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☪{Moonstone} ☪
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Elemental Storms | Witch Roleplay December 8, 2021 10:47 AM

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While the sun had set on the arisen, the four large stones around the group of small witches from all over started to glow dimly before suddenly shining brightly, nearly blinding the young people. After a long while, the bright lights slowly dimmed down but never fully went away. Looking up, the young witches could see four large entities standing high above the already towering stones. The four instantly stood out from the rest. One had hair that seemed to move like water, being see-through, and had the whitest of glow around them. The next one had hair that seemed to move like hot lava, hot lava seeped out from the top of their head and dropped to the ground before hardening into sharp stones. They had a red glow around them. The other one next was the smallest, floating gently on a large leaf, with a small windstorm underneath the leaf. The small fairy-like being had a grey glow around them. The one next to the smallest seemed to be made of stone, only moving ever so slightly to keep a watch on the rest. The stone one was the largest of the bunch and had a brown glow around them.
These four are called The Greats, the group remembered, which were the purest witches that had harnessed the greatest, purest powers. One for each different power. Only a few of the witches remembered there being more..
As The Greats looked at the group, they seemed to smile. "Welcome, little Witches. Why have you summoned us?" They all spoke in unison.
~You may now enter~
Elemental Storms | Witch Roleplay December 8, 2021 04:34 PM

Gold Hearts
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Celestia, light,female
"Umm hi? What's your name? Mines Celestia. I re-" Suddenly Fang pushed her down into a kneeling position, she looked around and saw that Fang was already kneeling.
Fang/ Dragon
" Your greatnesses we are honored to be in your presence." Ugh, please say that I made up for Celestias rudeness.
Elemental Storms | Witch Roleplay December 8, 2021 04:45 PM

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The Lave Great
The lava Witch leaned down from where they were to look at the dragon and Celestia. "You may call me Mr. Magma." The lava Witch said. Leaning back up towards the other three, the witch lifted up their hand and the stones their lava had hardened into reverted back into lava and quickly swirled around their hand. "Please, arise. No need to bow, little dragon, we knew that not many understood what we are." The other three nodded to what Mr. Magma had said.
Elemental Storms | Witch Roleplay December 8, 2021 04:52 PM

Gold Hearts
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Fang arose" Thank you, we are forever indebted to you coming in our time of need."
Celestia/ female/light
" Awesome trick, Mr.Magma. Do you think you could teach me it? I know I'm not Fire but anything possible right! Oh and your friends hair is cool!" Celestia geustured to the Great with the water like hair.
Elemental Storms | Witch Roleplay December 9, 2021 07:11 AM

Kwerky Kazoo
Posts: 13
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Serefina - light - female
Sephy glanced around the room, at the majectic figures, awestruck. She could feel the powerful auras radiating off each person. As they spoke, she cleared her throat.
"I am here for knowledge that I have yet to uncover." She placed a hand over her chest. "I have heard that this is the best place to learn."
Beside her stood her familiar, Leilani, content as a magnificent snow leopardess. Her white dappled fur shone in the low light, making her appear silver. She gave a small huff, before resting on her haunches, her tail wrapped neatly over her paws.
Elemental Storms | Witch Roleplay December 9, 2021 10:49 AM

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The Lava Great
The lava Witch hummed. "Well, we have been summoned here to help the young witches learn and commune with their brooms." Mr. Magma said before hearing the Air Witch mumble something quietly. "Aella, if you have something to say, please tell us." Mr. Magma glared at the Air Witch, Aella, the fairy fluttered its wings before moving closer to the group of witches.
The Air Great
"Young Witches, please come forth!" The fairy whispered out, though the voice was carried by the wind until it was a loud voice. "I am here to check up on the purities of your magic and would really appreciate it if you made a line for me." The fairy bowed their head before looking back at the others with a content smile.
Elemental Storms | Witch Roleplay December 9, 2021 11:12 AM

the dragonborn
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|| Quesnel Bo Durand / Male / Earth / 23 || Cerise / Female / Grizzly / 15 ||

The young man clutched his head, shaking away the fuzziness. Clouds pressed in on the edges of his vision. He straightened his back and stepped out of the fog. Ahead of him, four of the Great Witches stood, looming, their power spilling from their skin in waves of light.

Beside him, he felt Cerise step out of that same fog, pressing close to him. Slowly, he raised his large hand to press on her muscular shoulder. Her eyes were fixed on the stone Witch. Quesnel leaned close, murmuring softly, "Shall we bow, Cerise?"

His familiar huffed, tilting her large head towards him in response, before lowering herself into a low bow, her snout brushing the grass below. Quesnel brought himself to his knee, lowering his own head, closing his eyes in respect. Ideas were pouring into his brain. Perhaps the Earth Witch would know of the fruit he needed... he would have to ask later. Right now was not the time.

"M'lords," he said in his rumbling voice. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances."

Elemental Storms | Witch Roleplay December 9, 2021 11:22 AM

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The Air Great
The small fairy saw a young witch, Quesnel, which they found out was male upon further inspection, step out and kneel down to them. Turning over to the Earth Great and nodding to them the fairy zoomed over to the male and looked at the familiar that was bowed next to him. "The pleasure is ours." The Witch used a small breeze of wind to lift up the male and the familiar into a standing position. "My name is Aella, what is yours, young Witch and bear?" The fairy bowed before seeing the Earth Witch slowly move over to join the young fairy. The Earth Witch knelt down to show some respect before raising a hand to the grizzly bear. "Terran." The stoned figure spoke after a long pause. The fairy floated up to the other and patted the large figure's head with a happy hum. These two could easily have been noticed as great friends from even the greatest of lengths.
Elemental Storms | Witch Roleplay December 9, 2021 11:55 AM

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Aziel Firetalon / M / Air / 24 // August / M / Wandering albatross // M: The Air and Earth Greats, Quesnel, open
Aziel hovered on the edges of the fog, watching everything with intent hazel eyes. His posture appeared casual but not relaxed - untrusting, perhaps, of these strange beings that radiated power. Others emerged from the fog as he did, their familiars walking or flying by their sides. How many others had come here? To witness the summoning of the magical beings - or perhaps to ask something of them. Even as he had made the long, perilous journey to get here, Aziel was still not sure what he hoped to gain from it. Power? Clarity? Purpose? He'd hoped it would come to him when he stood before the Greats, perhaps, at the very end of his travels. Perhaps a home, an end to the ever-shifting life of a vagabond. August stood besides him, quiet and stoic as always, gazing around with dark eyes at the other people and familiars, and ruffling his sleek feathers disinterestedly.

A man appeared from the fog near him, incredibly tall and very rugged-looking, with a bear familiar walking by his side. Quite the opposite of Aziel himself, he thought. Perhaps an Earth witch, if the half-myth of people growing to resemble their elements had any truth to it. August tugged at his sleeve, catching his attention and clicking his beak briskly. Two of the Great Witches were heading over to inspect the taller man and his bear, seeming to greet them gladly. They were quite calm and hospitable, for powerful magical creatures. In his experience most were far less willing to mingle casually with mortals. He swept into as princely of a bow as he could muster. "It is an honor, Great Witches." He said once the man was done introducing himself, his voice soft and low but still quite audible. Though he was still apprehensive of these powerful witches, and unsure of their true intentions, it didn't show in his voice or body.
Elemental Storms | Witch Roleplay December 9, 2021 12:27 PM

Posts: 1376
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Okeanós|Female|Water M: Aziel Firetalon, The Greats, Quesnel
Okeanós walked through the fog to see the large ancient beings known as the Greats. Looking around she saw a few others and walked over to the man with the Albatross next to him. Fýki flew down from the fog and landed next to Okeanós as she started to walk. With a nose touch on Okeanós's back, the large water dragon kept watching The Greats. "Hello?" She waved at the Albatross slowly before looking at the bowing male. "You know those other two aren't so friendly, right?" She asked as she looked at the Water and Fire Greats. "Or, at least, that's what the rumors told me about them." She looked down before giving the mythical Witches a curtsey. In the corner of her eyes, she saw a bunch of brooms floating behind The Greats.
(PS: The brooms are there since they will be given to the witches, sorry for not explaining more clearly)

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