Empty Veil
08:01:38 Gaebear is a toot
I am always watching 👀
08:01:32 Lunar / Mic
I just got my graphics tablet! I can't wait to start arting!
Rock Creek
08:01:08 Glock Rock >:)
Oh he'll yeah, yeet them kneecaps. Don't forget about the toe yoink.
Revenge Is Sweet
08:00:48 Please Stand By~!
Children Of Darkness

I know the feeling :')
Children of Darkness
07:59:28 Patches <3
R.i.p. me and my slow typing ;-;
Brelsotr Pack
07:59:25 Dragons of Gluttony
Revenge Is Sweet
07:59:16 Please Stand By~!

No, thought you meant the handpuppet from Sister Location. The audio you play to deter Funtime Freddy are most likely Bon-bon. Funtime Freddy shouts "Bon-bon, say HI to our friends!" during the time you spend in the breaker room.
Children of Darkness
07:58:41 Patches <3
Revenge is Sweet,

Yes! Every time I saw the nickname Bon Bon my mind was just like, “FNAF SL?!”
Falling Angel
07:58:40 Mali // Broken
My friends said if he doesn't talk to me in two more days, they'll YeEt his kneecaps.
Verity, Horseman of
07:57:45 Raven, taken
PM me if you want to be one of three co-owners of the biggest forum rp on WP!
Dragons, wolves, equines and cats in an underground world.
07:57:34 phall-o-meter
-WP Click-

just a couple more votes please .-.
Rock Creek
07:57:32 Glock Rock >:)
Lmao yep, we've been together since junior high <3
You WILL be fine <3
H e a r t B r e a k
07:57:29 Bon-Bon/Peppermint
this guy right here: -Click-
Wolves of Alagaesia
07:56:43 Dragon of WP
Geez...the fiancee is super in a cranky mood right now. I haven't seen for most of the day. I just wanted a little bit of attention.
Revenge Is Sweet
07:56:09 Please Stand By~!

I'm beyond confused- TwT
Falling Angel
07:55:56 Mali // Broken
Lucky bastard...X,D I'm fine, it's fine.
07:55:49 Waterfall,Zane
-WP Click- finly
07:55:30 Taz
07:54:51 Taz
-WP Click-
Lol I'ma make sure he has do on everything then I'll auction lol

Think I would get lucky?
H e a r t B r e a k
07:54:45 Bon-Bon/Peppermint
It’s means Bonnie


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