The Dragonborn
08:43:35 basilisk || fetus
[ amnesia ]
it's about time whisp and dagger gave me good pups xD
08:43:32 the pantaloon.
Question to all the breeder packs online.

When someone sends you a jasmine to breed to your wolf, how do you go about that? Do you still charge for all three of the breedings but make em private? Do you give them a breeding free? I've never dealt with jasmines like this before lmao.
Covidic Coffee
08:43:01 Rona

08:42:58 Drago
Hmm... I'm bored and I hurt, lol. I don't wanna work today T-T.

Also hey Synco!
Hey do you guys know Bella?
Just A Dreamer
08:42:13 Chip
Same thing both creepy
08:42:00 Hana
Rose you can only breed your alphas, if you want to breed other wolves you have to search for stud wolves in trading post. I have a male for stud in my den
Need Emotional Help
08:41:14 Chris/Le$bean
Bye love
Covidic Coffee
08:41:12 Rona

I, well, find Llamas little demons from hell, but I like alpacas.
08:41:07 Eden, Lu
Oh? what did you want to help me with?
08:40:59 Mc.Swagger
Chip -
Thats an alpaca xD
Need Emotional Help
08:40:57 Chris/Le$bean
They are long necked sheep
08:40:37 Hana
Llamas r cool
Just A Dreamer
08:40:22 Chip
Is it just me or does anyone else get creeped out by the llamas
-WP Click-
I have a general fear of llamas and alpacas so it's probably just me
08:40:14 Lune/ Lunar
Chris: No worries
Need Emotional Help
08:40:03 Chris/Le$bean
Alright. Cant promise I'll be online
Zevi i added you as my friend so I could help you out.
08:39:44 Mc.Swagger
Zevi -
Not sure. Maybe Eve just wanted a game where they didn't have to worry about children and young teens..? I don't know but I'm going to drop this topic because I don't want to get into trouble somehow.
Need Emotional Help
08:39:34 Chris/Le$bean
The drinking one was already in place way before they changed the age for the cigarettes. It use to be 18 and then a year or two ago they made it 21
08:39:31 Hana
Scotland is pretty cool most of the time


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    To Rid of Hunger | Discussion Thread September 4, 2021 09:41 PM

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Aight, you know the drill: don't post here if y'all haven't been accepted into the RP.

Sir Froggington
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Discussion: You Are Here
RP Thread:

Please actively participate whenever you deem necessary. Do not hesitate with sharing any ideas you have. If you have something to say, please do let us know; we'll see if it'll have its place with everything else.

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    To Rid of Hunger | Discussion Thread September 4, 2021 10:05 PM

Sir Froggington
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Summary of Carswell's personality

Carswell is friendly and polite. He believes the best in people. He has a hard time facing reality and he prefers to deny the more stressful situations. He likes to help others, and takes forever to do his own work. He prefers to keep things simple.

Hopefully, this will help me figure out the rest of the stuff

Relation Sheet - Carswell's feelings on people


When he faces reality, he finds Sadie rather creepy and intimidating. When he views her as a strange little girl, he wants to have her like him. He'd also find her amusing. However, he normally is rather wary around her giving her space. He's not sure what to make of her, but he'd be protective of her, because she's supposed to be the cure for the plague. He'd also try to put her in a good mood.


He admires her hardworking. He wishes that he were better about that, because it'd help with his survival. He admires her consistency, and he likes it, because it makes her more predictable in these crazy times. She's the total opposite of him probably. He wouldn't mind hanging out with her.


He doesn't mind Aurora, but he isn't sure to take her temper as she doesn't like him or that's just her. He makes sure to be nice and polite to her. When she's in a good mood, he might even try being friendly. If she's in a bad mood, he'd try to change it to a good one.


He'd find Alexander interesting. He would probably trust him second most to Victoria. While he doesn't expect him to save him, he doesn't think Alexander would try to kill him, unless he tries to make a go of it first. Alexander would probably get annoyed with Carswell's passiveness.


Finley seems okay, but it's hard to tell if Carswell would seek him out or interact with him only when he had to. He wouldn't appreciate being insulted. He would find a way to turn the insults back around on Finley or ignore him entirely. Depending on the day, he could ask Finley if something is wrong.


Carswell wouldn't like Callan, since he can't predict what he would do. Even he who has a hard time facing reality distrusts people.


He'd sense her pain and suffering, and he'd want to help her. However, he hasn't figured out how to do that. He might smile at her more than is usual, or say something nice to her.

Carswell's supplies

He tries to avoid getting rips in his clothes or getting clothes that are originally ripped. They'll get that way naturally, and he wants them to last as long as possible, because he doesn't like the idea of running around naked. He prefers to wear solid colored shirts. His preferred style would be neutral colors, but he finds ones that have more chance of blending into the landscape to be more favorable. He also doesn't want to wear anything that is too dark, as he doesn't want to get uncomfortable with the sun beating down on him. He generally wears darker jeans, when he can get his hands on them. He wears black thigh high leather boots with rubber soles. He has a light weight raincoat and a brown leather jacket. Most of his clothes are stained with small holes that will only get larger. He finds short sleeve shirts more comfortable, but he wants as much as himself covered just in case they come across a Walker.

He has a few ponytail holders on his wrists. He has a soft olive green toboggan that he wears when it gets cool. He often carries around this backpack he found. It's a gray color with orange accents. He has a two large golden colored rings that he wears all the time. He is afraid to lose them if he takes them off, and he doesn't care that they can sometimes be an inconvenience. He has a leather belt, which he uses to tie extra little things on that he wants to have on hand, and keep his pants up. He also found a black fanny pack.

He has a couple of pocket knives that he has found. One of them is a multi-tool. He found a surgical knife.

He has a recurve bow, which he knows how to use. He has an asortment of arrows that he has found, and a few quivers to carry them in, which he all stuffs in his backpack. He is very careful not to lose any of them, unless there is a predator around, but they do break, and he worries he'll be left with virtually no weapons.

Water bottle, notebook, pencil

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    To Rid of Hunger | Discussion Thread September 4, 2021 10:12 PM

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Feelings About the Other Characters
note : these will be updated as necessary as the RP progresses
(In general, Sadie thinks that everyone who isn't as insane as she is has a "boring" personality, so she'll try to get under their nerves to the best of her capabilities no matter how much she likes them.)

Victoria Bryon : 3
The stoic ones are always the most boring to Sadie. The girl knows that Victoria can bitch, and yet... keeping her words to herself? Lame. And all that hard work... Doesn't that get exhausting? And loyalty, loyalty, loyalty... What a load of shit. Anyway, Sadie will bring a true, ~strong~ reaction out of her one day. Spice things up a bit! The only thing that makes Sadie not put Victoria on the list of people to just disregard as semi-emotionless fuckwits is the fact that Victoria's eyes look so strange; Sadie's eyes aren't normal, either, so, hey, it looks like they have something in common!

Aurora Solus : 3
Sadie has never met a child around her age before, so she is definitely curious about the other girl. However, Sadie also feels... upset with Aurora's existence; childishly, Sadie believes that she's the only one who should be the young one in the group. One could say that Sadie is jealous of Aurora—for entirely petty reasons.

Carswell Gordon Gray : 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 (Mood Swings™)
His optimistic and pacifistic nature sometimes gets on her nerves—partly because she thinks it's naive and almost delusional for someone to be so... so like him, but mostly because these traits remind her of her brother... And she really doesn't want to think about her brother. And the way he looks? He looks so much like her brother. Part of her can't wait for the day that she'll go mindless with hunger around him. That way, she wouldn't need to feel anything... negative about ending him. But another part of her wants to be around him, wants to know him. Strange.

Alexander Elias Summerhayes : 3
The leader! Sadie has to put up with him no matter what. She thinks that he's a bit boring, being all aloof, stoic, and shit; maybe she should... rile him up a bit. See if he presses that button and makes her hurt.

Finley Neil Blake : 2.5
Finley reminds Sadie of the scientists and doctors who studied her. His casual nature and dogged apathy make her both warier and less wary—she's used to being looked at with interest veiled in observant carelessness, after all, so one could say that she is more comfortable around him because she believes she can predict his behavior more easily..., but is also uneasy with him because, well, he reminds her of the people who treated her like shit.

Callan Adan Kingston : 2.7
His asshole traits put her off somewhat, but, eh, everyone's been an asshat to her, so she can bother him just fine! And his neutrality... How boring. Why is everyone around her so lame? It's dumb. It's stupid. Sadie wants some excitement, dammit! They're going to be walking for pretty much more than a year, aren't they? Hmmm... Should be enough time to get under this guy's nerves. Anyway, in short, the guy's boring, and she... wants to know what goes on inside that big head of his.

Marie Vanderburg : 2.6
Ugh, why is everyone so damn boring in this group? Sadie is certain that Marie is the lamest. Though... there are times when Sadie can't bring herself to quite look the woman's way. Perhaps it's because Marie's eyes remind her so much of her own—lifeless, clouded behind something Sadie would rather not name: dead, even.

Christopher Kennedy : 2
Sadie thinks that he's an ass. More reason to make him her first victim!

| Scale |
1 - She is extremely wary of this character, her fear bleeding into hatred. If she has the opportunity, she will eat them, even if she's not hungry. She is a lot more unpredictable with this character and very, very prone to let her instincts take over. She doesn't want this person around her at all.
2 - She dislikes this character and is wary with them, but is fine with them bothering her from time to time so long as she can bother them right back, and she will not hesitate to eat them if presented with the opportunity.
3 - Neutral. She finds this person interesting and might follow them around like a lost puppy, but, if she's hungry enough, she's not gonna think twice when they start looking like juicy steak to her.
4 - She likes this person :D. She wants to be around them more, wants to talk with them whenever possible. She'll begin inching uncomfortably close even when not allowed to. Will still eat, though, if she gets really hungry.
5 - She loves this person. She will fight her hunger and instincts to prevent her from eating them. She'll be sweet around them, perhaps caring, even, but this is still Sadie—she'll still be rowdy, unpredictable, and a brat.

Stages of Hunger

1 | First Stage - Lasts ~17 days
This stage begins directly after she's finished doing le cannibalism. Sadie is hungry. She will be in constant pain, which will radiate from her stomach and sometimes may even spread to the left side of the back of her head, but, since she's grown used to it, she'll be able to function as she normally does. She'll behave as any other manic teenage girl (i.e., she'll smile at you like she's going to devour every inch of you, bones be damned).
If she is given raw flesh to eat in this stage that isn't human flesh, each meal will add an extra 5 days to this stage. But, around the fifth time she's provided a non-human meal, the amount of time added to the stage will begin lessening. The fifteenth time she's not given human meat will no longer have an effect, and Sadie will enter the second stage of her hunger.
2 | Second Stage - Lasts ~22 days
The pain will worsen. At the beginning of this stage, Sadie will be—in short intervals and random times—hit with intense, crippling agony. She may not be able to move during these episodes, only capable of curling into a fetal position and waiting until the pain ebbs away. As the stage progresses, these episodes will happen more and more often, until they occur at least once a day. She will grow more and more sluggish. The pain will radiate throughout her entire left side, perhaps even stretching to the right, and she'll likely start limping. She might even froth at the mouth. She will begin staring at the others with a very, very specific look. In the later stages (17-22), she might briefly lose control of herself and attack anything with a heartbeat. She'll be able to hold herself back at times, of course... unless she... dislikes the one her instincts have targetted.
She will only be able to eat human meat. If she's given animal flesh, it won't have any effect on her hunger. She may not even bother ingesting animal flesh; in her later stages, where she slowly begins losing herself and her humanity by extension, she might instinctively, animalistically, aggressively get any animal flesh provided to her out of her sight. The shock collar becomes of great use...
3 | Third Stage
Sadie will become delirious with hunger. She will not be aware of herself and the only thing on her mind will be finding something to eat. She will grow weaker and weaker until she can't move anymore. The parasite will begin eating away at her. If she is not fed within a month of entering this stage, she will die.
Note: The taste of blood can calm her down a little. This is why Sadie, typically in the second and third stages, will bite her arm or hand hard enough to cause her to bleed; she's learned that ingesting blood, even if it's her own, will get her senses back in order. However, since Sadie's blood is a mixture of human blood and parasites, it won't work as well as if pure human blood was provided to her, as she despises the taste of infected blood.
Furthermore, she will more likely target a healthy human than a sickly one. The parasite seeks out healthy individuals for nutritious reasons.

Supplies on Person
Currently Wearing
White Hospital Gown (1)
Black Trouser Pants (1)
In Makeshift Sack/Shoulder Drawstring Sling-Bag (1)
Black Hospital Gown (1)
White Trouser Pants (1)
Needle (1)
Spool of Black Thread (1)
Stuffed Fox (1)

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    To Rid of Hunger | Discussion Thread September 4, 2021 10:13 PM

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Finley’s Relations


Alexander Elias Summerhayes (3.1); As the leader, Finley was bound to at least respect him and be polite. It’s grown a bit more since they first met to where Finley can accurately say that instead of the respect being because of the position of power, it’s actually true now. Of course, he wouldn’t actually ever think of telling Alexander this.

Victoria Bryon (3); He hasn’t actually spoken to Victoria much, though perhaps to him that’s a good thing. If he doesn’t talk to her then he doesn’t risk developing any attachments to her. That could certainly be useful in the future. Either way, she’s simply a nameless face to him.

Aurora Solus (3); While he has spoken to her a few times, her anxious nature stands out like a sore thumb to him. Quite honestly, he doesn’t know how she’d have survived this long without her knowledge. In his opinion, that’s about all that’s keeping her alive, and even that won’t always be enough. But either way, she’s just another nameless face.

Carswell Gordon Gray (3); This man is someone that Finley doesn’t have an opinion on, he’s simply another nameless face on the team to him. Quite honestly, it might be upsetting how passive and in denial Carswell is about their new world, but Finley is too apathetic to really notice any ill emotions.

Callan Adan Kingston (3.1); Finley can understand his nature much better than he can understand any of the other member’s nature. And he can respect this man’s survival skills, along with how the man is respectful to him as well. That’s about all there is though. Respect.

Marie Vanderburg (3.05); Ah, yes, Marie. She isn’t terrible, that’s for sure. Any time Sadie asks a disturbing question and he answers with ease, she doesn’t look at him strangely. Which is honestly ever so slightly nice compared to everyone else staring at him(Other than Sadie, but that’s hardly relieving). And due to his apathy, he doesn’t care about her mental conditions at all.

Christopher Kennedy (3); Ah, Chris. Finley hasn’t spoken to him much, if at all. He’d actually be rather glad of the fact if he weren’t so apathetic. There isn’t much to say, Finley only knows his name due to his observation skills, not because they talk. And Finley only remembers it because of his good memory. Regardless, he doesn’t really have any strong opinion on Chris. Though he doesn’t really have any strong opinions on anyone.

Sadie (3.05); Finley is slightly curious and fascinated by ‘Girl’, he’ll be honest. She’s different, and is somewhat immune to the parasite, so of course he wants to understand it. The biggest reason as to why he is fascinated though, is because of her reactions. As someone who spent the better part of childhood learning to read expressions and body language, and then copying them to fit what a person wants to see when looking at or speaking to him- She’s a tougher cookie. He can respect that. Plus, she doesn’t stare at him like he’s crazy whenever he answers one of her questions, so there’s that.


1 : Not available for Finley at the moment.

2.8 : This is the closest to hate that Finley can get to, as of right now. He’ll still save you if need be, but he'd rather not have to put in the effort for you.

2.9 : Still pretty much hated, but lesser. He can tolerate you and can at least be polite, if not a bit curt. If he can mostly avoid you, then everything’ll be fine.

3: Finley is much more prone to this than anything else, right in the middle neutral. He doesn’t care either way, these people are simply another nameless face to him.

3.1 : Finley respects you. And that’s about all, to be honest. If he respects you, that’s basically the best way to tell that if he wasn’t as apathetic, you’d both probably be friends.

3.2 : As of right now, this is about how high someone could maybe get if he really liked them. And even that’s a huge maybe. Finley is just too apathetic to truly get to where other people can get to.

4 : Not available for Finley at the moment.

5 : Not available for Finley at the moment.

Finley’s Items!

He has not only his light gray cargo pants to hold things, but also a duffle bag! It has a few patches on it, and if asked he says he looted it from a place because he got tired of having to carry around his things. He doesn’t give a straight answer as to where he looted it from though, just that it was somewhere near what used to be Fresno, California. Anyways, onto the stuff he’s carrying.


In the duffel bag’s main pocket, he has some cans of beans, some military food packets, and three plastic water bottles completely filled with water. In a smaller pocket, he has a pack of matches, two matches already used, and extra batteries.


In his pockets from his cargo pants, he has his weapons, obviously. He also has a single flashlight in his many cargo pant pockets.

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    To Rid of Hunger | Discussion Thread September 4, 2021 10:21 PM

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Aurora Solus

Keep in mind that Aurora's thoughts and relationships with other characters will probably change as the roleplay goes on and she interacts with them more. Right now, Aurora doesn't know any of them very well so none of them will be above a 3-3.5.

Sadie (3.5): Aurora likes Sadie, and she interests her. The thought that somebody could get bitten by the monsters that humanity calls zombies and not turn intrigues Aurora, and she wants to find out more about it. She is friendly with Sadie and treats her as any other member of the group, though the two don't get the privelage to interact very often. Aurora would like to make friends with Sadie.

Victoria (3-3.2): Aurora sees Victoria as a potential friend, and as someone who does what needs to be done without fuss. She likes that Victoria is focused and willing to help yet makes it clear who she dislikes. However, Aurora hasn't interacted with her much and like with everybody else, she still has trouble talking with her due to her social anxiety.

Carswell (3): For the most part, Aurora doesn't mind Carswell and from the little conversations that she's had with him, it's been a breeze. She likes that he is willing to stand up for himself and that he doesn't seem to let others' views on him bother him. She hopes to have a good relationship with him, but things don't always work out in the way that you want them to.

Alexander (3-3.2): Aurora likes Alexander's aloofness, in fact, she feels like they can understand eachother because of their soltitude. She doesn't mind his prescense, but doesn't nessesarily seek it out, either, as she doesn't know him that well (at least, not right now).

Finley (3): Eh, Aurora doesn't really care for Finley. This doesn't mean that she hates or dislikes him, but she is far from liking him. Aurora finds Finley's apatheticness a bit rude or annoying at times, but, everybody has their downsides. She's willing to talk to him if need be but she tends to be on the anxious side around him due to her social anxiety.

Callan (2.6-2.8): Aurora views Callan as kind of an asshole from the few interactions that she's had with him. She doesn't like that she finds him as hard to read, nor does she enjoy his prescense. However, to Aurora, Callan appears to know what he's doing to survive and that is one thing that she does like about him.

Marie (3-3.2): Aurora likes Marie, and views her as a strong individual because she was able to go on despite the fact that she lost her leg. She thinks that Marie can be relied on and feels that she can relate to her because they both have anxiety, Aurora's anxiety only being triggered around people. She also appreciates her helpfulness and the fact that she will make it clear who she dislikes. Aurora hopes to become friends with Marie.

Christopher (2.9-3): Aurora doesn't dislike Chris, nor does she like him in the least. She views him as kind of hard to read and a little bit of an ass. She also sees him as a liar and somebody that she cannot put her trust in. She tends to avoid him when she can but also can't help but observing him, hoping to learn more about him and maybe even become friends.

1-5 Scale, feel free to use.

1 - I hate you. I cannot stand your fucking prescense and will not hesitate to beat the shit out of you if nessesary.

2 - I dislike you. I can tolerate being around you but don't like speaking to you . I find you annoying and will generally try to avoid you.

3 - I'm neutral with you. I'm fine talking with you and as long as you don't mess with me, I won't bother you. Your prescense doesn't annoy me in the slightest.

4 - I like you. I find you enjoyable to be around and can't get enough of speaking with you. I will consult in you if I have any problems and would rescue you in difficult situations.

5 - We're the bestest of friends. I really love being around you and could chat with you for hours. You're the one that I'd seek out first if I'm feeling down or am having trouble. I'd die for you and will put you above everyone else.

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    To Rid of Hunger | Discussion Thread September 4, 2021 10:22 PM

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Thoughts/relationships with others. ALL subject to change as I figure stuff out and the RP continues.

Alexander Elias Summerhayes 3

Alexander, she finds interesting since he is harder to read with his stoic and aloof personality. She doesn’t mind it, since she can be stoic as well, and it’s and it’s not so much in a bad way, Victoria does somewhat like him. But they also clash due to their personalities being similar in certain aspects. She might feel better about him if she could better gauge her leader's emotions/thoughts/reactions and such.

Aurora Solus 3.1-3.2

Aurora is definitely a potential friend, she likes how straightforward she can be. As well as her skills with quick-thinking and her cleverness when it comes down to it. Victoria also likes that she still has an imagination, she likes seeing that side of her. She finds her little random facts fun too.

Carswell Gordon Gray 3.1-3.2

She feels as if they are polar opposites, though he seems to know a bit more about survival than she does. Victoria wouldn’t mind getting to know him over the course of this journey. She doesn’t find him extremely annoying and does somewhat trust him as of now, though not fully knowing him is holding her back. His hard time facing reality is the only thing that would really bother her about him. She may prefer him because he is way easier to read than some of her other stoic groupmates.

Finley Neil Blake 3

Victoria doesn’t feel particularly close with Finley, though is more neutral with him than disliking him. She has to admit, hearing some of his insults, whether she is on the receiving end or not, is impressive. Yes if one targets her she may be a bit upset on the inside if it is truly that bad, and she may have sarcasm at times. But Victoria finds it interesting to hear what he comes up with.

Callan Adan Kingston 3

Victoria does like that he is a quick thinker, and can actually think before he acts. But how blunt he is, that is what she is on the edge about. She likes being straightforward, but not every single one of her flaws pointed out. She doesn't really know what to think of him or if she should like or dislike him.

Sadie 3.1

Victoria honestly doesn’t have an issue with her or mind her presence. Mostly because she carries the cure to this parasite and is still not considered fully infected. That and she finds Sadie interesting. She has no problem defending her when it comes down to it. She will relax more in her presence as time goes on. I will be preparing her for all of Sadie's fun questions-

Marie Vanderburg 3

Victoria respects that she can hold her own in a fight and doing so with a prosthetic leg. (Especially if it is a newer deal, seeing that she might not have had time to adjust to it before joining the group. This is yet to be determined.) She does see herself getting to know this female a little more though she hasn't had much interaction with her.

Christopher Kennedy 3.4-3.5

Victoria is comfortable in Chris's presence, she gets along pretty well with him and he is starting to gain more of her trust. She sees herself becoming better friends with him in the future.


1. She absolutely despises you. If you were ever put in a dangerous situation or were losing a battle with an infected, she wouldn't intervene and would gladly watch you suffer.

2. Basically, she dislikes you, but not enough to want you dead. She will only save you right at the last minute if you are essential to the mission and will normally avoid you.

3. Victoria feels neutral about you. She neither likes nor dislikes you, you don't quite have her trust, but she will assist you if you need help. She won't seek you out just to speak with you.

4. Victoria definitely likes you and trusts you. Often seeking you out when her level 5 is occupied and wanting to talk. She won't open up as much as she would with a level 5 though she does trust you and will want to protect you.

5. At this point you are as close as you can be. You have her full trust and attention, she would most likely die for you and do anything to protect you. Victoria will seek you out to talk or just be with over anyone else. She will even open up a bit more with you.

Current supplies besides the clothes on her back:
-A hoodie, currently with the sleeves and hood tied to act as a bag, since she doesn't have a backpack or anything to carry her stuff in. Generally used for colder nights or as a pillow.
-One all-black (including the blade itself) 4-inch knife with a straight blade.
-A 3-inch hunting knife, with a steel blade and a wooden handle
-Expired asprin, for headaches, minor wounds, and for general pain relief. There are only 5 pills left and she got it from a house raid.
-1 disposable water bottle, currently full
-3 granola bars from the last time they got food
-An old hot pink battery-powered watch that is literally about to die and is probably not correct
-A plastic comb snagged from some house
-Her head lamp, which is starting to fail again and might need to be replaced

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Chris' Relations

Aurora (2.4)
Chris has yet to grow closer to her, but finds her as someone he can tolerate so far within the group. It makes it difficult for him to trust her because of their age difference, but their relationship would eventually blossom into a brother-sister relationship in no time. Chris finds her a tad immature, especially with the age difference, but nonetheless can tolerate her.

Carswell (1)
No matter how much this man might try to be nice, Chris cannot deal with him. Considering they both lie to protect others/themselves, he'd rather not deal with someone so similar to him. Chris tries his best to play cool with him, but sometimes being in the presence of Carswell gets on his nerves.

Alexander (3)
Chris and Alexander get along pretty well, surprisingly. They would of course have their disagreements, sure, but Chris can for sure see their relationship developing more into a better, brighter friendship. Chris might be a tad tentative with him though considering his role in the group, but all in all, they get along pretty well.

Marie (2)
Chris is slightly unsure of how to think of Marie, mainly because he's barely interacted with her (just like most of the group). Though as far as he can see, she's not a threat to him (at least), and Chris can fortell himself warming up to her in the duration of their travels together.

Sadie (0)

Callan (2.9)
Chris and Callan are quite neutral. They have irregular conversations, can tolerate each other, but Chris hasn't showed much interest so far in becoming his friend. Chris doesn't mind at all though, to say the least.

Finley (1)
Chris doesn't necessarily hate Finely or dislike him in the slightest, but Chris doesn't really have any reason to talk to him considering his apathy. They are not enemies though, so that's a plus, just not very close. Maybe some day they will be, but no any time soon.

Victoria (3.5)
These two get along pretty well, and Chris has started to show some signs of trust. He enjoys her company and has grown to be quite loyal to her, and is slowly opening up to her.


0) Chris absolutely despises you. He has no trust, no loyalty, and will avoid you at all costs.

1) Chris can sorta tolerate you, though would still prefer that he kept his distance. He may talk to you if it's absolutely necessary.

2) Chris can handle a conversation with you and not walk away or be awkward, and he doesn't mind being around you. He may still keep things short, but still manages to tolerate others.

3) Chris is/has for sure warmed up to you. This is where he begins to show trust and loyalty, but of course, not honesty. It isn't too difficult to get to this stage if Chris likes you in the first place.

4) Chris is more open with you. Not only does he trust you and is loyal to you, but he will probably protect you and he will be there when you need it. He will talk about himself a bit more, and not immediately shut down. However, he still isn't honest.

5) Chris, in this stage, has considered you a best friend. You trust each other, are loyal to each other, and are honest with each other... for the most part. He would take a bullet for you and wouldn't hesitate to stand up for you.

His Mission

Lurking in Icarus is the man that killed his mother. He's next in line as the Overseer, therefore he is gaurded like no other being within its walls. This is the main reason as to why Chris has actually stayed with the group and hasn't left just yet, even if he tells himself he's there for survival and survival only.

Personal Items

A backpack, something similar to a military one that he picked up from looting a while ago.

Within it, he carries the following;
A half-dead flashlight
A singular canteen
Whatever food he might have
A tank-top for hotter days
A sweatshirt for colder days
An extra pair of jeans
His knives are tucked in his jeans
His guns that he may have picked up are normally swung over his shoulder, or if small enough, tucked in his shirt
A zipped away in a small pocket is a bandanna his mother made and a picture wrapped within it, neatly folded when put away

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-- Callen Kingston's Relationships --

These will update as the story progresses. Due to Callen's nature, it's rare to be a 1 or 5, but you certainly can be one if you try hard enough.

- SADIE [3] -

He doesn't seem that shaken by Sadie in the least. He'll usually be the one holding her back if she goes crazy and the leader doesn't have the shocker on him, and he usually tells her off when she acts too monstrous. It's odd - it seems like Callan missed the memo or something, because it seems the only reason he doesn't refer to her by name is because he can't remember it. He still doesn't trust her in the least, though.

- VICTORIA [3] -

Vicitoria confuses him somewhat, some of her traits running opposite to his own, but it's not enough to bother him. He respects her for how she goes about the things she has to do and her capability to survive, but otherwise, he doesn't have much to say about her. He probably won't be talking to her much in the future.

- AURORA [2.7] -

He doesn't like Aurora much. It doesn't really head into dislike, but he's spoken to her the least out of any of the pairs and when he does, she doesn't seem much for conversation, so he tries to avoid talking to her right back. Callan isn't one to work hard in order to get into someone's heart.

- CARSWELL [2.7] -

The impression Callan gets from Carswell is a guy without a backbone who ignores everything bad happening around him, which he isn't very impressed by. He doesn't dislike him quite yet, but he trusts him far less then the rest of the cast (except Sadie).

- ALEXANDER [2.8] -

He tolerates Alexander, considering that he's the leader so he just about has to. He still isn't a fan of the guy, though -- digs into Callan's life a bit more then he'd like. He's nicknamed Alexander "boss", though it's more snarky then their leader would probably like.

- FINLEY [3.1] -

He has a decent amount of respect for the guy - seems like he has enough social skills while still keeping objective, which is cool. He still couldn't care less about him, though.

- MARIE [3] -

Callan hasn't spoken much to Marie and doesn't particularly plan on it. She seems like a fine woman who can take care of herself, and he's just going to leave her to it. He doesn't have much of an opinion on her.


He hasn't really talked to Christopher, yet, save a few necessary comments here and there. He seems fine, though, and seems he can take care of himself, so Callan doesn't have many thoughts on the guy.

1: Callan absolutely despises this character. If he were left in a room alone with them, one of them would come out dead. He does not trust them at all.

2: If given the chance to piss off this character, Callan will absolutely take it. He doesn't necessarily hate them, but he's more inclined to voice his negative thoughts then positive when it comes ot them.

3: Callan is entirely neutral about this character. They're allies at best and acquaintances at worst - he'll just talk to them however he feels like at the time.

4: Callan likes this character. He's more likely to crack jokes and word things in a friendlier manner around this character, and generally seems a bit looser.

5: Callan considers this person as close as they can get. His trust in them is unbreakable and he would go stay for them even if he was sure he'd die for it.

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Alexander's feelings about/relationships with everyone else

(These will change as the RP goes on.)


Neutral. He'll have to interact with her more (and hopefully avoid losing fingers) to make up his mind one way or another.

Aurora Solas

He doesn't mind her presence; shared aspects in personality help too. With time, he'd consider her his little sister.

Carswell Gordon Grey

0 points for passivity. But he does give Carswell some for being the only one (so far) to have threatened him with an arrow upon first meeting.

Victoria Bryon

Neutral. They could be friends much further down the line.

Marie Vandenburg

He likes Marie. If she wants to talk about anything, he's willing to lend an ear.

Christopher Kennedy

Respect is a two-way street between them. Alexander might eventually come to consider him a friend.

Finley Neil Blake

Alexander recognises Finley's apathetic state all too well, so he's a little uncomfortable around him. But he'd push it aside for them to get along.

➸ Callan Adan Kingston

He just about tolerates Callan's presence. But if the other man harps on about Alexander's decision-making one more time...

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Character relationships - Marie

Aurora (3.5)

Marie cares for the girls innocence and wishes only to protect her from whatever she can. The girl is young, deserves a better life, one Marie wishes she can give to her. Marie cares for Aurora, only wants the best for the young lass. Of course she will not underestimate the teens abilities to protect herself, but Marie will always be there for Aurora. She trusts Aurora to get as far away from danger when they have to run, proud of the girls ability to get far without any trouble. If the girl doesnt wish to talk Marie wont push it.

Victoria (3.2)

I can see them totally being friends, Marie understands that anyone might want to avoid her because of her mental illnesses or be a little afraid of it. Marie really likes Victoria, in time she would be happy to call her a friend. She would try to comfort Victoria if she may have been frightened from the dead, would happily switch tasks with her if Victoria wasnt able to perform them due to fear. She likes how friendly the lass is, appreciates her help whenever she gives it.

Carswell (3.1)

Marie would like Carswell, she appreciates his kindness to want to help her and in return she would help him with anything he may want or need. She would give if someone else gave, to her he seems like a wholesome person if youre willing to get to know him.

Callan (2.5)

Marie doesnt mind Callan, she prefers to look deeper inside of a persons true feelings before judging them. To her his different and harder to see through then most others in the group. But she sees that his heart isnt all sealed tight and there is something there that makes him a great person.

Sadie (2.5)

She is not too fond of Girl, being because of her.. hunger for humans though she doesnt dislike her. Marie is kind and doesnt wish to be rude. She will try to protect Girl in any conflicts the group may have against her. Marie understands its not Girls fault for the way she is. Marie believes there is always something left in the hearts of everyone, not everyone is bad because of what someone says or how that person may be on the outside.

Finley (2.5)

Marie likes how calm Finley is, thinks shes able to focus well in his presence as well as work well with him. She likes how quiet he is and loves his easy going nature. She likes that he reads, books are great and you dont see that much in the apocalypse. Overall she doesnt mind him, if anything she likes him.

Chris (2.4)

Marie isnt quite sure how to feel about Chris just yet. She is quite baffled, to be clear she doesnt know him that well yet, but the woman is not quick to judge. She appreciates that he believes in second chances, of course depending on the circumstances. Like murder of innocence and other ungodly mannerisms are something she can agree should not be given a reason to give second chances.

Alexander (2.8)

I think Marie would really enjoy his company, she's the type of lass who may prefers to be alone at times but she does wish to get to know the people around her. She likes that he seems to be more of the quiet type, loves that his great at listening. Overall Marie enjoys being around him.

Current belongings

Apparel (What she's wearing)

Necklace (1)

White tank top (1)

Blue short shorts (1)

Grey Thigh high sock with a garter (1)

Black Doc Martens (1 pair)

In Backpack

Small canteen (1)

Pocket-Knife (1)

Colt Revolver (1)

Blanket (1)

Whiskey bottle (1)


Shot Gun (1)

Hair pins (3)

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