12:06:38 Blu

Good night! Hug your buns for be, and have fun at the showing tomorrow!
12:06:12 Blu

But, please, your art style is amazing, don't ever loose that.
I'm being picky because I think 1) you can take it and 2) you're just amazing already and I have to look for small details.


He is though, he and this other YouTuber, ergojosh, mmmm, I could listen to those honeyed voices all damn day.
Ivory Shadows
12:06:09 Ivory
Oh absolutely. All 5 of them were girls too.

Anyway Im off to bed, sorry for anyone who had to listen to my paragraph rabbit talk xD
12:05:53 Nom om

I'm fighting to write this rp reply and not dissociate
Shadows At Twilight
12:05:41 Dark envelops you...
Can I get some help with my sweetheart :3
-WP Click-
Duskfall Hill
12:05:35 Dusky

There are some good stock Deviants on Deviantart for stock image uses, just search it up, there are some really great ones out there
Fog Border Pack
12:05:03 Fog/Foggy/Mist

I can't, I agree. Amy is a lucky woman XD
12:04:56 Nom om

I did a google search and didn't see that same image so no
Mistress Nyx
12:04:48 zelus
Spellbound: Textspeak is not allowed.
12:04:38 Blu

Their ears are little scarlet spoons with which we scoop heaven.
12:04:35 Strai | Bones | DOA

Thing is I cannot find anything that prohibits use or says anything about it and they have nothing in their journals ;-;
Life on Mars
12:04:32 Mars
imagine spending several apples on geodes and only getting toys / feathers
Duskfall Hill
12:04:24 Dusky
Yo Markiplier is a smexy man, change my mind
Shadows At Twilight
12:03:54 Dark envelops you...
Yeah.. lol!

Either that or some really unfortunate glitch-
Yeah I'm going to go with retirement-
Clouded Views
12:03:50 Fumikage Tokoyami
It's probably hard to tell where the lineart is because there isn't any ^^"
and I will admit the backgroundy thing was very rushed-
I'll take what you've said into account though and see how I can improve with that, thank you ^^

I'm mega tired, you?
Duskfall Hill
12:03:28 Dusky

You can do that, as long as the Deviant gives people permission to use their photos
12:03:10 Lunar / Mic

I have read markiplier x reader before. I have seen YT stars being shipped together. Rule 34 applies on Wattpad.
Duskfall Hill
12:02:42 Dusky

"I'm so sad that you died because I yeeted you into oblivion and got some sweet sweet bones. But yeah, sorry, love ya."
12:02:41 Strai | Bones | DOA

Guys this would not be considered stock correct?
12:02:40 Nom om

I think they retired it


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