The Magma Kingdom
10:59:13 Sukii
I like how the hooves are basically stabbing both me and Shai in the face :')
The Ravenborn
10:59:11 haha Agave go brrr
[ noble ]

oh shush, you've got just a good of chance as i do-
10:58:37 Noble
I feel like you'll find the right person soon. As for me... not so much :')
Dark Moonruler
10:58:07 King Boo
I love your pictures they be funny!
The Magma Kingdom
10:58:05 Sukii

Sure, the horse died. At least I look fashionable as fuck uwu
~Glitchy Ghoul~
10:58:02 Pantry Eater :3
Your wolves played: Aeri gnaws a stick to sharpen their teeth.

Nice- that’s what I want to see after returning from recording a video- :T
The Ravenborn
10:58:00 haha Agave go brrr
[ suh dude ]
i'm literally crying his little hooves omg x'D
The Magma Kingdom
10:57:38 Sukii

10:57:21 Z, Chai
dark can you resend your pm it wont let me open it
-A s a h i-
10:57:16 ~Country Shai~

His legs wouldn't fit in the fucking coffin-
The Ravenborn
10:57:11 haha Agave go brrr
[ noble ]
thank you. there's plenty of other people out there, i just gotta find the right one :)
Dark Moonruler
10:56:58 King Boo
What does that mean?
Dark Moonruler
10:56:46 King Boo
Pack Life: Cody screams into the void.
10:56:14 Noble
Raven well I'm sorry she didn't say yes. I really had my fingers crossed for you! Maybe next time?
~Glitchy Ghoul~
10:55:24 Pantry Eater :3
I’m back :3
The Ravenborn
10:54:21 haha Agave go brrr
[ noble ]
i guess. or she was just saying that so i wouldn't ask again-
oops wrong chat
10:53:53 Noble
Well that's kinda a win. Cause now you know she isn't in a relationship with someone else...
10:53:28 Z, Chai
dark, ice XD
Dark Moonruler
10:52:18 King Boo
I have 33 bone fragments what color eye dye should i get?


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Auction Themes January 12, 2020 07:12 PM

d u c k y
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I saw Fool post one one of these so I think this is where it goes.
Anyway I need some inspiration for some future auctions and would like to know what you guys enjoy. I will try to fit in most of your ideas and would be extremely grateful for the help.
Auction Themes January 13, 2020 12:42 PM

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- Terrain based (Like mountains, tundra etc.)
- Skull bois
- Just natural lookin' wolves ^^
Auction Themes January 16, 2020 10:17 AM

Blue Stargazer
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Patterns based off of things you see?
Like... a wolf with markings/colors/pose like a wooden table or a metallic door. Odds and ends maybe?

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