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Omg what XD

Yeah probably
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When you're tired of your own shenanigans
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I probably shouldn't be talking in foreign languages in chat lol

Uh... I'm going to lose again tho. And my DH is off-limits for today because I've killed him too many times
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Wager can just be like 5 mush or something! :D
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Guys you can block yourself LMAO. I can't see my own chat messages
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Yes. I moved to a different state and my accent gets remarked and my grammar is not good when I speak.

Yes I sound like an average redneck you see in Kansas.
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Wanna PvP a few rounds?
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I'm learning between my freetime

:^ I'm failing miserably

but hello
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I lived in Germany for 2 years and also studied it for 3, but my German is so so shit LMAO, at least compared to the average German's English.
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If anyone disses you on it tell them its cultural heritage & true to the subject/setting
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Bye Chat
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I took German for two years
Die Deutschen Jungen ist hier! Was ist los?
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My southern ties made up ain't. Perchance I use it in my essay again.
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De Bri'ish is heeer, with theeer reeed neeecks
04:04:59 Chior, Jax


release the German
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Thank you, thank you. It's my job.

I'm like the mix between the village idiot and the village granny.
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Pardon me a phrase or expression not a word
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Amazing, amazing *^*
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Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!September 12, 2022 10:04 PM

Inferno Abyss
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People have hunted animals and destroyed habitats, making wolves become rarer and rarer. The hard part is over, you have been released back into the wild and a few of you have made your own pack. The pack now currently resides in the mountains where they are living peacefully, but not without obstacles. Trying times are upon the wolf pack as they learn to fit in to their old homeland. Their allies, the Raven Pack help them as much as they can but winter is almost upon them.

This is not their only problem. The humans are expanding their boundaries. A forest west of the mountains has fallen under the humans reign, houses popping up faster than a full moon. Their eyes will soon turn to the mountains and the forest that lays under it. Will the packs fight for their land or will they have to move? Will you be a loner that leaves for a better place? Or will you fight with the pack to keep your hard worked land?



Sign-ups: Here!
Discussion: Here!
RP Thread: Your here!

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Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!September 12, 2022 10:05 PM

Inferno Abyss
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The Eastern Mountain Pack
The Raven Pack
Strays United Pack
Shadow Forest Pack


The Eastern Pack:

Alpha Male:
Killjoy | M | Played by Jumping Wolves
Alpha Female:
Beta Male:
Beta Female:
- Ráðgríðr | Rags | F | Played by Spellbound
- Xola | F | Played by High Hills Pack
Medic's Apprentice:
- ??
Lead Hunter:
- Illusion | M | Played by Jumping Wolves
Hunter(s): [Open]
- Veracious | F | Played by Malenge
- Storm | M | Played by Malenge
Scout(s): Max of three
- Cye | M | Played by High Hills Pack
- Hymir | M | Played by Spellbound
- Aoife | F | Played by East MountainClan
Elder(s): Max of two
Apprentice(s): Max of two
Queen(s) and Pup(s):
- Malicia | F | Played by ~Spice~

The Raven Pack:
Alpha Male:
Night Raven | M | Played by Me
Alpha Female:
Beta Male:
- Brute | M | Played by Wolf Pride
Beta Female:
- Bardou | F | Played by ~Spice~
- Oreithyia | F | Played by Spellbound
Medic's Apprentice:
- Sundown | M | Played by Jumping Wolves
Lead Hunter:
- River | F | Played by me
Hunter(s): Open
- Solaris | M | Played by High Hills Pack
- Shiva | F | Played by me
- Astronomy | M | Played by Jumping Wolves
- Arashi | F | Played by Terebinth Wolves
- Mairea | F | Played by Spellbound
Scout(s): Open
Elder(s): Max of two
Apprentice(s): Max of two
- Ash | M | Played by Terebinth Wolves
Queen(s)(2) and Pup(s):
- Willow | F | Played by East MountainClan
Strays Unite Pack: [Closed for the time being]
Alpha Female:
- Alha | F | Played by Me
- Shalah | F | Played by Me
- Harry | M | Played by Jumping Wolves
- Quilo | M | Played by High Hills Pack
- Temari | F | Played by East MountainClan
- Frodo | M | Played by High Hills Pack
- Kenai | M | Played by East MountainClan
- Loki | M | Played my Me
- Freya | F | Played by ~Spice~
Elder(s): Max of one
Pup(s) & Queen(s): Closed for now

Shadow Forest Pack: [Closed]
- Shadow | M | Alpha | Played by Me
- Icicle | F | Fox | Played by Me
- Frost | M | Fox | Played by Me
- Flame | F | Elder | Played by Me
- Silver | F | Member | Played by Me
- Anya | F | Member | Played by Terebinth Wolves
--> Bri | F | Newborn | Played by Terebinth Wolves
(This pack is closed until further notice)

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Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!September 12, 2022 10:06 PM

Inferno Abyss
Posts: 13570
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Other Animals:

Lone Wolves: 1 slot left!
- Sky | F | Played by Jumping Wolves

- Makena | F | Played by Terebinth Wolves
- Kimu | M | Played by Fruit Lovers
- Mist | F | Played by Me

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Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!September 12, 2022 10:11 PM

Inferno Abyss
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Let's start at the town. The town is a good 5 miles all the way around. West of the town is a dead forest where a wildfire has gone through. This forest is now a construction sight for the humans. The dead forest stretches until a small stream that seperates the forest with the meadow. The stream marks the northwest corner of town, going all the way to the plains beyond the mountains. North of the town is a large meadow. These are the hunting grounds. Hunters and their dogs can be found there, hunting anything that moves. When hunting season goes out, the meadow is a good place to find the occasional pheasant and herd of deer.

Beside the meadow to the east is a medium sized forest. A river cuts between the dark oak trees and the dogwood trees. The east forest is home to the the Shadow Forest Pack, a ragtag team of foxes and wolves that have come to known each other as family. The woods is known mainly for the number of foxes that hangs around and is usually skirted around. Never know what fox trap might wait around the corner.

The dogwood trees on the other side of the river is where the newly loners and wild animals come to. Chased out of the plains beyond the meadows and town, they come seeking refugee or passage. The normal animals ranges from coyotes, bears, wolves and several birds of prey.

The river, known as the Mountain Cut River follows it's name. It cuts through the two forests and heads straight up the mountain. A waterfall in a ravine keeps the current running smoothly. The ravine splits the mountains, making them look like someone cut it straight down the middle. Hence the name. The river twists up through the mountains, marking two territory lines. A bridge like structure of rock connects the two sides. The Eastern Pack is to the Southeast side, stretching roughly 25-27 miles to cover that portion of the mountain range. The Raven Pack has the same coverage to the Northeast side of the mountains, covering them. Both packs would take roughly an hour to follow the river down to forests.

Now to the town. The Strays United Pack is made up of different stray dogs that live in hardship but have survived well on the streets. As the town expands, more and more dogs are getting caught and taken to the pound. The dog pack must figure out where they must go in order to survive.


There was indeed an early snow storm last night. In doing so, the ground is covered with 4-5 inches of snow. There is quite a cold chill in the air but steadily getting warmer. The snow will be half melted by the end of the day but will reharden when we get to that time. Not before. The dawn will begin now and there is several clouds in the sky. Note that the trees are still hanging on to a couple leaves, signaling the last day of fall.

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Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!September 12, 2022 10:53 PM

Inferno Abyss
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Shadow | M | Shadow Forest Pack (aka SFP) | Alpha | M: N/A

Light filtered into the cave as a soft wind breezed through the wolf's pelt. He twitched before opening an eye as paws pattered by. Sounds like the foxes were awake. Shadow slowly stood up, stretching out his limbs before opening his jaws wide in a yawn. He hadn't gotten that much sleep last night. . .or any night for that matter. Barely a season had passed but they were still on his mind. They always would be. Shadow flicked an ear, bringing himself out of the memories that were starting to flash through his mind. No point in going through that yet again.

Swishing outside the den reminded him to get moving. Who knows what the foxes were up to this early in the morning. Shadow padded out of his den, breathing in the morning air. Sure enough, the foxes were in the middle of camp, arguing. Again. A rustle to the side made him turn, finding his sister walking slowly out of her own den. She kept tilting her head to the sides before finally settling down nearby, listening to the debate no doubt. Her blind eyes caught nothing yet her ears seemed to catch everything.

He walked over to where the foxes were debating, catching the tail end briefly. "-around town if we want to catch them in active," "-only if you want to get caught," Shadow gave a small cough and both foxes looked over at him, just realizing he was there. The smaller one flicked her tail, something she did when she was doing something mischievous. The slightly bigger male flicked an ear and gave him an innocent smile, "How are you doing this morning Shadow?" Shadow flicked the tip of his tail at him, "Not getting into trouble again, are you two?"

"Us? Trouble? You must have us confused with someone else." Icicle said, giving a mock hurt face. Shadow managed to keep a straight face before he and Frost chuckled, "Your a terrible liar Icicle." Frost managed to say through a fit of giggles. Icicle fluffed up, making herself more like a pine cone than bigger. "That makes two of us then," she shot back making Frost scowl at her. Shadow rolled his eyes, "Whatever you two are up to, I want in. It's been a while since we've done any trick together." He said, earning a joyful expression from Icicle. Frost, however, was a bit more difficult to fool. He gave Shadow a knowing look before shrugging. "First, breakfast. Then we'll fill you in." Frost said, pointing a paw at a few rabbits nearby.
Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!September 12, 2022 11:36 PM

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|Killjoy|Alpha Male|GEP|M: Anyone|
Killjoy arose from his den. He stepped outside, and walked around the large boulder in the middle of the camp. He stood right around the rock, watching as his packmates slowly woke up. It was still slightly dark, with a rose gold hue rising over the huge cliff wall that shields the Eastern Pack from the outside world.
One thing that really set this packs housing apart was that their dens were carved out in the cliff walls, with a small, narrow, rocky path going up it, leading to all of the dens. Only a crazy wolf would choose a den up-top.
Killjoy streached, and yawned. He'd sat down to watch the small birds silhouettes as they flew over him pack. He smiled, and got up, heading over to the wolf that was sitting in the camp, with their back turned. He walked up to them, and smelt that it was Brecken, his sisters mate. The small, grey wolf turned around, him amber eyes shown.
"How soon can I go and hunt?" Killjoy laughed.
"Any time, spaz." Brecken nodded, and moved his tail aside for Killjoy to sit down next to him.
Killjoy smiled, and happily took his spot next to him, when doing that he made the already small wolf look tiny. Although Brecken was small, and didn't have much muscle on him, he was by far the fastest wolf that the Eastern Pack had.
"Its so peaceful in the mornings." Killjoy said, breaking the quiet after a bit. "But I have things to do." He got up, and looked around at the sky. That made him think of the once small, white blind pup that'd been born in the pack, who'd since then moved on to be a lone wolf. Killjoy's heart throbbed at thinking of Sky. It made him think of Seya- the first, and only love of his life (I hope that mentioning Seya is okay... if not I'll remove it :))
"We'll wait for Illusion to get up, before we head out to hunt." Brecken nodded, and walked off towards him den, with all means to wake Marbled.
|Illusion|Lead Hunter of GEP|M: Killjoy, Brecken|
A huge brown and white wolf ran through the forest. It should have been pitch black, but it wasn't. He could see. How was this possible? He heard the barks behind him, and pushed his aching muscles to work harder. The breathing was right behind him. He closed his eyes, knowing that they were going to grab him.
Illusions large paw scrapped the wall of his den, jolting him awake. What kind of dream was that? He looked down at his mismatched paws. One white, the other brown. Although his green eye had a slightly green hue to it, making his white paw look slightly green.
Illusion stood up, the wind rustled through his thick multi-coloured coat. Trying to fight a yawn Illusion looked out at the camp. Killjoy of course was already up. Why wouldn't he be? He also watched a scrawy grey wolf scramble across the camp-Brecken. The annoying wolf that would run circles around them all. He rolled his eyes. That wolf never stopped moving.
Illusion started his long trek down the narrow, rocky steep path from the top, and last den on the wall. He carefully planned out his next step, not wanting to slip. A small pebble tumbled down the cliffside, and Illusion watched it.
Once Illusion got to the bottom he walked over to Killjoy.
"Are you ready to head out?"
"No. Brecken is trying to wake Marbled." Illusion huffed, and sat his large, thick body next to Killjoys.
Killjoy glanced at him from the corner of his eyes. There was a certain way that he looked at him though. And there was that frown. The "I still haven't forgave you" look. Illusion knew it all too well. The look brought back the vivid, limited memorys of his father. He too had his "I still haven't forgave you" look. Illusion once again looked down at his mismatched paws, the silence feeling like a weight on his back.
|Brecken|Hunter|GEP|M: Marbled, Illusion, Killjoy|
Brecken woke up from the very little light peeking through the den. He sat up, and wagged his tail. It was time to run! He looked over at Marbled, who was sleeping so peacfully. He got up, and without missing a beat he loped out of the large den.
Brecken went down the hill to the elk breeding ground, the tall grass brushing against his slim figure. His paws were covered with dew, and his nose was cold from the crisp morning air.
He reached the bottom, and turned around, meaning to head back up the luring hill.
Brecken swiftly moved up the hill with pleasure. He loved the way that the wind blew back his long, grey fur. Once he reached the top he kept going, not stopping till he reached the camp. He then sat in the middle of it, surrounded by the huge cliff walls, panting.
It wasn't too long later that Killjoy joined him.
After Killjoy took his leave Brecken went back to the den, wanting to see is Marbled was awake. No luck. She wasn't.
When Brecken stepped back outside, he saw that Illusion had joined Killjoy. His tail wagged as the approched them.
"Good morning Illusion!"
"Hello Brecken."
"Are you ready to hunt?" Killjoy asked, looking at the sky.
Killjoy and Illusion stood up, almost in sync. Illusion must have lost his footing because next thing Brecken knew, Killjoy was snarling at Illusion, who in return was baring his teeth at him.
"Stop." Brecken said, glaring at both of them. Illusion hung his head like a puppy that had been shamed, and the three of them walked out of the camp, towards the hunting grounds.
|Sky|Lone Wolf|Female|M: No one|
Sky wasn't sure if she'd slept at all. At least if she did, she didn't realize that she'd woken up, or how long ago it was. All she saw was the blackness. When she was younger she'd found it to be a curse, but now, nearly a whole year later she was at peace with it.
Her white coat that normally flowed like a river was brown, and streaked with mud, and felt tangled. Good thing she was close to a river- she could smell it.
She quickly finished the rabbit that she'd killed the night before for breakfast, and headed towards the river, its scent was refreshing. Especially compaired to the nasty smell that the humans had.
|Sundown|Apperentice Medic|Male|M: Anyone|
Sundown heard a small rustle next to him. At first he thought he must be dreaming, but surely not. He opened his eyes, and saw that there was a small toad next to his nose! He sat up, and licked his muzzle. He yawned, revealing dull teeth, although he was fairly young. He got up, and streached his long legs.
Sundown stepped outside, to the morning dew. His favorite thing on the planet, other than herbs, of course.
Sundowns eyes lit up when he saw the huge toad sitting on a mossy rock, not too far away.
He crept up on the toad, and laid down infront of the rock, watching it as it moved.

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Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!September 13, 2022 12:00 AM

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Etho || Scout || Male || M: Anyone, Killjoy
Etho grumbled as the pack slowly started waking up. Hidden almost completely under his tree, he watched the few awake carelessly. Flicking his attention briefly over to where the pups were to be sleeping, he smiled to himself as he realised they were yet to be awake. Carefully raising himself onto his paws, he padded slowly to where the others were gathering, and sat behind them, wondering what they had planned for him today. He hoped it would take him by the river, as he had twigs and leaves caught in his brushy tail. He let out a small whine to try to grab Killjoys attention.
WIP! Please dont respond yet
Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!September 13, 2022 12:06 AM

Inferno Abyss
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Night Raven | Alpha | M | Raven Pack | M: Sundown, Open

The large male stretched out as his long jaw parted for a yawn. Dawn already, the night went by way too fast. In his point of view, considering he had managed to sleep through it all. Night shook his fur out before stepping out of his den. He lifted his head to the sky, he could smell rain on the air. Yep, it was going to rain soon. The breeze reminded him that winter was coming. He didn't have anything against snow and the cold, but it was not his favorite season.

Snow was okay, the pups loved it when it snowed. The first time they see snow is priceless. But with snow came hunger. Prey would be heading into burrows and warmer weathers. He had already decided that the pack was going to stay put this year. Last year, the hunting grounds for winter was bare. He doubted it would have gotten better in a years time. Besides, that would mean traveling through the mountain side and skirting the town. He wasn't going to take the chance of running into hunters this season, especially with pups. A few litters had come late in the season and in no shape to move a couple hundred miles for hunting grounds that might not produce much.

Night shook his head to clear his thoughts. He would wait for his pack to awaken before sending scouts out. He could see an apprentice already awake. Night reached for a name before smiling gently to himself. Ah yes, Sundown had shown interest in becoming the medic's apprentice. The male was showing about the same interest to a toad that was resting on a rock near the young male's location. Night chuckled quietly to himself before sitting down near his den, waiting for the rest of his pack to awaken.
Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!September 14, 2022 12:11 AM

~Terebinth Wolves~
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Anya| loner | f |
Anya plopped down on the side of a river she had just crossed, exhausted and even more hungry than the night before. After she rested for a couple of minutes she opened her eyes to see the sun poking through the trees. Anya yawned but sat up to take in her surroundings. Around her was trees with beautiful leaves, Signaling it was fall. As she kept looking she watched the river flow harshly down to where ever it was going and a squirrel run from tree to tree. She was hungry but she knew she was in no condition to chase the healthy young squirrel, so instead she just got a small drink and rested.

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Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!September 14, 2022 11:37 AM

Inferno Abyss
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Flame | F | Elder | Shadow Forest Pack | M: Anya(ind)

Flame listened to the foxes and her brother set out for the meadows after eating. From the smell of it, they had rabbits which was fine since she enjoyed a salmon instead. Once they were gone, she stood up slowly, stretching her old limbs before turning in a full circle. Hmm...she didn't want to take a nap so maybe she would head down to the river today for a walk. Not much to do once the tricksters were out of camp.

Flame padded down a beat up trail, something the foxes had done for her. Several branched off from it, but she stayed on the path until she felt leaves brush her fur. Turning right at a tree, she followed a trail down towards the river. She could already hear the water flowing from where she was. A scent was on the breeze as well, a wolf for certain. Shadow wouldn't be too pleased if there was a loner on his territory. She flicked an ear, listening intently. All she could hear right now was a squirrel running from tree to tree and the river. Shaking out her fur, she walked to the river side where she bent her head for a drink.

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