08:45:24 Old Spice Swagger

My hoodies aren't keeping me warmmm qwq
Okie I'm walking over, I'm so cold. Like seriously, I'm wrapped in a blanket and it's not helping.
~Milk Babe~
08:45:11 Flesh-Peddler >:)
Side Chick
flying potato
08:45:10 TAM potato lord
its the male that has been breed 3 time already
Mr Clean
08:45:05 Timber here
Pimp Daddy
Breathing Overload
Because it is so overwhelming to even breath on this earth :>
flying potato
08:44:45 TAM potato lord
ill steal the mela male from you :3
08:44:16 Boundless/Starry
-WP Click-
Vote please! :D
Soul Eater
08:44:11 Devourer/Dev/Soul
Let me see if I can get a jasmine.
08:43:59 Shim/RS
-WP Click-
Oof which to retire?
Zombified Breyer
08:43:58 Rattie Mom
Would anyone be up for a roleplay in PMs? Feel free to check out my bio and send me a message
~Milk Babe~
08:43:52 Flesh-Peddler >:)
I didn't even know that was possible- xD

why not? >:(

which should I make my life blog name?
flying potato
08:43:46 TAM potato lord
wait she hasnt been breed...wait are you floofing sireice..his been breed 3 times already
Mr Clean
08:43:32 Timber here
The Dragonborn
08:43:20 not a skyrim ref-
[ will smith ]
well come here then, i'm warm-
08:43:03 Old Spice Swagger

I'm so fawking cold qwq
The Dragonborn
08:42:36 not a skyrim ref-
[ meowth ]
hmm... nah <3

ew a cat -3-
Hurricane blizzards
08:42:29 Sage || hurri
Potato no problem!
The Dragonborn
08:42:22 not a skyrim ref-
someone just said "i'm a centimeter and a half"

i'm concerned
flying potato
08:42:19 TAM potato lord
ugh now i realize that she already been breed to
flying potato
08:41:28 TAM potato lord
thanks so much hurricane
~Milk Babe~
08:41:20 Flesh-Peddler >:)
just don't agree, ez

ew a rat -3-


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    wip rp thread March 9, 2021 02:47 PM

Cypress Road
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    wip rp thread March 12, 2021 02:14 PM

Cypress Road
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Ash(beta male)
Celeste(beta female)
Night Hawk(omega)
Shadow Eagal(elder)
Brook(discovers pack)

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wip rp thread March 12, 2021 12:25 AM

fire bird
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Ash laid in the hot sun he was pretty hungry and tired as he looked up at the pack he sniffed the air
fire ran through the woods he long legs stretching out her flowy reddish fur shining in the hot sun she stayed near the pack but still ran around a ton
wip rp thread March 12, 2021 07:57 AM

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Shadow Eagle | Elder | Male | Werewolf | M: Anyone up
Shadow woke up, giving a yawn before stretching each one of his legs. Flicking his ears, he walked to the entrance of the den before letting out a sigh. The teens would be going back to school soon and him and the other elder would get all the paper work. Flicking his ears, he closed his eyes listening to the sounds of the forest. After a couple moments, he walked into the clearing seeing that not many was up. His alpha and betas were not up so he layed down in the clearing. He listened to the birds chirp while he waited for his pack to wake up.

Lily | Female | Human | M: None
The alarm clock went off. A hand reached out of the covers, groggily turning it off. A blond haired girl sat up in bed, her hair sticking up all over the place. Her tired hazel eyes looked at her surroundings before she got up and went to the bathroom. After taking a shower, Lily came out, her hair now nice and straight with her eyes shining brightly. Last week of summer and then we go back to school. Lily liked school, as long as it wasn't math, and she could hang out with her friends. Throwing on some clothes, her favorite two colors that never seemed to go with each other: Purple and Green. She also liked red and orange but that's what her necklace was for. Oh, almost forgot. She took out her fox pendant and put it on before slipping on her titanium bracelet. She smiled sadly at it for a moment before heading downstairs for breakfast.

Night Hawk | Omega/Member | Male | Werewolf | M: Anyone up
Night Hawk had already been up and running through the forest. His long legs devoured the land before he skidded to a halt. Dropping into a crouch, he stalked forward before pouncing on the rabbit. Snapping its spine instantly, he picked it up before trotting back towards camp. Hearing a scratching sound, he dropped low again dropping the rabbit quietly. Stalking forward, he saw a quail scratching in the dirt. Stopping, he put all his strength into his hindquarters before lunging forward. The quail lifted off with an alarm call but didn't get too far. Leaping up, he grabbed it by it's tail pulling it down before sinking his teeth into it's neck. The delicious smells rose to meet him but he knew that the alpha must eat first. Going back for his rabbit, he trotted back to camp with his prey.
wip rp thread March 25, 2021 03:49 PM

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Lupus woke up to the annoying chant of Octavius crying "I want breakfast!" Over and over again until he calmly looked at the alarm clock ringing in time with Octavius's chant. It was 6 o'clock on a Saturday morning,Lupus groans and scoop up Octavius and piggy-backs him to the breakfast table and starts to make his younger brother's breakfast. "There we go Octavius there is your breakfast my little brother" Laughed Lupus handing a plate of pancakes with lots of toppings on the side,he continued"The toppings are maple syrup,Nutella,honey and sugar and lemon. I have to do something just call me if you need me" Lupus shut the bedroom door to his little brother who was in his pjs but ready for the day. Lupus walked half speed-walked to a door by the basement.Lupus froze then listened and heard his brother swearing and smashing another bottle. Lupus knocked but all that can back was loads of verbal abuse,Lupus slowly unlocked and entered the room only to have a bottle thrown at him. Lupus looked around the room in despair at the smashed bottles on the Grey slightly moldy floor and at the torn mattress and at the damaged chair with no legs. Lupus ignored his older brother's anger and swept up the glass only resulting into more cuts on his forehead. Lupus then swiftly closed the door behind him and locked it. He held Octavius's hand and got on his backpack and clothes. Then he let Octavius read and play on the family iPad while he rapidly got changed.
Suddenly Lupus looked and the still flashing alarm clock saying 8:25 and quickly grabbed Octavius's hand and lead him towards the werewolves. Lupus while pretending to be leading his little brother to go on a forest trail walk, he always looked behind him just in case he was being followed

He woke up just as the sun was rising,he looked at his battered wind-up clock.Adrastos panicked but then relaxed as the clock said it was 10 past 12 although it was only about 5 o'clock.Adrastos sighed,got dressed for his daily visit to Brooke and opened his white creaking door bow hidden with his knives&belt. Suddenly a voice boomed from his uncle's bedroom"Adrastos get your a** back Into bed,actually nah get me some water" Adrastos froze and dropped his bag onto his bed snd hurried down stairs to get water then hurried back upstairs and sweetly and politely called"Uncle Your water is outside the door" and rapidly hurried away,picked up his bag and quietly went out of the back door. He forgot all about breakfast and his hunger and his emotions and he was free while he was outside running in the ground and jumping rooftop to rooftop but in his Uncle's House everything was a danger and every ask was a risk. Adrastos continued to Brooke's house
Aurora was in her hut and the pack was stirring in their sleep some arrived and some who slept in the Forest woke in their slumber. Aurora wolfed down some fresh chicken,Swift had brought her out of kindness,She then went about her small hut cleaning not in her wolf form,when suddenly she felt she needed to and she changed into her beautiful silver wolf and stepped outside in the fresh air.The smells within the forest where accelerating with rabbits to hunt and little voles by a nearby river,and also small owl chicks nesting above her view. Aurora was old and wise and she knew it so she settled down and watched Night Hawk come back with a rabbit dangling from his jaws. She looked around and everyone who was up was comfortably going around in their wolf forms in the crisp forest morning. Aurora sighed with happiness and watched Shadow listening to the birds then suddenly Octavius ran over to her and Aurora transformed into her human form again.
While playfully complaining about how a elder can't get away from a pup,Aurora looked over Octavius's
Shoulder at Lupus and his constant frown.
Swift was in her bedroom looking at her clock which was flashing 7:00.She had awoken to her Step-father,Jason flirting and canoodling with her mum,Mara and her step-brothers Freddy and Casper where banging on her wall to annoy her. It worked and Swift finally went downstairs and ignored Jason who was being flirty with her Mum and ignored Freddy and Casper who where pulling faces at her even though they were 16. Swift grabbed some toast and attempted to slip out of the front door when her step-dad spoke"Hey Anna! Where you going honey?" Swift mumbled her reply"somewhere away from you" and slipped out of the door trying not to look at Jason's shocked face.It was only when she was out of the street did she burst into laughters That Face! XD Thé look on Jason's face and she laughter to herself on the way to the Forest
Sorry it's quite a lot :)

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wip rp thread March 28, 2021 12:53 PM

Cypress Road
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Atticus sat outside his house. He was in his wolf form and watching the pack. Not everyone lived in the forest or close together. The pack had to move fast. It was the first day at the new school. He had required everyone old enough or young enough to go to school or atleqst try it. The pups had no choice though until they were officially no longer pups. To set an example though, Atticus decided that he would go to school every day until he graduated. He knew the basics for running a pack but his parents were gone and he wouldn't get help if he needed it.
Octavius kept whining that he was hungry. He was glad when he finally got breakfast. His parents were gone but he didn't care because he kept thinking they would come back. They would find him. Octavius loved his big brother Lupus. He didn't really like his other big brother Fenrir though. He had met Frenrir a few times and always thought of him as mean and scary and he was glad Lupus was there to protect him. "Where are we going big brother?" Octavius asked in his cute sweet little voice.

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wip rp thread March 28, 2021 02:50 PM

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Lupus did not answer Octavius's question at first,He was thinking about Fenrir and he touched his forehead where a little blood was gathered . Lupus looked at his little brother and then realized he was talking to him so replied "Little Brother we are going to the place you love.....The Forest of course"

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wip rp thread March 28, 2021 07:54 PM

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Shadow Eagle | Elder | Male | Werewolf | M: Aurora, Atticus, other werewolves that are up.
Shadow opened his eyes, finding that the pack was slowly getting up. Night Hawk came in happily with a big rabbit and a quail in his jaws. Aurora was up and already caring for Octavius and Lupus. He let out a contented sigh as he watched them before flciking his ears, picking up slight footsteps. Night Hawk brought over the rabbit for him and Shadow thanked him before the youngin took the quail over to Octavius and Lupus. "Hungry?" Was the only thing Night had to say to get their attention. Shadow raised his head, seeing his alpha watching the pack from his house. Getting up, he stretched deeply before starting over to him.

Night Hawk | Member | Male | Werewolf | M: Anyone up, Aurora, Octavius & Lupus
Night Hawk padded into camp, his prey dangling from his jaws. Looking over, he saw some of the pack up before dropping the rabbit at his elder Shadow's paws. Shadow thanked him before Night started over to Aurora, Octavius and Lupus. Dropping the quail, he said, "Hungry?" in a playful tone.

Lily | Human | Female | M: Open
Lily got downstairs before grabbing some toast out of the toaster. "See you La-" Was all Sierra got out before Lily was out the door. Grabbing her backpack real quick on the porch, she finished her toast as she started for Brook's house. They hadn't been friends long, but a walk to school on the first day would be fun. . .Even if Lily just tagged along behind them.
wip rp thread March 29, 2021 11:28 AM

Cypress Road
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Atticus looked to the elder Shadow. "Good morning Shadow." He said in greeting. He watched the pack for a little longer. "We should be leaving soon if we want to be on time." He said more to himself but loud enough for everyone to hear. He changed into his human form and turned to go inside to get his bag.
Octavius got excited. "Yay. Are we gonna see the rest of the pack and Atticus and Fire?" He asked in a cherpy voice. "No thanks I already ate." He said in a sweet voice when asked if he was hungry. "Lupus didn't though." He said looking up at his big brother.
wip rp thread March 29, 2021 11:52 AM

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Shadow Eagle | Elder | Male | M: Atticus, the other teens, Aurora
Shadow nodded to Atticus in greeting before shifting to his own human form. Getting his bag which would soon be full of paperwork, he waited outside for Atticus before looking around for the rest of the teens. Night Hawk was now nowhere to be seen but Shadow spotted him coming out with his backpack. Shadow let out a shout, "School. Now." To get the rest of the teens attention while Lupus was with her brother and Aurora.

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