09:44:26 Sunny/Glaze (ey/him)
Fire, good game!
09:43:44 Vanta
-WP Click-

keep or retire him?
09:43:20 Vanta
oops forgot i put him in an auction
09:40:58 Sunny/Glaze (ey/him)
Vanta, rarity is decent but the rest isn't. I'd say retire.
09:40:55 Queen / Jo
I don't even know what I would do with the GB
Star Tha AOD
09:40:39 Star (she/her)
ok, good to know
Colliewolf pack
I think that retire
09:39:39 Sunny/Glaze (ey/him)
Star, I get that a lot haha. All good.
Either pronouns are fine.
09:39:30 Vanta
-WP Click-

keep or retire?
Star Tha AOD
09:39:27 Star (she/her)
Falls only has food, but i just dropped a Berry Tart in
09:39:18 Queen / Jo
Just a albino neither parents a GB and only dad is albino
09:39:03 Vanta
Your wolves played: Pup 80 cocks their head to the side, listening to the howl of a far off wolf.

Star Tha AOD
09:38:30 Star (she/her)
ok, i wasn't sure if it was a typo or what you meant
Howling to the moon
09:38:03 She/they
Hello. I'm back
Star Tha AOD
09:37:58 Star (she/her)
Your wolves played: Calico chases their tail.
09:37:53 Vanta
-WP Click-

wish i had a Jasmine so i could breed her again
09:37:51 Sunny/Glaze (ey/him)
Star, I know.
Those are my pronouns ^^;
Colliewolf pack
Omg…….boost and two defects? Really? Is it possible from THIS wolf? Sorry but this wolf is kinda bad for breeding……..who was sire of litter?
09:36:53 Queen / Jo
How is that even possible
09:36:42 Ozzie / Asmodeus
Paws? ^^
-WP Click-
-WP Click-


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Tiger Island | Tiger Rp | Open!September 13, 2023 08:18 AM

Imperial Sands
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Tiger Island

Sometimes the best things can come from the worst situations. For a group of tigers being transported from one port to another, this turned out to be completely true. During their voyage, the boat they were being kept on was claimed by the sea, ripped apart savagely by the waves, freeing the confined creatures within. Thankfully, their cages were damaged in the process and they all managed to escape with their lives.

Stranded at sea, the surviving felines drifted on the remains of the ship until they spotted the shores of a near by island. Pulling together the last of their energy, courage, and strength, they swam for it, hoping it was truly there and not just a shared figment of their imaginations.

Luckily, the island was truly there, and welcomed them in a sandy embrace. It was a strange new place to them, but familiar at the same time. They could hear the songs of birds in the trees, the buzzing of insects, and just the general life teeming within the island that promised this could be a new home for them if they wanted. Determined to carve out lives for themselves, the tigers went on their own ways, each taking up a section of territory on the island, all of them smaller than they ever would have been originally, but they tolerated it since it was still survivable.

As time in their new home passed, the tigers found their place within the food chain, and were surprised to find they weren't at the top. Living alone, they were prime targets, and while they certainly weren't easy to take down, they didn't have the support of others to help defend themselves. One by one some of the tigers fell, mysteriously disappearing never to be seen again. As their numbers dwindled, the tigers began to get wary, naturally moving so they were nearer to each other, but not so close that they were in each other's space.

One evening, a female and her last surviving cub were attacked, ambushed in the night by a pack of ghoulish hounds, their cackling cries enough to cause her fur to stand on end. They out numbered her, and so out muscled her, but she was determined to save her cub or die trying. Thankfully, while she fought valiantly the near by tigers ran to her aid and joined in the fight. They weren't sure what exactly it was that drove them to help her, but all they knew was that together they could push back this enemy.

From then on this small group of tigers stayed together, protecting one another and working together to preserve their, and, most importantly, their cubs', lives. It seems that living alone on the island is no longer a long-term solution, and life cannot return to how it was before. Now they must find a way to learn how to live as a group, something no tiger has ever done before, otherwise they will fall to the hounds nipping at their heels.

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Tiger Island | Tiger Rp | Open!September 13, 2023 07:19 PM

Imperial Sands
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The Roleplay Rules
Follow all of Eve's and WPs Rules

1. Be Active. Rps don't last if people don't stay active, so you'll need to stay active in Rp and Discussion. Inactivty ater 4 Days Without Notice will Result in Your Character Being Killed off.

2. For the Purpose of this Rp the Different Subspecies of Tigers can Interbreed without Issues. I don't know if they can in real life, but for this Rp they can.

3. Maximum of 2 Adult Tigers and 2 Cubs to Start. This Might Increase Times Goes.

4. No Orphaned Cubs, they have to have a Biological Mother. A Cub has to have a Mother before it will be accepted into the Rp, so please find a Mother Before Making One.

5. When and Who the Hounds attack is controlled by me. Please do not have an attack happen if it isn't pre-approved by me.

6. This is a Semi-Literacy Rp at Minimum. This Means Appearance and Personality Descriptions, and Rp Posts Need to be 2+ Paragraphs with Decent Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation.

7. This Rp is Also Semi-Realistic, so I won't be Accepting more than two of the rarer Variants for Adult Tigers, and a couple of them for Cubs. Nor will I be accepting sized outside of the norm.

8. No God Modding, Power Playing, Perfect Characters, etc. They won't be accepted.

9. There are no Humans in the Rp. So the only threats to the Tigers come from the Island and Ocean. So I shouldn't see any humans or hunters or poachers in the Rp unless I decide so.

10. Ranks for the Group as it Forms will be Established in Rp.

11. Follow WP's rules in terms of image usage. If you do not use them correctly, it will get your entire form denied. No exceptions.

12. Have fun!

Edited at September 13, 2023 07:51 PM by Imperial Sands
Tiger Island | Tiger Rp | Open!September 13, 2023 08:36 PM

Imperial Sands
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The Tigers

The Tigers have been on the Island for several months, most of them without any big issues til now. The males all established their own territories, and the females within those territories. It's important to note that the males' territories do not overlap, whereas the females can and do, and they share their territories with the males. For the Male Tigers, since they had the rights to sire cubs with the females in their territory, any cubs born will have been sired by whichever male whos territory she was in.

Due to the more naturally overlapping nature of the female's territories, they ventured closer to one another faster than the males did to each other, though each male got closer to the females in his territory since their cubs were his own. This means the group are the females and male who shared territory.

It's much more like that for the pairs its two females and their cubs, and they likely come from the same male's territory, or a male and female and their cubs. It's highly, highly unlikely two males would be paired together yet.

Up until recently, the tigers weren't having any issues with the 'hounds'. This was due to being new on the island, and the hounds not sure where these new residents were on the food chain. So the tigers were studied over time, until eventually they were challenged by the hounds and it was determined where a lone tiger falls on the chain. Now that they are starting to group and pair up, territories aren't as established as they were, and won't be until they get this issue with the hounds squashed.

All the tigers are in their prime, and the only cubs should be the ones conceived and born on the island. Not all females will have had cubs, but it's likely that most of them did. It's possible that a female's cubs were fathered by a male tiger who was killed by the hounds, but that would only be a couple at most.

The Island

The island is a rather large expanse of land, with most of it being covered in jungle. The Eastern Side of the island does become more hilly before turning more mountainous, creating one tall peak. The sides of the Eastern Island are cliffs, with only a few possible trails down to the oceanside from there. However, the rest of the island is hilly at best, most of it being rather flat and jungly. However, there are meadow like areas, fields really, that don't have any tress on it, but instead are mostly just grass, flowers, and some bushes. On the remaining sides of the island there are all sandy beaches that the tigers can patrol and frequent.

For Fresh Water the Tigers have access to a steam that runs from an underground spring in the mountain, as well as a couple of pools in the caves of the mountains fed by this source of water. There are also vernal pools on the island that collect rain water over time, and since the island is frequented by storms the island usually always has some sort of source of drinkable water. For prey for the tigers, the island is able to sustain a variety of species they can hunt such as hogs, mid-sized deer, rabbits, squirrels and birds. In terms of competition, so carnivores, the only real threats are the hounds, sharks in the ocean, the occasional salt ater crocodile, and coyote or dhole like creatures. The coyote-dhole like creatures are more so scavengers or small game hunters, and present little threat to the tigers at all, and can infact be hunted as prey.

Throughout the year, storms often frequent the island. Everything from minor rain, to near hurricane, has graced the beaches of the island. Most of the animals there have learned, with time, how to deal and survive such occurances, but the storms, primarily the bad ones, still take lives. Thankfully, they have learned how to predict the storms through the scent of the air, and are able to venture to the best places to take shelter by the time the storm actually hits.

The Hounds


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Tiger Island | Tiger Rp | Open!September 13, 2023 08:42 PM

Imperial Sands
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The Available Roles

The Original Group
This includes the Tigress and her cub mentioned in the plot, and the two tigers who came to her aid against the hounds. Max 3 Adults, plus their cubs. Has to include 1 male.
1. Original Female | Reserved for Me
- Sula | 3 Mth Cub | Tenebris Umbra | Pg. 1

2. M | Reserved for Mother
3. F | Reserved for The Bewitched

The Pairs
These are two pairs of Tigers who have grouped up to stay safe, can be any combination of genders, their cubs are not included in the counting.

Pair 1
1. Kabeinn | M | 3 Yrs | Tenebris Umbra | Pg. 1
2. Kai | F | 3 Yrs | Mother | Pg. 1

Pair 2
1. Reserved for Raven Wing

The Lone Tigers
These are the tigers who are currently still on their own. They might be trying to find the group to join, be open to pairing up, staying alone, etc.
1. M | Reserved for Me
2. F | Reserved for Spell
- Cub | Reserved for The Bewitched

- Cub | Reserved for Raven Wing
3. Reserved for CrazyDayz

Note: Cubs are not counted, instead just go with their mothers. So the group is 3 adults, but could have 2 to 4 cubs in the group. Pairs can be the same, it could be two females but maybe 6 cubs, etc. Same with Single Tigers.
It will be shown as below:

1. Tigers Name | So on | So Forth

- Cub 1 | So On | So Forth
- Cub 2 | So On | So Forth

Edited at September 17, 2023 07:40 AM by Imperial Sands
Tiger Island | Tiger Rp | Open!September 13, 2023 08:44 PM

Imperial Sands
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The Forms

Role: [Single, Pair, or Group]
Thoughts on Grouping Up?:
Tiger Island | Tiger Rp | Open!September 13, 2023 09:58 PM

Posts: 4607
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Credits for all images go to Fotostyle-Schindler on DA.
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Role: Group

Thoughts on Grouping Up?

It's advantageous with all the threats running around, but he is still a little wary of new tigers joining in. They need structure or else it will be all for naught, in his opinion.


There is nothing small about Revan. While he is not the most gargantuan male to ever exist, he is certainly a top contender, nearly 45 inches tall and weighing over 400 pounds. He boasts a muscular, athletic physique that does not hinder speed. While he cannot launch into a full speed sprint right off the bat, it does not take him long to reach top speed, and he can maintain it for quite some time before growing weary.

His expression is cool and composed; it hardly seems to change outside of a subtle adjustment here and there. Only when his emotions run high do they really burn through, for better or for worse. He is not a tiger one wants to see angered. Revan's movements are drawn out and fluid -- regal, even. He carries himself with all the poise and power befitting a large feline and has an air of confidence, but not arrogance, about him. Revan's voice is low and smooth, actually quite nice and even reassuring to listen to.

This male has a lighter ginger coat that brightens to a near blond in the sunlight. The appearance of being paler than he actually is is helped along by the larger-than-average white gradients that decorate his points. In fact, half of his face would be white without the stripes. His entire jaw up to his cheekbones and ears, each side of his forehead above the eyes, and the full front of his muzzle are all white. This extends down his entire chest, throat, belly, and legs. The orange on him looks more like a draped coat than a base color.

The stripes on his face look like a goopy pen drew them; rather than being smooth and uniform in thickness throughout, they have splotchier portions and thinner ones, and some are even spots that barely connect. Overall, the stripes are most concentrated on his forehead and hind legs, and they're least prevalent on his front legs and shoulders. Cool, gold eyes are constrasted heavily by the black followed immediately by white fur, enhancing his intimidating appearance.



Revan is a levelheaded individual. He does not rely much on emotions, and it takes quite a bit to rile him up. He prefers to deal in facts and logic rather than an appeal to the heartstrings, and pity parties will not win him over. In fact, too much of a sob story will cause him to completely tune an adult tiger out and leave them where they lie without a second thought. He is one who respects an individual who at least tries to maintain some decorum.

Revan is protective over his own. Whether that includes a group, a mate, cubs he has claimed, or territory, those who trespass against what and who he cares for will face his wrath. The paternal instincts are strong with this male; if he sees a cub in trouble or alone, he automatically assumes the protector role until it is taken up by another. He does not enjoy anyone's suffering, but he will not tolerate a little one's anguish.

Revan is choice with his words and actions; his maturity is mixed with some glimmer of mischief here and there, but over all he acts his age, if not older.

Generally distrustful of strangers /those he doesn't know well

Rigid /strict

Not at all submissive

Crush: None

Mate: None

Cubs: None




Chavah --

Sula --

Eulia --



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Tiger Island | Tiger Rp | Open!September 13, 2023 10:00 PM

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Credits for images go to Quiet-bliss on DA.
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Role: Pair 1

Thoughts on Grouping Up?

Kai isn't big on the whole "social interaction" thing. She's content to be by her lonesome or with her little family. The idea of spending long periods of time around a group of mature tigers will make her grimace. She is not one to be bossed around, but she doesn't want any formal leadership positions either. She is the matriarch of her brood and that is enough for her. The nuanced politics that inevitably come with being around others disgusts her. However, if the survival of her mate and any cubs depends on it, then she will join a larger group.


Kai is on the average side for a tigress, perhaps a bit smaller than most, standing about 38 inches at the shoulder and weighing around 270 lbs. Her build is perfect for speed and agility; there is nothing lumbering or brutish about it. She is slender and lithe with long limbs, powerful shoulders and haunches, refined facial features, and a lengthy tail. Kai's steps have a sort of lilt to them that gives her gaits a slight bounce, but her pawsteps remain ghostly quiet nonetheless. Her size may be detrimental in feats of strength, but when it comes to sneaking and striking fast, she excels.

Kai's coat is thick but sleek. The majority of her fur is fairly short; around her jaw, however, it is long and downy. She has quite the typical coloring of the average tiger. Her winter coat is a lighter orange than the umber colored fur that decorates her during warmer seasons. Lighter patches make themselves known above her browbone, inside and at the base of her ears, and at the front of her muzzle. It gradients to white all along her undersides, starting at her chin and moving all the way down to the base of her tail and along her inner legs and paws.

Her stripes are quite prominent. Those on her face and tail are thicker and closer together, and the dark lines on her body and legs tend to be spread out in chunks and are thinner. Her front legs have hardly any striping at all; the black marks end at her elbows. The fur around a dark pink nose is also black, and her yellow-green eyes are framed by the same.

Kai's voice is something of a high alto or low soprano. It's feminine and carries a firm, decisive tone. Her expression is usually stuck in neutral, though she does not lack emotion and just expresses it more subtly than others might. Her mannerisms in both speech and movement are languid and thought out; there is not much that is hesitant about her, save it is for welcoming strangers anywhere near herself or her family.


Kai is introverted and extremely aloof around strangers. She is not kind to those who encroach on her territory, and in most cases, the extent of her hospitality is directions to the nearest unclaimed territory. She does not tolerate the unknown, whether it be manifest in a new situation, another tiger, or a veiled threat. She is cautious, her actions all revolving around the causes and effects on her and hers. If a hunt or fight is too risky to accomplish alone, she will not chance it; she has others she needs to live for. This is not to say that she is weak or indecisive; in fact, she is quite confident in all that she does. She just isn't brazen about her dealings.

She is capable of taking care of herself and prefers to be completely self-reliant, with the exception of her mate. The tigress will become very mulish and stubborn when it comes to accepting help, if she needs it. Pride is a touchy thing. Kai will refuse to change her mind once it is set; she likes to write things in stone, but occasionally she is pushed to scribble it out. The female is only really humble around Kábeinn.

With her mate, she pushes herself to show outward expressions and becomes fairly lovey-dovey. She can be quite flirtatious at times, though her shows of physical affections are more warm and subtle than spicy. With cubs, Kai is playful and involved. Her own family is the recipient of a scarily fierce devotion and loyalty, and any creature that threatens those Kai loves is in danger of losing its life. The maternal instincts may have gone a little far with this one.

She's observant, driven, and even a little ambitious when it comes to uncharted territory. Kai likes a challenge. Despite her tendencies to avoid conflict or any sort of interaction, she does well under pressure and keeps her wits about her. She loves the thrill of a chase, but she also knows when to give it up. When she commits, she is all in, and her motivation is uncrushable.

Crush: Kábeinn

Mate: It will only ever be Kábeinn

Cubs: Open




Kábeinn -- The massive tiger is the love of her life, and, should anything happen to either of them, she will never seek out or accept another mate. Her entire being is dedicated to him; no other form crosses her mind or haunts her dreams, and none ever will. While she is not an expressive creature, Kai goes out of her way to make sure her mate knows she appreciates and adores him. She would absolutely murder for him.

Yue --

Asahi --

Nakoa --




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Tiger Island | Tiger Rp | Open!September 13, 2023 10:06 PM

Tenebris Umbra
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Age: Three

Gender: Masculine
Role: Pair 1

Thoughts on Grouping Up?: He is beyond comfortable within his pair, however, if the day comes where they must join the group, he will not be opposed. Truthfully, he will go wherever Kai goes. If she wishes to join the group? Consider him a member as well. She remains being the boss of him, regardless if they join the group or not.

Appearance:tiger-by-fotostyle-schindler-d9ld2a8-fullview.jpg[credit goes to Fotostyle-Schindler on DA]

Kábeinn looms at a stature of 45 inches, surpassing the average dimensions for a male of his kind. With a weight pushing 500 pounds, he's a behemoth. His form is a testament to raw might and ferocity, where muscles ripple with every motion he undertakes. Kábeinn's physique is imposingly robust and broad, created less for swiftness and more for powerful combat prowess.

His menacing demeanor often deceives the eye, rendering him to seem shorter than his true stature. He maintains a crouched posture, shoulders hunched and head lowered in an eternal stalk. His jaws habitually hang agape, revealing his menacing fangs and lips perpetually curled in a snarl, as though he's forever trapped in a state of aggression. Indeed, Kábeinn is a spectacle to behold, both for his towering height and his unrelenting, ferocious demeanor.

In terms of his coat, Kábeinn shares the typical tiger coloration. A pristine white blankets his underbelly, extending across his entire stomach and legs before gradually dissipating. However, his primary hue is the classic tiger orange, as anticipated. Starting from the crown of his head and cascading over his shoulders, a deep, rich orange persists before gradually transitioning into a lighter variation. This lighter shade encompasses the rest of his pelt.

His distinctive stripes exhibit their most striking intensity upon his head, where they are predominantly darkest. As they traverse the rest of his body, they lose some of their boldness and take on a brownish hue in select areas. These distinctive markings persist even on his underbelly and legs before gradually fading once more near his tail.

When it comes to his eyes, Kábeinn's gaze exudes an unwelcoming intensity. His eyes are consistently wide and observant, lacking any trace of warmth. As for his voice, it is a deep and raspy sound that can grow immensely intense when raised, adding to the eerie aura that surrounds him.

Confident || Often Seclusive || Protective || Resilient || Debonair || Challenging || Direct || Charming || Bold || Speaks his Mind || Strategic || Careful || Flirtatious || No Filter || Stubborn || Competitive || Caring

Often appearing unapproachable due to his overall appearance, others may find that, when looking past that, Kábeinn is rather quite welcoming. He may seem intense at first, eyeing others down or reacting harshly towards them, though it is simply to determine whether or not they can be trusted. Once assured of someone's reliability, Kábeinn undergoes a remarkable transformation. What was once a vigilant and wary persona swiftly gives way to debonair charm.

It is clear that he is a confident male in his prime by the way he carries himself and acts. His strides are commanding, his posture exuding an air of supremacy. Kábeinn has developed a protective instinct, driven by his life's circumstances. When he senses another in peril, he will do everything in his power to provide assistance. If he encounters a lone cub, his determination to reunite it with its parent is unwavering. To him, it's a duty to help before returning to his solitary existence.

Resilient, Kábeinn is not one to give up easily. He is a stubborn fool that would continue getting up when beaten until death overcomes him. He is a beyond challenging individual. If he deems himself right, it is difficult to sway his perspective. Again, stubborn. And if he disagrees with something? The male ensures that everybody knows where he stands. Slightly competitive, he will push until there is a victor, no matter the task or situation. Not to mention, he is bold and speaks his mind. He has little to no filter, often voicing his ideas and thoughts aloud, even if nobody has asked for them. Does that stop him? Certainly not.

However, despite his bolder persona, the male is quite strategic when it comes to physical battles. He enjoys observing others and creating various plans, ensuring that if one goes wrong, a backup may be used. He is quite intelligent physically-wise, and while he is cunning intellectually, his strengths lie in, well, his strength.

Despite occasional flirtatious or charming moments, Kábeinn is not one to conceal his feelings. He readily showers compliments upon others, unafraid of playful banter. Yet, he maintains a clear boundary between work and leisure, seamlessly transitioning as needed

Crush: Kai, always.
Mate: Kai. There is nobody else for him.

Cubs: Open

Yue [Spellbound] - Cousin
Asahi [Raven Wing]- Nephew
Blank [The Bewitched] - Nephew

There truly is nobody else that Kábeinn holds closer to his heart than Kai. She is everything to him, and that is clear in the way he acts towards her or speaks of her to others. He loves her like no other, often following after her or lingering around in her vicinity. When Kai appears, it is well known that Kábeinn is not far behind. He would do anything for her. He would kill or be killed for her if she so much as asked him to. If she told him to wander off of a cliff, chances are that he would do it. A pawn in her hand, he is also insanely protective. It is known that she can hold her own, but that doesn't stop the male from launching himself at any threat towards her.
Kábeinn is a complete fool for Kai, and she knows it.

This white tigress is Kábeinn's cousin. While they do not live in a group, Kábeinn does his best to check in on her often, and is quick to aid her if she ever requires help. He cares for his cousin and would do anything in his power to ensure her survival, as well as his nephews. Being a white tiger comes with additional risks. While Kábeinn tries not to be overly protective, he often fails and checks up on her fairly often. It is known that, upon seeing a white tigress with cubs, that if anybody dares come to harm her and her family, then they will be met with himself (and most likely Kai) coming to her rescue.

Like Yue, Kábeinn does his best to watch out for his nephew's safety. He will do anything to ensure his survival, and often pops by to check in on him. Sometimes, Kábeinn will initiate a spar, simply to act like the "cool" or "fun" uncle. Regardless, he cares greatly for Asahi, and will do anything.. anything for him. To Kábeinn, family means everything. He hopes that he can teach Asahi how to express himself more. Pent up feelings are never good, speaking from his own experience.

His nephew's name means warrior, and warrior he shall be if Kábeinn has anything to do with it. Like Asahi, the male does his best to be there for Nakoa. For his nephews, he has patience beyond belief. They could pester him for hours and Kábeinn wouldn't mind. He often tries to teach Nakoa small skills that may be of use to him, or perhaps fighting moves. This nephew of his has a strong protective instinct.
It's a good thing to have, but for a four month old to possess such a hot-headed temper? It is not something that threats would take kindly. Instead, Kábeinn commonly tries to teach him ways remain composed rather than letting his anger get the best of him. It's a work in progress.


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Tiger Island | Tiger Rp | Open!September 13, 2023 10:33 PM

Tenebris Umbra
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╔═════ °❀•°✮°•❀°═════╗
╚═════ °❀•°✮°•❀°═════╝

"Sula the Small"

Age: 3 Months

Gender: Female
Role: Group

Thoughts on Grouping Up?: She doesn't have many thoughts about it, but she does enjoy having more tigers around. That means more friends for her!

[credit goes to Fotostyle-Schindler on DA]

A petite cub, Sula is not a very impressive tiger for now. In fact, she's smaller than average for those her age to the point where she is called "Sula the Small."

She ranges more on the lithe side, with a bit of a stomach that sticks out. Sula's paws, though larger than what her current frame can comfortably support, are comically oversized. These large, awkward paws seem to have a mind of their own, often leading her into clumsy situations.

Her coat is that of a typical tiger, with both oranges and whites appearing. There truly is nothing special about her look besides the extremely black stripes that she possesses. They seem to grow bold upon her face, legs, and sides, while other parts seem to be faded almost entirely. There is also the fact that, despite being so young, she possesses a number of wounds and scars. The most noticeable scar remains being her right ear, which has nearly been torn off and kind of.. flaps in the breeze. This is due to being attacked so early on, leaving her with nicks and scratches that will follow her until adulthood.

In terms of her eyes, she has olive ones, and a high-pitched, chirpy voice.

When she grows older, that is, if she grows older, she will stand at an approximate height of 37 inches and 265 pounds. While not the most impressive, she will be able to hold her own. Her strengths lie in speed and stealth. When it comes to a fight, Sula may not be able to develop a powerful blow, but she will be swift with her movements and if need be, can make a quick escape. As she matures, her coat will develop into one similar to her mother.


Adventurous || Curious || Loud || Kind Of Annoying || Pest || Caring || Welcoming And Friendly || Too Trusting || Opinionated || Thinks That She's Grown || Reckless

Sula has a rather memorable presence. She constantly seeks out new experiences, often resulting in her getting lost or finding herself stuck in trees. Her boundless curiosity fuels her desire for excitement, and she's always eager to embark on little outings. Of course, that has changed since getting attacked, and she now finds herself remaining that much closer to her mother.

That doesn't stop her from poking her nose into everything, from the peculiar insects she discovers beneath leaves to the mysterious sounds echoing through the forest. Her endless questions and fascination with the world around her make her an excellent learner, even if it can occasionally be overwhelming for others. For those that wish to escape, good luck. There's no ignoring Sula when she's around. Her loudness knows no bounds, and she expresses herself with a volume that can be heard across the jungle. Her loud roars, neverending questions, and animated stories have earned her a reputation as not only the "smallest" cub, but also the "loudest".

She seems to possess boundless energy with constant chatter that can sometimes border on being annoying, especially for those seeking moments of tranquility in the vicinity. She has a knack for getting under the skin of her fellow cubs and occasionally even the adult tigers with her never-ending antics. Not to mention, Sula's curiosity sometimes crosses the line into pestering. She'll follow older tigers and other animals around, prodding them with questions and seeking their attention, often unaware that they may need some peace and quiet.

Beneath her loud exterior, Sula has a heart of gold. She genuinely cares about her friends and is always there to offer a comforting paw when they're feeling down. Her kindness shines through when it matters most, that's what her mother says is important. Speaking of her mother, Sula follows no other around as much as her. To Sula, she wishes to be her mother when she grows up.

Sula's friendly nature can sometimes make her too trusting of strangers. She's quick to extend a paw in friendship, even to animals who may not have the best intentions. This trusting nature can lead her into risky situations. Not to mention, despite her young age, Sula has strong opinions about most things. She's not afraid to voice her thoughts, even when her perspective may not align with others. Her opinionated nature can lead to spirited debates among others.

Crush: No
Mate: No
Cubs: No

Chavah - Mother

Chavah - Mama
Sula looks up to her mother like no other. She is her best friend and goes out of her way to stay as close as possible to her. She tries to learn off of her mother and often pesters her with questions. If it isn't questions she's after, it's a spar. To Sula, her mother is the wisest, bestest, most beautiful mother in the world, and she often reminds her of it. Tigers are meant to leave their mothers at a certain age, but Sula doesn't think that she would ever be able to. Who else is going to tell her stories or comfort her when she's afraid of the dark?

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