Burning Roses
07:31:52 Your local therapist

Because I am feeling generous today and I want to go broke apparently lmao
Choco Hall <3
07:31:31 Hallway, Hallbjorns
;) Can't let you go broke before your unknown birthday
07:31:20 (ง'̀-'&
ET, sorry for your tribulations friend, lmao. How's it going?
07:31:12 Xhavier
Thank you, thank you. I love hugsss. qwq
Eclipse's Rain
07:31:02 Eclipse
ET: Wise decision! I'd do the same but I'm unsure how to screenshot on my computer. Oh well xD
Dark Asylum
07:30:57 Kady
Roses why did you give me mush? Feeling Generous XD
Burning Roses
07:30:57 Your local therapist

Damn you- *^*
07:30:46 (ง'̀-'&
Can you all actually drop the topic. Eternity asked you very nicely, so please discuss something else?
Redwood Lake
07:30:40 Kayla / Redwood
Have some photos of some cute fluffs. :)
07:30:37 Kai
*!I have many wolves for breeding and a wolf for sale!*
Please PM me if interested :)
07:30:12 ET, Orbit
Lmao I'll just keep gathering report screenshots then.

Have virtual hugs my dude. It's okay bro, nothin' wrong with being sensitive.
Consumers of Boomers
07:29:52 Mealworm
What's uncalled for is Navaya preferring to abandon an old horse because they don't want to ask people for help digging a grave or spend the money on labor.
Cherokee Pride
07:29:47 Cher or Pride
Hello! Anyone up for an rp? Pm me if your interested. ^~^
Eclipse's Rain
07:29:24 Eclipse
Stormfang: Generally, I price wolves under 30R like this:

1 mush for each rarity point, 2 for each talent. ^^ Wolves above thirty rarity I never price because I don't really have any (save 1) QwQ
Burning Roses
07:29:05 Your local therapist
Nu, people stop giving me mush- *^*
But thank you anyways :D
07:28:33 Xhavier
Wow I actually teared up there-
I'm way too sensitive, f r a c k
Banana Dragon
07:28:21 Sky
I feel like you're lying about all of this. You don't have a family member or a neighbor that could help at all? Hell, you could probably do it on your own if you're careful enough.
Hey, awkwardly shuffling in here, my wolf just had her first pups! I love them but I'm not sure I want to keep all of them. I'm not sure which ones I'd sell or how much mush/apples to sell em for? I was hoping someone would be cool giving this nerd some advice? They're the bottom four on my den page
Eclipse's Rain
07:27:47 Eclipse
I feel like chat is going to keep circling around to horse controversy one way or another :')
07:27:18 Xhavier
AaAaA, thank you! I really appreciate that


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Distributing CP for explorers April 20, 2019 05:37 PM

Life on Mars
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Is it better to have 1 explorer with a lot of CP in a trait used for encounters, or multiple explorers with some CP in that trait? For example, is it better to have 1 explorer with max CP in empathy or 4 explorers with 50 CP in empathy? Or does it not matter?

Distributing CP for explorers April 20, 2019 05:47 PM

Former Pack
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I would spread it out.
Distributing CP for explorers April 20, 2019 05:59 PM

Destinations End
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I'd do lots on several wolves.
Distributing CP for explorers April 20, 2019 06:04 PM

Life on Mars
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Ok, thanks for the answers!

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