Wolf Play : Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP Thread
06:46:24 Kat ?
I really need a good pup to come along e.e My relic hole is filled with buried pup toys but I haven't had a good pup to use them on in like three game years
06:24:45 Fei the writer
I'm really curious on how stubborn my wolf Salad is
06:24:10 Spider,Rake(He,Him)
random question how does the time counter for the changing pack name work, cause yesterday it said 2 days left and today it says 2 days left
06:21:52 ET
Death script is still 7:45am! :D
-WP Click-
 Dark Fire Wolf
05:36:55 Hell Fire
It is like he is switching between the two of you
05:24:34 Fei the writer
oh what do you know! It's my shark's dinner time!
05:23:18 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
No, he's never going to leave me alone is he.
05:22:46 Amy
It was only the matter of time before he finds you🤣
05:22:15 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Fei, you need to get a leash of some sort for Salad
He found my Jungle 10 hideaway.
05:20:39 Amy
For now...
05:19:30 Fei the writer
at least he left Bo alone
05:17:18 Amy
Beats me...maybee because i break to many chatspeak rules XD
05:07:36 Fei the writer
Yes, I will memorialize him so he can still haunt everyone when they visit
05:06:19 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
If Salad dies you will memorialize him right? Bringer of Nightmares to many packs
05:05:43 Fei the writer
why is he following you?
05:04:42 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Salad's up for one last jaunt, it seems. XD
05:04:33 Fei the writer
oh fucking hell. He is 20. Can't he wait until death script is over?
05:02:52 Fei the writer
You know that most of the time he is out and about is when I'm away.

He loves giving your wolves and other packs nightmares XD
05:02:30 Amy
Look who just showed up in forest XD


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Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadDecember 8, 2023 10:57 AM


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Hello everybody! ^^
Discussion Thread: link
Sign-Ups: link
Helpful Links:
Day Court Cities: link
Night Court Cities: link
Clothing Guidelines(Night): link
Clothing Guidelines(Day): link
More links can be found in the discussion thread!

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Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadDecember 8, 2023 11:00 AM


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1: You'll be required to write 200-400 words per character reply.
Typos can be excused but grammar is needed.
2: LGBTQIA+ Characters will always and forever be welcome! Flirting, kissing and making out are fine but keep it to Eve (Sixbears)'s guidelines. Along with violent things such as a characters death or a fight.
3: What I say goes, I am the creator here. I control the weather, time, etc. If you have ideas, PM me.
4: Hate the character, not the person.
5: If you join and never actually roleplay with us, or you're inactive for too long your character can and probably will be kicked out/killed off.
6: Have fun!
Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadDecember 8, 2023 11:09 AM


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Night Court:
High Lord: Aether | Played by Salem (Illyrian)
High Lady: X
Second in Command: Open
Third in Command: Open
General & Army Commander: Open
Spymaster: Sabela Aldara Iria | Played by Sanania (Illyrian)
Other Fae Members & Army:
Tynan | Played by FrostyK (Drow/Dark Fae)
Mavros Scáthán | Played by Salem (Gean-Cánach)
Maeve | Played by East MountainClan (Illyrian) - Army member
Irides Nic | Played by dumpsterfire (Illyrian/Pixie) - Army Member
Day Court
High Lady: Solfrid | Played by Written The Wolf (High Fae)
High Lord: X
Second In Command: Saurer Kopf | Played by dumpsterfire (Pixie Mix)
Third In Command:
General & Army Commander:
Spymaster: Gwyneria | Played by East MountainClan (Shifter)
Other Fae Members:
Nevari | Played by East MountainClan (Water Fae)
Dai | Played by Written the Wolf (Unsure, regular day fae)
Soon to be High Lady: Cathrine Donnaugh | Played by FrostyK (Human)
Scout 2:
Matthew Michaelson | Played by FrostyK (Human)
Hunter 2:
Valerie Ambre Thaïs | Played by Sanania (Human)
Arnati | Played by Written The Wolf (some kinda nature spirit/fae im assuming)
Aziel Castor | Played by Salem (High Fae/Illyrian)

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Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadDecember 8, 2023 11:19 AM


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The main plot of this roleplay is between Solfrid and Aether. I'm too lazy to use fancy words for this right now so let me explain the best I can without those. Aether, the High Lord of the Night Court, and Solfrid, the High Lady of the Day Court have gotten engaged. For Aether, he did this purely so the Night Court would stop pressuring him to find a High Lady even though he's powerful enough to play both roles. For Solfrid, she does this as a power move to take over another Court. At the beginning of the week for the humans, they find themselves walking in Day Court territory and get caught by Solfrid. Aether, not being there yet, has no idea of this. The humans are kept there under the idea that they're guests yet they aren't stupid and they have at least a feeling that they're being kept there for some strange reason. They've been kept in comfortable rooms, but on the day Aether arrives there to announce the engagement to the Day Court with Solfrid, the humans have been moved into more of a prison and they're set up in a arena for the "amusement" of the Day Court. They'll have to work together to defeat beasts, with the help of Aether to feels a pull to help one of the humans. He keeps up the idea that they're engaged while trying to bring the Caite to the Night Court, which is safer for her. He'll need the help of his friends, the third and second in command to get as many humans at once since Aethers a bit of a softie after that. The plot will eventually change to include drama among the night/day court and to keep the RP fun we'll add in the winter court and maybe spring court as well later on.
Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadDecember 8, 2023 11:37 AM


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Starting Info - Day Court
Weather: Sunny and hot with gentle breezes
Relations with Night Court: Seemingly Well
Current Events: Convincing the humans they're fine + getting ready for Aether's surprise.
Starting Info - Night Court
Weather(Marshlands): Misty and cool with a chance of rain.
Weather(Forests): Mild, slight cold breezes with the chance of getting warmer later on.
Relations with Day Court: Seemingly Well (getting tense on their side)
Current Events: Getting ready to visit the day court.
Starting Info - Humans
Weather: Mild Temperatures with Gentle Showers
Relations with Day Court: Decent but they're getting suspicious
Relations with Night Court: Don't know them yet
Current Events: Captured, fighting in the arena soon.
More information will be in the discussion thread, if weather changes, relationship changes, etc will all be updated in the discussion thread based on what's needed.
The event information will also be in the discussion thread.

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Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadDecember 8, 2023 03:25 PM


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Aether | 564 | High Lord (Night Court) | Mentions; Sabela - Open
Aether was getting ready to leave for the Cresent Moon Ritual taking place not too far from Pyrite Cove, but far enough the regular fae wouldn't have known Pyrite Cove existed. Illyrian training camps tended to be a .. secretive thing. Only the Illyrian's themselves knew, and whoever ruled over the Night Court. He was waiting on Sabela, his spymaster, down at the bottom of the stairs from her room. Sabela had been given a room at the castle along with a house in a city of her choice just as the second and third in command did as well. Buru had said he didn't want to attend and hear all the complaining, meanwhile Mattheo had decided to meet them there. Aether had changed into something a bit more formal due to pressure from Sabela, and some other fae members that had been around. He ended up in a tailored coat made of midnight fabric adorned with subtle iridescent embroidery. The coat is lined with a delicate silver trim that gleams as he moves. Beneath the coat, he wears a finely crafted shirt with intricate lace detailing along the cuffs and collar. The lace is adorned with tiny, enchanting charms that subtly emit a soft, celestial glow. The shirt is tucked into tailored trousers that perfectly complement the flowing lines of his coat, creating a seamless silhouette. Aether's footwear consists of sleek, polished black boots that rise to just below his knees. The boots are adorned with subtle silver accents, echoing the celestial theme present throughout his attire. As a final touch, a silver pendant with a crescent moon motif hangs from a chain around his neck. He was looking up at the ceiling while he waited, watching night sky his magic created.
Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadDecember 8, 2023 05:52 PM


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Caite & Matt | 24 & 28 | Humans | Mentions: Each other and Valerie.

The mild temperature kept the female cool as she sat atop the dark grullo Friesian mare who walked solemnly ahead of the other two members of the hunting party. The gentle drizzling rain worked its way into the fibers of the clothes of the rider and horse. A soft sigh left Caite's lips as she pulled Aura to a halt holding up a hand to motion to the others to also stop. Her dark green hues scanned their surroundings looking for any movement as she turned her mare to head down a barely visible game trail. This was one of the last few hunts before the winter weather hit making it difficult to find larger beasts for sustenance.

Matt watched his cousin leading the way and gently pet the dark grey gelding's neck as they walked looking over to Valerie with a warm smile but was jostled slightly forward when Caite had stopped. His gaze returned to the female and he raised an eyebrow watching her movements and the fact that they were going to be going down what appeared to be a game trail. His hand reached for the pistol that sat on his hip while Caite appeared to be readying her bow. Matt stopped his mount just outside of the wooded area that Caite and Aura had disappeared in and dismounted offering the trusty steed another pat before looping the reins over a branch and jogged to catch up with the others.

He slowed his pace when he caught sight of Aura's dark black tail dancing with her steps and readied his weapon eyes also looking through the trees looking for any sign of movement. Even though Aura was a larger mount, it seemed as though the mare knew how to keep her steps light enough that she was almost as quiet as the human walking behind her. The badger faced mare lowered her muzzle to the ground and flicked her ears listening to the world around them. Her bright blue eyes watched for any dangers.

Caite had dropped the reins to rest against Aura's neck as she held her bow with an arrow ready to be pulled back and fired as needed. Even though there were lighter or easier weapons she could have chosen, the female preferred the bow that her father said was her late mother's. The woman's dark brown shirt and pants almost blended in to the dark woods as she let Aura walk, following the little trail until the mare paused outside of what looked to be a clearing not daring to take a step into the area.

Caite's gaze moved to check on Matt and Valerie before looking ahead into the clearing finding that the world around them seemed to be unsettlingly quiet.

Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadDecember 9, 2023 11:49 AM


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Sabela | 554 | Spymaster (Night Court) | Mentions: Aether (Open)

Where are those wretched earrings!

Scrambling through her jewelry tray Sabela would frown, unable to find a pair of dangling orange glowstone earrings of which she enjoyed pairing with most of her intricately detailed attire. For tonight’s Cresent Moon Ritual she would wear an open back, turtle neck, long sleeved, form fitted, long black lace dress. The lace detailing contained swirls of the ancient language of the Illyrians telling tales of its history and upbringing. The sleeves thin enough to allow adequate airflow should she grow too warm and the open back giving her wings the much needed space to stretch and extend should she have to make a hasty exit. Tonight she would wear her hair up in a crown of braids that end in a relatively high sitting bun which remained pinned just above the nape of her neck. Small loose wisps of curly hair would dance at the sides of her face. She would additionally adorn a set of rings, simple yet delicate enough to compliment her long thin fingers. Beneath her snug fitted dress she would wear an even thinner leg strap holstering her beloved Mercurius, should tensions grow high for some reason.

Aha, there they are!

Finally finding the source of her frustration for the beginning portion of the evening Sabela would remove her primary set of golden studs shaped like stars and replace them for the dangling copper glowing stones which complimented her eye color showing flecks of a golden hue against their shine. Her following piercings would also be stars ending conveniently with a crescent moon. Her shoe selection for the event were a pair of ankle high velvet booties with a minimal heel containing intricate detailing of the Night Court territories. Taking one last glance at herself in the body mirror of her bedroom she grinned and made her exit. Containing the urge to blast out of her room in flight she would begin her speedy descent down the stairs eyeing Aether with a devious smirk.

“You clean up well my friend.” She would tease. “It feels as though it has been some time since we last had to dress up for an event.” She added. “I am ready whenever you are.” She would finally gesture, hoping her untimeliness did not count against her too much.


Valerie | 24 | Huntress | Mentions: Matt and Caite (Open)

Val completely entranced by the deep sway of her hips matching the long strides of her dark grey dappled holstein gelding, seemed to be in a whole other element. The light drizzle which now left smaller droplets atop of her twin french braids did not seem to phase her. While visibility to spot game was slightly impaired given the amount of tree coverage in the forest and dark clouds which loomed above, Caite had managed to spot a game trail, or at least what appeared to be a game trail. Giving Matt a quick glance, recognizing his eyes falling upon her, she would give a silent chuckle toward him being launched forward at their unexpected pause. She, like her male counterpart, would also dismount her trusty steed. Giving him a warm stroke across his neck and tying the reins on a branch she would swing her bow, which rested at her side initially, forward and carry it in her hands. Her bolts would sit behind her right shoulder in a black leather quiver.

Today’s attire would consist of her dark jet black cloak and hood, knee high riding boots, dark brown form fitted riding bottoms, black front lace underbust corset, and an olive green form-fitted long sleeve blouse. Val would peer down at the trail growing all the more suspicious of it. Something seemed off, this trail appeared way too narrow for the standard game. She would frown, glancing back toward Matt who had seemingly taken a while to dismount and join the girls. Something was off and Val didn’t like it. Whether her facial features gave it off she would not know.

She would turn her body to face the right side of the forest while it seemed as though Matt would take charge of the left, naturally aware of her left-handedness. Caite kept charge of what lay ahead of the hunting party. Even the forest grew much quieter the further they entered. She would pause in her tracks awaiting for Caite to decide whether the group would continue forward and hold their position and deliberate their next move.

Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadDecember 9, 2023 12:25 PM


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Aziel | Lost Count of Age | Other | Mentions: Solfrid - Open
Aziel paced around his room, it was so damn bright in this castle, his room was the darkest he could find apart from where Aether chose. Being known to only the High Fae was annoying as well, it meant he could only really live in their castles and it also meant if he wanted to go visit Aether, he had to fly for a long while at a dangerously high height so other Illyrians didn't catch him visiting. He had only done that a few times over the last century, but at this moment he would be willing to risk it if it meant he would stop being blinded by the goddamn sun!
Eventually he got fed up with simply staying in his own room. Aziel headed towards the door, delicately opening it and closing it after he left. Everything here was almost as delicate as glass, even some of the cities were made out of it! He was assured that the castle was unbreakable, but he still feared damaging something. His footsteps echoed through the hallways as he made his way, and finally came up to Solfrid's door. The lesser fae that lived among them stayed invisible unless called upon, making it feel like it was only the High Fae in the castle. "Solfrid!" Aziel hissed as he knocked on the door. "Solfrid, open up! We have to talk." Aziel continued to pound on the door until the High Lady answered, though he did take short and frequent breaks to keep the sun out of his eyes. It was unusual for him to use her name instead of calling her "High Lady", but his annoyance of the sun kept the formalities aside.
Aether | 564 | High Lord (Night Court) | Mentions: Sabela - Open
Aether smiled when he saw her finally coming out of her room. He appeared a tad embarrassed at her tease, "Thank you, you look lovely this evening." He nodded in agreement, "It has been... I don't remember the last time I bothered to dress up."
Aether led her through the castle and up to the gates before stopping. It looked as if he was considering something.. and what he was considering was flying. "Y'know.. it might be a bad idea but I have the urge to fly there." Aether sighed. "It's been such a long time since I've been able to stretch my wings. There hasn't been much of a reason to these days." He kept his wings 'hidden' behind him, they were really just blended in with his clothes enough that they looked like they were the same thing.. unless you were close-up, then you'd easily tell the difference. Another reason that they couldn't be kept properly hidden is that his wingspan was much to big for them to not be incredibly obvious in any situation. Big wings were a good thing in Illyrians though, so he couldn't be too mad.

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Vanishing Time | Semi-Lit to Lit | RP ThreadDecember 9, 2023 02:37 PM


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Sabela | 554 | Spymaster (Night Court) | Mentions: Aether (Dir) & Mattheo (Ind)

Following the High Lords compliment Sabe offered a curt nod of her skull in thanks. She could see him calculating as his facial expression shifted in thought. Finally hearing what had caused him to pause momentarily she offered a wide grin.

“There is no such thing as a bad idea, especially when it comes to flying. You do know even if there isn’t a reason to fly it never hurts to put your wings to good use.” She’d state, shaking hers as if to encourage him. “You do know that they do tend to have a mind of their own.” She’d add jokingly, rolling her eyes briefly, still grinning and meeting his gaze. She would stalk silently a bit closer and place a warm gently hand on his shoulder. “Even shadowing places gets boring so I surely don't mind flying, even tonight.”

Her open-back gown ended just above the beginning of her sacrum exposing quite a bit of her back but also complimenting her wingspan. While fairly shorter than Aether’s she appreciated them and would ensure to grace them with hints of crystals in areas much less sensitive to touch should any fae child grow a bit too curious and attempt to touch. It was common law for no one to touch an Illyrian’s wings, however it is a law that is generally upheld in Illyria, not many outside of Illyria are aware and therefore Sabela has had her fair share of curious children probing and prodding.

“Anyhow, enough chit chat, let’s fly! I am sure Mattheo is all grouchy considering we are not already there.” She’d further add, shaking her shoulders and hips playfully, before making a hasty leap of an escape into the sky above with outstanding speed and grace.

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