Sassy Otaku
09:20:03 Salty Canadian
-WP Click-
-WP Click-

I seriously can't wait for these guys to have their pups, but they'll probably make me wait
Im ready to retire this whole pack their idiots
09:19:16 ❥ Lyy
Spends literally all mu mush.. Went from 2k to only 3 mush in a week
Miss Wolf
09:18:48 Eh.
Ah, that makes sense. Thank you.
Crescent Moon Pack
09:17:45 DG Queen
Alphas are wolves with highest dominance in your pack. Keep the one you want as aplha above others by at least 1 dominance point
Crescent Moon Pack
09:16:51 DG Queen
Dont assign CP to her dominance then
Miss Wolf
09:16:26 Eh.
Okay, I don't think there is but is there something that stops the female in your folder become alpha?

I put CP in her dominance and she becomes alpha replacing my current alpha female and it is super annoying.

Hope that makes sense.
Sassy Otaku
09:15:31 Salty Canadian
I have 3 new wolves to train, as well as one I didn't quite finish last game year
Panic! at My Romance
09:15:15 Lombre-Ragu-Cello
My leg hurts where it got cut yesterday

I hate this stupid level of explore but got like 100 moves left of it
Crescent Moon Pack
09:10:23 DG Queen
Oh, LL would love that one lmao
Crescent Moon Pack
09:09:58 DG Queen
I dislike training, but i hate wolves not being at 925 more lmao. Plus, forest 2 is gold mine during full moon nights *^*
09:09:35 *Misspell my name!*
-WP Click-

Ugh. ES but he's so friken ugly
09:09:03 Silly-wan Kenobi
Not leveling up drives me crazy, that's what keeps me from training more x.x
09:08:51 Rod | Zin | Paw
Get it, thanks
Crescent Moon Pack
09:07:59 DG Queen
Uh, i may or may not go through forest 2, like complete it, 5+ times a day...
09:07:54 Silly-wan Kenobi
CL is Clean Lines. No wolf appears twice in their lineage.
09:07:41 Rod | Zin | Paw
What means "CL" in a wolf?
Your attention span is amazing I get bored of exploring after 200 moves
Pudding Cup
09:06:38 Pudding, Pud
Bet that McDonald's is better quality over there though.


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Forums > Member Help

Wolf's health not restorate March 30, 2017 05:21 AM

Posts: 6
My battle wolves can't restore their health.
I wait some real hours, but health stays on the place and i'm use potions or hot spring (once of day).
It bug or new update? :0
Wolf's health not restorate March 30, 2017 09:27 AM

Destinations End
Game Moderator
Posts: 6928
It's probably a bug.
You've actually used health potions? If not, try doing so. If you have try once again on one wolf.
Also, clear your browsers cache, history and settings.
If possible, also try another browser and/or device

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