05:56:54 TS
Hate her..
Wolves of the Zodiac
05:56:42 Dragon of WP
She's pretty STS
05:54:21 TS
wolf party stop mocking me >.>

-WP Click-
Wolves of the Zodiac
05:51:13 Dragon of WP
I killed it.
Wolves of the Zodiac
05:27:52 Dragon of WP
I need to see about doing another mass breeding with my females again.
Alpha and Omega
Thanks Lavender :)
.+* Flower Doves *+.
05:21:25 Lavender

-WP Click-
Alpha and Omega
Can someone give me the link to the 'colouring book'?
The Sandman
05:19:38 The Local Idiot
It's worth it for macaroni.
05:17:37 kayden/acid/wind/KS4
lol, and awh ;w; don't get sick

omg xD
05:16:04 Cue || Ciuin
greywind, a feast fit for a king
The Sandman
05:15:41 The Local Idiot
But macaronis and cheese is awesome.

Even though I'm not supposed to eat it, I'd eat it all day.
05:15:30 Bio / Sam #2 / Chris
-WP Click-
Well I don't know what to do with this pup lol
.+* Flower Doves *+.
05:15:29 Lavender

05:15:02 kayden/acid/wind/KS4
its 6am, there's nothing to eat that i like so im eating broccoli and mac and cheese ;_;
Wolves of the Zodiac
05:13:56 Dragon of WP
Morning guys
05:10:51 Empress
I'm back to Wolfplay- I think. What'd I miss?
Alfred F. Jones
05:06:10 America (Lord Salt)
That's amazing.
.+* Flower Doves *+.
05:04:20 Lavender
Its gear hunting time . 3.
05:03:21 Wilvy
Omy gosh, my friend and I have quotes that have to do with two characters of mine.
My favourite is along the lines of “He’s not gonna die putting up a Christmas tree, Fin!”
Curtesy of my friend, haha


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Queen of Darkness
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If i made a shop for wolf Bios and other stuff like that, would you buy it?
This is one of my wolfs bios so you can see what i can do. I would do similar ones to this, but they can be longer or shorter or in a different perspective depending on how you want them. The price would be different depending on how long it take me to write them, and a few other things.

Poll Question: Would you?
Total Votes: 17
Yes, but in the future : 635%
No, don't have the mush or don't need it : 847%
Maybe, but i'd need to save mush first : 212%
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