Alfred F. Jones
01:11:42 America (Lord Salt)
Anyone up for a roleplay? I've got a few ideas. Just shoot me a message.
01:11:40 wormn on strgni
Look at Beth being helpful
01:11:14 Chat Lifeguard
The weird A is because of smart punctuation. Turn it off in your device settings :)
01:11:03 *cannibal sounds*
And I'm obsessed with this fucking song again-
Moonlight Wanderers
@ Samson
Am I the reason for the …?
thank you all..
Moonlight Wanderers
@ Samson
A pretty version of the symbiotes from Venom. That one would be called Enticement.
01:06:23 wormn on strgni

It also reminds me of a peacock a bit :)
Wayward Pack
01:05:59 Range Day!!
Definitely, looks like the water rolling off the shore or a wave
01:05:52 Cas
Anyone want to rp? Pm me! I'm open to any topic.
Alfred F. Jones
01:05:29 America (Lord Salt)
-Click- okay, This one reminds me of the sea, anybody else??
01:04:26 *cannibal sounds*
It would be badass to say "no, I don't have a guard dog, I have a guard isopod." That's scarier in my opinion lnao
Wayward Pack
01:04:14 Range Day!!
I see them in the creeks and ponds I swim in all the time
Alfred F. Jones
01:03:44 America (Lord Salt)
You have a giant isopod-
01:03:29 *cannibal sounds*
Aye! That's what I call them! :D
01:03:08 *cannibal sounds*
I want a tank with a giant isopod just chilling in my bedroom :0

Maybe with some axolotls. I'm hoping to get an exotic pet license so I can own some weird stuff lmao
Wayward Pack
01:03:00 Range Day!!
Oh a water Rolly Polly ;-D
Sjuk, that thing looks funny
01:02:02 *cannibal sounds*
Time to get down with this full moon ;)


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A Divide | An Elf RP | Discussion June 7, 2019 02:25 PM

Posts: 814

King (1/1) -

Cane - Shape-Shifter - 20 - Played by me

Queen - Will be chosen in RP

Advisor (0/1)

Duke (0/2) -

Duchess (1/2) - Reserved for NeutralEgg

The Dukes and Duchesses must be married.
Ladies and Lords are the children of Dukes and Duchesses.

Lady (2/2) -
Atrya - 21 - Elements - Played by Gleaming Star Pack
Reina - 20 - Metal - Played by StrawberryMilk

Lord (0/2) -

High Knight (1/1) -
Rheago - 23 - Ice - Played by Cherokee Pride

Knight (Unlimited) -
Asmira - 20 - Lycan - Played by HeartsOfStone
Savanah - 20 - Animal - Played by Rustyk Pack

Royal Cook (1/2) -
Lyra - 20 - Taste Powers..? - Played by Lilith

Merchant (0/4)

Butcher (0/1)

Farmer (2/2) (they have to be husband and wife) -
Silver'bell - 26 - Plant Powers - Played by Lilith
Lyon Gregoir - 24 - Shapeshifter - Played by Rustyk Pack

Baker (0/2) (also husband and wife) -

Townsfolk (Unlimited) -

Farm Worker (0/4) -

King Servant (0/3) -

Advisor Servant (0/2) -

High Knight Servant (0/2) -

Merchant Servant (0/1) -

Butcher Servant (0/1) -

Cook Servant (1/1) -

Reanne - invisibility - Played by C O N F U S I O N


King (1/1) -
Cor - 20 - Strength - Played by me

Queen - Will be chosen in RP

Advisor -
Restil - 28 - illusion - Played by Grim

Duke (1/2) -
Ryland - 33 - Mind Powers - Played by NeutralEgg

Duchess (0/2) -

The Dukes and Duchesses must be married.
Ladies and Lords are the children of Dukes and Duchesses.

Lady (2/2) -
Valvrye - 19 - Absorb - Played by Grim
Sapphiria - 19 - Fire - Played by Dragon Wolves
Lord (1/2) -
Gershom - 27 - Shapeshifter - Played by Hurry

High Knight (1/1) -
Ian - 20 - Puppet - Played by Lilith

Knight (Unlimited) -

Royal Cook (0/2)

Merchant (1/4) -

Lucius - 22 - invisibility - Played by Hurry

Butcher (1/1) -
Seraphina - 20 - Telekinesis - Played by Cherokee Pride

Farmer (0/2) (they have to be husband and wife) -

Baker (1/2) (also husband and wife) -
Herbert Baker - 45 - Fire - Played by Hurry

Towns Folk (Unlimited) -

Farm Worker (0/4) -

King Slave (1/5) -
<span style="text-size-adjust: auto;"> Oriphina - 16 - No known power - Played by Grim
<span style="text-size-adjust: auto;">
Advisor Slave (1/2) -
Verisa - 19 - N/A - Played by NeutralEgg

High Knight Slave (0/2) -

Merchant Slave (0/1) -

Butcher Slave (0/1) -

Cook Slave (0/1) -

All Roles are in order by rank.

What each role is for
King pretty self explanatory
Advisor helps the king make good choices (Advisor in Alaita must be around Cane's age, because they a good friends).
Duke runs a part of the village
Duchess married to the duke
Lord/Lady will take over their parents places when they die
High Knight basically runs the army
Royal Cook you guessed, they cook for the king
Merchant sells all kinds of good, they're usually pretty rich
Butcher sells all the meat, buys the meat from the farmer(s)

Edited at June 20, 2019 12:53 PM by Red Wood Pack
A Divide | An Elf RP | Discussion June 7, 2019 03:50 PM

Posts: 3316
Hello,this link needs to be fixed in Sign-ups :)
Also I named my Lord on page 5.

Let's get down to business everyone,I know it is a bit early,but oh well XD

I have many questions and I like to improvise and make up information that I need in case I don't receive it on time :)

I'd like to know more about Orros Duch families-history,progress-I understand if I have to wait in case that this is decided by
packs that will play as Duches and not by RP leader.

May I know how did this division exactly happened,how come half of people ended up on a bad side all of a sudden?Did they moved willingly?If yes then why,they are treated badly,there must be some reason and I need to know?Maybe they were promised something or tricked and now they fear too much to try anything?

Who is looking over the border?Can a Cane see his brothers castle from his balcony(wow,geez,what a big deal)?

Is it okay to create a NPCs we might need,like workers kids since there is no option that anyone plays as a kid?

Is there any specific layout of this kingdom,map or something or we can make it in RP?

What type of land we live in-desert,moors,mountains?

What season it is and will there be a clock or something that determines time of the day or how time passes or we will let it flow and/or discuss it in disscussion before making time jump of,uh,maybe 2 months if needed?

I know that Lord can do almost anything,so I am good with that,but as a young heir what are his responsibilites,he has 27 so he should have some kind of job by now,can he collect taxes and act as a judge maybe,or anything useful,powerful(I can make him a bit younger if needed)?

Are they allowed to have pets-dogs,cats?

Merchants,are they connection between ordinary people and the castle,do they run castle's supply?Who is supervising merchants job?Can merchants sell in towns too?

How many towns are there in RP,just two or maybe more?

Are you who read this still alive,yes,okay just checking XD?
Luckily,this is all for now :D

Edited at June 7, 2019 03:54 PM by Hurry
A Divide | An Elf RP | Discussion June 7, 2019 04:02 PM

Posts: 3316
Yay,it is I again :D

So Lord likes Lady Valvrye,I see she is a nice character and that this might be interesting in case she likes him back and in case she doesn't :D

Lucias is a merchant so I was thinking is it possible that some merchants sell slaves?Lucias might would,but maybe wouldn't-depends on the payment.It would be interesting if he met Oriphina before,if he sold her,but afterwards can't get her out of his head-maybe because he liked her on first sigh and maybe because he feels bad for selling a person?It could be another motive for him to get more curious about castle business,we will see later that he will bond with Baker who will lead this young male to bunch of bad deeds and decisions,Baker will encouraged him and use as his pawn,so yea...nice...

Baker is evil plotter,but I need more information about everything before I determine what he will do exactly,however,he will cause some troubles.

There is a chance I overdo it and lose merchant and baker at certain stage,but whatever XD

Edited at June 7, 2019 04:03 PM by Hurry
A Divide | An Elf RP | Discussion June 10, 2019 12:03 AM

Posts: 814
Normal townspeople can be kids, they don't have a job. The Orrosians went willingly, they were tired of the "soft" ways of Cane so, they decided that Cor was the stringer one, so he was their pick. So Alaita (before is was split) was on a mountain and the surrounding ground below. The Alaities live on the mountain, while the Orrosians live below. Merchants in Orros can sell slaves, you can sign up to be someone who can be sold. The border is under constant servalance, and there's role-call every meal. That was there is sure to be no traitors. Yes, Lords can be Judges, they can become the mayor of a town, there are two main towns in both kingdoms, (Alaita) Ljo Hal (Elfish for King's Place), that's where one Dukedom can be. Rije Alx (Elfish for Farm Feilds), this is where the farmers live, obviously and anyone who wishes to mine for coal. The duke of Rije controls the mine. (Orros) Gis Oi (Obey Always) the place where the king lives. Then Rije Hal (Farm Place). Yes, you can have pets, but because the humans roles are more important you control your pet. Merchants mainly stay in the towns, but they do travel around a bit. I control seasons and time. The RP will start in harvest, which is August.
A Divide | An Elf RP | Discussion June 10, 2019 12:14 AM

Posts: 3316
Yay,thank you for answering all of the questions <3 <3 <3

Is there any way to achieve contact with a king if you are not at least Lord?
Under which circumstances a person can gain premision to go over border?
What are Cor's leading plans?
A Divide | An Elf RP | Discussion June 10, 2019 04:54 PM

Posts: 814
It'll start during harvest, as I've told you, and Cor will burn Alaita's crops, leaving them starving, he will promise them food and shelter if they surrender. Then a war will break out, the RP will decide the winners.

So, fill up the farmers and some knights is needed.
A Divide | An Elf RP | Discussion June 17, 2019 12:49 AM

Posts: 143
Hello discussion page. It is I, strawberryMilk.

I'm so hyped, this rp sounds like its going to be epic. I like all of the details that you put into this.

Edited at June 17, 2019 12:55 AM by StrawberryMilk
A Divide | An Elf RP | Discussion June 17, 2019 12:52 AM

Posts: 199
Im so excited omg! I read all of that and thrilled to hear such. Can’t wait to put my character to the test ^^ I’m desperate to see how other characters will impact this RP as well.
Also a question though, what to a scale is love allowed? By that I mean is, in order to become a Queen or Dutchess or that of a higher rank do you need to be born into it or are there those to be elected at random or more so once a connection forms between certain pairs?
A Divide | An Elf RP | Discussion June 17, 2019 01:05 AM

Posts: 298
@Hurry or maybe the day of the rp starting he is in the kingdom trying to sell Oriphina? Once in this new place she isn't used to, maybe he feels bad since he could've connected to her from being with her for so long but puts on the whole evil merchant facade? Cause I'd guess he is normally selling slaves or such? Or possibly it's his brother's child? Maybe just a close friend's child & he feels pity afterward (not necessarily love or anything)
& feels guilty about it? Since I'm guessing he would be used to selling slaves instantly or such.

@Red-Can the king(s) or duke(s) have multiple women? Of course, only one could be queen but it was quite normal as a king to have more than 1 person but only be married to one. Will that happen by chance? XD not that I want it to or anything, but I was just wondering to what degree are we going to mid evil elf wise?

Edited at June 17, 2019 01:07 AM by Grim
A Divide | An Elf RP | Discussion June 17, 2019 01:40 AM

Posts: 814
Grim, yes, it would most likely be that Cor would cheat on his future wife, and of course she could do nothing about it.

HeartsOfStone, you can become a duke or duchess if you marry into the family, it doesn't matter your social standing. Kings can only marry Knights and above.

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