Butter Bee
10:47:07 Luna, bee lord, Loki
That could be whyXD I remember my mom telling once that I was always bad and then think back on it and see myself as a good kid.
10:46:09 Moonlight, moon,
shout box
Glowing Spirit
10:44:58 Spirit ;]
In your box? but I have!
10:44:07 Moonlight, moon,
ayo comment in my box if you have seen loki (the show not butter bee)!
Glowing Spirit
10:43:44 Spirit ;]
if your the first born i could understand it's cause your her first kid but if your not then i dunno
Arcane Loon
10:43:33 Loon, Fauna
Evening y'all 👋🏻
Butter Bee
10:42:28 Luna, bee lord, Loki
My mom is weird. She’s always on top of me about everything but then is never on top of my brother and sister about anything even though they could have been the one to start whatever
Glowing Spirit
10:40:10 Spirit ;]
yeah my mother is always super hard on me about legit everything but then they never know why im always depressed.
Butter Bee
10:39:04 Luna, bee lord, Loki
I get the same talk(s) almost every single day of my life. It’s annoying and irritating and here I am pretending I don’t like my grades when I could careless
Glowing Spirit
10:36:24 Spirit ;]
Ive been there i send virtual hugs 💕
Glowing Spirit
10:35:12 Spirit ;]
Have a good night ♡
Butter Bee
10:34:56 Luna, bee lord, Loki
Nah. My mom said something and that just caused something in me to break and want to make me cry.
10:34:30 sleep deprived
-WP Click-
Would she be good to customize? If so, should I keep her pelt greyscale or brownscale?
10:34:30 I was Kobel
Sketch time :>
Kyram Pack
10:33:56 Mando, Ky, Bear.
Glow Bro:
Back on a new track lmao. I gotta poof though.
Kyram Pack
10:33:25 Mando, Ky, Bear.
Glowing Spirit
10:32:38 Spirit ;]
Aw Bb,
Do you need a huggie?
Glowing Spirit
10:32:17 Spirit ;]
lol how's Vacation?
Butter Bee
10:31:59 Luna, bee lord, Loki
Demon child
Good because that was about 1/8 of my rubba duck warehouse given to you

Meh. I’m bored and getting over the fact that I cried for a couple seconds over something silly
Kyram Pack
10:30:38 Mando, Ky, Bear.
Glow Bro:
Not much.


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