Pastry Lord
07:04:06 Chef/Ded|All pronoun
Nearly to 130 votes
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Stardust Hurricane
07:01:22 Leon (They/Them)
Is anyone up for a pm rp? Please pm me if you are.

Yeah, I've been trying to get my explore team to Death Grip so I've also been exploring a lot haha. Unfortunately the progress doesn't translate over since I've been grinding out Forest levels 2-3 for most of the time XD
Pastry Lord
06:59:13 Chef/Ded|All pronoun
I is back

Yeah, I've been trying to get my explore team to Death Grip so I've also been exploring a lot haha. Unfortunately the progress doesn't translate over since I've been grinding out Forest levels 2-3 for most of the time XD
06:57:40 Kaina, Toxin
I'm having such a hard time making OCs that aren't thicker than pudding :(
06:51:21 Satan
I started at no tundra and now I'm at level 17 tundra lol. I have bought so many moves
06:48:46 Satan
No the 2000 is the total. I will probably have 10 lmao

So you still have 2k coins after buying everything?
06:43:40 Satan
I bought so much gear and need to stock up on a dye or two for the future but I do want to get the baby dreki too.

2000 gold coins??? That's awesome
06:39:41 Satan
True I'm only 175 away from 2000 so that would be faster

Hm...well, if it isn't a really solid bonus, i'd just farm coins personally
06:37:47 Satan
No idea lol. Never got one before

What do you get for killing the mothers?
Lunar Eclipse
06:36:55 Lunar, Eclipse,Sun
Oooo maybe Bumble
06:35:22 Satan
06:35:16 Satan
I'm not sure it's even worth trying to get the mothers to kill or if I should just try for coins? Swamp isn't good for coins so I might move. Not sire
Stardust Hurricane
06:34:09 Leon (They/Them)
Blaze or Bumble.
Lunar Eclipse
06:32:03 Lunar, Eclipse,Sun
I don't really think that would fit him but I'll consider it


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The Last Hope | Apocalyptic | Human | Open May 13, 2022 07:50 PM

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An unheard-of burst of cosmic energy entered the earth's atmosphere in March of 2038. It struck once on all continents, though it left little trace of its presence. No one thought much about it until the second wave struck, sending waves of radiation throughout the world. Countries directly affected experienced droughts and unbearable heat, and people who had been outside during the time the wave hit had received blisters throughout their bodies. When the third wave hit, communication was lost and people began to panic. Earthquakes and other natural disasters were amplified, with scorching temperatures, and floods, destroying parts of the world.

Following this people began to act strange, many became paranoid and extremely afraid of one another, and then the physical side effects began to show. Those who had received blisters during the second wave began to experience a change, at the site of the blisters, the skin turned grey, then black. It ran through the person's veins making its way to the infected person's heart and brain. There was nothing that could be done to stop this…this...this… phase people were experiencing. Then those infected seemed to go mad, their paranoia taking over them, and letting out agonizing wails as they changed. These people were horrifying and were started to be referred to as ‘Terrors’. And the only people that were immune to this were between the ages of 16 and 20.

Of course, this left the governments scrambling, now that majority of the population could contract this virus. Weeks into the apocalypse they were able to adjust and create safe houses. An area called the Dome was constructed in Harlington Texas, an area that hardly had any affected by Terrors. It was here that people found refuge as the world seemed to collapse. Over the next year or so, other safehouses were constructed, though areas outside of the middle of the US suffered the greatest, and became uninhabitable.

The leader of the Dome has recently received news, a year into the apocalypse, that a vaccine has been made in a small town in northeast Iowa, though the lab it was in was broken into and overrun by Terrors. He has made the decision that it is time to send a group to retrieve it. People in the Dome are growing restless, trying to leave but the Leader won't let them, afraid that they are all that's left of humanity. But the Leader won't be risking his own neck to retrieve this virus. Just the lives of those immune.

7 Groups later, Delta B2 is the last hope. No other group before them has returned. The date is now May of 2040. Two years in the apocalypse.

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The Last Hope | Apocalyptic | Human | Open May 13, 2022 07:53 PM

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You have been selected to travel with a group in order to retrieve the vaccine for the virus. This is not optional, and to enforce this and as some form of protection for those making this journey, two guards will be coming with. There is no clear route that you must take, and you are only aware of the areas that are heavily affected. You may choose to save time by cutting through them, risking your lives, or taking the longer, potentially safer route. Of course, the number of infected may fluctuate, and the weather patterns are hard to track. Most stores and homes have been thoroughly swept and cleared of food, though there is a chance to still find some.

The infection spreads only through touch or if it gets into your bloodstream through a scratch or cut of some sort.

The only feature that remains human are the Terrors eyes, the color just grows a little more intense. This is in order to trick those around them into still thinking they are human.

Stage 1

They will be able to turn you into a Terror. Stage completes after 24 hours.

How it starts: The infection will work its way into your brain first targeting the prefrontal cortex, which is the portion of your brain that controls your rationality. Then it will start to work its way into the rest of your internal tissue.

Appearance: The site where they were scratched or bit will become swollen and red at first before the blood around it turns black and then spreads to the rest of the body. Starting to turn the blood black.

Behavior: The infected person will grow extremely afraid and unreasonable, this usually kicks in, in about 30 minutes after they are infected. They will not kill intentionally, but are still as dangerous as a level 2. They will often chase you, though are quite weak and not as fast or strong as a human yet. They still can speak and will cry out and plead for help. Do not help them.

Identification: Stage ones are identified by their irrational behavior, their clear fear, and a swollen wound, usually from a bite or scratch from a Terror. With their blood just starting to turn black. They look the closest to a human.

Stage 2:

They will be able to turn you into a Terror. Stage completes in 48 hours.

About the stage: This stage is the most intense and painful, as the infection is now attacking you internally.

Appearance: During this time they start to visibly get a little faster and stronger and will have the equivalent strength and speed of a human once more.

Behavior: Their behavior will be similar to stage 1, except they will start to lose any fear that they have and it will be replaced with anger. Stage 2’s are often the loudest, screaming and running around.

Identification: The infection is now in your system and has begun the next stage, during this time the infected can be identified by bulging black veins. Their behavior will be similar to stage 1.

Stage 3:

About the stage: During stage three the infection is done affecting them internally, and will start to affect them outwardly. They will be stronger and faster than the average human, and the infected’s suffering will end, in fact, they will start to not feel pain at all, though they still can be killed.

Appearance: Their physical appearance will be altered, they still will have black veins but their skin will start to change, it will turn grey and they will appear as if they are shedding.

Behavior: Their behavior is often more erratic and they lose all rationality and human-like traits. They will start to grow hungry, now they will kill to eat, and they will not leave the person to be turned into one of them.

Identification: They can be easily triggered by noises and are often a little aggressive. It takes about 1 week for this stage to finish and at this point, they are no longer human.

Stage 4

They have now reached their peak, they are almost always hungry and are in their strongest and fastest form. They are the most sensitive to light and heat. Though they are the most fearless and aggressive and every noise will trigger them, they have no care for their well-being and will through themselves around to get what they want, including jumping down from large heights and pulling insane stunts. They feel no pain.

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The Last Hope | Apocalyptic | Human | Open May 13, 2022 07:53 PM

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Obviously, Eve’s rules trump all.
1. No Gary/Mary Sues, this RP is character-driven! So keep things interesting ;)
2. Don’t have your character be ‘that guy', always disobeying orders, while it is okay to do so a few times for the sake of drama, don’t make it annoying. Run major things past me.
3. This RP is semi-literate, meaning 350+ words minimum for a post and decent grammar. This also means that you must keep the plot moving, so don’t just have your character stand around. I get that writer's block is a thing, but you have to give others in the RP something to go off of.
4. No god-modding, OP characters, or OOC drama. Feel free to create RP drama, but run it by me first.
5. Please do not join to never actually RP, if you will be inactive for a specific amount of time, let me know. If you want to drop out of the RP, pm me and we can work something out, (ex. Character death).
6. LGBTQIA+ is welcome
7. Put an interesting fact about your character in other
8. One character limit! I may add more slots if more people would like to join. But as of now, the total characters are capped at 6.
9. Hate the character, not the player
10. Run major changes/plot ideas by me or post in the discussion before you do it!
11. New ideas or additions to the plot are welcome :)
12. I am not doing RP samples, but I will consider your sign-up form as to how you will RP. (looking at grammar and length on your form)
13. Please read everything!

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The Last Hope | Apocalyptic | Human | Open May 13, 2022 07:54 PM

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PM me or post on this thread to reserve a spot. One per person since this is a small group. You are able to PM me while this thread is still a WIP, just wait to post anything until it is done. Reservations will last 24 hours after the sign-ups are opened!

Role breakdown

Soldiers: The Leader of the Dome has selected two soldiers between the ages of 19 and 20 in order to have some more experienced Immunes enforce the rules. The soldiers are to keep the Immunes from abandoning the mission or trying to escape. They are also there for protection since the Immune are given a limited selection of weapons. Soldiers are trained in various aspects of combat and work together as a team to help lead/guide the immune to the lab in Iowa. These soldiers will know each other and already have some sort of relationship made prior to leaving the dome.

Immune: The Immune are from ages 16-to 20. The Immunes can be friends with each other prior to leaving the Dome, though there is also a chance they might not know each other. The Immunes may be specialized in different things, depending on what they may have been trained in throughout their time in the dome. An example of this is map reading, tracking, and being able to find resources such as food and water.

There may be some form of an existing relationship between Immunes and Soldiers. Though most Immunes and Soldiers have had limited interaction, mostly just crossing paths occasionally and such.

Available roles.

Soldiers [1/2]

Both are needed in order to start the RP

Magnus | M | 19 | Ciao pg. 1

Immune [1/4]

At least three are needed to start the RP. If all four are taken and you would still like a chance at a slot PM me.

Theo | M | 18 | Free-Claw12 pg. 1

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The Last Hope | Apocalyptic | Human | Open May 13, 2022 07:54 PM

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Sign up sheet !










likes and dislikes *optional


family/backstory (optional)



Important information:


Dome Leader- Male in late 50s referred to as General Tiegs.

More to come


I made this a while back and it may be subject to change. Credits to me.


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The Last Hope | Apocalyptic | Human | Open May 14, 2022 09:50 AM

Posts: 4358
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This RP is currently open/closed

Important links:

Discussion: N/A

RP Thread: N/A

Sign Up: You are here

The Last Hope | Apocalyptic | Human | Open May 14, 2022 09:52 AM

Posts: 4358
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Magnus 'Mags' Warner

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Role: Solider


Mags is kind of tall, standing at a solid 6' 1", which is about 73 inches. His shoulders are broad and his build is on the muscular side. While not too stocky, he does have muscle definition on his back, chest, arms, and stomach. Training as a soldier had well prepared him. He can be quick and agile and has a surprising amount of endurance. Though his flexibility is lacking.

His skin tone is “warm beige” colored, with neutral undertones, he can tan well and doesn’t burn too easily. Mags's hair is more of a dark brown color, and the style can only be described as this kind of medium-length, tousled, flow style. Though the length only reaches a bit past the back of his neck He may style his hair in a hasty bun, half up and half down, if it needs to be out of the way. His hair is his favorite feature. Mags has a slight widow's peak hairline.

While his eyes are not a striking bright blue or green, they are a unique hazel color, with the center of the iris being a shade of brown with golden flecks, and the outer rim is a paler green color. His colorful orbs are framed by thick, dark lashes.

Now his facial features are mostly defined, his head shape is what you would call a 'diamond'. Where his cheekbones are slightly wider than his forehead and his jaw is narrower, though not boxy or pointed looking. Another feature on his face is the light splash of freckles across his cheeks and nose. And his jawline is visible but not insanely defined. Mags has a straight nose, with just the slightest upturn on the tip. As for his lips, he has a slightly smaller upper lip, while the bottom is more full. He has a single dimple on the right side of his face when he smiles.



-Accuracy and weapon handling, Mag's set up skills with a handgun and rifle are extrodinary. He is getting better with knives as well. He grew up hunting with his dad so he has a background with it.
-Teamwork, Magnus is great at communicating and thinking on his feet
-Memory, he can recall key details or phrases
-Hand-to-hand combat, he received this skill during his short time training as a soldier in the Dome.
-Stealth, his size limits him.
-His close friends, he would do anything, risk anything to save them
-Map reading, while he does have a sense of direction the maps given to the group are hard for him to read. He dislikes asking for help as well, so this may lead to getting lost unless someone corrects him.
-Insomnia, lack of sleep can leave him vulnerable, and due to his insomnia, he finds it hard to get enough sleep

Relationships: WIP

Family/backstory: His parents were divorced and he was living with his dad when the apocalypse started. They fled to the dome but his dad caught the infection before they were admitted in. Mags was enlisted to be a soldier in order to earn his safety in the Dome.

Crush/so: Will develop

Other: :p

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The Last Hope | Apocalyptic | Human | Open May 14, 2022 08:58 PM

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Name - Theo Black
Age - 18 turning 19
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Homosexual (gay) and poly
Role - Immune (he can be a solider if you want)
Appearance -
Theo is a rather short male that only reaches the height of a young 18 year old female, he has slight muscle running down his arms, legs , and stomach a outline of a six-pack can be seen on his lower stomach. His skin is described as angelic as it shines in the sun light, his eyes are what makes him stick out from a crowd as the are a beautiful light blue with hints of green swimming around in them. To finish off the male he has fluffy light brown hair that reaches to the end of his ears, having slight braids in it from as well.
For clothes the male has a set outfit of an over-sized light grey hoodie with the words 'f the world's written in white cotton at the top left of the males shoulder, and black skinny ripped jeans on his legs. To finish off the males look he wears pure black sneakers with a stripe of purple though them that he made, claiming his wrist is a beautiful black bracelet with a totem of a gun and a broken heart on it, the male loves that bracelet dearly.
Like all great fighters the male also has something to hide from others under his clothing, a large scar running down his top left shoulder down towards his bottom right v-line has claimed his body as home, the story behind this great event is only known by his close friends and people that the male trust.
Personality -
Outsiders and newcomers described the males personality as being Two faced and mysterious person, always keeping his distance and observing them for afar, only ever talking to them when he is forced to by a higher rank or when the situation call for him to let his voice out. Though they say all this they do have something that they talk about a lot his speed, stealth and combat skills are what draws them to him and some are even scared to approach the male and even look at him in the eye.
To close friends and family the male is described differently he is described as a huggable, kind, and protective friend always wanting to lend a helping hand when ever they need it, as the male finds it hard to show emotions to large crowds of people receiving a hug from the male when people are around is just a way he shows he cares. The protective side of the male is something that even scared his friends as he will fight who ever has threatened or hurt the others he cares about, though he will let them do what they want he really likes at least one to stay by his side so he doesn't feel alone.
Both of these descriptions are true to Theo as he can completely change his personality depending on the person and the crowd that surround him, but having a mixed personality has its weaknesses the male has major trust issues and will only trust a someone once they have proven themselves or have earned the males trust and respect.
- Speed:
Having an agily body has its charms and effect on the males speed.
- Stealth:
Learning stealth has always been something the male has achieved greatly at.
- Combat skills:
He has learner how to fight since he was a child as he always likes to look out for others and himself.
- Map reading:
He taught himself how to read a map but also took lesson so he won't let his team down.
- Water:
The male has a past with water and for that is scares him to enter a lake where the bottom is out of reach.
- Strength:
He has only ever worked on his speed and stealth being strong would only make him slower.
- His friends:
He will do anything for them even put his own live on the line to make sure they make it though.
- Showing emotions:
In his past people used to tell him showing emotion was a sign of weakness so he hides them.
- The dark
- Close friends
- Hoodies
- Being yelled at
- Water
- Being threatened
- Showing emotion
Relationship - Open
The male was sadly an only child and his mother passed away when he was born, his farther blamed Theo for that and therefore sold him to thugs, but growing up with thugs has its perks as he was taught how to use speed and stealth as one and also how to read a map. Why is he afriad of water you ask? Well that's a story that only Theo himself can tell you...
Crush/so - Open
Other - Theo will steal his best friends hoodies ^^
Pm me if your interested in being something to the shortie XD!!

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The Last Hope | Apocalyptic | Human | Open May 15, 2022 11:04 AM

Posts: 4358
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Theo is accepted^^

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