10:42:50 Drago
Oh sorry Vic, I didn’t realize expressing sadness about someone leaving counts as that. I guess I assumed it was only talking bad about other player, I know now so sorry!
10:42:37 dream dreamy soul
-WP Click- wolf pack roleplay
Moonlight Seekers
10:42:14 Moon, Moony

-WP Click-
10:41:55 Ice/Icewolf/Nira
Your wolves played: Xina lays their head on Juno *breeder*s back.
10:41:31 Vice Versa
Please do not talk about other players
Moonlight Seekers
10:41:01 Moon, Moony
Sparking Flame
10:39:05 Spark

Yep lol. I dont think i've changed my name since I joined.

yep. I'm old ;-;
Midnights pack
10:36:28 mid night that bish
sait of course he is in love with the boops
Kingdom of Midnight
10:35:10 Lazy, Midnight, King

lol. I only changed my name cause ADHD was like oooo cool new name and new avatar.

haha. Damn 7 years for you. You are old on this game.
Interstellar Sun
10:33:33 I'm back y'all
Interstellar Sun
10:33:19 I'm back y'all
Sobs in cant draw light futures -Click-
Sparking Flame
10:33:02 Spark

I try to keep my name the same, since I normally am not on long enough to change it lol.

I can tell. I'm surprised there's still as many oldies on here! I guess I am considered old on here too. oof.
Kingdom of Midnight
10:31:34 Lazy, Midnight, King

Haha dont worry. My name has changed as well lol.

A lot has changed. ^^. I am glad to see some packs come back. It makes me very happy
Sparking Flame
10:30:42 Spark

Yay! I wasn't sure, I dont really see any names I actually recognize, though it has been a year since I was last on.
10:30:29 Novak, Lost
Ah nvm, hope all is ok!
10:30:27 Aenocyon Dirus
Bye Fr3ak
10:29:53 Novak, Lost
Are you leaving WP?
Investigator Saint

Aw yes please and can you give it a boop for me?
10:28:28 Aires/Aztech
Bye everyone
Midnights pack
10:27:59 mid night that bish
i will he is too cute to be lonely


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LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) January 11, 2021 04:05 PM

Posts: 509
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Recently I've gotten back into role playing and I'm hoping to get a few new possibility long terms role-play partners!

Post 1 - Introduction / Topics
Post 2 - Rules / Requirements
Post 3 - Forum

Before continuing please note that a rarely roleplay any form of Animal / Supernatural creature / Hybrid or etc.
Topics I AM interested in:
I'm open to most humanoid topics however here are a few of my personal favourite genres:
- Medieval / Modern
- Slow burn romance
- Action / Adventure
- Enemies to lovers ( Slow burn )
- Criminal organization ( Mafia / Assasins / Gangs )
- More!

Edited at May 4, 2021 06:59 PM by Adira
LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) January 11, 2021 04:05 PM

Posts: 509
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Rules & Requirements

Here are a few of my rules and Requirements, please make sure to go over them before filling out a forum!
-Follow all WP rules
-This one is pretty self explanatory, Dont control my characters.
- Contribute to the plot, don't be afraid to add your own plot twists and etc.
- Foul Language is fine just not every other sentence to the point where it's irritating.
- Please respond with 500+ Words.

[ Please DO NOT fill out a form if you cannot meet the word requirement. If our characters are interacting or you're having writers block then the word requirement does not apply but I'd still appreciate you reaching it. ]
- Don't ghost me, if you want to end the rp just let me know.
- If I don't respond within two hours or so of being online feel free to pm me, my reply probably didn't go through.
- I can play either gender though I rp MxF if it's romance and prefer the female role.
- Please proof read your messages and have decent grammar, I understand typo's but make sure it's readable.

Edited at June 14, 2021 02:37 PM by Adira
LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) January 11, 2021 04:06 PM

Posts: 509
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Interested in roleplaying with me? Great! please fill out the forum below and post it here or pm me!

Pack Name & Number:
Pms or Forums:
Topics you're interested in:
Activity: ( How often are you online )
Roleplay Example:

Edited at January 11, 2021 04:11 PM by Adira
LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) January 11, 2021 04:23 PM

Stained Red
Posts: 580
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Pack Name & Number: Stained Red, #271466
Pms or Forums: PMs
Topics you're interested in: Mostly plots revolving around vampires/lycans/shifters in either medieval or modern times.
Activity: This varies, I'm typically very busy, especially during the day, so even if it says I'm online doesn't necessarily mean I really am, I often have a tab open to look at art orders while I do my art, and not paying attention to the actual site itself ^^
Roleplay Example: (I'll just pull something out of one of my current roleplays)
At long last, when the bodies had been counted off and the vampires burned and thrown in a bloody pile of char and ash, the lycans headed back west. They had to go in human form, as they couldn't run wolf with the vampire among them, but they made haste and reached the horses quickly.
As they entered the silent, wayward campsite where their horses were in tow, they were met by a handful of other lycans. "Ryder, it's good to see you alive. We succeeded in the mission, call the others." Ryder nodded, shifting steadily into the form of a great Australian wolf as he let out a firm, baying howl of their triumph to the land.
A lycan soldier hurried to the middle of the campsite leading a sturdy mottled horse. "Isaiah- General Vinryk- your horse." He stammered through the words, and something warm lit the general's features. "Thank you, cousin." He took the horse's reins and strapped on the captain to its back. The horse chuffed and pawed its hooves on the ground, he disliked carrying the vampire. Vinryk patted the horse's side, before mounting on its saddle. "The group that ventured the forest with me, take your horses. We ride out now. As for those who are left, catch up to us at the packgrounds."
Other: Just FYI that was just a piece of the whole mesage ;v;

Edited at January 11, 2021 04:30 PM by Stained Red
LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) January 12, 2021 04:39 PM

Posts: 3713
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Pack Name & Number: Cicatrize

Pms or Forums: Forums

Topics you're interested in: Any

Activity: Multiple times daily

Roleplay Example: The Power of Pie, Fading Colors, Elements

Other: I'm kinda looking for something interesting to use male characters in.

LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) January 12, 2021 05:29 PM

Stalker of Prey
Posts: 1179
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Pack Name & Number: Stalker of Prey #269879
Pms or Forums: I'm okay with any!
Topics you're interested in: Any!
Activity: ( How often are you online ) Every single day, at least 5 hours.
Roleplay Example:
A RP from a sled dog RP:
Cold bit at his face. Snow flew in his ears. Wind stung his eyes. Hailstorm growled softly in fatigue and exhaustion. Looking up at his friends, that also pulled the sled, he remembered the hard times they had been through. He turned back to look at their musher. He had loved them as far as love could go, and they had loved him back. But Hailstorm could sense something today. They all had. He was..changing. They knew this was because of lack of supplies. A recent blizzard had wrecked them. The team had suffered a huge loss. Hailstorm was grateful they lived through all that- the icebergs, polar bears, storms. He sighed wearily and continued to pull the sled.

Suddenly, there was a CRACK. They were close to a frozen river and a piece of ice broke the surface. Hailstorm jumped. He felt all the dogs tense. Then, when nothing else happened, they moved on in silence.

How he wished he could be back at home again...with the warm fireplace crackling, the sweet smell of cookies and biscuits, and outside there would be a clear and starry night. Orion and Leo and Pisces- all those constellations would be visible. Their musher had taught them about constellations. Hailstorm loved them. He imagined what is would be like to be each of them- with Leo, being fierce and strong. With Scorpius, the stinging barb at the end of his tail. As they settled camp for the night, Hailstorm lay down and looked up at the night sky. He let the sound of crickets churping slowly lull him to sleep.

And here's a story made my me: Blog link- Prologue
Other: I'm a writer! I usually write up to 3 paraghraps, actually. Thank you!
LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) January 12, 2021 05:33 PM

Posts: 3399
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Pack Name & Number:

Xuân :|: 255366

Pms or Forums:

Forums please ^^

Topics you're interested in:

Any plot literally. qwq. Slice of life, humanoid, animals, fantasy, etc.


Practically the entire day as of now. I can respond in an hour to maybe three days depending on my schedule.

Roleplay Example:

Shortest, Long, Longest


I can play any gender, and pairing, and any gender pairing.

LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) January 12, 2021 06:53 PM

Posts: 509
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Thank you to everyone who has shown interest, I have quite a few roleplays starting up now so this will be temporarily closed until further notice. :)
LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) April 1, 2021 12:37 AM

Posts: 509
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Looking for a few more Role-play Partners so as of now, this is re opening!
( Preferably Pm Role-plays )
LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) April 1, 2021 12:25 PM

Posts: 1261
Give Award
Pack Name & Number: {Wild-Canine's} 271616
Pms or Forums: Forums (I know your mostly looking for Pm Role-players but mine sadly won't let me post 250+ or it logs me out)
Topics you're interested in: Any and all. I would be really interested in doing a medieval one though.
Activity: ( How often are you online ) Everyday for atleast 2+ hours.
Roleplay Example: WIP

Edited at April 1, 2021 01:44 PM by {Wild-Canine's}

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