09:53:13 onion
they should call him low budget ikea
09:52:39 I'm Jared, 19
you pronounce his name like screm but o at the end
09:52:25 I'm Jared, 19

yes he's purple Sweden
09:51:55 onion
aao is my favorite what the fuck
09:51:08 I'm Jared, 19

I'll be back I must read it
09:51:05 ET
People could just retire the wolf themselves though.
Stormy Skies
09:50:43 Blackie, Mitsuki
Neapolitan, I just made a whole blog about shipping my OCs by request. It was super fun, and I can't wait to make more.
well, I just though you would be interested in that weirdness
Dark Moonrose
09:50:32 Timothy, ghost train
I'm thinking of taking up a job where people who don't want a boring wolf can send me the wolf and then I could possibly retire it for bone fragments. Is that a bad idea, though?
09:49:42 I'm Jared, 19
-WP Click- I love how developed Asher is with like so much personality and shit and art and then the other two are just like hehe gay
09:49:10 Tato/Mari
no idea, might post something in chat. dont know how to make my own XD
09:49:04 ET
Yeah. You buy a wolf and it's yours to do whatever with lmao-
I do that.
09:48:46 Soft boi hours
After you buy them you do what you want with them
Dark Moonrose
09:48:15 Timothy, ghost train
Hey, is it legal here to get wolves from the trading post and retire them for bone fragments? Just asking, I don't do that. I'm just curious.
Crimson Rose53368
09:47:49 Bakugou Or Harley
Oops sorry wrong chat!
Crimson Rose53368
09:47:37 Bakugou Or Harley
Looking for a new Avatar! Paying well! Pm me!
09:47:23 Whiskers
I do my own. Whos making it for you?
Stormy Skies
09:46:05 Blackie, Mitsuki
Potato, I do my own art to make it easier. and the fact that I can't use the image hosting sites doesn't help any
The Hate Inside
09:46:04 Raspberry|Razz|RB
Have fun lol
09:44:59 Tato/Mari
Weather, a banner.. art for my den.. bio pixel dividers.. who knows
09:43:22 Whiskers
What on?


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Roleplay ideas April 7, 2020 11:16 PM

Posts: 710
Ok so I have some ideas of what the story will be for the roleplay I'm doing!
Option1- there a hyena pack and a painted dog pack and there ansestors made a truce between them to share a big hunting area full of the best prey and also has a large watering hole.they split it between them,one side for each of them.(will have map)
Option 2:just the painted dog pack and the alpha gets murdered!
There is a mole among them.I will pick a person who will be the secret mole!
Option3:two African wild dog packs, and they are always fighting for territory.

Poll Question: What one do you choose?
Total Votes: 7
Option1 : 229%
Option 2 : 457%
Option 3 : 114%
Other? : 00%

You have cast your vote.
Roleplay ideas April 7, 2020 11:19 PM

Posts: 710
Also looking for second in command of the roleplay -pm me!
As second in command when i am not on ,you will help accept sign up forums and also make sure everyone is behaving.need a strong individual who will help me out!

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