Desire of The Hills
07:17:38 Caffeine Snorter
you're welcome xD!
07:17:16 commit scooter ankle
You spy 6 Grizzly Bears.
Suddenly I remember why I hated the tundra.
Desire of The Hills
07:17:12 Caffeine Snorter
Die, Pheasant!
07:17:03 Mezmo/Hufflepuff

Thanks for the potion xD
Desire of The Hills
07:15:44 Caffeine Snorter
Cartooncat has stolen one of your relics.

Health Potion

Lmao, I have plenty of those-
07:15:41 Z, Chai
Hey snek! Honestly, scared out of my wits by a school project i did and hungry as hell T-T you?
𓆙 The baddest
07:15:07 Snek snorter 𓆙
Morning Chai!<3 How are ya?
07:14:29 Z, Chai
Good morning guys ^^
𓆙 The baddest
07:13:14 Snek snorter 𓆙
Banana bread~

Same thing like yesterday kinda happy kinda feeling other things.0u0
black opal
07:12:16 Opal, Ria
-WP Click-
Cool falconry RP!
black opal
07:12:16 Opal, Ria
-WP Click-
Cool falconry RP!
07:11:53 Ancient Demon
yes they save until next year
07:11:22 kayden/acid
>^> well.. if you tell me who made the oc i can try to find them? and not just the pack ids- cause is to hard qwq
𓆙 The baddest
07:10:44 Snek snorter 𓆙
-YT Click-

Look at 10:41 That Karen XDD
Desire of The Hills
07:10:35 Caffeine Snorter

You know me, exploring, lmao.


Also I almost got back all that 5,000 mush I blew on Bree qwp!
Fallen Flame
07:10:04 📢Barnaby
For the Halloween event. Do your brains save for next year?
𓆙 The baddest
07:09:02 Snek snorter 𓆙
Banana Bread!<333 how are you??
Desire of The Hills
07:08:29 Caffeine Snorter

Hey wifu <3!
𓆙 The baddest
07:07:51 Snek snorter 𓆙
Hey Chat!!!<333
Desire of The Hills
07:00:33 Caffeine Snorter
ES Albino Bloodline uses their Elite Speed to hit twice!
ES Albino Bloodline tail slaps Deer 1 and hits for 56 damage.
Elite Speed tail slaps Deer 1 and kills them.
You win 5 mushrooms and add the prey to your food stash.


I love my ES babes. Still need names for 'em, though xD


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Premium? September 18, 2020 08:50 AM

Diagon Alley Elites
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Hey, so I have been saving for Premium and I was wondering if it is worth it. What are the advantages/disadvantages? Also, the main reason is so I can make palettes but there seems to be more people selling them than on HEE so would it be worth it? Would I be able to make up what I spent on the Premium in mushrooms? Thanks in advance.
Premium? September 18, 2020 09:06 AM

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here is a premium guide:

Palettes are popular here but many palette shops like mine are closed due to being busy, so its hard to get a spot right now. But i is real neat

Advantage: Premium in my opinion is onyl worth it if you are big on selling and breeding, with premium you can do it all privtely which protects your wolves from being bought by a random player

Disadvantage: It costs a lot, and you can only buy for 1 year or 3 months at a time, so if you buy premium and decide you dont like it, you already pad a lot for 3 months.

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