Twist Of Fate
02:59:22 Twistie
I'm going to be singing that all day now guys xD
02:58:57 Cue || Ciuin
Aven am I allowed to join your Pasta Name Crew with my very valid submission of Efioa
02:58:44 ET, Orbit
Fine- Fine- I'll make sure I find it so you can have it.
Panic! at My Romance
02:58:23 Lombre-Ragu-Cinap
Wait would Cinap be pronounced like 'sin-app' or 'kin-app'
02:58:18 SpiderPlant
I was going to say that Cun.
Twist Of Fate
02:58:04 Twistie
God it's bad enough with my ACTUAL name
02:57:54 Cue || Ciuin
Hannavas* lmfao
Fool's Gold
02:57:50 Fool, Kanra
I'm offended you wouldn't give it to me-
Panic! at My Romance
02:57:44 Lombre-Ragu-Cinap
Here we go

Cello was only used as a form of Torture for a while
02:57:39 Cue || Ciuin
Havannahs, ooh nah nah.
New ~ Horizons
02:57:37 I should be sleeping
A close-knit pack of stray dogs lived amongst the city streets. They took care of each other, they watched out for each other.

Then everything changed. The plague came

-WP Click-
Glowing Moon
It isn't that they hate me, because they remind me over and over that I'm the favorite, my little sister just always asks "can we go out to eat?" after every soccer game she has.
02:57:20 Tea Lord
Does anyone wanna rp? I'm bored and I really wanna rp >.>
02:57:13 ET, Orbit
They'd have my soul if I still had it.
Fool's Gold
02:56:57 Fool, Kanra
Panic! at My Romance
02:56:57 Lombre-Ragu-Cinap
Should I change my nickname from Lombre to Cinap
Little Pit Bull
02:56:54 *Pit Bull Noises*
I have a wolf blanket! ^^
02:56:44 ET, Orbit
People who add some extra mush onto commission payments are the best people I swear--
I love y'all.
Brelsotr Pack
Hey.... who here likes to rp as dragons or Pokemon, anthro or otherwise? PM me if you do please.
02:56:12 SpiderPlant
I'm shivering because I'm so cold right now.


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Would you? September 11, 2019 02:35 PM

Midnight Dragon
Posts: 1479
If i made a shop for wolf Bios and other stuff like that, would you buy it?

This is one of my wolfs bios so you can see what i can do. I would do similar ones to this, but they can be longer or shorter or in a different perspective depending on how you want them. The price would be different depending on how long it take me to write them, and a few other things.

Poll Question: Would you?
Total Votes: 16
Yes, but in the future : 638%
No, don't have the mush or don't need it : 850%
Maybe, but i'd need to save mush first : 16%
yes, i'd like one right now(Comment) : 16%

You have cast your vote.

Forums > Socialize > Polls

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