~ Bleak ~
12:28:13 ~Basement Gremlin~
-WP Click-

If this blog could get some love <3
12:27:52 Denki
-WP Click- :P
Broken Archangel
12:27:23 Samael ,Flawed
Hey mari
Hey dagger how are you guys

Hey star im good what about you
12:27:18 Everyone knows Emma
Not too much. Was looking after my boss' granddaughters so she and their mother could get some office work finished without the munchkins interruptions. We came across the 'tooth fairy' home. Yourself?
Wolves of Alagaesia
12:27:03 Dragon of WP
Hehehe...i think there is something wrong with me. Im trying to horde raven feathers.
12:26:44 Deci
Hey Lovelies. <3
12:26:43 Star,hero,cookie
sis i am okay
hi broken archangel how are you
Dagger Pack
12:26:32 Dag/Verity's Wife

12:26:24 Tato/Mari
Broken Archangel
12:26:10 Samael ,Flawed
12:25:58 Tato/Mari
hi sis ^^ im well, kinda tired. you?
12:25:07 Star,hero,cookie
hi sis how are you
~ Bleak ~
12:25:00 ~Basement Gremlin~

When the opposing alliance is at 5 damage left and you have to wait 15 minutes
12:24:10 Lunar / Mic

How was your day?
Dagger Pack
12:24:05 Dag/Verity's Wife

12:23:46 Everyone knows Emma
Gidday ;)
12:23:45 Tato/Mari
hi mom.
Wolves of Alagaesia
12:22:56 Dragon of WP
I saw Mymmy and instantly my mind thought of the mummy series.
12:22:37 Lunar / Mic
Hey Misaki!
Dagger Pack
12:21:55 Dag/Verity's Wife



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    Daddys House of Lovelies October 10, 2019 06:09 PM

Posts: 22187
>:( how dare you wet me, mortal slave? You are my feeder, my worshipper, now act like one!

*Acts all innocent as Fructose Father carries me*
    Daddys House of Lovelies October 10, 2019 07:14 PM

Quoth the Raven
Posts: 1227
I can't even type "straight" without laughing in lesbian
    Daddys House of Lovelies October 24, 2019 04:50 PM

Posts: 22187
I wanna adopt them all but my broke ass knows to lay low
Daddys House of Lovelies October 5, 2019 01:16 PM

Posts: 2066
So, I'm starting up a family with my new fiancee and best buds. Though it is invitation only, feel free to PM me about it and we'll see how it goes. Without further ado... Daddy's House of Lovelies!


The current family members are as follows:

Daddy ` Me, Kohai. ` Known as many things
Mother / Mistress of the House ` Fusty Bucket ` Known as "Mother or Mistress"

Resident Auntie ` Robyn. ` Known as "?"
Resident Uncle ` To be approved by Robyn., Fusty, and myself

Unlucky Feline Bean 2 ` Wolffang/Were-Wolffang ` Known as "Bean 2"

Resident Vampire ` Quote The Raven ` Know as "?"

Depressed Niece ` Plague 049 ` Known as "Zero"

Resident Maid ` Black Swan ` Known as "Patalie Nortman"

Little Pea Babies ` Unconceived ` Known as "Little Peas" (plural), "Pea Baby" (singular)

More to come.


Hold up! You thought we were through? Feast your eyes on the rules~


  • Listen to the OGs. This means that if I'm not on, or even if I am, you still need to listen to the others. They'll be listed below.
  • Treat everyone with respect. I won't deal with funny business.
  • I do allow cussing, but you shouldn't cuss any more than I do. And I cuss like a sailor. As this is a PG-13 site, please refrain from heavy dialogue such as this
  • PM me if you see any rule breakers, I will personally deal with it if it hasn't already been dealt with by one of the other OGs
  • Make a point to find a friend. The purpose of this family is to form new friendships and be you are. I would love to embrace your wonderful spirits.
  • Homophobia is strictly prohibited. If I even catch a whiff, you will be banned from this group for good. No exceptions for anyone, myself included. This means no homophobic jokes, either. No matter how 'cool' ya'll are
  • Do not spam this thread with messages. Roleplay actions are cool and all, but I don't need to come back from school with 500+ game notifications solely from this thread. It's ridiculous. Please wait until someone has decided to entertain your shenanigans.
  • Please follow all WolfPlay rules. I know this is really far down on the list, but I really shouldn't have to tell you.
  • Call me 'Daddy'
  • Have fun! If you aren't having fun or encounter a problem, feel free to talk to me or anyone else. I can mediate between players if need be.
  • That's all for now!

  • `````````````````

    The Real OGs

    They serve as my right hands. Absolutely no disrespect when they tell you do do something or correct any behavior. I do go back a read any messages I've missed.

    Fusty Dudget/Fust-O-Lantern
    Quote The Raven

    Alright, well, I think that's about it! More to come, I'm sure.

    Edited at October 28, 2019 03:50 PM by Dashing
    Daddys House of Lovelies October 5, 2019 01:30 PM

    Posts: 3111
    Daddys House of Lovelies October 5, 2019 01:31 PM

    Posts: 3111
    Daddys House of Lovelies October 5, 2019 01:40 PM

    Posts: 2066
    Bad dragon. No posting I said!

    Oh well, what's done is done. Now I'll have to revamp my aesthetics.

    Edited at October 5, 2019 01:42 PM by Kohai
    Daddys House of Lovelies October 5, 2019 01:42 PM

    Posts: 3111
    Does this mean we can post now

    Edited at October 5, 2019 02:29 PM by All Eyes On You
    Daddys House of Lovelies October 5, 2019 01:43 PM

    Posts: 2066
    Seems I'll need to add rules as well. Refrain from posting until I specifically say to do so.
    Daddys House of Lovelies October 5, 2019 02:06 PM

    Posts: 2066
    <div style="text-align: center;">Everyone is free to enjoy our house of wonders.

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