04:28:46 Foxsquatch
Here is my Angel! Don't Blink!

-WP Click-
Wolves of Christmas
04:28:29 Zodiac
Are you trying to put gear on a pup?
Hawthorn Light
04:28:25 Thorn, Light
If the wolf is less than a year old you can not add gear, that may be why...
Wolves of Christmas
04:28:08 Zodiac
???...Not sure my ways are starworthy.
Hawthorn Light
04:27:54 Thorn, Light
Zodiac your Angel of Death radiates the exact opposite energy of mine XD
-WP Click-
04:27:49 Jobi-Skully-Beep
In the manage wolf section there's no mention of gear, there's a decor button but nothing else :/
04:27:30 Foxsquatch
Do what Zodiac says. Trust in the Astrology of their ways!
The Harvesters
04:27:21 ███
Why can't we send links through our mailboxes? Whenever I send something to someone they don't receive it. And when they send me a link, I only see it if it has a space in the middle of the link.
Wolves of Christmas
04:27:04 Zodiac
-WP Click-
Speaking of angel of death.
04:26:58 Foxsquatch

Go to the wolf's page you want the gear on and select manage wolf, the option Gear and decor will show up!
Wolves of Christmas
04:26:18 Zodiac
Go to manage wolf and edit gear on that wolf's page.
04:26:04 Foxsquatch
Rest In Peace random Butterfly whom was burped upon. You were innocent.
04:25:51 Jobi-Skully-Beep
how does one equip gear? I can't find the setting anywhere
Wolves of Christmas
04:25:42 Zodiac
I renamed that G1 Gunmetal to Greywing and he's my beta.
04:25:08 acid || they/them
Odin whines at Nevada for attention.

mood my dude
04:24:53 Foxsquatch

Quick! Before they leave! Reverse psychology, tell them to do it and they won't!
Spooky Kitten
04:24:41 The Emo En-By
Your wolves played: Primrose burps up a butterfly.

Wolves of Christmas
04:23:50 Zodiac
Your wolves played: G1 Gunmetal and Aries-+65 leave for a walk.

Not sure if I approve.
Falling Lillys
04:23:47 Lil
thank you Acid
i hope she does not hurt him but not miss
Sunflower Wolves
04:23:37 Sunflower | Wolfie |
I had one little of all females
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100k Hunting Score Guide December 1, 2019 01:17 PM

Posts: 236
<div align="center">PART 1: GUIDE
<div align="center">This guide focuses on how you can achieve a 100k hunting score, not a general explore/FMC guide.

I. Preparation
1. Premium is recommended
2. Stock up on blue jays, healing potions and health potions
3. Before FMC, reset all terrain levels to preferred enemy counts
4. A good amount of mush. I'd recommend at least 4k mush, to be safe.
5. Choose a month in which you are completely free for the five days.
6. All terrain levels should be two digits, at the very least.

II. Explore
Suggested Terrain Ranking
Forest(70+ enemies)
JungleTundraForest(55+ enemies)

During Winter:
Jungle >>>> Tundra/Mountain > everything else

Terrain Breakdown:
Beginner friendly, but low enemy counts prove a problem.
1. Low flee rates
2. Much higher individual enemy count
3. Enemies don't hit as hard
4. Robin feathers

1. Abysmal enemy counts

Extremely dangerous but very rewarding.
1. Blue Jay feathers
2. High individual enemy mush

1. The highest flee rate out of all terrains
2. Enemies hit the hardest out of all terrains

Highest mush profit and lots of enemies. Not too dangerous either.
1. Highest average high enemy and prey count
2. Enemies don't hit too hard
3. Sun bears are one of the easier bears

1. Mid-weight prey have high flee rate
2. Individual enemy count is not that high

1. Enemies don't flee too often

1. 2nd lowest average enemy counts

Good mush profit but dangerous
1. Above average individual enemy mush
2. Usually high enemy counts
3. Many action tiles

1. Black bears
2. Most enemies here hit hard.

Good profit, not dangerous apart from grizzlies
1. Polar bears are by far the easiest 25 mush
2. 2nd highest average enemy count
3. Snowy Owl feathers are abundant

1. Polar bears have a very high flee rate
2. Grizzlies, and they tend to appear in large packs

Reset Enemy Count:
Cloaks: <55 for forest, <70 for everything else
Ravus: <45 for forest, <50 for everything else

Explore Tips:
1. Keep track of when the cooldown ends for level resets
2. Use Snowy Owl feathers for packs of bears(though they are usually useless)

III. Miscellaneous
1. It's good to have friends. To buy cheap potions and blue jays from.

<div align="center">This is all you need. The second and third part aren't really important.
Edited at December 2, 2019 12:21 AM by Cloaks
100k Hunting Score Guide December 1, 2019 01:17 PM

Posts: 236
<div align="center">If you don't want to read it, it's fine. But the point of this is to show that we had two very different experiences, and yours might be too.
<div align="center">
<div align="center">PART 2: CLOAKS' EXPERIENCE
I. Pack
Primary explore team is untrained. 25 ish substitutes, half have 525BE+.

All have almost max CP.

II. Explore
Preferred Terrain

35~ minutes to complete each level and 25~ for forest.

III. Miscellaneous
1. Hide chat. It was extremely distracting for the first two days. I only talked to one person throughout the five days.
2. I slept for 6~ hours for the first two days and didn't sleep at all for the last three.
3. Constant morale support is recommended.
4. 600+ spirit ancestors. All wolves have max spirituality so bow works 100% of the time.
5. LOTS of relics afterwards. I took a screenshot but I can't upload it because the image size exceeds Postimage's limit.

Edited at December 1, 2019 01:55 PM by Cloaks
100k Hunting Score Guide December 1, 2019 01:17 PM

Posts: 236
For Ravus
100k Hunting Score Guide December 1, 2019 01:17 PM

Posts: 236
100k Hunting Score Guide December 1, 2019 10:01 PM

Star of Wonder
Posts: 1722
This is super helpful - thanks!

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