11:18:36 Silly-wan Kenobi
I haven't been on since D.Va's matrix got reworked a few months ago so I haven't touched Sigma.
11:18:28 Medic! Oh wait...
Mercy is my wife. No one can tell me differently.
Panic! at My Romance
11:18:28 Lombre-Ragu-Cello
Damn I really wanna play Overwatch :((
Mercy is really pretty. I'm broke as hell tho
11:17:36 Medic! Oh wait...
Please delete Sym, Sigma and Moria
11:17:01 Silly-wan Kenobi
She's the 'worst' Serial. Literally the worst.
11:16:56 Medic! Oh wait...
First hero I ever played was Ana because I join in the Halloween event back in 2017, then moved to tracer (i have 60+ hours with her) then found Mercy and fell in love with her play style. (Mostly because the team would be dead without a proper healer ;3) I play Xbox and Pc, but don't have a good PC so I'm sticking to xbox for now.
11:16:48 Blue
-WP Click-

Dragon rider rp sign ups!
Serial Dreamer
Please delete Sombra.
11:15:31 Silly-wan Kenobi
I don't play as much anymore. Not super excited about any of the new heros recently. Also give Mercy her res back.
Brelsotr Pack
-WP Click-

Care to cast your vote, and see which artistic values trumps the other? I'd like you to think critically about your response and comments before posting and voting. ^-^
11:15:05 Loner
Anyone up for a PM RP? Read the RP section in my bio before contacting me please.
Serial Dreamer
I play on the PS4. I have it on PC but my laptop doesn't run the game very well. :(

Silly, lol, I used to main Reaper when I started playing.
11:14:06 Silly-wan Kenobi
PC. I stick with PC for most games.
11:13:42 Medic! Oh wait...
PC, Xbox, Ps4?
11:12:07 Jurrie // muttons
Rp in scene 1 anyone? I'm open
Serial Dreamer
Overwatch, nice to meet a fellow Support main. xD
I'm decent at Orisa, I've recently started to play her too. I'm hopeless with any DPS hero though, Zen is basically my DPS.
are they going to be endangered too lmao
11:11:34 Silly-wan Kenobi
I have 150 hours on reaper and 120 on D.Va ^^ after that it's Mercy, Zarya and Zenyatta.
That legit sounds kinda cool


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Forums > Socialize

Silver is Officially Back! July 17, 2019 07:19 AM

Silver Angel Wolf
Posts: 348
Decided to make a forum page so you don't think you have hallucinations.

So I don't even know how to start of at this but first of all

I feel like a bitch because I left without an explanation. Everyone was so nice and supportive with me and I just left WP so sudden.

It all began 2 years ago (long time now), that I started having problems in life. I had a lot of drama going on in school and outside it. I felt like I was in a black square were there are no doors, no windows and no other being.
I was all alone at that time.

My mum and granny didn't know that was going on with me and so I made a decision that I would step away from everything I love and just have a calming life.
The reason why no one knew why I left was because I didn't want to receive mails that would consist of 'Please say' and 'Please don't leave'
I knew how much people did enjoy talking and discussing other topics with me, but I really needed to leave. I lost all of my passion for life, and thought why did I even exit in it. I lost the love for my amazing art and just sank down to the bottom.

After one year, I began to play HEE. At first I thought it would be fun but the community wasn't as fun as it was on WP. I currently don't have any friends down there, just people who like to chat about something.
And then I remembered about this best community ever!

Wolf Play.

All the people I know and how they were so kind, so nice and so enjoyable to chat.

If you want my condition now, I am fine but still there is drama going on. But I feel because I feel much better I am willing to return to my place.
I remember some packs on here like

Pack Alpha (the chat chatter)
Vennum (Ven the best mod)
Medivah (my old friend who left WP. I hope she did return)
Xeno (WP artist)
Sirius (with whom I had my first drama and with whom we made good pals)
Pandora (a good friend of mine)
Suri (a good friend of mine)
Forerunner (a good friend of mine)

and of course
SixBears (EVEEEE!!!)

I hope the community will accept me. I still don't know how I will be in chat but hopefully packs will recognize me as I recognized them :)

I missed all the jokes. I missed all the fun. I've missed the community and being part of it a lot.

Also to really get back in here, I will start an art shop.

Everyone, I am so happy I am back. Like really happy. I want to make new friends and chat with old friends.


Edited at July 17, 2019 01:16 PM by Silver Angel Wolf
Silver is Officially Back! July 17, 2019 08:51 AM

Posts: 1897
Welcome back to WP!

Even though I wasn't a part of the community back when you were, I hope we can be good friends~
Silver is Officially Back! July 17, 2019 11:25 AM

Posts: 503
Welcome back! I used to have an account back then, but I don't remember any names. Who knows, I could have bumped into you back then.

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