Midday Nightmares
10:06:04 Mid
-WP Click-
How much is she worth?
10:04:48 Fan
-WP Click-
How much should I sell this girl for?
Shadow Archer
10:04:33 Arrow
Alright I’m back at 300 mush. I spent 260 on a mela and had 100 mush left lmao. But it was worth it
Uniex inex
10:03:24 table flipper
what happened queen?
Eclipsed Sky
10:03:11 hmm what to put here
I shared 30+ mush if you include all the mush
I have 1,034 mush left
Red Oak
10:03:02 Red

I wish I had the spare apples to do stuff like that too lol. Good luck with that apple!
Queen of the Forest!
10:02:12 Forest, Queen, Angel
mod in sells please
10:02:01 Fan
Is the defect hyposmia good or bad??
Book Bean
10:00:37 Semi Sad
so my little sister had to make a jingle for an assignment for school. I love acting so I asked her is I could say it. Well, I'm proud to say I made my sister feel grossed out because I was bubbly for once in my life ^^
10:00:36 Pyro
Gotcha thanks guys
Alpha Wolf
Well, 20 is for 3 months.
The HellHowlers
10:00:28 B Jake

20 apples
Eclipsed Sky
10:00:24 hmm what to put here
20 apples for 3 months of premium I think
Alpha Wolf
Burning Roses
10:00:09 Your local therapist

It depends, it ranges from 20 to 80
The HellHowlers
09:59:56 B Jake

Moon Wolf Reserved cocks their head to the side, listening to the howl of a far off wolf.
BJake sits and watches the forest.
09:59:45 Pyro
Remind me how many apples is a premium?
Uniex inex
09:59:33 table flipper

im having my doubts XD


All i want is ONE apple to buy a ghostly orchid ;-;
09:59:04 Fan
Ayeee now I have 200 mush C:
Red Oak
09:58:49 Red
I had to spend 10 apples on more den space, so now I'm down to 14.

This is not good, especially considering my premium expires soon


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