Wolf Play : The dark forest- Quest tent
07:02:37 Kodiak
Leo, not really, if I'm so honest. Come explain it in my PMs, please.

Voxtexy, I hate that. Even at my little food service job, I'm more than down to help out but doing things out of my paygrade for the same flat rate is. . . tedious to say the least. I like the variety, sometimes, though.

It's nice you get to do what you're actually there to be doing, though.

I should have specified I'm not a firefighter medic just yet, that's just what I'm on the path for. I'm a volunteer EMT at the moment. Not very different. Firefighter paramedic is more paperwork, lmao.
07:01:13 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Bye Vox!
07:00:54 Vox
Ah, shit. Shift starts in 7 hours. I outta leave and try to get some sleep. e.e
06:59:45 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Hey, Top Dawg did you reserch what WoW is? It's really important for Top Dogs as we're are PvP centered. And it starts in a week! I think people wanna know how we'll do the apple distribution :)
06:59:03 Vox
You dodged a big bullet there! Even people with my title can get stuck with stuff they didn't sign up for, it's so sucky. I got lucky and actually do electrician stuff on aircraft parts.

I definitely am not well versed in all of it, since Navy schools actually suck and barely taught me my specific job, but I'm learning! (Kinda)

How's it like being a firefighter medic?
06:56:09 Kodiak
Voxtexy, that's a conclusion I kind of reached. xD I was like, "This seems lame and I have to be in the middle of the ocean."
06:54:13 Vox
Best part of that is, everyone is considered a fire fighter in the Navy. The people I know with that job title do like... everything but firefight unless the ship catches fire or something. Or they teach the fire fighting courses 😭

Firefighter medic sounds better than the fire fighting jobs we have
06:49:21 Leo, Lion (He/him)
If i could i'd telepathically send some wifi to you guys XD
06:49:13 Kodiak
Voxtexy, well, thank you, Voxtexy's autocorrect, then.

Honestly, not really. I was talking to a recruiter for a very long time about joining the Navy as a Naval firefighter or just joining the Marines but my boyfriend protested and so I settled for firefighter medic.
06:46:35 Vox
I'm surprised my phone is allowing it. Normally it horribly autocorrects everything

If you wouldn't mind being on an aircraft carrier, then 100%. Or maybe I can somehow telepathically connect you to it.
06:44:02 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Yeah sorry! Sailor then! :)
06:43:35 Kodiak
Voxtexy, finally, someone who doesn't dumb down my username into awful shortenings, mashallah.

Please share the slightly more favorable wifi with my laptop, thank you in advance.
06:42:49 Vox
I wish I was Army!

I'm a salty Sailor :')
06:42:35 Leo, Lion (He/him)
I'm at home but the wifi is still shitty XD
06:41:58 Vox
Oh lord. I think the ship wifi might be better than McDonald's wifi by like.. a smidge

Both are unfavorable lmao
06:41:39 Leo, Lion (He/him)
No problem! :)
06:40:38 Vox
It's fine!

Thank you! It's one of my favorite palettes that I've ordered :0
06:40:01 Leo, Lion (He/him)
The TH god decided to help you as thanks for your help to the army XD
06:39:03 Kodiak
Voxtexy, I feel your pain. I'm on land so in theory, my wifi should be up there but nope. McDonald's wifi.
06:38:53 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Sorry didn't see your bio XD Love your palette though!


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The dark forest- Quest tentNovember 27, 2023 06:56 PM

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A Small scarred wolf waves you over to their almost circus like tent. " Hey! I'm Twig and this is my sibling, Okra!" Another head pops out and you jump back in surprise. "Oh! We're conjoined twins!" Twig says, trying not to laugh.
(Quest Tent)
"We give out quests." Okra explains "in return you get rewards such as resources and money
Shiny!- find 5 glowing Mushrooms
Big bird- Find and trap an eagle.
Hmm interesting- Find something interesting (there is a specific thing in the forest you need to find.)

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