The Magma Kingdom
11:00:32 Sukii


Magma slaps Shai
-A s a h i-
11:00:11 ~Country Shai~

I sent it to myself c:


It truly is XD
Nico The Ghost King
10:58:46 death boi
@blue rock

-WP Click-

i need help on her
i don't know who she looks like
The Magma Kingdom
10:58:06 Sukii

Where are they.
Nico The Ghost King
10:57:50 death boi
@blue rock

i will let you know
Dark Moonruler
10:57:24 King Boo
That's funny XD
Blue Rock Pack
10:57:06 Blue, Blue Rock
Let me know if you need help XD
Dulling Melodies
10:56:51 I like rocks uwu
-WP Click-
vote or say goodbye to kneecap privileges
10:56:25 Ancient Demon
all good and alright. Bye Makoto :)
Dark Moonruler
10:56:09 King Boo
Ahuhuhu i dunno why i did that XD
-A s a h i-
10:55:56 ~Country Shai~
Somebody sent this to me-

-YT Click-
Dark Moonruler
10:55:51 King Boo
10:55:48 WK | Wolf | Konda |
ok i thought that would be best since spring is coming up soon
eclipse walkers
10:55:27  me is bisexual
-WP Click-
10:54:58 Maka
Sorry, I poofed for a minute.
I honestly don't know why I find math fun. I guess it might be because it challenges me?

I think I'm going to hop off for a while :)
Nico The Ghost King
10:54:42 death boi
i just now realized this will be harder then i thought
Nico The Ghost King
10:54:06 death boi
im doing it

it must happen for the greater goo of my pack
Blue Rock Pack
10:53:38 Blue, Blue Rock
Nico The Ghost King
10:52:58 death boi
should i change my wolves names to percy jackson characters?
Wolves of Gilneas
10:52:44 Evalupa
All these hellhounds keep running away.

Pfft. Cowards.


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How old can wolves be before they cant breed? (Answered) September 21, 2020 11:43 PM

Ghosts of Elms
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Ive left my account alone for a while now (too long) and most of my wolves were bought or died, the few i do have left are 14. I know im able to breed my females still (two are pregnant) but, when do the wolves stop being able to breed?
Thank you for answering my question^^

Edited at September 24, 2020 06:25 PM by Ghosts of Elms
How old can wolves be before they cant breed? (Answered) September 21, 2020 11:45 PM

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They can breed until they die; there is no max breeding age.

Edited at September 21, 2020 11:45 PM by Makato
How old can wolves be before they cant breed? (Answered) September 22, 2020 11:29 AM

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^ only ones who cant breed are pups and those who were de-aged by a stone bought in barter(apples item)

just be careful preganant wolves that 15+ can die while being pregnant

Edited at September 22, 2020 11:29 AM by CriesInTheNight

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