11:36:57 Firekitten
Hey, Stonehearts
Silverstreak Dawn
11:36:02 Canid Dawnus !
Max out her battle and ill buy her for 250 :)
11:35:58 mubrer's babe v.2
stonehearts, ah i see ! upload it to, and from there copy the images direct link.
Queen of the Forest!
11:35:26 Forest, Queen, Angel

-WP Click-
11:35:25 Vice Versa
Ooo that actually sounds perfect! I am also excited to see your contest entry. I need to finish mine soon
11:34:38 Lucid [] LN [] Blue

I have a few different position sketches already, I can sketch up a few backgrounds and PM you later to see which you like best.
11:34:29 Holly, Leaf
It's a file, I handdrew it so I took a picture of it to put on WolfPlay.
Ghostmoon Sorrow
11:33:55 Angel/Deku;-;/Izuku
11:33:53 mubrer's babe v.2
stonehearts, make sure you copy the photo's direct link, not the url ! :)
Silverstreak Dawn
11:33:52 Canid Dawnus !
She’s cute af
Ghostmoon Sorrow
11:33:44 Angel/Deku;-;/Izuku
I lost my albino ;-;, rip
Amber Pack
11:33:28 Ahumber

11:33:27 The Floof
-WP Click-

Pretty pup, but I don't know what to do with her
11:33:25 Holly, Leaf
eff, sorry.
it's a dot jpg file and I'm wondering if it should be a dot png
Ghostmoon Sorrow
11:33:22 Angel/Deku;-;/Izuku
I lost my albino ;-;, rip
11:33:15 Vice Versa
I suppose not XD I know you have other stuff to do. I cannot wait to see a sketch though! I love skecthes for some reason XD
11:32:57 Holly, Leaf
Hey guys,
I have a picture I drew on paper. It is a -Click- file, and won't show up on a poll I'm doing with a friend.

Should the file be a -Click-
11:32:33 Dani/Danish/Cherry
Guys how is my pack desc and my profile?
11:32:22 Death to Bree
oh fuck, Maradona died
11:32:18 mubrer's babe v.2
lucid, so sorry for just seeing your response ! i've been checking out the thread you linked in chat :)
and no worries, that's not rude ! congratulations though, that's awesome :D
eek, you have a chinchilla ? they're so precious <33


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My math place November 4, 2019 04:49 PM

Posts: 2144
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This is my place where I calculate different, completely useless factors of WP. Things like how much a mush is actually worth to the community, and actually monetarily. (That’ll be my first project) and other things.

Feel free to suggest topics, and correct me. Let the math begiiiiiin!
My math place November 4, 2019 05:15 PM

Posts: 2144
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How much is a mush worth?

Now before I get yelled at this is merely calculating for at the moment. Inflation... is a constant problem here on our little site but hey, it’s home. Also, this is using USA dollars. Anyways, let the math begin!

So let’s start with what we know one Apple is worth 300 mush according to the straight trade in. But, unfortunately it’s not a simple division problem, because why would anything be simple? No, apples on WP are bought in bundles. And are of course sold with decimals. Just love dealing decimals! Doesn’t everyone? AmIright??
Anyways, ten apples are worth 4.95 to the game.
So how much are the much coveted apples worth? 0.495 cents... marvelous. I got this by dividing the price by the number of apples being sold for it.
Now for the easy (and fun!) part. We literally just dived our 0.495 by 300! Which gets us.....0.00165 cents! Mushrooms, when being traded straight are worth 0.00165 cents
But we ain’t done just yet! Now it’s time to adjust fro inflation! On wp when selling your apples it’s common practice to sell them to the players wp, because that’s how you make da monieeeeeeeees.
*turns into an old lady* back in my day.... apples sold for 700 a pop. but BOI came back from a two year siesta and thought 800-900 was expensive! But these days I generally see adds advertising for about 1000 mush. So now we take our 0.495 and to adjust for inflation divide by 1000! And get....
0.000495, mush on this day are worth 0.000495 cents!

So! Now you know how much a mush is worth! Go my children! Out into the world! Use this information for... whatever you might use it for! Fly!
Anyways! As always, looking for tips, corrections, and things to be calculated!

Forums > Wolfplay > Neutrals

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