Destinations End
10:01:06 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Do you want to talk about it?
Dulling Melodies
10:00:55 I like rocks uwu
-WP Click-
10:00:47 Kinwaobeewoup

Awe, poor desti
Im havin a bad day too :<
Hope it gets better ^^
09:58:54 roll boi
Spirit week is killing me slowly

all the decorations and the dumb ass administration being too picky

it's enough to kill someone
Magical wolfs
09:58:49 Magical Medic / Mag
my whole pack died whoops. ive been offline for too long
Fallen Flame
09:57:45 Barnaby, Fallen
I’m not at school today ^^
Destinations End
09:57:45 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Not really. ^^'
But how're you
Fallen Flame
09:57:22 Barnaby, Fallen
Destinations End
09:57:19 Desti, Coy, Coydog
20% of a post.
So you can have one word in caps for every five words in a post
Dark Moonruler
09:57:19 King Boo
You can always talk with me if anything is bothering you, just so you know. ;)
Lunar eyes
09:56:55 Lunar, moon
Yup. I do that when I'm stressed too.
The Magma Kingdom
09:56:45 Sukii
3 mushrooms : Count 3
0 mushrooms : Count 2
5 mushrooms : Count 2
10 mushrooms : Count 2

The hell mush hunt? ;-;
09:56:32 Nao
So how is everyone doing :)
Dark Moonruler
09:56:28 King Boo
Vote! -WP Click- Every vote counts!
09:56:10 Nao
Hello people :) My anxiety is through the roof and I feel like I could pass out so I came on here to keep myself calm :)
The Magma Kingdom
09:55:03 Sukii

Fallen Flame
09:54:32 Barnaby, Fallen
What’s the limit of caps we can have?
09:54:29 Kinwaobeewoup

ello love, feeling better today?
09:54:25 roll boi
-WP Click-

Thoughts on Oscar Pine one of my 3 pups?
-A s a h i-
09:54:19 ~Country Shai~

I got a gift for youu!


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Ruma's head shot up suddenly at the sound of Maike's voice. She had hoped that no one would pay her any mind, but she was sleeping in a rather tightly curled ball. It made sense to be concerned. Ruma faked a little tail wag and loosened her body. "Oh yeah, I'm alright. Must've been a nightmare." She wasn't comfortable with these dogs yet, and didn't think it would be a good idea to share too much just yet. For now, her goal was to keep the peace and keep everything going smoothly.

Just then, Ruma noticed Finnie enter the coop as well. Finnie and Maike seemed like very friendly dogs, and they didn't worry her too much. It was Lex and Bowen that caused her a bit of discomfort. Lex was just huge, and that alone was a little frightening, and Bowen just didn't exude the same calm energy that Maike did. Ruma thought it was a bit strange that Bowen decided to stay outside of the coop rather than come in and greet them (not that Ruma minded at all).

"I think I'll set off early tomorrow to see if I can snag a meal," she announced, not to any one dog in particular. "If anyone would like to come along, I wouldn't mind a companion."

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Mistress Nyx
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The sound of dirt shifting and settling under the large dog echoed in his ears. The ground was hot, but bearable. Summer was one of his least favorite season's, for obvious reasons. Not only was his breed one that made his fur so thick, his size alone caused him to radiate heat like a furnace. Lovely during the cold, winter months, absolutely difficult to deal with in the summer.

Lex had spent a good majority of his day dodging other dogs at work as he tried to slip some water from the farmlands water troughs, almost getting caught by multiple Pyrenees dogs, their intelligent eyes only barely missing him. He wasn't a coyote looking to ravage their protected animals, but he was an unknown dog, and a large one at that, so he understood the need to remain cautious around working dogs. He was the enemy of guardian breeds.

Lex left out a huff before his tongue lolled out, pants coming out in short huffs. He wondered whether the other dogs were back in the coop. Should he stay outside? He was sure they would all be tired and wanting to get away from the heat, perhaps having such a large, overly fluffy dog near them and shedding over them was the last thing they wanted?

Lex tilted his head in curiosity, maybe it was best to just stay outside? He could keep an eye out for stray or pack dogs, as well as any random farmers as well. A slight pain of hunger ticked in his stomach and a growl rolled out. He should probably focus on finding himself food tomorrow.

Lex's head perked up as he got closer to the coop, noting that one was outside, and he guessed the others were inside. Lex continued towards the coop, stopping once in front of it to acknowledge the dog laying outside.

"You don't want to lay inside?" He asked, his voice more stern than he meanted it. He grimaced at the roughness of his voice and cleared his throat. "It's fine if you don't.." He shook his head and nodded his head towards the dog before slowly moving into the coop, a tight squeeze for his size, and stopped as he got to his shoulders.

"Everyone is okay?" He asked, his voice, once again stern. Pack dog, he was not. He looked around at everyone and nodded his head. "I'll be outside if you need me." And without giving any time for anyone to answer his question, he wiggled back outside and lay a good distance from the one outside.

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