Wolf Play : The dark forest- Jasiri’s shack
05:34:47 ancient as hell
pvp anyone? ♥
05:32:43 i can smell you
Curse my nearsightedness and astigmatism I thought it would tolerate night mode better
 Cypress Road
05:31:08 Cy, love
We are probably gonna have the same chicken problem we had a year ago where we end up having like 30 chickens again.
05:30:57 Vah is banned

That's the thing, it didn't hurt that much. But it's... now shorter than the others.
 Carpe Noctem
05:30:34 Queen of the Fishes
 Cypress Road
05:29:44 Cy, love
I'm trying to convince my dad to let me get 2 ducks. And my mom's trying to convince him to get 2 turkeys and like 20 quail as well as 6 more chickens.
05:29:26 Yin or Yang
my boy Felori turned 20 this week (I think?)
05:29:17 Vah is banned
Rip I just broke a nail--
05:28:20 not here
Lore ✨
05:28:19 Vah is banned
Heya Carpe!
 Carpe Noctem
05:28:02 Queen of the Fishes
Hi everyone
05:26:43 i can smell you
No upgraded account*
05:26:24 i can smell you
Hold on, let me see the default palettes using my own jacked up eyes and show someone. I kind of just cope lol
05:25:48 Spider
9? I got 0
05:25:16 i can smell you
Like the normal/light/dark settings that can be switched on an off on different sutes or on your mobile device
Maybe a tiny tweak to the default palettes if that was also their point /positive not mean
 Cypress Road
05:25:10 Cy, love
Yall I got 9 chickens
05:23:35 Vah is banned

Biggest IPad screen you can get. I think it's called the 13in. now but when I got it it was the 12.9 in.
05:22:28 ET
Awh man </3
I don't think I'll ever get used to it, I'm a graphics tablet loyalist for LIFE, I swear.

Oh man, how big? :0
05:21:53 Chior, Jax
okay but what if we need a dark mode thats not a pallette? Just cause not everyone can get premium
05:21:29 Vah is banned

Oh it takes so long to get used to it, let me tell you--

I then made it more difficult for myself by buying a bigger screen LOL


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The dark forest- Jasiri’s shackNovember 27, 2023 07:36 PM

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The wooden sign posted near the front reads. " Blacksmith, crafter, and shopkeeper."
A large wolf waves at you as you approach. "Hello, you seem new to town, I'm Jasiri, I won't tell you what my role is as you have probably read the sign. But I sell a variety of wares that might help you on your adventures."
Yellow healing potion- heals mild injuries - 10 silver
a knife- standered weapon can be reinforced - 3 gold
Bait- fish, worm, berries- useful for catching things- 15 shells
net- useful for catching things- 15 silver
Bring him things and he will tell you the options.

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