12:58:55 Hollow | Silver
You got a reason for that? Just curious.
camp half blood
12:58:46 Nico Di Angelo
-WP Click-
12:58:18 King
Stranger Things rp anyone?
12:57:54 Crystal Nation
You should mate
Panic! at My Romance
12:57:05 Ragu-Jalapeeno
Welp have to fix my entire bio :')
12:56:58 Waiting to die
my grandpa on the otherhand has two scotties when he was growing up, one was called Gay Boy.. lol
12:56:58 Hollow | Silver
-WP Click-
Anyone think I should keep this lass?
12:56:18 King
Wow! Huge moon
12:55:41 Duck
Hey Y'all
12:55:24 Waiting to die
hey, thay look identical!

thankuuuu and yours?
12:55:07 Holly Ranchers
Aww. I love dogs
Twist Of Fate
12:54:16 Twistie

I was close. But not really. XD I even got the gender wrong lol

She's precious! <3
Destinations End
12:53:27 Desti
Got my images all readded to my bio :3
12:53:17 Waiting to die
ALmost!! She is identical to a scotty but she actually is a mini schnauser :) she is called tedddyyyyyy :)
12:53:12 Demon From Hell
what a beautiful moon lol
Twist Of Fate
12:52:48 Twistie
Yey, den pages worky
12:52:46 Holly Ranchers
do something like that on April Fools
12:51:31 The Other Side
Alrighty Eve ^^
12:51:29 Hollow | Silver
Lol, we couldn't tell xD
Twist Of Fate
12:51:18 Twistie
omg it's a SCOTTY!!! agh i love himmm!


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Forums > Socialize

Silver is Officially Back! July 17, 2019 07:19 AM

Silver Angel Wolf
Posts: 355
Decided to make a forum page so you don't think you have hallucinations.

So I don't even know how to start of at this but first of all

I feel like a bitch because I left without an explanation. Everyone was so nice and supportive with me and I just left WP so sudden.

It all began 2 years ago (long time now), that I started having problems in life. I had a lot of drama going on in school and outside it. I felt like I was in a black square were there are no doors, no windows and no other being.
I was all alone at that time.

My mum and granny didn't know that was going on with me and so I made a decision that I would step away from everything I love and just have a calming life.
The reason why no one knew why I left was because I didn't want to receive mails that would consist of 'Please say' and 'Please don't leave'
I knew how much people did enjoy talking and discussing other topics with me, but I really needed to leave. I lost all of my passion for life, and thought why did I even exit in it. I lost the love for my amazing art and just sank down to the bottom.

After one year, I began to play HEE. At first I thought it would be fun but the community wasn't as fun as it was on WP. I currently don't have any friends down there, just people who like to chat about something.
And then I remembered about this best community ever!

Wolf Play.

All the people I know and how they were so kind, so nice and so enjoyable to chat.

If you want my condition now, I am fine but still there is drama going on. But I feel because I feel much better I am willing to return to my place.
I remember some packs on here like

Pack Alpha (the chat chatter)
Vennum (Ven the best mod)
Medivah (my old friend who left WP. I hope she did return)
Xeno (WP artist)
Sirius (with whom I had my first drama and with whom we made good pals)
Pandora (a good friend of mine)
Suri (a good friend of mine)
Forerunner (a good friend of mine)

and of course
SixBears (EVEEEE!!!)

I hope the community will accept me. I still don't know how I will be in chat but hopefully packs will recognize me as I recognized them :)

I missed all the jokes. I missed all the fun. I've missed the community and being part of it a lot.

Also to really get back in here, I will start an art shop.

Everyone, I am so happy I am back. Like really happy. I want to make new friends and chat with old friends.

<div align="center">
<div align="center">
<div align="center">
<div align="center">I AM BACK. SAW IS BACK!!!
Edited at July 17, 2019 01:16 PM by Silver Angel Wolf
Silver is Officially Back! July 17, 2019 08:51 AM

Posts: 2309
Welcome back to WP!

Even though I wasn't a part of the community back when you were, I hope we can be good friends~
Silver is Officially Back! July 17, 2019 11:25 AM

Posts: 698
Welcome back! I used to have an account back then, but I don't remember any names. Who knows, I could have bumped into you back then.

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