Glowing Spirit
10:48:21 Spirit ;]
im my mom's first born so she's really tough on me cause she wants a better life for me than her
Butter Bee
10:47:07 Luna, bee lord, Loki
That could be whyXD I remember my mom telling once that I was always bad and then think back on it and see myself as a good kid.
10:46:09 Moonlight, moon,
shout box
Glowing Spirit
10:44:58 Spirit ;]
In your box? but I have!
10:44:07 Moonlight, moon,
ayo comment in my box if you have seen loki (the show not butter bee)!
Glowing Spirit
10:43:44 Spirit ;]
if your the first born i could understand it's cause your her first kid but if your not then i dunno
Arcane Loon
10:43:33 Loon, Fauna
Evening y'all 👋🏻
Butter Bee
10:42:28 Luna, bee lord, Loki
My mom is weird. She’s always on top of me about everything but then is never on top of my brother and sister about anything even though they could have been the one to start whatever
Glowing Spirit
10:40:10 Spirit ;]
yeah my mother is always super hard on me about legit everything but then they never know why im always depressed.
Butter Bee
10:39:04 Luna, bee lord, Loki
I get the same talk(s) almost every single day of my life. It’s annoying and irritating and here I am pretending I don’t like my grades when I could careless
Glowing Spirit
10:36:24 Spirit ;]
Ive been there i send virtual hugs 💕
Glowing Spirit
10:35:12 Spirit ;]
Have a good night ♡
Butter Bee
10:34:56 Luna, bee lord, Loki
Nah. My mom said something and that just caused something in me to break and want to make me cry.
10:34:30 sleep deprived
-WP Click-
Would she be good to customize? If so, should I keep her pelt greyscale or brownscale?
10:34:30 I was Kobel
Sketch time :>
Kyram Pack
10:33:56 Mando, Ky, Bear.
Glow Bro:
Back on a new track lmao. I gotta poof though.
Kyram Pack
10:33:25 Mando, Ky, Bear.
Glowing Spirit
10:32:38 Spirit ;]
Aw Bb,
Do you need a huggie?
Glowing Spirit
10:32:17 Spirit ;]
lol how's Vacation?
Butter Bee
10:31:59 Luna, bee lord, Loki
Demon child
Good because that was about 1/8 of my rubba duck warehouse given to you

Meh. I’m bored and getting over the fact that I cried for a couple seconds over something silly


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LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) April 1, 2021 12:28 PM

Posts: 827
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Pack Name & Number: Aftermath, 250640
Pms or Forums: PM's preferably.

Topics you're interested in: I've had a Hunter x Hunted (humans) set in a dystopian world kinda thing stuck on my mind lately. Other than that, I'm open to anything. (Not fandom or animal rp's though-).

Activity: While I do have a busy schedule at the moment, with both studying and extra hours at work, I'm still online close to daily, though I'll only be able to reply once or twice, sometimes (but rarely) with a day in between.

Roleplay Example: Most recent one can be found in the 'Profile' section of my page. Otherwise, I do have a few from last year in my blog: RP example & RP example III .

Other: If interested, I do have some Roleplaying Info as well ^^

Edited at April 1, 2021 12:30 PM by Aftermath
LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) May 4, 2021 06:59 PM

Posts: 489
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Looking for a few more Role-play Partners. :)
Pms or Forums.
LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) May 14, 2021 03:04 PM

Dagger Pack
Posts: 3297
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Pack Name & Number
Dagger Pack/212937
PMs or Forums
I can do both, but for the more literate RP's I prefer forums
Topics you're interested in
I can do most any and all though I prefer to stick to humans. While the two off your list that caught my attention most were; enemies to lovers(Slow burning) and criminal organization romance(Slow burning)
Activity: ( How often are you online )
I get on every day and manage to get at least one reply a day. But on good days(Which is more often then not) I get on and off quite a lot during the day and can reply up to five times a day depending on my partner. I won't ever ghost youu, and if I am unable to respond I'll be sure to PM you and let you know!
Roleplay Example:
Short Example
Medium Example
Long Example
In romance I do only play female, unless it is a MxM of which is usually the only time I play male! I have tried male and I must admit, I suck at it quite bad. XD.
LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) May 15, 2021 10:18 AM

Posts: 2307
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Pack Name & Number
Black_Sand 257887
PMs or Forums
I can do both ^^
Topics you're interested in
I'm mostly intrested in the Criminal organization and the mideveal one ^^
Activity: ( How often are you online )
Pretty much everyday, but sometimes I get a bit slow because I'm busy doing YCHs or something, but otherwise I think I'm a pretty fast typer
Roleplay Example:
You've roleplayed with me before but I think I'm getting better at roleplaying, at least starting them, lmao. Lemme see if I can find an actual example-
If you wanted to do the organization one with me I have a clean idea of what we could do for that. I have a bunch of new characters from a universe and story I'm making and they're all part of an assassin group, so maybe your character is hiring them or something, lol. I'm good with anything <3

Edited at May 22, 2021 08:20 PM by Black_Sand
LF: New Roleplay Partners ( Open ) May 28, 2021 11:05 AM

Posts: 3
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Pack Name & Number: Kyo & 276952
Pms or Forums: prefer Forums
Topics you're interested in: medieval, slow burn, criminal organization x civilian
Activity: Attempt daily but at least on the weekend
Roleplay Example:
"Eadwynn, thig an seo mo phàiste," she heard, a young child of barely five turning to look up at an elderly man. Pale brown orbs were so open, so expressive that the elderly man smiled, a chipped tooth grin even brightening the pale brown gaze further. Little legs carried her over to the seated elderly man, pudgy little arms outstretched as she tottered back and forth a little, clearly to excited for her legs to keep up. "Bidh faiceallach," the elderly man chuckled, reaching out with his walking stick and smiling as the little girl grabbed onto it. He gently brought her closer, large calloused hands coming out to lift the girl from the ground and place her on his lap.
A small group of women sat nearby, one was kneading dough while another worked with herbs and spices and some meat and the rest chattered on like mother hens. There was one particular female, a little older than the rest, but clearly had eyes only for the young girl and elderly man. There was a smile to her keen eyes as she sat in the group but might as well have been seated alone. She stole a glance over to her left, the smile broadening as she saw a young warrior, strong and able to provide and protect, watching the exchange as well as he leaned on a proud dapple grey stallion. She was Saorise, the medicine woman of the small tribe of Celts that called the forest their home. The male she watched with the stallion was Aidan, her mate and father of the child across from them with the elderly man, as she was her mother. Knowing eyes turned from Aidan, a soft blush creeping over her cheeks as she found him watching her now, looking back to the shaman that held their child.
The young girl held onto the shaman's hand, playing with his long fingers, smiling at the soft words he spoke to her. "Aon latha ... srandaidh tu ron treubh ... agus air an treas latha, thèid co-dhùnadh a dhèanamh mun dàn agad," the shaman spoke, watching the light in the child's eyes. "Am bi mi nam ghaisgeach mar athair?!" the young girl smiled, almost gleefully holding onto the elderly man's hand.
Aidan watched on with pride, his daughter the spitting image of her mother but he could see some of himself within the girl. He also saw some of the shaman, the very one that held the girl in his lap, as the elderly man was his father, Lufha. He had been lucky to win Saorise's hand, even more so when the had found out she was with child and Lufha had seen a great future in store for the young girl. The shaman had told of a fate tied to King's and great nation's, something that had filled his heart with pride, though seeing his daughter simply enjoying herself with her grandfather and with the tribe ... He wasn't sure which was more special.
"Tha, fear beag ... tha mi a ’creidsinn aon latha gum bi yoy a’ seasamh mar ghaisgeach mòr dha na daoine agad ... le companach math is làidir ri do thaobh," Lufha whispered, smiling down at his granddaughter. Time would tell if his vision was true but he knew she say an older version of Eadwynn standing beside a strong looking male with a strange symbol on his chest while she held a young babe in her arms. It was hard to tell what tribe the male was from, his face shrouded in mystery but Lufha was sure it would be an honorable man for his granddaughter.
Eadwynn, thig an seo mo phàiste - Eadwynn, come here my child
Bidh faiceallach - Be careful
Aon latha ... srandaidh tu ron treubh ... agus air an treas latha, thèid co-dhùnadh a dhèanamh mun dàn agad - One day ... you will stand before the tribe ... and on that day, your fate will be decided
Am bi mi nam ghaisgeach mar athair? - Will I be a warrior like your father?
Tha, fear beag ... tha mi a ’creidsinn aon latha gum bi yoy a’ seasamh mar ghaisgeach mòr dha na daoine agad ... le companach math is làidir ri do thaobh - Yes, little one ... I believe one day you will stand as a great warrior for your people ... with a good and strong mate beside you

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