Consumers of Boomers
07:29:52 Mealworm
What's uncalled for is Navaya preferring to abandon an old horse because they don't want to ask people for help digging a grave or spend the money on labor.
Cherokee Pride
07:29:47 Cher or Pride
Hello! Anyone up for an rp? Pm me if your interested. ^~^
Eclipse's Rain
07:29:24 Eclipse
Stormfang: Generally, I price wolves under 30R like this:

1 mush for each rarity point, 2 for each talent. ^^ Wolves above thirty rarity I never price because I don't really have any (save 1) QwQ
Burning Roses
07:29:05 Your local therapist
Nu, people stop giving me mush- *^*
But thank you anyways :D
07:28:33 Xhavier
Wow I actually teared up there-
I'm way too sensitive, f r a c k
Banana Dragon
07:28:21 Sky
I feel like you're lying about all of this. You don't have a family member or a neighbor that could help at all? Hell, you could probably do it on your own if you're careful enough.
Hey, awkwardly shuffling in here, my wolf just had her first pups! I love them but I'm not sure I want to keep all of them. I'm not sure which ones I'd sell or how much mush/apples to sell em for? I was hoping someone would be cool giving this nerd some advice? They're the bottom four on my den page
Eclipse's Rain
07:27:47 Eclipse
I feel like chat is going to keep circling around to horse controversy one way or another :')
07:27:18 Xhavier
AaAaA, thank you! I really appreciate that
07:27:11 Lycan
So I am planning on getting a ranch. And I am looking for a horse to start with but I kinda need help with the breed. So does anyone know what breed of horse is good to start with?
Burning Roses
07:26:58 Your local therapist
I gave away 700 mush today-
Now I only have 86 left but it was worth it- *^*
Twist Of Fate
07:26:53 Twistie
Reddy :P

My dog has to wear the cone of shame and he is soooo pitiful.
That one Person
07:26:44 Navaya
yeah wellthat a problem i don't have friends in real life they all left me in the dirt
07:26:21 Reddy / Little
give me a moment! my phones dead and i have to find the charger.
07:26:04 ET, Orbit
Consumer of Boomers
Mate, that's just uncalled for. Come on, let's just leave the horse topic. :')
Flower Field
07:25:59 Shroom
What is it?
Consumers of Boomers
07:25:31 Mealworm
oml that's so many kittens for one litter!
good to know some folk care about their pets :)
07:25:12 ET, Orbit
I have successfully slept it off! :D

Bro I stayed up till 5AM and it was 100% worth it I'll doit again!
07:25:12 Lycan
I have a question for you all.


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What does wolf names such as 15R CT mean? April 21, 2019 01:26 AM

Former Pack
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I have seen wolves that have names such as 15R CT, (the name of my pup that i bought) and I was wondering what it meant if it even has a meaning. I have only played this game for one day, so it might be obvious but I really want to know!
What does wolf names such as 15R CT mean? April 21, 2019 01:49 AM

Former Pack
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15 rarity. Crooked Tail defect.
What does wolf names such as 15R CT mean? April 21, 2019 04:36 PM

Former Pack
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Ehh said:
15 rarity. Crooked Tail defect.

Oh thank you for the answer!
What does wolf names such as 15R CT mean? April 21, 2019 10:15 PM

Game Moderator
Posts: 4062
For future reference, we do have a list of jargon somewhere in here:

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