Twist Of Fate
02:59:22 Twistie
I'm going to be singing that all day now guys xD
02:58:57 Cue || Ciuin
Aven am I allowed to join your Pasta Name Crew with my very valid submission of Efioa
02:58:44 ET, Orbit
Fine- Fine- I'll make sure I find it so you can have it.
Panic! at My Romance
02:58:23 Lombre-Ragu-Cinap
Wait would Cinap be pronounced like 'sin-app' or 'kin-app'
02:58:18 SpiderPlant
I was going to say that Cun.
Twist Of Fate
02:58:04 Twistie
God it's bad enough with my ACTUAL name
02:57:54 Cue || Ciuin
Hannavas* lmfao
Fool's Gold
02:57:50 Fool, Kanra
I'm offended you wouldn't give it to me-
Panic! at My Romance
02:57:44 Lombre-Ragu-Cinap
Here we go

Cello was only used as a form of Torture for a while
02:57:39 Cue || Ciuin
Havannahs, ooh nah nah.
New ~ Horizons
02:57:37 I should be sleeping
A close-knit pack of stray dogs lived amongst the city streets. They took care of each other, they watched out for each other.

Then everything changed. The plague came

-WP Click-
Glowing Moon
It isn't that they hate me, because they remind me over and over that I'm the favorite, my little sister just always asks "can we go out to eat?" after every soccer game she has.
02:57:20 Tea Lord
Does anyone wanna rp? I'm bored and I really wanna rp >.>
02:57:13 ET, Orbit
They'd have my soul if I still had it.
Fool's Gold
02:56:57 Fool, Kanra
Panic! at My Romance
02:56:57 Lombre-Ragu-Cinap
Should I change my nickname from Lombre to Cinap
Little Pit Bull
02:56:54 *Pit Bull Noises*
I have a wolf blanket! ^^
02:56:44 ET, Orbit
People who add some extra mush onto commission payments are the best people I swear--
I love y'all.
Brelsotr Pack
Hey.... who here likes to rp as dragons or Pokemon, anthro or otherwise? PM me if you do please.
02:56:12 SpiderPlant
I'm shivering because I'm so cold right now.


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The Curiosees (Main Forum) August 14, 2019 03:37 PM

Posts: 1651
Welcome to the new forum for the Curiosees!
Feel free to have a nice chat or promote/announce any sales or news!
All the chatting starts on page 2 :)


Listed below are some:
Important Links (Post 2)
Current Alliance News (Post 3)
Curiosee Nicknames (Post 4)
Curiosees Perks (Post 5)
Most Recent Mass Communication (Post 6)
Curiosees Mascot (Post 7)
Curiosees Art (Post 8)
Curiosees Biography (Post 9)


Also, might as well leave a link to our alliance page ^^;


If you ever feel nostalgic and wanna go to our old forum here's the link :)

Edited at September 6, 2019 03:49 PM by Akugitsune328
The Curiosees (Main Forum) August 14, 2019 03:37 PM

Posts: 1651
Important Links

Curiosee Officer Poll (Will be added next term)

CP Help Request Forum

Curiosee Contest Forum

(Anonymous) General Review of the Curiosees

(Anonymous) Review of New Contests/Dominance/Policies

Edited at September 6, 2019 04:15 PM by Akugitsune328
The Curiosees (Main Forum) August 14, 2019 03:37 PM

Posts: 1651
Current Alliance News

Packs of the Week (Resets Every Monday)
The Slytherins
Black Fate

Edited at September 9, 2019 07:34 AM by Akugitsune328
The Curiosees (Main Forum) August 14, 2019 03:37 PM

Posts: 1651
Curiosee Nicknames
*Note, Curiosees Only

Akugitsune328 = Byakuya
!~WinterBloom~! = Risheena
~Belive~ = Cicibela
Hurry = Detective H. / H.
Griffins Rising = Griffin
Petals = Kitty
Midnight Freakshow = Dualbino
Destiny of Angels = DOA
Red Moon = Rem
Bloodscar = Crisps
WildSpirit = Quicksilver
Hallbjorns = Hall-Bot
Essence = Essie

Edited at September 14, 2019 01:11 PM by Akugitsune328
The Curiosees (Main Forum) August 14, 2019 03:37 PM

Posts: 1651
Curiosees Perks

~Free food, 50% off wolves for sale, Free breedings (50% off customs) from Akugitsune328. Will gift free bronze figurines (only up to 5 at one time) and surpassing valor pups (though people struggling with dominance will be prioritized.) CP must be used on dominance and SV pups must not be sold. PM them if you've bought / bred to a wolf and how much you spent

~Free food and free pup training from WildSpirits (172901) *CHECK PACK NOTES FOR DETAILS*

~Free 6 feedings when you need them, free studs, 50% of females (not every is always available, I breed all of my around 20 girls every year so reserve them in advance, some become VIW after 12 years of age), 50% off relics, discount on wolves for sale (PM them for specifics), and sometimes free wolf bios (semi-literate, depends on my mood and time, PM me the wolf and requirements) from Hurry (203451). Make sure to PM them so they can send mush back :)

~Free wolf training from Sassy Otaku (185912)

~Free art and free breedings from ~Belive~ (207179)

~25% off art in art shop and 50% off of YCH sheets from Asgard (171918)

~Free food and free male breedings from The Electric Mayhem (206171)

~Free food from ShiningStarPack (153867)

~Free male breedings (50% off of Hoffie Toffie, Adam, and Lawrence), 50% off boarding from Hoodie (229217)

~25% off breeding (POL if breeding to female) from Heavenly Tears (226177)

~Pup Training and Free food from Eno (148987)

~Free pups (R30 under), 50% off pups (R30+), Free Breeding to all Males from The Masked Claws (234560)

~Discounted breeding fee to custom from Destiny of Angels (232782)

~50% off of breeding to La Mort D'Arthur (Chimera custom) and any future custom studs from Midnight Freakshow (165583). Please PM them after breeding and they'll send 50% back.

~Free male breedings (except for Striker and Victory [Chimeras] ; They will cost 50 mush) and 50% off sales fee from Griffins rising (212479). PM before hand

~Free food, free boarding, and 50% off of breeding to customs from Death Wish (189705). Simply breed to their wolf and they will send half the breeding price back.

~50% off of wolves for sale and market den from !~WinterBloom~! (232161)

~50% off of breeding to boost and defect wolves from Bloodscar (226973)

~50% off of breedings to studs from starwolfs (180549)

Make sure to PM them for these offers (With exceptions)!

Edited at September 7, 2019 10:10 PM by Akugitsune328
The Curiosees (Main Forum) August 14, 2019 03:37 PM

Posts: 1651
Most Recent Mass Communications (From Oldest to Newest)

Alright everyone! This mass communication is gonna be a tad long so if you're in a rush or super tired, I'd suggest putting it aside for another time ^^;

So first, thank you to everyone that wrote a review for the Curiosees! It was both informative and touching so I very much appreciate your time. I'll summarize the general trend amongst the reviews before moving on to the more specific comments.

Some trends:
First, it seems that everyone would like a higher dominance requirement. While the new dominance suggestion ranged from 300 to 3000, 500 seemed to be the general consensus. Going off that I'll be raising the minimum dominance to 500 today (or tomorrow). I'm not sure how long this will take for each pack so for now, the due date to have above 500 by is Halloween (10/31).

Second, this time based off the poll, people seem to really want more members. We're ranging from 110 to 150, with 150 being the most popular and a few reviews mentioned that they'd like more members as well. I did some math (averages and whatnot) and got 138. Since that's not possible, I'll be increasing the member space by 40 making our total member number 140.

Third, people have pointed out that because we are such a large alliance, while we are very warm and welcoming, it's difficult to get to know each other more closely. Not only so, but people would like to get to know me a bit more. This is the one that I'm having the most trouble coming up with some solutions but here are some I have so far that'll I'll start implementing.

1) Personal PMs : I'll pretty much be PMing every member of the alliance once per month just to check in and have a chat :) I figure this'll be a good way for members to get to know me and for some of the more shy members to have an easier way to talk to me. I realize this is a rather... difficult thing to do with 90+ members but we won't know until we try!

2) Packs of the week : This is a little weird, but hopefully this will help you all make connections with each other and maybe even forge new friendships. Essentially, we'll be having five packs chosen randomly and they'll be the packs of the week. All you have to do is shoot them a comment. Of course, some packs have comments disabled so you can PM them a greeting/compliment or just give them a paw or something. Please do read through their bios/notes beforehand so that you aren't annoying them or something :")

3) Alliance Communication (More details below)

Fourth, more contests! Says everyone so that's what will happen as long as I have the finances available. Hopefully we'll be having more Curiosee theme contests as well as just new contests in general.

Alrighty, now onto the more specific comments! (Told you this would be long)

First, a few people have mentioned that the alliance bio was a bit lengthy. So I'll just be trimming it down by moving the alliance bio to the alliance forum. Simple fix!

Second, a few of you have poked at me saying I need to be more selfish... Uh... I don't know the solution to that one so I'll be putting this one aside...

Third, a good chunk of you want more alliance communications that are more chill. Meaning, a joke or getting to know a member/me, things along those lines. I guess it means more alliance communications from me ^^

If I'm sending information on another pack, you will get a PM from me asking for your permission as well as asking if you have any specific fun facts you'd like to put.

Fourth, I've been told that the AvA contest is too difficult. I'll be tweaking the number of wins to accommodate those comments.

Alright, that's everything! Phew xD
Everything listed here will be implemented within the next few days.
You'll see me again in a few moments for a more chill alliance communication ^^
Happy Hunting, and Good Luck with FMC!

Heya everyone!

AvA contest has ended and prizes have been sent! ^^
Thanks for everyone for participating

And now we have another contest!

Since we have 140 member spaces, we'll be hosting a recruitment contest! As was the case last time,
1st Place = 300 mush
2nd Place = 200 mush
3rd Place = 100 mush
Participation = 50 mush
NOTE: When the person you've recruited is applying, they must have your name on there or I can't tally how many people you recruited :')
Deadline = Whenever we cap xD

And I forgot to mention last time,
I've created a new google form (anonymous) where you can submit your review on new things in the Curiosees such as my check-ins, dominance raises, new contests etc. Alongside this, the original Curiosee Review Form will continue to be open so if your opinion ever changes or if you wanna fill it out again with a new review, please go right ahead!

That's all for now folks!
Have fun and Stay Curious <3

Edited at September 9, 2019 02:42 PM by Akugitsune328
The Curiosees (Main Forum) August 14, 2019 03:37 PM

Posts: 1651
Curiosee Mascot

Icarus: This curious little boy has always been our alliance mascot but I forgot to tell people XD He's the wolf featured in WildSpirit's alliance background story on our Alliance Page. He's been dead for... uh quite a long time, but hopefully I'll be able to gather more art for him :)

Icarus II: The reincarnation of the original Icarus

Edited at September 6, 2019 03:40 PM by Akugitsune328
The Curiosees (Main Forum) August 14, 2019 03:37 PM

Posts: 1651
Curiosee Art

Credits to Sufferthorn (227973)

Lineart = Espherio (DeviantArt)
Color = Akugitsune328 (204590)

Lineart = PunkKitteh (DeviantArt)
Color = !~WinterBloom~! (232161)

Credits to ilannaq (222973)

Edited at September 6, 2019 03:41 PM by Akugitsune328
The Curiosees (Main Forum) August 14, 2019 03:59 PM

Posts: 1651
Curiosees Biography

Icarus walks alone on the soft grass. His mate is in labor, and the hunting chore is all down to himself. How boring, the wolf thinks, as he disappears into the forest. It's not that he doesn't enjoy hunting; rather, battling causes his blood to boil. But the thing is, his enemies are too weak. Rabbits, squirrels, pheasants... Too fragile. Only one bite is required to take one down. Occasionally he finds deer, but they have no chance against him and his mate. How is he supposed to find excitement in fighting weaklings?

Suddenly his sensitive nose senses something. The smell of prey? Maybe. He has absolutely no idea what the scent belongs to. It is weird, he has never encountered this smell before. What is it? He wonders. Out of curiosity, he tracks the scent, and stops.

Right before his eyes, stands a giant creature that stands on its hind legs. The giant's long fur enveloped its powerful limbs. It turns around, and looks into the Icarus' eyes. 'What have we got here? A little wolf looking for a challenge?' The giant says in a low voice.

Icarus is astonished. Never has he ever seen such an intimidating creature. He charges directly at the creature, aiming for his throat. But the creature reacts quicker than he expects. It raises its giant hands, and sends the wolf into the air. The wolf lands with a great thump, and begins to fall unconscious. Before he passes out, he hears a voice saying, 'I am the Big Foot, the almighty king of the forest. You are still no match for me. Come back when you are stronger.' With that, the creature disappears.

Years have passed. Icarus has grown into a strong alpha male, father of the pack. He is back in the forest, proudly looking down at the creature that once defeated him with one hit, lying on the ground. 'You finally win,' said the creature, 'but it is not over. I have many friends who are stronger than me living in all parts of the world including swamps and jungles. Do you think you can fight against them?'

The swamps sounds interesting. Icarus then vows to find all the mythical creatures and beat them one by one. But his son, Hawk Eye, asks: 'Father, you are old. Are you sure you have much time to explore all the biomes?'

Icarus replies, 'Even though I might not have enough time left, there are still many packs out there with the same passion for exploring and the same curiosity about the world. Remember the alliance we have created? The Curiosees? It is the alliance for wolves who are curious about everything. We work as a whole to explore the world and look for different things. One day some of us will have found all the mythical creatures and defeated them in battles.'

-WildSpirits (#:172901)

Edited at September 6, 2019 03:45 PM by Akugitsune328
The Curiosees (Main Forum) August 14, 2019 03:59 PM

Posts: 1651

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