Rageing Stormz
11:53:47 That Pet Spider
Oh man I have paws again XD

It's no longer a 404 error XD
Rageing Stormz
11:53:17 That Pet Spider
6 stars
Something I will never achieve because I'm too busy being 1 star XD

We'll wear our one stars proudly XD
King Nothing
11:52:53 Misha
Yeah I do hunter jumping, I had to take a break because my anxiety was killing me and then corona happened we are suppose to have a show in June, yeah the horse I lease is a great jumper, he was in pony finals and got a good placing, but sometimes I feel like he just isn’t right for me
Mafia Queen
11:52:19 Dinglefritz
-WP Click-
11:51:59 Summer!
Lmao, yes
There should be six stars. Just because I f e e l like it hah
11:50:59 Summer!
Ah, well, some are suited better for it than others. So, you jump? Hunter, eq, jumper, all? Owning a horse is a dream of mine. But there’s just financial issues and whatever, so we aren’t in the position to lease anytime soon.
11:50:43 Your Maternal Figure


His fucking fACe
11:50:37 505
Yeah, that might be fun. x'D
Rageing Stormz
11:50:07 That Pet Spider
I can't wait to be a 1 star pack at all the people I offend as I mock them for no reason XD
11:49:49 505
I almost used an actual pen on my 200 dollar tablet. :')
King Nothing
11:48:31 Misha
The horse I am leasing right now hates dressage, unless you call him fancy. Also I like leasing more because sometimes it would be more difficult to own a horse because I am busy a lot
11:48:22 505
Our ratings would plummet to hell. x'D
11:48:06 505
I don't know. It was two hundred less than your's?
Different Times
11:47:51 BBQ Tiddied Kermit
My flo app is trying to tell me I've walked 13 steps....I've been in my bed since midnight sooooo
Rageing Stormz
11:47:31 That Pet Spider
Let's bring back stars so everyone can complain about losing a star rating XD

What does 204 mean?
11:47:14 Summer!
Oh, that’s rough :(
I’ve actually never leased, though my trainers have asked me to do so.
11:46:04 505
Well, someone ruined it. B(
11:45:22 505
I have 204!
King Nothing
11:44:35 Misha
His owner was a friend and she had to sell him to this barn and this horse is literally the best. He can be a bit naughty and he is hard to jump. I really want to do dressage, but the thing is I have been doing jumping forever and everyone at my barn does jumping. I am leasing my horse right now because his owner is at college. I would feel bad if she couldn’t afford him ): so I don’t know what to do and my barn is putting that horse for sale
11:44:23 Summer!
I feel like there are times for me when I wish paws didn’t exist eheh


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