02:30:17 BegoneThoughts
Maybe I'll color the wing tips lavender. Feel like it's blue enough with the coat being blue roan.
02:28:57 BegoneThoughts
Hmm. Don't know if I want to tip the wing with the lavender or the blue.
02:28:32 :: keep the peace
-WP Click-

,,, stinky rp, anyone still into it??
d u c k y
02:27:23 Fruit Goddess
-WP Click-
Please Vote!
02:25:26 Bag of Shiat
This is how bored sounds like

02:23:53 autumn.
* -Click-
02:23:42 autumn.
King Nothing
02:23:17 Misha
I need to change my avi T-T I don't know what to do
02:22:48 Taz
02:22:28 Dyn / Ana / Valen
7 more apples and I can get premium! :D
02:22:10 Wolf_Rescuer

This is totally me!
Black Swan
02:22:00 Swan Swannity Swan
Bald eagle feather rates all three of your wolfs features
Honeybee falls
02:21:55 Stormy, Mitsuki
Howl, a bald eagle feather
Shadows At Twilight
02:21:49 Dark envelops you...
when my wolves get hurt they stay hurt-
im a horrible person
02:21:37 Taz
What item gives you a free rating on your wolf
Black Swan
02:21:03 Swan Swannity Swan
These bitches keep getting infected wounds

The jungle enemies all rank or what
02:19:54 autumn.
yall wanna see my precious bean?
02:19:40 Whiskers
Your wolves played: Arosa brings Wings(Keep) a flower offering.

Bad wolf there, why is Wings always involved?
King Nothing
02:19:28 Misha
lmao they have most there money saved somewhere or in the bank.
I feel bad though. I need to buy my step-dad a present for his birthday. than right after his birthday is mt step-mom's then two of my step-brother's. I am scared I won't have enough money even though I probably will T-T
Shadows At Twilight
02:19:19 Dark envelops you...
go art RIGHT NOW young lady/sir!


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New Oc Name Help Part 2 June 5, 2020 07:35 PM

Winter Sun
Posts: 2748
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Okay, so I had such a hard time trying dwindle down the names that I could choose from and I finally have three that I really like, but here's the problem. I can't decide which one is the best for my character. So I am asking for the help of the community again. If you believe that you have a better name that the ones from my last poll, then feel free to comment them.
Picture of Best Blue Boi:

Poll Question: What name do you think fits my Oc the best?
Total Votes: 31
Sukairozu (Meaning "sky rose" in Japanese) : 2271%
Nix {Meaning Snowfall in Latin} : 723%
Kitsunezaru (Meaning Lemur in Japaneses) : 26%
Other Name Suggestion(only vote for this if you have a name) : 00%

You have cast your vote.
Edited at June 5, 2020 07:37 PM by Winter Sun
New Oc Name Help Part 2 June 6, 2020 12:59 PM

Winter Sun
Posts: 2748
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Thank you for everyone who voted! This poll has decided the my new Oc will be named Sukairozu. Nickname Rozu or Suka for short. Still debating on that part. Thank you all who suggested names and participated in the polls!

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