04:58:08 anti-social soul

Not a bad wolf ,but definitely not rare considering her bloodline, she's got +80's in there ^^
Ashen Kingdom
04:56:48 Roxy
-WP Click-
04:55:31 anti-social soul

Could you link it?
04:54:53 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
ninjago pm rp pm me please
Lucis Pro Conquisito
04:54:50 Torch, anthrozil
I might be
Ashen Kingdom
04:54:47 Roxy
Hmmm. I don't really know. She is my friends wolf that she got.
04:54:34 Lycan
Anyone up for a FxF pm role play?
04:53:44 Fang

I will, I promise!
04:53:43 anti-social soul

It its like, less than G5 I'd say that's pretty good

If its a G1-G3 its damn good

But if it's like the 50th gen or some crap it's not that good
Lucis Pro Conquisito
04:53:38 Torch, anthrozil
its okay. We can make about a page or so a day.
Black Swan
04:53:19 Swan Swannity Swan
No, inbred

Has there been incest in it's line? Most players don't like it when a wolf is inbred, so they'll only go for the +50 and above vital wolves if they're going to commit it
04:52:55 Z, Chai
torch- oh sorry about that. I'd make a post but honestly am a bit too lazy at the moment ^^'

fang thats very true- and ok good just be careful XD
04:51:59 Fang

Alive is better than being dragged into the Underworld. And don't worry, I've burned myself enough times on this stove to know to be cautious!
Ashen Kingdom
04:51:58 Roxy

It was bred, yes.
Lucis Pro Conquisito
04:51:54 Torch, anthrozil
I'm doing good. I wish the other RPers would post. The only one who will post is in a 1x1 RP with me, so it depends on only one of us to keep it going.
Black Swan
04:51:10 Swan Swannity Swan
Depends. Is it inbred?
04:50:55 Z, Chai
fang- oh im sorry about that :( dont get burned making the soup! im ok i guess. alive.
Ashen Kingdom
04:50:44 Roxy
Hey everyone!

Quick question: How rare is a wold with vitals +5, +7, +4, and +6?
04:50:26 Fang

Anytime! I'm good, just making some soup. My girlfriend got sick from when she was taking care of me. How are you?
04:50:12 anti-social soul

I am too but I keep forgetting to do it after every 5 hounds


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What is Left of Us | Open! January 1, 2020 03:54 PM

Autumn Bound
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~ Setting ~

Time frame:

- Earth, 2312 A.D. -


~ The City ~

Exact location - Northern Scandinavia. The RP is set in a barren city subject to freezing temperatures and blazing heat. This is a result of chemical tampering. You have never seen a tree in your life, much less stepped on any surface but tile, metal, concrete, or dirt. You cannot see anything outside the side, as towering walls block your view of anything beyond the City - you know nothing of what lies outside. The dirt streets all appear exactly the same - as do all human abodes, which are separated from the main section of the city.

The layout of the city is a complex maze of symmtrical streets and walls. The center of the city is home to the training center, while the outskirts are human domiciles (patrolled by human police force). However, humans roam the entire city because there is nothng else to do, and nowhere else to go.

~ The Training Facility ~

All, or most of you were born here. This looming steel and concrete building links to multiple chained in pens and areas to stretch your legs. Inside, white walled cells continue on, one after the other, each filled with one or many dogs. The expansive facility is comprised of multiple sections; The Cells, the Obidience Training Room, the Physical Training room, the Human Lab Room, the supply room, offices, the outdoor high - fenced pens, and the Testing Room.

- What to expect at training -

Known to many as combat training, your PT will be as follows:

When you enter or exit into the training room, be prepared to feel a slight zap. This is normal, as it is just for precautions. You will line up according to your assigned line and insepction position. Your commander, or the Cheif Commander will brief you on that day's training. You will proceed as instructed. As you enter the virtual world, do not move immediately. The surroundings that you know to be the city will take a moment to settle. A voice will command you mission, and you will follow these orders. The setting may include night or day, or also may consist of strange but possible phenomenons such as gases that cause you to gradually lose sight in your eyes. (All effects are temporary, of course).

Possible training missions may include chasing figutives, tracking scent trails, one on one combat through the dark city, dealing with harmful gases, etc. The 'losing' regiment or group with stay half an hour later to PT. PT includes running sprints, or extra combat training.


Notes about the city:

- No rain; the weather goes through odd shifts. In the summer, temperatures can rocket to about one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, and in the winter, temperatures drop below zero. In 'fall' and 'spring' the weather will plunge below zero at night, but rise to mid nineties in the day. There is no weather during the day, except perhaps a light breeze. Weather during the night includes howling blizzards. All snow melts and dissapears through irrigation systems at morning.

- Wind can be fierce. It is the only natural weather, along with snow.

- No moon, sun, or stars

- Beta will alert everyone of the change of the seasons - although they do not control it, they know when each season will begin and end, as there is a definite date.

- No clouds

- The sky lightens and darkens as time passes, eventually becoming night (sun, again, is not visible)

- 24 hour day, with 12 hour day and night cycles

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What is Left of Us | Open! January 1, 2020 04:07 PM

Autumn Bound
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~ Current Setting ~

January First. As it's the middle of winter, temperatures average at about negative ten degrees Fahrenheit. The city is shrouded in the pale haze of a light snow flurry, and the side streets (the main streets have been salted) are coated in a dangerously slick sheet of ice. It's early morning, an the wake up call was just issued. You have just managed to reach the elite canine force, and will commence training. Rumour has it that a rebel force is brewing.


What is Left of Us | Open! January 1, 2020 04:12 PM

Autumn Bound
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~ Regiment Foxtrot and Bravo ~
- Under Commander Hoffen and Axel-

6:00 A.M. Wake up Call.
6:30 A.M. Water and food bowls are refilled.
7:00 A.M. Cell doors open.
Through your the fourth cell door (back of the cell, third one to the right) Report to outdoor no. 1. The fourth cell door opens to an underground tunnel that leads directly into this pen.
7:30 A.M. Group with your regiment and prepare for insepction.
7:45 Commanders commence inspection for their respective regiment.
8:00 Report to Training Center, wing two for Drill Practice
(Pen no. 1, door no. 5 opens to an underground tunnel that leads to wing 2)
9: 00 A.M. Report to the outdoor pen no. 3.
9:15 A.M. Commanders commence inspection for their respective regiment.
9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M. Morning Patrol.
10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. Recess in Main outdoor pen.
12:30 P.M. Report to Training Center, wing one
12:45 P.M. Commanders commence inspection for their respective regiment.
1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M. Combat training
2:00 P.M - 5:00 P.M Free time in outdoor pen
5:15 P.M Report back to cell
5:30 P.M Water and food bowl are refreshed.
6:00 All doors close.
8:00 P.M. All lights shut off in cells.
What is Left of Us | Open! January 1, 2020 04:13 PM

Autumn Bound
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~ Character Slots ~




Wolf | Male | Four | The Sandman | 226177 | I.D.: 29

Anfall | Female | Four | Starstruck | 226175 | I.D.: 21

Maze | Female | Three | Schatten Waechter | 227432 | I.D.: 33

Half Bloods:


Orden | Female | Four | Starstruck | 226175 | I.D.: 22

Pfeil | Male | Four and a half | Schatten Waechter | 227432 | I.D.: 25

Cull: (potentially open)

Broken Wired Cull: (Closed)

Hoffen | Male | 4 - 6 | Grimm | 196887 | I.D.: 34

Cheif Cull:

This Cull commands all other Culls and canine forces. He or she is second only to the Beta itself.

| Kämpe | Female | Five | Starstruck | 226175 | I.D.: 24

Cheif Cull (Kilo): (open)

This person absolutely MUST be active.

Ginger | Female | Ten | Schatten Waetcher | 227432 | I.D.: 46

Kilo Canine Force: (unlimited)

Must be dogs.

Arrow | Female | Age | Grimm | Pack Number
Tysta | Male | Three | Boundless | 226175 | I.D.: 48

Beta messenger (part of the rebel Beta force): Closed

Zadolt | Male | Five | shadow masters | 231276


~ Regiments ~


Regiment Foxtrot, under Command Hoffen:

- Zadolt | Male | Five | shadow masters | 231276
- Maze | Female | Three | Schatten Waechter | 227432

Regiment Bravo, under Commander Axel:

- Orden | Female | Four | Starstruck | 226175 | I.D.: 22
- Wolf | Male | Four | The Sandman | 226177 | I.D.: 29
- Anfall | Female | Four | Starstruck | 226175 | I.D.: 21
- Pfeil | Male | Four and a half | Schatten Waechter | 227432

Please note:

Your dog or Half Blood will be branded with an I.D. number. This number will be as follows:

First number: The page number of which your signup form is on.

Second Number: The number of posts down your signup form is on.

Edited at January 25, 2020 07:33 PM by Boundless
What is Left of Us | Open! January 1, 2020 04:20 PM

Autumn Bound
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How to format your posts:
Name | Gender | 'Breed' (Dog, Cull, Half Blood, Wolf Blood, etc.) | Regiment ( Foxtrot, Bravo, or Kilo) | Dog I.D. | Mentions:

Edited at January 1, 2020 04:21 PM by Star of Wonder
What is Left of Us | Open! January 1, 2020 04:27 PM

Autumn Bound
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What is Left of Us | Open! January 1, 2020 06:01 PM

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Ginger | Female | English Pointer/Broken Cull | Kilo | 46 | Mentions: Kilo dogs

Ginger slowly opened her eyes, her inner clock always woke her up at this time, the time when Beta woke up its dogs. She yawned and stretched, her mechanical legs scraping on the concrete floor. She shook herself and looked around, her eyes scanning the room around her; the everything was made of concrete, the walls, the floor, even the door the humans used was made of some sort of thick heavy material, there were no windows, the only source of light were dim glitchy lights installed by the humans.
They were in a single large room, the beds in one corner, food and water in the other, the rest of the space was for training. This place was safe, but unpractical.

She looked to the other sleeping Kilo dogs, "Okay, wake up everyone, training starts in one hour" she barked, her sharp voice echoing in the room.
Without waiting for the others she walked over to the food area and sat down, thanks to her Cull body she didn't need sustenance, but it was nice to be around the other dogs.
She watched as the Kilo dogs slowly got up and walked to the food area and started eating the meager amount that the humans found, she needed to test them soon, figure out how ready they were for the coming rebellion.

Pfeil | Male | Doberman half blood | Bravo | 25 | Mentions: open

Pfeil jumped up at the sound of the wake up call, his ears perking up at the sound.
He licked his chops at the thought of the coming food and water; like most days, he was trained and exercised so much that every evening he was starving, usually it wasn't enough, so he always anticipated the morning meals.
He sat down and watched the food bowl, his jaw opening up in a long yawn, revealing his long sharp canines. He started thinking about the day's routine, which would probably be the same as every day. He thought about Maze and hoped she was doing well, he never liked the thought of them being in two different regiments, but he couldn't complain to the culls without a needless punishment, so he left it... for now.

His cropped ears went up when the food bowl started filling up and he started eating right away, enjoying the dry kibble.
Pfeil lapped up all the water when he was done, then laid down by the door that always opened and led to the open pen.
He shivered at the though of the outside, he didn't have much fur, so the only things that didn't feel cold were were his two mech legs, though the metal made the flesh around them even colder. Pfeil got up when the doors opened and made his way along the door.

Maze | Female | Wolf, Husky, German Shepherd mix | Foxtrot | 33 | Mentions: open

Maze continued to lay in her pen, even after the wake up call sounded, she didn't have to get up just yet, so she stayed where she was, her mismatched eyes lazily staring at nothing.
Sighing she rolled over, glancing around her room; a plain metal box with four doors, each leading somewhere else, plus two tubes then led to her bowls, one for food, one for water. She let her mind wander for the half hour it took for the food to arrive, thinking about nothing and everything at the same time.
She slowly got up when she heard the food coming, smiling at the thought of Pfeil, he always complained about how little he was fed.

She took her time eating and drinking, enjoying the plain food while she could, who knew how long Beta would keep her a simple dog? Who knew when she would become a half blood, or a full cull? she needed to enjoy her life now.
Maze licked away the last bit of kibble and water then laid down once more, watching the door that always opened sometime after eating.
The door opened not long after and she slowly got up and yawned before making her way through, her claws tapping on the metal flooring beneath.

Edited at January 1, 2020 06:02 PM by Schatten Waechter
What is Left of Us | Open! January 1, 2020 06:46 PM

Autumn Bound
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Kämpe | Female | Beta Cheif Cull | 24 | M: Axel, Hoffen

Kämpe strolled down the winding halls, cells bordering each side. Her metallic, robotic movement could be heard form many a feet away. Razor talons clicking, she made her way carefully to the training center. As always, she rose at near 4:00 A.M. - as a Cull, she only needed a scant few hours of sleep to restore energy for her remaining flesh and blood. Regardless, she had multiple duties to tend to; sleep was frowned upon by Beta. Alas, the very last intent of Kämpe was to earn Beta's disapproval. She simply could not afford it; failure meant she was no longer fit to command. Failure meant her inevitable demise.

Although Kämpe was not in any way, 'happy', she certainly did not feel the need to end her life at such a young age. She had cosidered forcing an untimely end, yes, but she could not bring herself to commit such an act. Somehow, she knew the eyes of Beta would still chase her to the the heavens. Guilt would haunt her in the afterlife. She despised who and what she was, but she could not redeem herself; it was far too late now. She had but one option; obey. One choice; submit. One purpose; command. Although she would never admit it, nor defy Beta (as it was simply impossible), a burning notion in her gut told her what she stood for was wrong. But, alas, what many did not know was that she was just as trapped as they.

And so the female stalked forward, head raised pridefully, posture drawn upwards in unfaltering confidence, authority. She cast a passing glare at all who dared meet her eyes. Most of those she flicked her dark eyes to recoiled in their cells, cowered. And the end of the hall lie the abodes of her fellow Cull; namely, Axel and Hoffen. She stood at the gates of their expansive room; not a cell, as they could exit freely at any given time. She frowned at them, radiating mild disapproval. "Commanders," she snarled, voice carrying a metallic echo. "I do hope we are prepared? As you may very well know, sleeping through the morning will not suffice. Consequenses may result." Intelligent and cunning, Kämpe knew exactly where to put emphasis on her words to carry the most authority, power, threat.

What is Left of Us | Open! January 1, 2020 07:01 PM

Autumn Bound
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Anfall | Female | Wolf - Dog (Alaskan Husky, Doberman, Wolf) | Regiment Bravo | 21 | M: Open

Anfall had been awake for a scant hour or so before the sharp alarm rang in her ears, reverberating in her skull, echo haunting her mind. She had spent the past hour, as many a day, searching for an escape. She had discovered a pannel, although she was unable to unhinge it, burdened with paws rather than deft and dexterous hands. She had swiftly deduced that the light hanging above her head in a taunting manner was her only hope of escape; through a rather long analytical thought process, it was clear that if she somehow managed to break it, and alarm would sound, and she could possibly escape through the chaos. But these were all dream - like fantasies; the more she grew awake, the colder and more present the seemingly distant reality became.

Anfall possessed an incredible intelligence; this she had been told, measured upon, judged by. Alas, even for the most clever of mind, she understood that escape would be suicide without a formulated plan. So Anfall spent the early morning hours creating fantasies, elaborate and brilliant plans, only for the reality of her life to come smashing down, shattering the careful balance of her mind's rebellious notions. Namely, the alarm was the catalyst; the culprit of her shattered fantasies. She ate her dry breakfast at a steady, slow pace, sparadically intaking water. She assumed that eating slowly would result in better preformance at training. Although she never had been, she could not fall to the status of a weak link, lest she wish to suffer an 'unfortunate accident'. Bravo was a regiment of order, strength, utter and complete perfection. It went well with her anti - failure mindset, really.

As the doors opened, Anfall padded through the tunnel, spilling out into an expansive pen, devoid of any other dog. First thing to note: It was freezing. A slight hazy flurry hindered her vision, and the cruel air bit into her hide. Her wolf ancestory proved quite useful in times as such, her thick ebony pelage provided the neccessary warmth, although it was clear she still suffered. She waited by her tunnel enterance, as it provided a slight shade of the wind until another soul arrived.

What is Left of Us | Open! January 1, 2020 07:13 PM

Autumn Bound
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Orden | Female | Half Blood (Border Collie cross) | Regiment Bravo | 22 | M: Anfall

Orden watched the activity outside the one pale glass wall of her cell, observant eyes alert, missing not a heartbeat. The took in all she saw as simply as breathing, storing said information into the neat folders of her brilliant mind. Alas, nothing of interest seemed to commence beyond the glass sheet of her cell. However, her mind seemed to unfailingly find a subject of worthy of noting in what one would simply brush off as 'nothing'. Kämpe strolled by.

The cull had been alert, as if she had been awake for a few hours. Although Orden had been told little to nothing of the Chief Cull, she had deduced so much through simple observation: She had to sleep. She presumably still had part flesh and blood, and it would be foolish of Beta to supply her with any sort of false energy to keep her flesh parts active. Sleep would be the more simple option, although it would waste time; alas, Kämpe probably received little time to sleep, as she did not need an excessive amount. This brought the question of night patrols. Surely there was still activity at dark? Orden had once considered staying up to see, but she supposed that no one would stroll by the cells at such an hour (if they had, she would have woken, being a light sleeper). Additionally, if she were to skip a night of sleep, she would not preform well for training. Lastly, there was a potential that Beta might see her as living with some sort of insomnia defect, resulting in more mechanized limbs. Or, she could be seen to have been rebelling, and would therefore be removed. Orden had done some breif calculations, and decided that these risks were not worth an unlikely supply of information.

Orden slowly made her way through her breakfast for the sake of simpler digestion, then made her way down the tunnel. It was freezing. Freezing, as in a bone breaking type of cold that made you wonder if death was a better option than enduring such temperatures. Orden understood that one of the best remedies was to move. So she began strolling about, warming her muscles in both preperation for training as well as remaining at a tolerable temperature. Out of the corner of her eye, Orden spotted Anfall. Anfall was acceptable company; intelligent, wise, strong minded. Alas, in the morning hours, Orden wished to not interact with others unless approached.

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