Elemental Wolves
10:22:22 Alejandro
This is Saharah:
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And her 3 pups:
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eclipse walkers
10:22:19  me is bisexual
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Ninjago Realm
10:19:46 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
@ Sir desti desert I mean in high school so far its better but I hate when Im called names or misgendered after I tell someone im female I mean I wear boyish cloaths and have sort hair so frist meeting me I get that defently when I was younger
Dulling Melodies
10:19:10 I like rocks uwu
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Centaur roleplay poll
10:18:21 Ancient Demon
eh most friendships I had in real life always ended badly. My twin is not ne to scare away easily so he stayed
Elemental Wolves
10:18:12 Alejandro
This is Elana:
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And her 1 pup:
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Destinations End
10:17:53 Desti, Coy, Coydog
I know the feeling.
I had only like 1-3 true friends in my school years, and only one was in the same school as me, and I was always bullied.

I'm sorry you're going through that too
10:17:20 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
Ninjago pm rp pm me please im bored
10:16:47 Deijī | Floofer
-WP Click-

Should I discontinue breeding her? I feel like I shouldn't due to the fact she gave me an R33 female, and another R31. The R31 had 20+V and the one I have now (R33) has around 18+V whilst her mother has +32V.
10:16:31 King
Anyone up for a Twilight rp?
10:15:43 theodora.png
-WP Click- opinions?
10:15:12 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
I have few friends in real life as I dont trust well maybe as I was bullied a lot :| my BFF is a male my other good friends are well female
10:14:28 Love
200 mush fpr a HALO?? lol okay, lmao
10:14:16 theodora.png
I used to just hang out witth boys, i am a bisexual with 90/10 to girls a di stopped after they all asked me out and it was awkward-
10:13:31 Ancient Demon
I actually have few friends in real life who are not related to me. I don't get along with people my age in real life
10:13:26 roll boi
-WP Click-

thoughts on him?
eclipse walkers
10:13:19  me is bisexual
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Fallen Flame
10:12:12 Barnaby, Fallen
I don’t really hang out with girls. I mainly hang out with boys. (I’m a tomboy) but all my friends that are boys are annoying like crap. -WP Click-
10:11:44 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
-WP Click- Vote comment please
Destinations End
10:10:15 Desti, Coy, Coydog
I probably will be single for a long time(like until after my parents are gone)
I'm an asexual lesbian and they're extremely unsupportive of the community


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    Unclaimed July 16, 2020 01:50 AM

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**all artwork (c) me, #81988

In a smaller rural town of about 600 people, the population of unclaimed dogs is quite large. Most human houses are fairly spread out and there are many vast farmlands. Many of the people living here tend to gardens and livestock, and the strays are considered pests. Other people will often set out kibble and water for the strays. Weather changes and depends on the season. Summers are usually about 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit and winters can get below freezing temperatures.


The strays often band together in groups of 2-6 dogs. These groups rival for resources have to find a way to live amongst eachother.

This is a closed roleplay. Pm me to inquire about joining.

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About: Ruma is a 2 year old, female shepherd mix. She's intelligent and has a good work ethic, which makes for an efficient and useful member of a group. Ruma is very docile and allows herself to be ordered around by others. She is a caretaker and often blames herself for the tragedies of others. Ruma is an over analyzer and often winds herself up into a panic.

Strengths: Intelligence, efficiency, cooperation

Weaknesses: Strength, self-advocacy, self-acceptance

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About: 3.5 years old, Lex is a mixture of mostly guardian breeds and some herding breeds. His ancestors were most likely farm dogs or livestock guarding dogs. Either way, he was bred for a job and he a natural guardian. He has a thick coat to protect against the elements. Lex is well adapted to his environment and he is very well-spoken and respected by other dogs. He'll go to extreme measures to make sure the ones he cares about are safe, although he has quite a hard outer shell and keep many of his emotions bottled up inside.
Strengths: Reliability, strength, patience

Weaknesses: Clear communication, emotional availability, friendliness towards strangers

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    Unclaimed July 16, 2020 02:34 AM

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About: Bowen is a 2.5 year old herding breed mix. He is very athletic and has enough speed and stamina that he could probably hunt small game if needed. He's a well-built dog, but not too large, no more than 50lbs. He tends to want to be the one in charge. He has a strong instinct to lead and make sure everyone is moving in the direction he wants them to move in. Bowen isn't afraid to challenge another's opinion. His confidence and ego are strong.

Strengths: Confidence, stamina, leadership

Weaknesses: Adaptability, cooperation

    Unclaimed July 16, 2020 02:35 AM

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About: Finnie is an almost 3 year old bully-type dog. Many mistake her for a simple dog as she finds much joy in juvenile activities like rolling in mud puddles, but she is actually very emotional. Like Lex, she holds things in until she's back in private when she releases all of her pent up stress. She is usually quite polite, but she will speak up when something isn't right. Finnie has a short attention span, which often leads others to feeling annoyed with her. Finnie's tail is deformed, but it doesn't cause her any pain. Because she only has a short, single coat, she doesn't regulate temperature well.

Strengths: Steadiness, adaptability, emotional control

Weaknesses: Heat regulation, speed, attention span

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    Unclaimed July 18, 2020 07:22 PM

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About: Maike is a 2.5 year old, male mystery mutt. No one has any clue what breeds make him up. He is about 50lbs and has a coat that consists of both wirey and soft hairs. He's a very likable guy, always trying really hard to relieve group tension and usually succeeds in bringing the mood up. He's patient and a very skilled listener. Maike is very in-tune to others' emotions. Many dogs confide in him. When it comes to strenuous or daunting tasks, he is often reserved and fearful.

Strengths: Patience, personability, energy

Weaknesses: Courage, bravery, confidence

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Unclaimed July 19, 2020 01:53 AM

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Ruma was the youngest in the group by six months, behind Maike and Bowen. Their group was a fairly young one, consisting of all dogs under the age of four. The eldest was Lex, although their ages were close enough that it didn't dictate pecking order. The dogs had only been a group of five for a week or two, so everything was still new. It was strange going from a solo dog to a group dog, but Ruma knew it would benefit all of them. The more allies the better.

Sun was falling, and Ruma decided that it would be best to get some rest. The five dogs usually slept in an unused chicken coop. There was enough room for them to sleep comfortably and it protected them well enough from the elements. It was the end of summer and the days were still warm, but not unbearable.

The white shepherd was the first to enter the coop and curled herself into the corner, working herself into a slight panic. She didn't know these dogs very well, and she made sure to think of every possible thing that could go wrong. The more she thought, the tighter of a ball she curled herself into, tucking her ears back firmly and pulling her tail in between her legs.
Unclaimed July 19, 2020 02:38 AM

Game Moderator
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Warm hues blended with blue as the world turned just a tad darker by the minute. Maike stretched with a soft, strained huff before shaking his wirey, yet soft coat. He wasn't quite sure what made his fur have such unusual consistency, but he didn't mind too much.

Though the sun was slowly disappearing over the horizon, the outside temperature remained comfortable for the lanky hound. He glanced at the chicken coop where the small group of canines slept in. It was strange being with other dogs after having been alone for a stretch of time. Still, he welcomed the company, enjoying the opportunity to chat and play again.

Deciding to head inside, Maike padded off into the coop quietly, peering around to see if there were others present. His tail unconsciously wagged at having spotted a curled up Ruma, before he calmed himself. He paused, cocking his head. Was it normal for dogs to be sleeping in such a tight ball? Concerned, he moved towards the white furred shepherd with heavy steps, allowing his paws to create soft, but audible steps.

"Ruma?" He called softly, worry lacing his voice. "Are you alright?" He asked, not sure if he should move any closer. He knew some strays could be quite defensive when approached in their sleep and he dearly hoped that Ruma wouldn't attack him should he step too close. Conflict wasn't something he particularly enjoyed engaging in.
Unclaimed July 19, 2020 05:24 AM

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After a long day of searching for mud puddles to cool herself down with, Finnie's spirits were broken as she had found the only mud - if one could even call it mud - was half-dried by the sun already. Instead, Finnie had decided to spend the day at a nearby stream, cooling herself down there. It was during the summer that Finnie was most thankful for her short coat; even if some days were more bearable than others she couldn't imagine having a longer coat such as Lex's. Then again, she countered, Lex could easily shed his coat during the summer. She should know - as the summer went on, Finnie would wake up to find more and more hairs shed where the other dogs usually slept.

Speaking of beds - Finnie watched as the sky slowly turned a bleeding red colour as the sun began to set. The young pitbull - was she even truly a pitbull? - sat up from where she was enraptured by the sight of the sunset and began to make her way back to the chicken coop the little group had called their home. It was quite cozy, and Finnie feared it might become stiflingly hot during the summer nights as the five dogs emitted body heat in such an enclosed space. It would be a nice bed for the winter nights, however - Finnie couldn't imagine facing off against the brutal weather of winter with just her short coat and no outer protection.

It was a brief walk back to the coop. Finnie could already make out two scents - Ruma and Maike were already home, if she was correct. She wondered if any of her friends had eaten today. Finnie had taken to eating a sloppy mixture one of the farmers had left out for the dogs. It wasn't the finest cuisine imaginable, but it had to do. Tomorrow, Finnie was hoping to trek into the nearby town and rustle in some bins - or even better, yet: beg for food at the homes of the townsfolk.

Finnie stepped into the chicken coop. Maike was hovering just over Ruma, who seemed to be curled up in a rather uncomfortable-looking ball. Finnie dipped her head to both of them. "Good evening, Ruma, Maike," she greeted them politely, before padding over to her own corner and lying down on her stomach. Her dark eyes flashed as she kept her head trained towards the entrance of the coop, awaiting the arrival of the two absent dogs.
Unclaimed July 28, 2020 02:46 PM

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Bowen|2.5 YO
Bowen wandered aimlessly around, sticks were grabbing at his paws as he tried to walk. There was a large amount of stress building up; the weight of it all seeming to crush him as the seconds ticked by. His eyes were burning and lazy from a long day of watching rabbits hop along in the fields. They seemed so established, their lives the same daily. Bowen wanted that; how odd for a dog to want something the very thing he preyed upon had. Consistency.

Slowly Bowen made his way back to where the group was. An area where he alone felt the need to protect. He believed everyone relied on him to keep the peace and cooperation. The sky slowly started to fade into a gorgeous red. Stars were starting to peek out of hiding, he believed they feared the sun. The world seemed calm and collected for once. This was Bowen's favorite time of day. Butterflies fluttered by silently, their delicate bodies moving in sync with each other. Only for a brief moment the seconds seemed to stop passing. The small breeze ruffled his long coat as he inhaled the mixture of scents forming in the air.

Finally back at the resting place of the group, Bowen decided to lay on this back outside the door of the chicken coop and gaze upon the now abundant stars. His limbs tired, his eyes burning, and his brain now racing with thoughts. The stars twinkled and seemed to calm his worries, the stress from the change slowly slipping away. Faint voices of the others were heard in the coop but he didn't even want to try to make it out, his ears seemed to turn off.

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