08:42:12 Shoto/SpoonSnorter
-YT Click-

What have I discovered?
Sandrix Empire
08:42:02 Turtle Duck
Hello, everyone.
I'm tired of being disrespected by men. I just want a girl in my life but my area sucks
08:40:50 Corpse or Savy
Made it home. Another day another blizzard
08:40:39 Mass Exploring Queen
I don't know. How do they hate you?
The Wolf Gang
08:40:30 King Sponge
Kinda wanna do and Elf rp🧐
08:37:21 Sandy/Forum Mod
Guys why does my Viti hate me
Sweetwater River
08:36:57 river/sweet/swater
how are you guys
08:35:38 Venn/Venne
Yeah, then we can have Capitol Riots, part 2. <.<
08:35:16 Genie | Swag | Dabi
Bored :/
The Wolf Gang
08:35:08 King Sponge
I wish there was a real purge 😑
Rebel's rein
08:33:48 Bagel ghost thing
Finished the sketch, not excited for the lineart

Wild heart
08:31:25 Call me wild
Sweetwater River
08:31:13 river/sweet/swater
Book Bean
08:27:45 Sad Birb Mom
Looking for an rp partner who can play male in a elf x human rp. I do sort of have a plot for it and I have no preference as to playing elf or human, though I do have an elf character ready.
08:25:18 Adeline
If anyone wants to do a 1x1 horse RP, check out my page for my personal rules.
Icywolve pack
08:22:06 Icy/Prime
-WP Click-
Wolf rp many spots are open most alpha spots are as well alpha wolfs if you want they can have powers and so can there pups
The HellHowlers
08:21:55 BJake, Hell
I'm soooooo bored and lonley
08:21:50 Local food thief
,,, which is why,,, i'm asking,,,
08:21:15 Mass Exploring Queen


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Crediting Rule Reminder March 14, 2017 09:47 PM

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There has been an awful lot of improper crediting going on in this forum lately. Just because this is the "adoptable" section, does not mean you do not have to abide by all the art rules.
Please remember that it is very important to properly credit all the line-art you use to make these adoptable. It's considered art theft if it's not properly credited to the original artist.
It's also important to make sure that it's stock and free to use. Treat it like its your avatar and don't use it unless it would be an acceptable avatar.

Failure to follow any of the art rules, there will be consequences resulting in, no longer being able to sell art/adoptables, or in the worst scenario, banned from the forums. To read up on the art rules, that must be followed no matter where you may be on the forums, click here: . Although this is on avatars, it's still the same concepts. The only thing not listed on this great guide, it that humans are not allowed, period. Regardless it be drawn, anime, or pictures, they will not be allowed to be sold, or used in any way, shape, or form.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
-The Moderation Team

Edited at March 14, 2017 09:48 PM by DuckGoesRawr

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