Destiny Of Angels
09:44:35 Strai | Bones | DOA

Retire that dud
Fool's Gold
09:44:13 Fool, Kanra
Yeah, you want one? :)

I'm tryinggg
Crescent Moon Pack
09:44:04 DG Queen
Buy explorers map in barter, Dawn
09:43:52 Depressed Skeleton
-WP Click-
Dawn's Eclipse
Argh I can’t find my way round the forest to finish that level
Sleepy Ash
09:43:36 Sloth

Prove it.
Sleepy Ash
09:43:15 Sloth
For all the good, kind people in chat right now and for those who are just watching chat right now, join my club <3

-WP Click-
09:43:13 ET, Orbit
Sounds like fun~
Anyway, shouldn't you be working?
09:43:06 Lily (Slytherin)
Risingfire-- Hello :)
Crescent Moon Pack
09:42:56 DG Queen
Fool, baseball bat? Now that can cause some Chaos :P
09:42:45 TS
Cres. well your gifting curse is scary and moves from person to person, its scary and i dont like it XP
Fool's Gold
09:42:32 Fool, Kanra
I do not attract crazy, what are you on about-

Crescent Moon Pack
09:42:02 DG Queen
TS, i didnt even talk to Vox for the past few days though?
Fool's Gold
09:41:58 Fool, Kanra
I know. I have my baseball bat ready. :)
Sleepy Ash
09:41:47 Sloth
Hey Orbit!
Rushing Waves
09:41:46 Rushie
Why must you say things that make me have no words-
Sleepy Ash
09:41:35 Sloth

Ehehe. I just find that it gets crazier when I interact with y'all.
09:41:17 ET, Orbit
Imma come and harass you. :D
Fool's Gold
09:41:07 Fool, Kanra
There is no crazy side. No matter where you are it's always crazy.


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Forums > Socialize > Polls

Names, lol August 20, 2019 08:53 AM

Waterfall's Edge
Posts: 352
So, I'm needing a name for the lovely girl below. 24R, Red Roan 43T, and 3G, she is unnamed and I need a really good name for her. If you don't like any of the names in the poll, put one down below. And if someone has suggested a name and you like it, just say "Vote on (Insert name here)"

Thanks guys ^^

Poll Question: Name?
Total Votes: 8
Feverful Approach : 563%
Rouge (Means Red in French) : 338%
ulaʻula (Also means Red in Hawaiian) : 00%
Other : 00%

You have cast your vote.

Forums > Socialize > Polls

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