The Great Pumpkin
10:28:20 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, awww yes thats adorable
Miss Wolf
10:27:39 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, I wanna see our daughter in a bridesmaid dress :o
Silver Feather
10:27:15 Feather/Silver/Sil
-WP Click-

Please join!!!
The Great Pumpkin
10:26:31 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss good
The Bone Collector
10:25:48 My Precious Bones!!!
Heya Chat
Miss Wolf
10:25:15 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, Don't worry XD I will haha
Half Lost
10:24:55 Soy Sauce
Hey y'all
The Great Pumpkin
10:24:28 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, if they start slacking tell them I'll slap them
Book Bean
10:23:01 Semi Sad
I am now home alone with my doggo. Time to blast some Hamilton!!
Miss Wolf
10:22:06 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, Exactly!
10:21:48 Sav, Nickname Giver
Breezie Rose,

10:20:09 Sav, Nickname Giver
Proper link to boy -WP Click-
10:19:34 Sav, Nickname Giver

My albino + DH boy -WP Click-

Looks like this without the defect! -Click-

He a handsome boy :o
Breezie Rose
10:17:05 Rose / Mina Ashido
-WP Click-
Is he worth much?
10:16:01 TS
Right, now i have to find 2G wolves in my pack, this will be fun DX
The Great Pumpkin
10:15:12 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, good this is not something you can half-ass its a big deal
10:15:11 Vix
No problem(:
Miss Wolf
10:14:35 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, Yus. I told him today we need to get planning it XD
As in now.
10:14:33 Sav, Nickname Giver

Thank you! <3


Thank you too! <3
10:14:29 Lycan
Anyone up for a pm role play?


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Themes for adopts? July 20, 2019 01:58 AM

Fool's Gold
Posts: 817
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Please forgive me if this is in the wrong place. ^^;

So, inspiration for adoptables is hard to come by if you're a brainless potato like me, so here's a thread for you guys to tell me what you want to see.

I will not use all of the ideas provided, but I will certainly be grateful for them~

My adopt shop

Any other adopt artists can use this too!

So, WP. What do you want to see?

Edited at August 14, 2020 03:55 PM by Fool's Gold
Themes for adopts? July 20, 2019 03:04 AM

lady satan
Posts: 14124
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Some food based designs? Such as Mocha, Ice cream, fruits?

Also, mythical things? I really liked your 'Storyteller' adopt and wanted to AB it

Edited at July 20, 2019 03:04 AM by Maybe?
Themes for adopts? July 20, 2019 07:21 AM

Posts: 4475
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Skull bois
Everyone likes skull bois.

Maybe do some based off biomes/terrains? Like jungle, tundra, deep ocean etc etc.
Themes for adopts? July 20, 2019 11:02 PM

Posts: 736
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Do more Halloween like ones, they are amazing, scary glowing halloween ones, maybe a ghost like one, or a ghoul, another jack O lantern one!
Themes for adopts? July 21, 2019 11:41 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
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Maybe do some that are inspired by songs?

Edited at July 21, 2019 11:41 PM by *Silver*
Themes for adopts? July 22, 2019 05:48 AM

Posts: 3691
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ooh maybe like country's days like 4th of July
Themes for adopts? July 22, 2019 09:19 AM

Blue Stargazer
Posts: 62154
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Elemental adopts are amazing.
Themes for adopts? July 22, 2019 07:37 PM

- after death -
Posts: 1246
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Mythology adopts?

Edited at July 25, 2019 06:15 PM by After Death
Themes for adopts? July 22, 2019 09:27 PM

Posts: 2729
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Do a beach one.
Themes for adopts? July 25, 2019 06:34 AM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
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Seasons perhaps?

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