Wolf Play : Ninjago (Reboot)
02:41:03 Tay
Depending on how well I do at work tonight, I might buy some apples
 Continental Wolves
02:39:45 Emmet , Spoopy Wolf
I have enough s'mores to spare 😌
I just make the best life choices ever 😌 s'mores for breakfast is so healthy
02:39:02 Salem (He/They)
Looking for new members!
Active alliance, pvp/ava based!
-WP Click-
02:37:14 Tay
I'm glad I went to work today, because I was about to have to spend $135 to file my taxes with turbotax, and instead I paid $35 through a website my friend used
02:37:02 Zyra_the_wolf
Half tempted to just sentence my old wolves to death so I can breed more.
And for the sake of anxiety.
02:36:43 Tay
Just filed my taxes
02:36:31 Leaf
hi emmet.
 Hunting Leopard
02:36:27 It's I Nesta
Quiet kid
Let me eat
 Blood lust tide
02:35:30 BewareWhoYouTrust
Can come over for some lol
 Continental Wolves
02:34:51 Emmet , Spoopy Wolf
S'mores for breakfast at 2pm > anything else
02:31:30 Leo, Lion (He/him)
PvP anyone? I can also do boosted!
 Camp Half Blood
02:30:18 Persassy
Hermes cowers as Hades scowls at them.

Why is Hades picking fights with the pups? This is the second time today to the SAME pup, lol.
 Inland Wolves
I’m assuming the peasants aren’t actual pheasants.
02:28:54 Salem (He/They)
 Sir Froggington
02:25:31 Can, Frog
The bratty chicken prince of Phasian and his posse (including the geese pulling his wagon) travel through a rebelling countryside. His posse must keep him safe, as he is taken from all that is familiar. -WP Click-
 ~The Divine~
-WP Click-
Please pop already girl XD
 Blood lust tide
02:23:15 BewareWhoYouTrust
Yup got ear infection🤣
Now time walk home
 sunset wolf creek
this sadly this girl died
 Hunting Leopard
02:19:33 It's I Nesta
That's not a good thing


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Ninjago (Reboot)February 6, 2021 06:52 PM

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Okay so this is a reboot I asked Venn they said as long as no drama is here It's good
so Poll rules also comment, please, Falter to do so will result in me seeking help please don't make me bother the mods they got more important stuff
1. all wp rules(read them okay )
2. be respectful to all ex not saying mean things to any side
3. keep it PG (No saying the F word okay)
4. No-nonsense posts
5. if commenting dont just say Voted
6. no text speak as it makes it seem less serious
7. no emojis as like text speak to make it seem less serious well no mean-seeming ones that are a dragon or stuff are okay
8. NO Harassing me or anyone no reposting the rules or commenting the same thing over and over(adding as of recent events)
9. NO making damned lined paper okay, No nonsense posted please No loopholes okay
10 why must I add this were all adults or near that, please no incomplete sentences not saying something something than..... as that worse than being blunt in my eyes look I know to you it seemed good But Nindroids need it to be precise
11. if never seen/herd of it please pick those options
as No= you do not like it there's a difference
I Zane am tied of added rules okay just obey them for the love of the FSM(fellow fans will get this)(those who don't FSM= Ninjago's Maker in-universe )
side note if a fellow fan or never seen/heard of it feel free to pm me
and do tell fave Ninja(s)or villain/ background character
now with more options and if anyone has not seen it it's good if you like legos and ninja
never heard of it well Ninjago (formerly subtitled Masters of Spinjizu) first aired in 2011 Recently as of 2021 had its 10 anniversary
as of June 1 2023 a new series came(first part) still linked to the others subtitled Dragons rising
as of 2024 Jan 14th is 13th anniversary
so it has been around for a long time, having a movie that did revamp the show character designs from season 8 to the present day,
said movie gave the show its own language
and I advise any fans when or if on season 8+ to find a translator as its fun
Okay NO= you no like
same for Never Seen as it messes up the poll

Poll Question: Ninjago
Total Votes: 1333
1. Kind of : 987%
3. used to like it : 27721%
4. Never heard of it : 1128%
5. Never seen it is it good? : 19014%
6. No : 29522%
7. Just started the show and love/like : 60%
8. seen some dont find it apeeling : 23017%

You have cast your vote.
Edited at January 14, 2024 09:22 PM by Serpents
Ninjago (Reboot)February 6, 2021 07:16 PM

Trinity Chaos
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eh ninjago just isnt my thing, i never really found it intressting [Mod edit: Please refrain from using text speak in forums. lol, lmao, oml, omg are exceptions.]

Edited at February 10, 2021 12:49 PM by Meian
Ninjago (Reboot)February 6, 2021 08:17 PM

Axe's Edge
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For a perosn who thought nindroids where mutant pancakes from Star Wars, I voted no
Ninjago (Reboot)February 6, 2021 09:33 PM

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Hm, used to be a bit interested. Not at all anymore though. Haven't watched it in a long time, I think I've outgrown the show personally. Hope you find other fans though! :)
Ninjago (Reboot)February 6, 2021 09:35 PM

Former Pack
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[Mod Edit] Please refrain from using any text speak besides lol, lmao, oml, and omg.

Edited at October 8, 2022 09:45 PM by Rushie
Ninjago (Reboot)February 6, 2021 09:36 PM

Former Pack
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Edited at September 20, 2022 11:32 PM by Kiruka
Ninjago (Reboot)February 6, 2021 10:17 PM

Posts: 4486
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The Fugitives said:
What is Ninjago?..
I feel like I will get hate for not knowing .-.

read above in my rules it says what it is
Ninjago (Reboot)February 6, 2021 11:30 PM

Former Pack
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Edited at September 20, 2022 11:34 PM by Kiruka
Ninjago (Reboot)February 6, 2021 11:47 PM

Former Pack
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I had to choose Used to like it because it's been a year since I last watched it. I still love it but since I've never seen Season 8 I can't say I'm a true fan.
Ninjago (Reboot)February 7, 2021 10:54 AM

Former Pack
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Never heard of it

Forums > Socialize > Polls
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