Teeth Junkie
10:18:02 TableclothStan/Vapor
Quoth my beloved
Quoth the Raven
10:17:56 Nevermore
I need a hug ^^'
Teeth Junkie
10:17:50 TableclothStan/Vapor

That's so good dude ;; I'm really glad you're up and moving around now, too!! Glad you're able to eat other food now too, hopefully :'D <3

I bet you'll recover fully real fast, Desti! Wishing you a speedy recovery <333
Destinations End
10:17:37 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Thank you :)
Sparking Flame
10:17:36 Spark
XD I get that. Also, nice! I'd do that and maybe try to get a litter or 2 from her too
Midnights pack
10:17:17 dreamersoul
i have no clue maybe
Destinations End
10:17:17 Desti, Coy, Coydog
@Quoth <3
Moonlight Seekers
10:17:08 Moon, Moony

He's really cute, they all are
Quoth the Raven
10:16:50 Nevermore
10:16:33 Fangs, Flame
Aye, now I want to keep her XD
10:16:23 Fangs, Flame
Yes, she could be if I get her BE trained. She is my. . .7th? 9th? DH I've CP trained xD. Sold most of the other ones though.
Destinations End
10:16:18 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Yeah. Jasper is the young adult mutt
Moonlight Seekers
10:16:15 Moon, Moony

He is so cute and small
Kingdom of Midnight
10:15:32 Lazy, Midnight, King
Damn no rp partners online ;.;
Destinations End
10:15:30 Desti, Coy, Coydog
I love him :o

Will you be buying him friends?
Sparking Flame
10:15:28 Spark
well, with her having DH, I'd keep her. she could be a good battle wolf!
Midnights pack
10:15:05 dreamersoul
desti look this is mushroom -Click-
10:14:53 Fangs, Flame
Trying to figure out if I should sell her once I'm done with her or keep her :/
Sparking Flame
10:14:48 Spark
Thanks! and bruh, I got you
10:14:08 Fangs, Flame
Wow, welcome back! I'm just spending all my mush on CP training this girl: -WP Click-
XD, I'm hoping to get her fully maxed by the end of the game year. I have a problem lol

It's okay <3


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