hearts
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Sokoya nodded and everyone went into the cave, but something was off... none of the Veynoma were coming out to hold them off, but why? The group marched through the cave, with Leo acting as the guide to make sure that they weren't lost. Occasionally they would hear a noise coming from a connecting part of the cave, but nothing would come of it and they would continue after that brief pause. Eventually the entire group made it to the center, where Orion was being held in a cocoon by the acting Venoma queen. "Oh... I'm sorry. Were you looking for him?" She pointed a leg in his direction before shaking her head. "That's not going to happen. He's an ally of the Endazi, so he must die. But be comforted... his corpse will feed our children, so he won't be a complete waste." Orion was able to hear this and mumbled something incoherent in response. "Give him back or we'll flood this entire cave system with undead!" Sokoya commanded, and the queen only laughed. "He'll be dead long before that ever happens!" Sokoya was silent after this, trying to think of something to do.

Shadow X Sara May 16, 2022 04:57 PM

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Amara narrowed her eyes as she walked forward. "We arent allies with anyone but ourselves. All we wanted was to find a new home and to find peace. Nothing more" she told the creature. "If you even dare try to kill him, you all will be dead. Please just listen. You could find other ways to feed your offspring for one. The humans that attack around here, they would be perfect for this. There are too many horrible humans out there for you to be fighting other creatures when you should be working together to keep your homes safe. I've seen the humans be horrible to one another, and many have been horrible to me. Use your anger towards the Endazi towards the humans instead." She gave a small sigh. "What made you hate the Endazi" she asked. "What happened between you guys? I want to know, to understand." She hoped doing this would get them to lower their guards to help save Orion.
Shadow X Sara May 20, 2022 10:05 AM

Shadow Hearts
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The queen of the Veynoma stayed quiet, looking at Orion as he struggled and tried to get out of his webbing. She ignored him for the time being and turned her attention towards Amara. "You really want to know so badly?" She crossed her arms. "Very well. The Veynoma and the Endazi were created by a devil named Il'kaalaski, and we originally were able to get along while our creator lived amongst us. But once he was killed, we... fell apart with each other and began to fight." Leo grumbled a few words under his breath. "Unless you are able to bring him back, there is no way you can make us come to peace with them." Orion continued to mumble and struggle, trying to give his thoughts but he couldn't.

Shadow X Sara May 20, 2022 10:59 AM

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Amara looked at the queen before glanced at Orion. She glanced back at the queen before she spoke again. "We might be able to. But you have to let him go. He has powers, and of I recall, one is dealing with the undead." Amara hoped this would help settle any issues that could happen, but she wasn't sure if the queen would even allow the chance to let Orion go for this. She tried to hold confidence onto her face as she waited for an answer.

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