06:40:01 Z, Chai
oh i was left hanging alright dark ^^' my friends and i were gonna go to six flags and a concert of mine but i waited half the night in the reality they never showed. so i went with my husband instead >///<
Dark Moonruler
06:39:51 King Boo
Please come vote! New improvement idea that can improve gaming! -WP Click-
Dark Moonruler
06:38:35 King Boo
@Chai z
Doing good! But I fell asleep before twelve last night which I can't believe, due to the less mount of coffee I had been drinking and fighting the urge to sleep, XD. But today I'm ready to practice. I saw your PMs today this morning and thanks! I'm glad I didn't leave you hanging, lol. I was worried when I woke up realizing I must have fallen asleep.
06:36:33 Aikō
If you need anymore help with boosts
Gathering>Forums>Guides>Boost Guide on the first page
Dark Moonruler
06:36:29 King Boo
@Gray Wolf Gang,
wow! That is cool!
@Honey Bee,
Lazy Kingdom
06:36:11 Midnight
Time for school <.< such fun
06:36:11 Z, Chai
how are ya dark?
Dark Moonruler
06:35:53 King Boo
Morning Chai Z!
Grey Wolf Gang
06:35:49 Call me Grey or Colo

Honey Bee had got a litter of pups, all with boosts.
06:35:23 Aikō
Silver tongue improves that wolf's social by 50
06:35:22 Z, Chai
morning everyone ^^
Dark Moonruler
06:34:56 King Boo
@Grey Wolf Gang
What's awesome?
06:34:46 Lilly
Whats up ya'll?
Grey Wolf Gang
06:34:27 Call me Grey or Colo
Wow, that's awesome
Honey Bee
What does the silver tongue boost do? ^^’
Honey Bee
:0 My new litter of pups all have boosts
Grey Wolf Gang
06:33:11 Call me Grey or Colo
I think I killed the chat. (-_-)
Grey Wolf Gang
06:32:09 Call me Grey or Colo
Okay, even I missed my history classes twice :0
Dark Moonruler
06:31:38 King Boo
Please vote! -WP Click-
06:31:35 57, numbers
Well, she's already late but still


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I have a few questions... October 7, 2020 01:21 AM

Sam D
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I have 3 questions:
How much dominance do you have to have to scare the bird watcher? Do you have to have a minimum dominance for individual wolves?
What stat do you fill for the Halloween event for the wolf howling challenge to earn brains?
If you redeem your wolfs play points, how much cp do you get and do your wolves keep their unlocked levels when you redeem the points?

Edited at October 7, 2020 01:47 AM by Sam D
I have a few questions... October 17, 2020 03:37 PM

Posts: 216
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You need to build up pack dominance so no I don't think the amount of dominance you have on singular wolves really matters.
Higher Spirituality can help you get more approvals from ancestors if that's what you're referring to.
I believe once they're over 25 play points you can exchange 1 cp per play point? Though I may be wrong.

Edited at October 17, 2020 03:44 PM by Adira
I have a few questions... October 17, 2020 03:49 PM

Posts: 157
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1. The birdwatcher is somewhat random, but the higher the better. 50-100 should do it.

2. CP doesn't help with the howling in the Halloween event. It's based on your wolf's howling ratings.

3. 25 Points is 25 CP. You can claim the CP every 25 points (25, 50, 75, and so on). I'm not sure if they keep their levels or not.

I have a few questions... October 17, 2020 08:44 PM

Sam D
Posts: 34
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Thank you guys! :)

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