I had zero when I logged in too lol
11:13:33 Arik,Deso
Must be nice

11:11:02 Goblin Queen, Rave
Hiya Valar. Also
Des I have zero notifications
11:10:01 Arik,Deso
281 notifications...yay!

Somebody send help 9-9
Ducks Whispers
11:09:58 🐤Jinx㈃
68 hrs shes better hurry lol
-WP Click-
Hey rave
11:07:35 Goblin Queen, Rave
11:00:50 WendiKore
Its just a video on the game Toilet Chronicles
11:00:33 Red Panda Hoarder
Why the frick did the start of the fire alarm thingy that sounds like a bombing siren sound like my name for a sec-
10:59:35 Red Panda Hoarder
Chaos same XD but I shall ignore it 😂
10:57:57 Chaos
I have so many questions 😂 but, yes, ignoring it.
Ghost Gryphon
10:57:31 Tempter | they/he
oooo i likey much >:3
10:55:33 WendiKore
I forgot to marker out my tabs. Ignore it.
10:55:09 Fairy Godchild

Ooooo. Pointy teeth make me go brrrr. I like.
10:54:29 lulu/ash
ohh that looks so cool!!
10:53:11 vyn, lurker
Looking good!
10:53:09 Red Panda Hoarder
Wendi looks good! But I have a question. What is that "don't trust anything in toilet..." YouTube video? XD
10:51:59 WendiKore
Tell me what y'all think so far.
10:49:51 WendiKore
That sounds cool
10:49:44 lulu/ash
oak has quite the imagination i see


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Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 14, 2022 11:55 AM

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pls reserve leader for me :3
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 14, 2022 12:03 PM

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[email protected]
reserved. you have 48 hours to complete the form.
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 14, 2022 02:47 PM

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res second in command and immune please :)
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reserved <:
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 14, 2022 02:49 PM

Nevaehina's Den
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Can I reserve a member role please? ^^

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Name: Vavega [Vuh - vay - guh] Simeon

Name Meaning: Simoan for Miracle. She was one in the eyes of her mother.

Nickname: Vega [Vay - guh]

Age: 18

Gender: cis

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Hetero. While flattered by another woman's interest, she won't return the favor.

Role: immune


- dusky mocha skin - roundish face - golden hazel eyes - dark curly hair - pear body shape - 5'5" 145lbs - Samoan/African/Italian mix

This young woman is very pretty. While her features are still somewhat girlish, her future beautiful appearance is obvious already. However, the word "beautiful" doesn't apply quite yet. Vega's smooth skin, with minimal faint acne scarring along the base of her chin, is a light mocha coloration. A word that's been used for her complexion is "dusky," as it seems to fall directly between fair and brown. Only the dark golden undertones can really certify that she is of black descent rather than a dark European.

Her facial structure is rather rounded, with a feminine slim, curved shape to the cheek bones, jaw, and chin. She has a Nubian nose, on the slimmer side, as her father's European genetics have some influence on the shape. Her golden hazel eyes are large and round, though the slightest whisper of a smile will have them half their size at a moment's notice. Her lips are rather symmetrical, though the top lip is just noticeably slimmer. Her lips seem to lie in a permanent whisper of a smile, the corners turned up faintly.

This young woman has beautiful dark brown curls with a slight golden tint to them. While her mother had an Afro, her father's European blood came in and loosened her curls to the point of making them tight, but loose enough that it looks like she did them with a small wand. However, her hair isn't the best to take care of, so she usually has it in a messy bun, with curled strands falling out all over the place.

This woman's figure is soft, not chubby, but soft. She has a pear body shape with an average amount of fat. Her cleavage is of an average size, and her curve isn't extreme, but a healthy amount of obvious.

She tends to wear bootcut jeans, that are a tight but comfortable fit until they loosen up from below knee down. They aren't flared, just bootcut. She doesn't wear boots, but enjoys the flattering look. For shirts, she doesn't think as much about it, just pretty much whatever she finds, but she prefers quarter sleeves or long sleeves that can be rolled up. For footwear, same thing with shirts, whatever she finds. However, she usually ends up in some sort of skater shoe/ athletic shoe. She isn't a huge fan of accessories, and wears pretty much none unless the occasional bobby pin thrown into her messy bun counts. Sometimes she struggles to gain resources to repair or replace clothing articles, but she's had the same two pairs of jeans for 5 years with no sign of wear except fading and faint little tears, so they're no concern.


To sum her up in one word, "Wild."

There have been some that claim to know this woman, but nobody really ever has. Of course, there's some aspects of her character that are more obvious than others. These traits are known by everybody and she doesn't care if you know about them. However, nobody except for Vega and God himself can ever guess what she's about to do next or how she'll react to something.

This woman has few weaknesses, and, most those she does, she keeps close to her chest. Although, this facade might lead some to come to realize an obvious weakness of hers, which is overconfidence. Confidence is an admirable trait, true enough, but this woman has lots of it. Too much most times. Sometimes, when she isn't feeling very confident, she'll still act it, leading her to look a fool if she doesn't succeed.

Flirting isn't exactly high on her list of enjoyable activities, but she dabbles in it like everybody else. In fact, she's quite good when the subject of her flirting isn't somebody who holds a grudge against her. She has much allure, both physically, and (somewhat) personality wise. Although, while those who know her might flirt with her for fun, anybody who knows her would know to stay far away. She's too unpredictable, not one to get tangled up with.

If you are in her rather small bubble of individuals that she cares for, she will focus on protecting you fiercely. Her loyalty knows no bounds. Even if you betray her, she can't help but remain loyal. Though, if you betray her, she will dream of nothing but killing you. This doesn't mean she will be capable of such a feat, though. Once you're in her corner, she'd sooner harm herself than you, no matter what you do to her.


- Silver Tongue: She can talk a frog into giving her its croak with her gift for convincing and negotiating.

- Fighting: With her knowledge of hand-to-hand combat as well as blades, she can put up a good fight against most anybody


- Trauma: Well, everybody's got some trauma or other, and hers, perhaps assisted by mild mental illness, constantly mentally hinders her.

- ADHD: She isn't aware she has this, but she is aware of the fact that her mind seems to work a bit different from everybody else's. While this isn't really a weakness, it does make some things harder for her.

Affiliations: OPEN :)





Name: River Scout

Age: 22

Gender: cis

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Hetero.

Role: Leader (Finally got down to updating >.>)


To fit the theme of his ½ Korean, ½ caucasion blend, he has an intriguing mix of features. He sports dark brown, almost black, hair. He wears his hair buzzed to about 1/2 an inch on the sides, and around 2 inches long on the top, brushed forward in a messy style similar to that of his brother’s. He has strangely colored brown eyes, with some very faint blue-ish touches that make them seem almost silvery from a distance. His skin tone is a cool sandy tone, coming from the Korean side of the family. He has a somewhat muscular build, and stands at about 5’11”. His weight is somewhere around 190 pounds, as he is muscular, but not bulky. He has rather large and narrow hands and feet, with his shoe size being about 12 in mens’.

He has a many faded peachy scars across the knuckles of his hands, which come from his (somewhat dangerous) habit of punching the nearest inanimate object when he is extremely upset. He wears a black stud earring in his left ear. He wears faded black, somewhat torn, jeans. There is a tattoo of a solid black crescent moon that curves from behind his left ear to the top of his thoracic spine. Normally, he's found wearing a simple black or dark red t-shirt. He will throw on a faded, black denim jacket at cold times (faded both by design and from years of use). His shoes are often simple black or dark grey vans. He wears a spearmint eucalyptus cologne. Because he can be intimidating and beat most in a fight, he often has everything he prefers to look and smell pretty. His voice is an average octave, and just slightly rough. It isn’t especially rich, but has a bit of a rumble to it that some consider his attempts at seduction when he’s, in actuality, rather self-conscious of the rough tone.


Teasing - Haunted - Joker - Emotional - Animal Lover - Complicated

Though he usually wears a light-hearted smirk, his personality is very complicated. Almost to the point that he doesn't understand it. Scratch that, it is to the point that he doesn't understand it. He's got a dark and a light side, similar to everybody else. However, he doesn't know where to being in understanding it or controlling it, though he does a rather decent job. If you ever see his emotional side, it can go two ways. 1) He'll try to become very close to you and show you how much you mean to him or 2) he'll push you away and put up about another 20 walls between you and him.

He is often sarcastic. However, sometimes his sarcasm is taken seriously, and then he'll probably get offended that you really think he would mean what he said, either depicted as teasing you mercilessly or getting really angry at you. In addition, Jay enjoys sarcasm from others on occasion, but he, admittedly, gets annoyed if it's overused. Then again, who doesn't?

He can be reluctant to get to know people on a deeper level, but he is warm and friendly to everybody he comes into contact with. He could be called an ambivert, seeing as he has internalized introverted tendencies, but is outwardly friendly and sociable.

Well, he's also has trust issues, though few know about this. He has a way of making people feel like they know everything about him, and that he's rather emotionally shallow. However, he is simply walling off his emotions, and using humor as a coping mechanism like so many do. This can, quite often, lead to him struggling with how he feels, seeing as he has few people who want to hear him venting about his issues. He considers himself a rock, especially through hard times. Who wants to hear their rock crumbling?

He can be flirtatious, and is actually kind of cocky about his ability to woo most of the female species, and a few of the males. He will, unashamed, flirt with either gender, though there's only a chance he's genuinely interested in a woman. He is also a "homiesexual," as many describe him. He owns up to it, and likes to joke that he only simps for the boys.

Both the angel and the devil on his shoulders talk to him often, and he doesn’t always quite know which to listen to. All in all, he's pretty out of touch with his feelings, and anybody who gets close to him is at risk of suffering for it. Though, luckily, few seem to be intrigued by him.


- Silver tongue/ persuasive - Wit - physical strength -


- emotional imbalance - can't very well handle emotional situations - - self-hate -

Affiliations: Open :)


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Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 14, 2022 02:50 PM

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Nevaehina's Den said:
Can I reserve a member role please? ^^

Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 14, 2022 02:53 PM

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Reserving Immune and Member
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 14, 2022 02:54 PM

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reserved *^*
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 14, 2022 02:55 PM

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Asmaranti Noriega
Javanese word meaning "not easy to fall in love"
Nonbinary, Femenine being
Sexual Orientation:
Bisexual Panromantice Aceflux
Ethnicity: Mixed - Filipino/Indonesian from Mom and Native American/Ghanan/Arabic from her Father.

This person can be described as a being of adrogynous appearance. They have a well structured face - being both sharp yet having a subtle softness to it. Her face is smaller with a more femenine appearace - yet, she doesn't really identify as woman even if it is her gender of birth. She's more of a femenine being not a femenine woman - even if she does use femenine pronouns. Her lips are well-proprtioned and have a nice fullness to them the upper half have a soft light-pinkish hue to them while the bottom half is a darker vermillion-pinkish shade. In the right corner of her lip she has a natural mole-like beauty mark. She has a well defined nose bridge that connects to a larger button nose and dusted upon her nose are freckles that also dust her round cheeks. These freckles are very different colors some being red, light tan, or dark brown in hue. They are usually hidden under concealer. They have long hair, it rests around her elbow in the front and sweeps around her hips in the back. Her hair currently due to what is currently going on is atrocious - it has the dreaded split ends and her hair unnecessarily tangles. It has also lost it's original luster and sheen - but it can be seem sometimes when she does have a chance to wash it.

Her hair is quite a pretty color - it classifies her as a redhead or ginger if you will. The color could remind one of blood with it being so dark and she has a slight amount of brown within the roots - yet, not enough to classify her as an auburn. The tresses once were quite thick - yet, it is just now starting to thin a bit slightly, but something that would be noticable completely. Her hair can be described as a mixure of curly 3b and coily 4c with a slight 2c wave pattern. Humidity makes her hair frizz up, along with it getting wet it reverts to the coiled state - it can be wuite a pain to deal with at times. They have quite odd eye color - she has one partially heterocromatic eye while the other one is completely normal. Her right eye is what can be determined to be of hazel coloration — it has the appearance of being multicolored — with it's beautifully intermixed shades of soft cocoa brown and a pretty jade green with slight indications of blue, but it's more darker and can go unnoticed. And her left eye which is heterochromatic has two different colors — it seemes to be symetrically divided, the top half being a more stormy grey which is often mistaken for a extremely light blue while the bottom half is a beautiful amber coloration — amber being a uniformally brownish-orange color, because of the lack of melanin and lots of lipochrome it seems this shade glows. This female is concious of her eyes so due to this she usually wear contacts, but because she's not able to but them regularlly now her natural eyes are shown. However, they're usually downplayed by her wearing sunglasses at the oddest of times or by her glasses.

Her eyelashes and eyebrows are both thick and of dark red color, much akin to her hair. Her skintone can be akin to tanned porcelin color. The skin is quite sensitve and is prone to sun-burn and is quite sensitve to pain inducing things. She is always careful in the sun and sometimes even brings an umbrella with her. Even when on the beach she wears something over her swimsuit and legs. Speaking of her body it appears more thinner than usual considering how much she likes to eat and due to not getting enough to eat due to the current situation. She has what can be described as an hourglass shape - her bust is modest in form, and sometimes she even wears a binder. Even though it's noticable they're not one thing to immedietly say "whoa, what a woman!" even if her shape is more feminine. However, her muscle structure is well-defined and tone. It's quite obvious she was an athlete of some form, with her broad shoulders and muscle mass, it's quite easy to misgender them as an athletic boy from behind. On her arms are many scrapes and old cuts from various accidents and her hands are of leather texture and have some small cuts on the palms due to her hobby of rockclimbing. She also have cuts on her legs. She's very prideful of these scars, afterall if you don't have any: have you even lived ?

Just about 5'4
99 lbs [currently underweight]
Normally she would weigh around 115 lbs
*Unique Abilities:
- Herbal + Medicinal Knowledge
- Cooking (not that impressive)
- Stabbing Knife and Gun Skills
- Hand-To-Hand Combat (Martial Arts)
- Liscensed Pilot
Bulleted Personality:
⦾ Crackhead ⦾ Hyper and Tired at the same time ⦾ Loves scaring children
⦾ Will never refer to children as 'children' as they are crotch goblins ⦾ Has that "I do whatever the hell I want" attitude ⦾ "Too tired to deal with anyone's bullshit" attitude ⦾ Obsession with Pygmy Goats ⦾ Her room is constantly disorganized, suprisingly the rest of her home isn't ⦾ Her herbs and anything witch related is always meticulasly organized ⦾ Burnt out gifted kid ⦾ Stressed ⦾ A bit of a pessemist ⦾ Paranoid, afraid of most social interactions ⦾ Socially Akward ⦾ 100 % Gremlin Child ⦾ Like conspiracy theories, deadly things, and the strange and bizarre ⦾ Fantastic artist, but keeps abandoning projects to start new ones so her room or study is just full of unfinished paintings and sketches ⦾ Has /so/ many knives under her clothes, will throw hands on sight ⦾ Hates being touched but craves affection ⦾ Quick to get defensive or angry and finds it hard to apologize - Extremely distrusting, but tends to overshare once they're really comfortable with someone because they haven't had been able to be emotionally vulnerable in front of people very often ⦾ More affectionate through actions than words but the meaning of the gestures gets kind of skewed (like how cats bring you dead things to try to feed you, sweet but kind of creepy, it's the thought that counts) ⦾ Hyper-independent but should probably be looked after because they'll either hurt themself or someone else ⦾ Her only motivation for doing anything is either love or spite
" Shakes fists in angry nonbinary. "

This person is the definition - no, living embodiment of chaos. She is always finding herself in odd predicaments - whether she started or finished a fight, made some new concoction, or got arrested for harassing a child. She can be described as t'wired : a combination of wired and tired at the same time. She can on the outside appear to have bountiful energy - as she will always be seen moving quickly or hastily, however in reality she is tired as hell and has an overwhelming amount of fautige and aches. When she's moving sluggishly or has uncoordinated steps is when you know she's really tired or at her limit. She is quite grouchy: always having a witty or sarcastic comeback for someone. Her eyes always hold some sort of impassive or judging glare when looking at someone, almost as if she's trying to look directly into your soul - it can be quite unsettling. She's a pessimist, always preaching about doom and gloom at times but she knows how to turn it off , after all it's not always fun to be a party pooper. She's particularly grouchy whenever she's woken up and she's had absolutely no sleep the night before. It can be seen by the hateful look in her eye when you wake her up. If you are bold enough to wake her up when she's exhausted then she will make it your problem and be more annoying towards you. The first time she'll let you off with a warning glare but after that she will annoy the fuck out of you. So word to the wise: don't wake her up if she's sleep unless a building is on fire or the zombie apocalypse is happening pun intended.

This person can be socially awkward at times. This comes in her hypervigilant behavior and sometimes being prone to oversharing. Yes - she can pick up on social cues and read people through body language and tone of voice. It's more so of the fact that she's so used to be outed by others that she feels the need to be interesting and be part of something - yet at the same time she doesn't like attention. It's a matter of her wanting to be involved even if she doesn't seem like it. This being is not necessarily hot-tempered - but she's more quick to get defensive about a matter or topic she's passionate about or angry at someone for hurting her feelings. She also finds it hard to apologize to others - even if she was in the wrong and she knows it. This can lead to all types of broken relationships with others and this frightens her, so she sticks to being in the background of groups - just silently observing them and understanding their personalities from afar. She may appear to be a brooding and antisocial female - but in reality she wants to be more social but doesn't know how.
She also has a high intellect - she's great at strategizing and devising plans. Along with being mentally intelligent she is also emotionally intelligent: able to ready body language, tone of voice, and notice small ticks - from a subtle eyebrow twitch or adjustment in posture. They know how to pick up on lies and whether or not someone is quite comfortable in a situation. They also can remain calm and stoic under pressure - they could be looking death in the face and hold a neutral expression. While she can be deceptively calm - she can also mask her anger quite well, one would have to notice the subtle eye twitches or drumming of her fingers when she's growing irritated or angry.

She never lets anyone know what she's thinking. It's a weakness - why should you let someone know what you think? Be kind - and they think you're spineless. Be weak - and the scavengers will come and prey on you. Be in love - the person can take your heart and shatter it into a million uncollectable pieces that can take a long time to fix. Always wear a mask , never let anyone in for fear they may try and take advantage of you.

In regards to this mask this female is quite good at masking emotions . These emotions such as anger, sadness, empathy, and many others she keeps locked up within herself - which can be dangerous. While she may appear to be calm and composed on the outside - inside, she's anxious. She cares what others think of her and takes criticism quite harshly, she's afraid of making connections with others because she thinks they won't like her, she's anxious when it comes to gathering in large crowds and social interaction - even if the words come out smoothly their is always that little voice doubting herself - chiding, thinking she's made a fool out of herself. With everything she's done - she doesn't feel it's enough, the weight of expectations weigh her down: be proper, never speak incorrectly, never speak too much or too little, be seen not heard, don't make friends they'll only hurt you . These little sayings ringing within her head. Always the fear of disappointing others : not being smart enough, not being good enough for others, failing those she loves.

Outwardly, she may appear to be quite social - but if you watch her closer. You'll see she tends to linger towards the back - only makes conversation when spoken to ands always seems to have a somber expression on her face. She's afraid of making connections with others - afraid of what they could do to her or what she could do to them. What if she messed up and offended someone? It could easily end a friendship without her knowing and this frightens her. People come and go, they betray you, they can hurt you - so she finds it best not to be around them so they don't hurt her heart. Also, going to parties gives her high amounts of stress. She's constantly overthinking : What to wear? What to bring? Who'll be there? How to act? Unless you physically dress and drag her out - only will she be going somewhere to have fun. Secretly she wants to go out but she doesn't want to make a fool of herself. It's mainly a fright of gaining an attachment to others that she doesn't find herself but being simply cordial and proper with them. She has an extremely cold exterior to others - and it's quite a reputation

She's far from perfect and rarely will one ever see her cry, shout, or yell out of frustration - it comes out in a more unhealthy way. She may find herself having what could be described as a mental breakdown in the shower - where she's shaking uncontrollably and has a silent scream. Or in the forms of panic attacks where she can find herself suffocated and breath rigid, and throat burning with her head being pierced with pain. Only those she absolutely trusts will see this vulnerable side - and she'll be damned if she found out they took advantage of it. If you take her trust away, she'll never give it back. Fool her once and you're out of her life completely - she's guarded and doesn't let a lot of people in, so she doesn't take kindly to people emotionally damaging her. These attacks are usually late at night or early in the morning - so this leads to insomnia, you can find her up extremely early doing work or cleaning to get off her mind.

They are also very protective about their friends and family: touch them and hell will be rained down on you. They don't care about your rank or position - if they see you, it's on sight. She's not afraid to get into fights when she feels the need to and when she does - she doesn't pull weave but she will knock a bitch into Christmas Eve.
+ Storms
+ Rain
+ Lavander
+ Tea and Coffee
+ Puppies
+ Horses
+ Knives and Guns
+ Flowers
+ Shiny gems and rocks (she's a Wiccan so she likes collecting them for her "spells")
x Disorder (ironically)
x Anyone who hurts animals
x Her things being touched or destroyed
x Obnoxious people
x Overly loud noises
x Being underestimated and mocked
x Not having control of her life
x Being misgendered
+ This female is extremely versed in botany and plant life. She can easily identify poisonous and non-poisonous plants. She also knows the medicinal use for them.
+ This female is very handy with small weapons like knives, daggers, sai's, scythe's, and darts. The reason: you don't know who's going to attack you or where you'll be attack so, therefore - be prepared.
+ This female is very resourceful and crafty. Anything in her hand can become a weapon - which is both scary and impressive, after all you don't where you'll be attacked so ever thing is a weapon.
+ This female has well trained survival insticts. Her father being a NAVY Seal and mother an Air Force Piolet wasn't for nothing. She has been forced by her dad to read books and watch documentaries on survival in the world, he also gave her mock trails in the house and they did fasting days where they didn't eat for a while so she could experience what true hunger is and he also made sure she was physically fit - he taught her in martial arts and other forms of combat. Even though they were stuck in the house - he did not let her be lazy.
+ She's good with guns. You put a gun in her hand and she'll figure out.
+ A good cook, she just loves cooking and eating in general.
+ Intelligent. Highly creative - shes one you want if you want plans, yes they can be off the wall, but what's the fun in no risks?
+ An excellent swimmer
× Insomnia, she has a hard time sleeping and if she's woken up when napping after getting no sleep she will make sure there is hell to play.
× Source of Chaos, this female is hyper independent - yet, someone should always be with her to make sure she doesn't hurt herself or someone else. There is never a quiet moment with her.
× Not easy to trust others - she has a general distrust for others and is always skeptical when others do something nice for her. After all the most benevolent humans can be the most devious ones.
× Socially akward - finds communicating with people hare and often verbalizes her feelings incorrectly - which could lead to miscommunication, distrust, and many things she'd rather avoid.
× Her emotions : she's quite fiery and will get mad at someone quickly and she has a hard time apologizing to others. Is rather emotionally locked up - however, she will trauma dump to someone she absolutely trusts and is comfortable around.
× Burnt Out Gifted Kid Syndrome - Constantly feels stress, questions if she's worthy of attention and love, wants to prove she's capable and rise above others - but at what cost, tel her worth only comes from what she does, very anxious and jittery.
× Her Paranoia and degrading thoughts. She always thinks someone is judging her which can lead to her being self-conscious and having low morale.
The Leader:
The Second In Command:
The Other Members:
The Immune Folks:
Brief Backstory:

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