Wolf Play : Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP Thread
07:08:28 Vox
I just wish everyone who enlisted knew that they could get a bogus job. Like how there's some supply personnel that do nothing but act as a cashier in the snack store we have 😭

I just can't imagine enlisting and calling the family to tell them I'm a cashier

Oh! I hope you get to be what you want, it honestly sounds like it'd be a rewarding job. I've always liked jobs in that line of work, probably would've tried that route if the Navy didn't snag me
07:02:37 Kodiak
Leo, not really, if I'm so honest. Come explain it in my PMs, please.

Voxtexy, I hate that. Even at my little food service job, I'm more than down to help out but doing things out of my paygrade for the same flat rate is. . . tedious to say the least. I like the variety, sometimes, though.

It's nice you get to do what you're actually there to be doing, though.

I should have specified I'm not a firefighter medic just yet, that's just what I'm on the path for. I'm a volunteer EMT at the moment. Not very different. Firefighter paramedic is more paperwork, lmao.
07:01:13 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Bye Vox!
07:00:54 Vox
Ah, shit. Shift starts in 7 hours. I outta leave and try to get some sleep. e.e
06:59:45 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Hey, Top Dawg did you reserch what WoW is? It's really important for Top Dogs as we're are PvP centered. And it starts in a week! I think people wanna know how we'll do the apple distribution :)
06:59:03 Vox
You dodged a big bullet there! Even people with my title can get stuck with stuff they didn't sign up for, it's so sucky. I got lucky and actually do electrician stuff on aircraft parts.

I definitely am not well versed in all of it, since Navy schools actually suck and barely taught me my specific job, but I'm learning! (Kinda)

How's it like being a firefighter medic?
06:56:09 Kodiak
Voxtexy, that's a conclusion I kind of reached. xD I was like, "This seems lame and I have to be in the middle of the ocean."
06:54:13 Vox
Best part of that is, everyone is considered a fire fighter in the Navy. The people I know with that job title do like... everything but firefight unless the ship catches fire or something. Or they teach the fire fighting courses 😭

Firefighter medic sounds better than the fire fighting jobs we have
06:49:21 Leo, Lion (He/him)
If i could i'd telepathically send some wifi to you guys XD
06:49:13 Kodiak
Voxtexy, well, thank you, Voxtexy's autocorrect, then.

Honestly, not really. I was talking to a recruiter for a very long time about joining the Navy as a Naval firefighter or just joining the Marines but my boyfriend protested and so I settled for firefighter medic.
06:46:35 Vox
I'm surprised my phone is allowing it. Normally it horribly autocorrects everything

If you wouldn't mind being on an aircraft carrier, then 100%. Or maybe I can somehow telepathically connect you to it.
06:44:02 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Yeah sorry! Sailor then! :)
06:43:35 Kodiak
Voxtexy, finally, someone who doesn't dumb down my username into awful shortenings, mashallah.

Please share the slightly more favorable wifi with my laptop, thank you in advance.
06:42:49 Vox
I wish I was Army!

I'm a salty Sailor :')
06:42:35 Leo, Lion (He/him)
I'm at home but the wifi is still shitty XD
06:41:58 Vox
Oh lord. I think the ship wifi might be better than McDonald's wifi by like.. a smidge

Both are unfavorable lmao
06:41:39 Leo, Lion (He/him)
No problem! :)
06:40:38 Vox
It's fine!

Thank you! It's one of my favorite palettes that I've ordered :0
06:40:01 Leo, Lion (He/him)
The TH god decided to help you as thanks for your help to the army XD
06:39:03 Kodiak
Voxtexy, I feel your pain. I'm on land so in theory, my wifi should be up there but nope. McDonald's wifi.


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Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadJanuary 7, 2024 03:30 PM

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Valerie | 24 | Huntress | Mentions: Solfrid, Gwyn, Aziel, Matt, & Caite (ind)

Valerie had grown quickly wary of the two fae before her. While both were rather docile hosting what seemed to be questionable banter there was something about the male that stood out starkly in contrast to the white haired lass. Having been called a secondary human did not fare well for Val. Furrowing her brows in distaste at the statement and soon opening her mouth to retort in reply only to quickly be silenced by the gesture to now leave the gardens and seemingly accept the invitation to partake in a meal.

Things seemed to move rather fast here even in conversation because before she knew it, all hugging aside, she was led hand in hand by Caite into the expansive dining room. A feast she had never witnessed before in her entire life splayed out before her and even the lesser fae were still continuing to bring out platters. Not much of the entrees seemed familiar to her except for what may have appeared to be something similar to beef. The rumbling of her stomach could no longer be contained as she gazed at the variety of plates before her.

For a moment she would shift her gaze back to Caite’s arm studying the whorls carefully. Nothing seemed right about it nor did it seem entirely wrong to be on her skin other than it’s dark contrast against her skin that is. She had noticed the bat-winged male’s demeanor seem to shift after Matt had openly revealed the marking to everyone earlier. Surely, that cannot be a great thing on Caite’s end since it is most definitely something belonging from this realm. Perhaps the male had more knowledge to offer but that will have to wait for a more one on one conversation and one that didn’t include or involve Matt or Caite since the information may upset both in dramatically different ways.

Her gaze would once again now shift to the self-introduced High Lady of the Day Court. She could read into the dislike she had upon the male titled Aziel and did not choose to further inspect upon her harsh and bitter criticisms. She would attempt to coat her words with that of a warm welcome and additional open invitation to partake in the food that seemed to never stop as servants still continued piling in more and more plates. Having watched Aziel reach for a red in color bottle she would too reach for something similar and partake in the similar plate choice as him with the exception of also adding to her plate Grilled Crown Cow and Meakra Salad. She would remain silent unless spoken to, using her silence to study the interactions of their new counterparts.


Sabela | 554 | Illyrian | Spymaster (Night Court) | Mentions: Maeve & Aether (Dir)

“It appears the sentinels allowed a snake to enter our humble abode.” She would grumble lowly referencing Maeve having joined the pair. Shifting her haut gaze from the female to return back to calmly glance toward Aziel as she’d followed his words closely.

Despite her position as spymaster it didn’t seem as though she had the answer to his question either. Generally, given her position she would be in the know of just about anything and everything however, there would not be an advantage for withholding the proposal in the Day Court other than for whatever gain Solfrid did not feel like sharing with her kingdom. Perhaps holding off on the announcement to her people spared her the suffering Aether was currently facing with the people of his court.

Frowning at the invitation for Maeve to join them in visiting the Day Court, it would serve as a questionable move on Aether’s part. Perhaps having two of the most demanding Night Court members visit and stay in the Day Court would serve as beneficial in the end. Perhaps revealing to Solfrid the deep rooted mistrust and dislike of the Day Court from the Night Court perspective. Realizing she likely held a displeased face for longer than she should have she would shift her visage to one of neutrality.

“I am surprised Aziel has lasted as long as he has. I figured he’d have already attempted to shadow or fly his way back by now.” She’d tease grinning at Aether. “I’ll go gather my things.” She would soon add bowing toward him and dismissing herself.

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Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadJanuary 13, 2024 01:04 PM

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Caite & Matt | 24 & 28 | Humans | Mentions: Everyone in the dining area.

Caite would have taken the cloak from the white haired woman, had she not been the one that had been the one to bring her to this place. She followed along with Matt and Valerie. The female pausing behind a chair for a moment even as her cousin, Valerie, and the others seemed to sit grabbing plates for food. Her eyes wandered over the array of various foods, hearing a low grumble from her stomach causing her to finally sit and begin putting some of the same foods as Valerie on her plate.

Her attention turned towards the doors when someone walked in while speaking. Her eyes watched the female as she walked making sure to keep Matt's shirt sitting more comfortably on her frame by folding her arms protectively across her torso. So this is the High Lady...Solfrid...She thought turning attention back to the male that was called Aziel and lifted a hand to cover the smile on her face when he called the High Lady a scaled bear, thinking it a sort of insult.

Caite was caught up in watching the interactions that she had missed when Matt, after filling his own place and being more enthralled with the different foods, had landed upon some candy. The male leaned forward to try and grab one of the various hard square candies, Dolci strisce, when it slipped from between his fingers and landed on the ground. Before he could even begin to apologize, the candy turned into a very colorful little parakeet that promptly made it's way to Caite's head after circling the table a couple of times and landed, fluffing itself out.

Caite sat in complete stillness when the creature landed on her head and only slowly turned to stare with daggers at her cousin who was turning red in the face from trying to hold back his laughter that was dancing through his shoulders. A hand covered his mouth in a feeble attempt as well and finally his roar of a laugh filled the room earning an even deadlier stare from the female.

"I...am...so...sorry." He finally mustered out between gathering his breath from laughing. He looked over to Valerie and then the others, finally noticing the High Lady sitting at the top of the table and almost instantly his amusement turned to embarrassment as he was the only one sat bare chested and after the little stunt, was very much standing out in the otherwise somber appearing crowd.

Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadJanuary 14, 2024 08:00 PM

East MountainClan
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Gwyneira | 450 | Spymaster (Day Court) || Mentions: Aziel, Solfrid, Val, Matt, Neva & Caite
Gwyn heard the soft footsteps before the door opened, straightening upon the High Lady's entrance. She moved to the side of the woman and bowed briefly, her gaze hardened on the three humans. Hissing to herself that they should watch how they speak to the ruler of the court, whom had so graciously permitted them to stay and not be exicuted immediatly.
She took a breath to calm herself however, least she act rashly before their guest. Blue gaze fixed on the group as she stood silently, watching and waiting for any cue to act. Yet as Matt picked up and almost immediately the small piece of candy fell, where it changed into a bird. Gwyn fought to stifle a laugh at the male's clumbsy actions, let alone how the bird perched briefly on Caite's head before flying about the room.
Movement in the corner of her eye caused her to click her tongue, having spotted Lua eyeing the small bird as a snack. The snowy owl paused before ruffling her feathers, clearly annoyed she'd been forbidden from snatching the parakeet. Returning her attention to the group she shook her head, "best be more careful next time hm?" Gwyn chidded, her tone light-hearted but the messege clear.
Nevari | 250 | Water-Fae || Day Court || Mentions: Mentions: Matt, Val, Caite, Gwyn, Solfrid & Aziel
Having been helping the lesser fae bring dishes into the dinning area, Neva paused when the doors opened again. Revealing the form of the High Lady, Solfrid herself. Neva forze before bowing lowly in respect, only daring to straighten when the woman had taken a seat at the table. She kept her head down as she continued she tasks, serving water to those who's glasses were empty and offering dishes to the guests. She paused when a hand landed on her shoulder, glancing up she noticed the spymaster held her cloak in the other hand. Motioning it towards the now shirtless male seated at the table, Neva understood the woman's intent.
Grasping the material she apprached the human, lightly tapping his shoulder she offered a small smile as she held the cloak out to him. "Perhaps you'd prefer to cover yourself some?" Neva spoke softly, watching as the male responded before hesitantly reaching to her arm and pulling the thick bangle from her wrist. "For you miss, to cover your blemish" she held the metal out to Caite, her voice kept low as she did. Silently motioning to her wrist, suggesting to use the bangle to hide the mark from prying eyes. "If you'd wish for something more familiar, please don't hesitate to ask" Neva chuckled, watching the humans having difficulties understanding the foreign dishes.
Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadJanuary 14, 2024 10:13 PM

East MountainClan
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Maeve | 560 | Illyrian Hybrid || Night Court || Mentions: Aether, Sabela
She stiffened hearing the spymaster's comment, glaring briefly out of the corner of her eye towards the woman. However at Aether's invitation to accompany the two to the day court she frowned, "while I appreciate the offer m'Lord, I would find myself just as uncomfortable as Aziel". She shook her head slightly while placing a hand on her hip. "After all, I doubt it would be wise to be seen with two snakes at your side" Maeve chidded, glancing briefly towards the retreating form of Sabela.
After a moment she lowered her head, "but" she began her voice softer now. "If it is your wish for me to go with you in the stead of a third or second in command, then I would have to accompany you" Maeve sighed looking up at Aether. She disliked the idea of going to the day court, let alone being there for an extended period. But if it was an order from her High Lord, then she'd have to go. Despite being as uncomfortable as the forementioned male. In this case her loyalty would outweigh her own comfort, seeing as it would be odd for the ruler of a court to be seen without his army commander. While that wasn't her role, she certainly had taken a leadership position for some of the army by defualt.

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