Wolves of Christmas
04:29:40 Zodiac
-WP Click-
nad not sure what he is. Other than my ruler of the underworld.
04:29:15 Jobi-Skully-Beep
aah yes, does it not work with pups?
04:28:46 Foxsquatch
Here is my Angel! Don't Blink!

-WP Click-
Wolves of Christmas
04:28:29 Zodiac
Are you trying to put gear on a pup?
Hawthorn Light
04:28:25 Thorn, Light
If the wolf is less than a year old you can not add gear, that may be why...
Wolves of Christmas
04:28:08 Zodiac
???...Not sure my ways are starworthy.
Hawthorn Light
04:27:54 Thorn, Light
Zodiac your Angel of Death radiates the exact opposite energy of mine XD
-WP Click-
04:27:49 Jobi-Skully-Beep
In the manage wolf section there's no mention of gear, there's a decor button but nothing else :/
04:27:30 Foxsquatch
Do what Zodiac says. Trust in the Astrology of their ways!
The Harvesters
04:27:21 ███
Why can't we send links through our mailboxes? Whenever I send something to someone they don't receive it. And when they send me a link, I only see it if it has a space in the middle of the link.
Wolves of Christmas
04:27:04 Zodiac
-WP Click-
Speaking of angel of death.
04:26:58 Foxsquatch

Go to the wolf's page you want the gear on and select manage wolf, the option Gear and decor will show up!
Wolves of Christmas
04:26:18 Zodiac
Go to manage wolf and edit gear on that wolf's page.
04:26:04 Foxsquatch
Rest In Peace random Butterfly whom was burped upon. You were innocent.
04:25:51 Jobi-Skully-Beep
how does one equip gear? I can't find the setting anywhere
Wolves of Christmas
04:25:42 Zodiac
I renamed that G1 Gunmetal to Greywing and he's my beta.
04:25:08 acid || they/them
Odin whines at Nevada for attention.

mood my dude
04:24:53 Foxsquatch

Quick! Before they leave! Reverse psychology, tell them to do it and they won't!
Spooky Kitten
04:24:41 The Emo En-By
Your wolves played: Primrose burps up a butterfly.

Wolves of Christmas
04:23:50 Zodiac
Your wolves played: G1 Gunmetal and Aries-+65 leave for a walk.

Not sure if I approve.


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What would you pay for this? December 2, 2019 09:56 PM

Posts: 1344
[Mod Edit: Removed for no credits]
[Mod Edit: Removed for no credits]
I'm not expecting much so please be honest :)

Poll Question: What would you pay for this?
Total Votes: 25
<100 : 1560%
100-200 : 416%
201-300 : 624%
301-400 : 00%
401-500 : 00%
500> : 00%

You have cast your vote.
Edited at December 3, 2019 01:06 PM by Kitsune Pakucicle
What would you pay for this? December 3, 2019 07:53 AM

Posts: 4568
They are pretty,but also kind of simplistic ^^ which is not bad,but...I don't know I have a feeling it is not too hard to make them-I apologise if this sounds offending I don't wish for it to sound like that especially since I also draw backgrounds :D trying to sell them but no one wants them :').

I think price could be 30 for banner and 50 for first art ^^''''' again,no offense.

I like the style-sand is pretty and cloudy sky and sun in second are quite nice,but birds and horizont plus clouds on first one are kind of undefined-that looks bit off to me,but sand is really pretty :)
What would you pay for this? December 3, 2019 08:01 AM

Posts: 4568
But don't mind me with pricing :/
It is hard to guess people's wishes and budgets,also there are different kinds of people.
a) ones that try to get stuff really cheap (I was here before I started drawing digitally)
b) those who see artists effort and time,alongside with skills (I am now happily here I hope)

After I started drawing digitally(with traditional I just thought my camera is bad,also at that time I though digital art is simply copy paste and that it's easy-well it's not ^^''' it takes as much effort and will as for any other medium) I realized that it takes time and effort and that artist should not be people who turn their 'fun' to mush/money

Drawing ain't easy and is not always fun-irritation about lines or lack of skills,or not liking the way something looks althou you tried to fix it dozen of times,or simply having to draw something you don't like (haven't been here yet).

Don't get me wrong ^^ getting cheap stuff is good,but only after I relaized how it hurts when your work is sort of humiliated :/ humiloated is a too strong word,but I don't have any better.
What would you pay for this? December 3, 2019 08:04 AM

Posts: 4568
I think smudge is really good for drawing waves and sea ^^ and using watercolor with some mixing effect to it and bit of transparency-lots of blues too
What would you pay for this? December 3, 2019 08:14 AM

Posts: 179
I agree with hurry

Maybe wed pay more if the art had a character likee a wolf in it too(

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